Friday, October 14, 2016

Starting back up

Hello Everyone,

A temporary break felt like a permanent impasse......

I have a lot to talk about and we will get to it but I want to let the world know I'm safe and sound.

In law school, back in law school of all things, so I don't have a lot of time.  But I wanted to get back to start writing again to help me focus.

Because of the fact that I am an election judge in Cook County this year, I will not comment on this election as far as a preference for candidate, however, I will talk about my feelings regarding the process ...

I look forward to engaging you all America,

Much Love,

Tiffani Mims

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Book of Wisdom (Chapter 2)

Hello America,

How are you doing?

A lot has gone in the past couple of days, it seems.

I wanted to wait until the Cowboys/Redskins game was over, however, we were hit with the bombshell from Donald Trump as well.

I think that football game served as a microcosm for what's going on in this country.

Two political parties in the form of two football teams.  Neither one is really that good but because of circumstances fighting for a chance for playoff action.

Is it fair? by no means.  Was it painful to watch?  It was at least for me.

But it's the system that the NFL has and it is the political system that this nation has.

Regardless of whether you want Donald Trump to be a candidate, he is.

Despite what the Obama administration may say, he has a right to run and if elected to be President just like any other person who has met the qualifications.

I think that Obama and Trump have more in common than they realize.  They are both often misunderstood and underestimated constantly.

So much so to the point that those who oppose either of these men can rarely see the brilliance in both.

President Obama sent out to do exactly what he stated he would.  To put cracks in the ultimate symbol of colonialism.  And he has, he has changed 1/6th of the worlds largest economy, removed over 40% wealth from it, record poverty levels for women and children, changed regulations that significantly have affected business, the country is mired with political and cultural strife unseen, removed this nation as a top nuclear power.

I long grew tired of letting this man affect my blood pressure.


Because as I did my due diligence and read, to his credit, he is very open about what he intends to do.

To me regardless of whether I agree with the President or not, I have to admire and respect someone who says exactly what they are going to do.  In addition, to knowing that people will not take him seriously and still very rarely get upset about it and move on.

Donald Trump is in that same category.  As a business man, who knows and lives and profits from the concept of "branding.

He knew exactly what he was saying with banning all Muslims, he is not crazed nor delusional.

He made a stance in his statement, he made a point and set the bar for both sides, democratic and republican to respond.

We have lost the art of critical thinking in this country.

We have lost the ability to see the bigger picture.

We are reduced to 10 second thought patterns and forward thinking as far as Siri will allows us to go ......

We are going to be attacked again.  No one will be banned because of religion but in his comments, he deftly distinguished himself on a cornerstone Republican issue: national security from any other candidate and the president.

He's not stupid, he's smarter than most until he passes away will give him credit for.

He forces and dictates the conversation nationally and globally every single day.

That's power, people, pure uncut power.

That's more power than our President or right now any musical, cultural or political figure.

Something is going to have to be done about Islamic Terrorism

As a black woman in this country that is racially profiled often enough, if people have to be profiled a little stronger, according to religion, or to me I think more appropriately association.

If we have to employ the RICO act against some individuals, whatever it may be something has to be done.....

We will be attacked again, no question.

And because of that, the line in the sand that Donald Trump has set, we will have to make our stance on, because this will no longer be a theoretical conversation as the people, the citizens, the moms, dads, brother sisters, etc are killed, are blown up or shot during the holiday season.

Because we have so much on our plate to handle and address outside of this....

So for those of you all who know I am a licensed songwriter.

I leave everyone with this song, because it's a question that will be asked on the battlefield that will be our streets this time, our blocks, our schools, our churches.  

[Intro -]
No hiding now it's here
You can't afford to not care
Theories now are way too real
Your soul's skin now all bare
Too far up to now back down
Time to knuck up now
The whole world say it's time
for who's gonna run this land tonight...
Is who's gonna run this land for life ...
We gonna run this land

[Verse 1 - ]
So far
U aint on it
So Far
Big homie say be patient
But we all out of patience
They got their pistols drawn
Prez holding nothing
We don't have no cards
Prez saying nothing
Obituaries rising in numbers
The homie revenge is getting hungrier
He says it's too indepth
The homies ready to make shovels work
A simple problema
Haltering freedom chasers
From stopping tyranny's red and white capers.
Now we in our feelings bc one dude say send them back
Because he's tired of ISIS relapse
bc somebody momma
six homies
2 plot 10

Bullets making through peace signs via triaggas
Now the time is up
Show up

[Chorus - Rihanna]
Not my fault mama didn't tell you power aint fair
400 years, how you think we still here
One way or another freedom gonna ring
Bowing down is against our grain
Time for some oh child
You won't walk in fear no way no how
The world say it's time
who's gonna run this land tonight
(Is who's gonna run this land tonight)

Run This Land(Rewritten by Tiffani E. Mims, ASCAP Licensed songwriter, copyright 2015)

All I'm saying is this is the most armed, free nation in the world and both sides need to realize neither extreme is going to work.

The world is watching to see if ISIS or America is going to run this land.......

All Donald Trump is saying is that it won't be too much longer before this nation takes that choice out of DC and President Obama's hand.....

I've spent 4 years under leadership that went from one extreme to another and left causalities all over this nation...

This is a new day and age, so since potential employers may search this site all I can say is.....

Let's listen to both sides and come up with something before we get to a situation where logic and being proactive are no longer options.

The Cowboys didn't win much at all but just a chance to be eliminated next week, but just like this country which is why it is and will be America's team.....

This is a nation of individuals in their own way, fiscally, health wise or whatever are fighting to make it game by game.

Whose going to run this land?

God Bless....

will be back later on this week. 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Book of Wisdom (Chapter 1)

Hello America,

Wow, has it been since 4/2014 since I've written something meaningful????

Time flies indeed.

So much has happened but it was a break that was needed.

I lost my job in that time, dealt with my father going through prostate cancer, dealt with my own scare, I have two lumps in my breast that are benign at this time but have to be checked, got into law school part time but can't pay for it and got banned by the GOP from being able to do any press conferences any major ones regarding 2016....

So I've been busy to say the least.

My dad is fine, my lumps are benign, I'm sure I will start working soon enough.

I've learned a lot in the 18 months I've been gone.  I gave my all to a job in which I was fired, but the only promotions that were left to had were to replace my bosses....

People have to protect the means in which they feed the families and when you throw in some unethical behaviors, some sadly racist ones...  along with a healthy dose of incompetence well  you get what I went through.

But as most things, I learned.  Dealing with my past job which actually involves one of the most viable and successfully companies on earth, I learned a lot about how to lead and what's wrong with this country.

Experiencing health scares, has also brought perspective in addition to turning 40......

So I'm back .

I don't think that much progress will be made on my 2016 campaign, early on Reince Prebius banned politico and other major outlets from reaching out to me.

However, I think the presence of Donald Trump will teach the GOP a valuable lesson.

Don't write off any more candidates let them fight it out amongst themselves.....

So with that, I am back into the political fray.....

I honestly don't know who I am going to vote for or if I am going to vote and that is a new point for me in all of the years I have been working national campaigns.

I usually reconcile my vote to candidate or another, but frankly I don't trust anyone but me.  ;)

Not said out of arrogance, just said from truth.

Hillary Clinton- Benghazi, Whitewater, her disconnect with people other than older white women of a certain temperament, her ability to lie with an ease that as someone who is used to politics truly scares me.

Marco Rubio- a political hack, he took tea party money and has been hustling ever since.  He is for amnesty until his poll numbers suggest otherwise, then he goes back to boasting about knowing rap lyrics or whatever gimmicky ploy he is using that day.

Jeb Bush- never liked him, has nothing to do with his brother, but the fact that he thought he should run highlights the same lesson that the GOP is having to learn painfully now.  Regardless of whether you thought President Obama was illegally voted in or whatever, the message is that people want someone more relatable and with the country now a majority minority company, Bush doesn't represent that at all.  Is it Fair? No, but it is the truth, Absolutely.

Lindsey Graham- he's just looking for something to do.  Not worth a sentence.

Ted Cruz-  backs down too much, he makes a strong stance, his colleagues in the Senate ream him for it, he backs down.

Ben Carson- Needs to stay a doctor, he has honorable intentions but as Black woman there are some personal affronts that I am not going to dedicate a blog to, at least right now.... that's a no.

The rest aren't mentioning and we are left with Donald Trump.

The fact that he is still here and running burns me inside at times because that tells me if the GOP halfway gave me a chance, this party and this nation would be in a different direction.

Do I even pay attention to most of Trump's interviews? No.

I can't take him seriously at the moment in some senses.  Is he sincere about trying to help this country?  I truly believe so.

Is he sincere about this run?  I don't he was at first, but he is now.

Does he have the political patience and stamina ?  No

Does he have the connection with people that is probably needed post Obama?  No

Is he willing to get it?  I think so....

More than the political candidate, I think Donald Trump is needed in the race.

His stance on immigration is worth all of the inappropriate things that come out of his mouth because it's a reflection of this country.

Americans speak their mind.

That's what we do.

We think, sometimes not all the way through, but we feel some type of way we speak on it.

When it comes to basic national security issues and premises along with immigration, Donald Trump has it down packed.

The political pundits can say otherwise, the corporate giants that depend on this nation being flooded with low wage workers so that the most powerful role in the world: The American worker can continue to be broken down don't want him but he is right, most people feel the way he does.

He knows it, and he won't relent because of that.

Is it scary the thought of him becoming President?  Heck yes.

But so was Barack Obama, and he's done everything he set out to do.

40% less wealth in this nation, we are no longer the world's most armed nation, there is political and cultural strife and schisms that he exploited without being willing to resolve.

So frankly what could be worse, although I will miss the first lady,  she's grown on me a lot.  I think as I got older I understand her more because I understand myself as a woman, but as a Black woman in this country.  Not a difference I want to emphasized but as my last employer made painfully clear to me, it matters....

We are going to get into conventional and political wisdom versus common sense.

I live down the street from the President in Chicago along with Minister Farrakhan so as we all wait to see if the Minister is going to get his favorite neighbor back, while I wait to see if Operation Push which is founded by Rev. Jesse Jackson which is also close is going to clear the sidewalk this year.....

We are going to talk about the things we need to.

I've missed you all so much.

I've also for those who I was keeping informed about my health back working out, eating smoothies that type of thing, bought a Ninja, trying to see how that works out and let's work together to make our nation great...

Look forward to talking to you.

I haven't decided if I am going to rewrite songs again, but I may so just bear with me.

I think may next blog may be Tuesday because the Cowboys vs. Redskins game isn't just important for the NFC East.  It is a bellwether game that explains so much that is wrong and right with this country along with the political and racial and cultural climate.

God Bless America..

I'm back and in it for the long haul, I hope you are as well.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Hard Way.... Day 1

Hello America,

It's been a very long time almost a year since I walked away and decided to pursue my ambitions to run for President.

It's hard and it's hard work... What can I say when you have to pay for everything yourself, do everything yourself with a couple of dedicated friends to help out.

I bought a website but it's not up yet and while I work on that I just want to go ahead and get started and get my message out.

It's ironic, you would think a candidate with no money and no vast network wouldn't face major hurdles because in the larger scheme of things I don't matter.

However, the more I write, the more I make these basic campaign ads and formulate my platform, the more I know I'm needed in the Presidential debate.

There is a message that resonates to All Americans....

It is not about Republicans or Democrats, it is about the elite, corrupt individuals that run our government intruding on our civil liberties and rights every chance they get on our hard earned dimes vs.............. the rest of us.

I need your support.

I need your help.

These ads are basic, but they are to the point because I'm not going to waste time.

There is too much at stake.

So after work at my job which I work hard at, after I study for my graduate exams as I'm preparing to go into doctoral studies if this aspiration doesn't work out.

I work hard, every night... and work on everything from my own campaign site which is not up yet to making sure I am registered in each state and my own platform....

What I'm going to do now is introduce myself and my platform

Here are 2 basic videos that provide a glimpse into me and what I stand for

A personal introduction, a platform introduction,

A personal introduction, find out a little bit about me.

My platform isn't complicated and while we get into it later.

Review this video and the 4 basic steps I want to take to restore our country back to Sense and Solvency.

My donation link is at the bottom any and everything is appreciated and will go directly to towards this campaign.

There is a contact link up so that we can continue to build a nation of individuals dedicated to bring America back to Sense and Solvency.

Thank you for listening.

It's time to get to work and taking down the biggest most well funded corrupt organization in the world, called our federal government.

Tiffani El Dawn Mims

Here is my donation link, I would appreciate anything.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The First Step

Hello America,

I haven't been on this site in almost 5 months and I miss it.

But I'm working on

Loading ads.

They are not the slick versions of political ads, the Hillarys, the Rands, the Rubios have.

I have to pay for them myself which means for the most part, I produce them myself.

I'm tired, I don't tweet as much anymore. 

I work on this everyday, when I get home.

I'm going to continue to post these two youtube ads, because the rest I'm posting on my site.

But now I'm working hard, every day and by the end of the week, maybe the link to will open up and show how I'm not only trying to change the way campaigns are ran but the way public servants actually serve this country.

Until this here's a taste

and now that Mims2016- Sense and Solvency is on its way.

Take Care.

Video #1 ----Here is the reason I am running

This video does have a little graphic language, so be prepared.
It's meant to be raw because what's going on in our country is real.
This has already been released.

Video #2)   -----My first campaign ad....
It has a couple of moments of adult language, but I hope you understand.
I will not run my campaign as DC business as usual.

mims2016 is on its way and this is a real campaign.

I have to work a regular job and do all of this afterwork. 

It takes time.

Take care.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Campaign time

Hello America,

I have tried to shut this site down and start another, but things didn't work out.  Apparently, Google wanted me to stay..... LOL!

So I'm back....

and yes it's official.  I am on the candidate list for President of United States of America for 2016.

I have included 2 videos one that has already been released which starts to explain why I'm running and the new video which is my first campaign ad.

It's rough, it's raw, it's uncut, but the pain and suffering that is going on in our nation is rough, raw and uncut.

Video #1 ----Here is the reason I am running

This video does have a little graphic language, so be prepared.
It's meant to be raw because what's going on in our country is real.
This has already been released.

Video #2)   -----My first campaign ad....
It has a couple of moments of adult language, but I hope you understand.
I will not run my campaign as DC business as usual.

There  will be a series of 5 minute ads that will be added every other day and will start to put this campaign until perspective.

We are going to do this a different way because the only way we are going to get different results is to start a different way.

No PACs, No mega donors, just me and you.

Be back later on this week.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


This blog has been shutdown for now.

Please go to my new blog which will be posted next week.

It's time for Mims42016.

The campaign has begun.

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Time (Chapter 12)

Hello America,

I am sorry that I haven't been on in awhile...

Been going through some trials and tribulations with my job....

Been going through some trials and tribulations with my party...

I am getting to the point where I no longer tweet too much anymore.

I am get ready for a war to save this nation's soul....

More and more people are taking me seriously in regards to this Presidential run...

And it's intimidating and scary and overwhelming...

To see folks like Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama, blink and basically disregard Obama's second term to get started just in case by some grace of God, I end up being the GOP nominee is humbling....

To see folks like Rand Paul and Ron Paul beat up on Chris Christie because that's what their polling tells them to do, and Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Rick Perry and the rest of the usual suspects being rounded up by Chairman Preibus to basically not have a primary in case someone like me slips through.... is motivating...

I have never been forced to think about race as much as I have in my adult life, until the past year and my current job and my current state within the GOP...

I found myself going places mentally I don't want to go because I am actually being subject to discrimination...  denied opportunities because of my skin color in part but for the connotations that it represents....  and I find myself alone at work which is not surprising at this point...   kind of sad because I really enjoy it, but in light of that specific situations what can one do?

But where I am finding surprise, hurt, pride and disappointment is within the GOP.

No white male will beat Hillary Clinton.  It just what it is.

Not fair or right, but true.

The GOP has basically ignored or ridiculed any female leader with credibility.  They ignored Bachmann, let Palin hang out to dry.  Piss off their female base by using abortion to justify rape and other issues....

It doesn't matter how much of a sham Hillary is, how she sold 2012 to Soros and Obama for 2016 ....

The obvious differences will be highlighted enough to render the disparities of gender, race and class the dialogue the nation hears and she will ride into victory.

Unless someone who can take her head on with race, gender and class steps up on the GOP.....

I assert and know that person is me.

Everything that Obama and Clinton say they can relate or have been through I really have.

I understand the merits of conservatism in regard to fiscal issues and defense, and I understand the need of respect for privacy and rights that the democratic party is supposed to stand for.

But I don't have the money they do, I don't have Oprah or Michelle backing me...  I don't have the money to go to Iowa to raise campaign funds... I have to go to work and struggle with disconnect notices and late payments....

I think about the Arod's of politics cheating, taking money from corporate donors to tell hardworking people lies....

I think about the bigger enemies that I plan to take head on while in office....

Charging Mexican Cartels, Russian Mafias, African Warlords with terrorism versus the usual federal crimes they can plead themselves out of ...

The dirty and corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle who I plan to lock up, jail, use a firing squad or water bucket to make Jesse Jackson Junior's punishment look like day care....

All the way from current and former Presidents, Madams of States, Senators and Representatives from both parties......

And I know the road is going to be hard.

I know the bs that I am not even going to mention as I still endure identity theft that I have been going through since W. took office....  is going to increase.

I know every mug shot I have ever taken, every bad check that I ever written will be shown....

And I look down at my bible....

and I read my favorite story of David searching around all of these great warriors in addition to his brothers and seeing no one willing to step up and simply saying "Everyone else won't, so I will"

I watch my favorite baseball team, the Texas Rangers.....  dedicate every piece of their soul into every game, ....  never giving up until this is over because I know this is a bitter fight...

I look at shows like Breaking Bad and Orange is the new black and Mom and weep because I am going to introduce a new industry to stop us from having to cook meth and smuggle dope on the side to pay while illegals drain this country along with corrupt politicians.

I look at Beans, what you all know as Kobe and Dirk and other players written off because they don't have NBA marketing behind them, but their fingers shine with jewels not from hype, but from demanding the best from themselves before they ask anything of others....  and watching their teammates gladly sacrificing all because they stand next to a brother who does it innately....

I know I won't be the right weight, the right gender, the right color, the right look.......

I know I won't say the right words that will get me the right donors....

but hell I'm an American....

I'm designed to make it in spite of.....

God reached out his hand............and when I grabbed it......and reopened my eyes...

I was in the air of my favorite part of interstate 20...  the hills leaving Dallas heading towards Tarrant County right past the Mountain Creek exit heading west....  Where I learned as a kid, that the sunset was the promised land.....  That view made me want to see the world.....

And I wasn't worried because I know I'm in God's hands completely now......

There is no fear because faith is here in totality....

and when I landed...  on the shoulder facing down that hill looking at that western sunset....

I whispered loud enough for The Ballpark at Arlington to American Airlines Center to hear it....

I'm tired, discouraged but got so much left
I going to walk every last painful step
I finally learned to see, the key to victories
require more than words or just one voice
Gotta use your hands and words for more than just to point
'bout their everything, but towards our freedom ring

God knocked me down, then helped me up
Said baby girl, Perservance is a must
Winning is a place, like that pitchers mound
You gotta fight through hell to get that ground
It's game time now, so give two f****s
"Bout anyone who aint willing to put them dukes up
It's time to claw our way now

Its time for your inner fighter, because we going to walk through fire
Cuz in you is a champion and it's time for you all ROAR
Prouldy march to your Zion
Cuz in you is a champion and it's time to you all SOAR
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
It's time for this fight for sure.....

Roar (The 20 side remix)
Written by Tiffani El Dawn Mims (ASCAP Licensed)

My point is that I hope those of us in this nation that know something is wrong on both sides, with both parties....  

feel that roar,

I hope my brothers and sisters in the Rangers organization and the Mavericks feel it's time to roar, it's time to soar, but it's done by clawing and scratching and fighting for every inch, ball, pitch, pass, shot, bat, bunt....

In every high five and yell we give to each other, giving each other what we need to hear while on that base, while on that job, while on that post up, while in that dugout....

to know......

It's time for a fight for sure...

I'm trying to the best I can...

I'm studying for the GRE because my parents raised me to have at least 5 pots boiling at all times, so preparing for doctoral studies....

But I promise you this.....

I will fight, I'm not running away, I'm not going to be put in a box......

and I will roar....

until Reince Preibus understands......

This fight for this country will be in the ladies room in 2016, and I am to come out of that room with Hillary in handcuffs and the constitution to give back to the American people.

Be back Monday...

I don't get vacation time at my job ;)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Time (Chapter 11)

Hello America,

I am sorry about yesterday.

It is ironic that people label Texas as the hotbed of racism in this country but for the most part, I've had my most racist moments in the North and West of this country.  I went to graduation Friday and got hooded and walked with my cap and gown to get something to eat.  People of all colors congratulated me and it made me realize that no matter how much this was just something to get done for me.  I'm just a matter of fact type of person.  It nevertheless means something.

I went to graduation Saturday and got to hear Dr. Bernice A. King speak.  As much as I generally identified with Dr. MLK King, I identified personally with Malcolm X and his evolution and his path.  Even before I ever went to jail, there was something that resonated with me in Malcolm and it wasn't the violence or anything like that.  It was the heartbreak and betrayal that he endured with the likes of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam that showed us that at times within their organization, God's words were just a hustle.

During my undergraduate years, I did a lot of reading.  So much so, that I had to get permission to read certain masonic books and things of that nature.... I learned that Dr. King was a socialist, in many senses, he was for equity and parity no doubt, but in many ways, he was what could be called an advocate for socialism.  I understood his point but I never agreed with it.  As I listened to his daughter, I could feel that slant coming through.  For she implored the graduation class to fight for humanity....

And to her credit, it wasn't just about race, creed or culture, it was about all of us that roam this land we call earth.  I could feel the urgency and passion in her voice as she talked about topics from Treyvon Martin to the general fight for justice.  She talked about her mother and father...  And that speech stuck with me... because she implored us to keep fighting until all of us can win ..

But the question that I wondered about is what all are we going to win... We can't win all of the same thing, while it is an ethical goal and moral goal, it cannot be the goal of government.

What we can fight for is the chance for each of us to possibly win if we put in the work....  and I understand Dr. King's point that every one doesn't have a fair chance.....

I am at a place of employment where I was told that I was to be making a lateral move within management but it was a lie to get me out of my position.  I was treated unfairly not just because of my race but because of my gender in addition to my education.  The people involved who lied have been promoted while I sit here tied by God's instructions not to fight back, but to be honorable and keep going ....

I was so down yesterday because it's frustrating.  Sunday on my way to a Chaka Khan concert, this older white man literally pushed me and a friend out of the way to get across the street and when we said something to him, a younger white male told us to be quiet and not "start" anything versus saying anything to the man who was clearly wrong....  And Tuesday, I came into work and the autonomic responses of the mgmt in my company which is pretty much 99.1% white, presumptuous and threatened chose the route of once again of labeling me emotional, when in fact, I am direct and to the point and don't respond to an iota of the disrespect I have to endure from the nature of my job...... 

I don't want to be a bitter black woman whose been burned and turned off by racial encounters, I refuse to be.  So I've been back watching the Texas Rangers for the past couple of games....

The team has been in a slump, and things just having been going well. but the last couple of games, they have won at the last minute....

But that's a misstatement, they overtook the score at the last minute, but they won the game a long time before that, by never giving up.  Never quitting, getting excited when a teammate makes that hit or that home run....

Understanding that it is going to take all of us....  every play, every pitch, every throw, every hit to overcome the roads that society and the media want us to walk down.

To overcome and endure and survive the slumps and valleys.......  It takes a winning attitude, it takes a pure delight as I saw the smile and fire that is Elvis Andrus again in the dugout.  It takes an honesty in Ron Washington saying right now, y'all this ain't us, this ain't it, it's time to fight.

It takes a Joe Nathan saying, until they remove my name from this Ranger jersey, I'm fighting every pitch, every play....  I ain't holding nothing back....

It takes all of us doing what we need to do to put any of us in a position to win......

I looked at that game another last minute homer last night, but you could feel the energy in the air, even before the last swing was made.

I want a nation in which every last one of us wins the chance to make our own destiny.  From a governmental standpoint that is all that can be hoped for and it is an eternal battle.

From those exploiting race from the left the likes of Al Sharpton to those on the right like Peter King...

They want us losing sight of what this great nation was built on....


So God came to me and said "It's only going to get worse, every significant employment you've had, you've hit a glass ceiling with a crash not a dud, and you fought to no avail for yourself, although just like at this job others will benefit from your failures....    When Paul and Christie and Rubio, see how much of a threat you are, it's only going to get messier and uglier and everyone from the right to the left is going to exploit race and gender and class to bring out the worst in you.........."

I could do nothing but God's words but nod and simply say

 We goin to get through tho
We goin' to get through tho

I cant be worried bout no devil's rook
I  can't be worried bout what I do lack
I can't be worried 'bout how defeat look
Cuz my job to ensure the same chances I had
So my fire ain't going to never fades
The future of this nation's path
is before us called destiny
No way in hell will I go, until I hear freedom's sweet roar

We going to get through tho b/c we know our worth
Deep down in our hearts is the love for what we value most
And we ain't going to be taken off our damn road
We ain't going nowhere you see
We going to be our own saints to save ya
It don't get no reala and we ain't backing down no more
We goin' to get through yo

Torpedo (Soto's Yell)
Written by Tiffani El Dawn Mims (ASCAP Licensed)

My point is that I'm going to fight for all of us to win a chance to be whatever we want or need to be in the land of freedom.....

And even though I'm human and pulled by racism, sexism, job discrimination, petty politics.....And I get tired.. and weary....

I put on my Ranger jersey in my mind and remind myself of these last couple of games, the legacy of mighty force of teamwork that has been built over the years.... a band of brothers supporting each other, through every possible moment on the field....

I put on my cap that says America, and I fight so that this nation can survive....

I'm not backing down no more...

We going to get through yo 

I'm running for President of the United States of America.....

So we can each win in our own definition of victory....  

Come what may....

We will get through.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Time (will be back tomorrow)

Hello America,

I have a great graduation weekend, ending with a great concert by Chaka Khan.

But I am enduring racism and sexism at work and I'm tired of the mistreatment... and I don't want it to color my thoughts or words so I will be back in the morning.......

I am not going to lay down nor am I going to lose my job that I need until God blesses me with an opportunity that is not threatened by my intelligence in combination with my race and gender...

So Until tomorrow at 8am, I'll be back
Afternoon post by 4 pm cst

Monday, July 22, 2013

Time (Chapter 9)

Hello America,

I wanted to wait and hear a formal word from God before I wrote again.

So although I didn't make it to church, I did watch online from Apostolic Faith Church in Chicago, IL.....  sermon now I couldn't find the link to the sermon I saw on Sunday, but this is the link to the Bishop Dr. Smith, who I do listen to as a spiritual guide right now until I find a church home in Chicago... You will see his take on a small still voice, which is why I have adopted the tenet of STILLNESS this summer season.... 

but anyway, he didn't preach but I stayed and listened

and heard Gregory Bloomer speak.

I'm a Baptist through and through and this church is Pentecostal but the word is the word......

The pastor took from a Psalm but built on the story of David.....

So we are going to tell a little story and then we are going to address head on Zimmerman, the Dallas Cowboys, Dez Bryant, the Dallas Mavericks and 2016....

As a little background, David was the 9th son of Jesse and God had determined it was time to anoint a new king ...

So Jesse the father of many sons, brought his strongest, his best, his brightest of his seed and God rejected them all...

The one he wanted was the one no one thought was ready, and frankly he wasn't...

He wanted a ruddy, beautiful, not rugged and ready David.......

He anointed David to take the throne and be the King of Israel..........

but he didn't take that throne until 15 years later...............

All of this well documented in I Samuel 

This is where we take from Mr. Bloomer's sermon.............

He remarked the place between one door closing in your life and the next door God hasn't opened for you yet is your wilderness.......

and he spoke on the lessons to be learned in the wilderness and the value of waiting.......

 Right now, George Zimmerman, not the man, but the issue, myself, 2016, the Dallas Cowboys, the Texas Rangers, and the Dallas Mavs are all in the state of wilderness.... 

right along with this nation.

The answer to stopping a tragedy like Treyvon Martin is not in stand your ground laws....

It is in removing the thought process that young black men are a threat....

It is deeper than a racist change in thought, it is the responsibility of more than just folks like Zimmerman...

It is the responsibility of the black community, not Barack Obama, not anyone to change how we are thought of.....

All of it is not our fault but we as a community exploit the racist stereotypes just as much as every one else involved those....

Right now, this nation has closed the door in one regard, the shooting of a child, whether you believe it is warranted or not, has the black community on alert.  Young black males are being shot by regular citizens and walking away with jail time.  The situation of it in this context does not matter.  It has caused the community to start looking within and get active... and frankly it's about damn time.....

The door has not yet opened yet, for the change many seek, a change in the stand your ground law, which is really a Trojan horse for disarming citizens...  or for Zimmerman to brought upon hate crime laws which is not the way....

If nothing else, the only recourse which is fair is civil charges, which I don't agree with but the precedent was set with OJ Simpson in that regard........

What the Black Community does in this "wilderness" outside of black preachers like Rev. Al Sharpton and Pastor Frederick D. Haynes exploiting raw emotions along with our President, to turn us into mad dogs foaming at the mouth.........

will decide how long it will take us to take the throne in reference to taking back our community, and seeing young men stand up straight with character and honor versus sagging showing dirty underwear and disrespect coming from the hip hop culture cesspoll that art for profit has turned it into....

How long will it take the black community to come out of its wilderness depends on how long we blame everyone else and not realize for every one finger pointed at someone else, three pointed at us?

The Dallas Cowboys are America's team, not because of no championships.. but because this team epitomizes America...

Want different results but keep employing the same nuts... and getting the same results but offended if called crazy....

I look at Dez Bryant who should be in jail, who is given a pass because his vertical leap allows him to catch a ball a little higher than the next man who actually did respect his mother.

I look at Josh Brent who got the retire and get some sort of pension after killing someone and being positive on the bail drug test results.........

I look at Jerry Jones rewarding a subpar quarterback who folds everytime in the face of pressure with championship paychecks... 

I look at Tony Romo, gaunt because now he's hurting, coming after surgery and he knows this is it for him, the coach and frankly Jerry Jones....

The door on championships closed in Dallas when Jerry Jones refused to listen to Bill Parcells and get a QB...  not b/c of Romo per se, but because an owner didn't let a coach do his job.... and for the Hall of Fame coach Parcells is.. that sent a message to the league that Jones doesn't want a coach, he wants an assistant........

The door on championships will not open again until the moral fiber of this team matches the talent which is really high on this team... until the leadership of this team matches the delusional fantasies of the owner of this team.........

The answer ain't Dez... it's a line......

The answer ain't firing Rob Ryan, it's letting personnel that know talent draft talent versus an owner that only knows ticket and jersey sales....

How long it takes the Dallas Cowboys just like this nation to come out of the wilderness depends on how long we expect different results from the same people?  It's not complicated.

We ain't going to have church today, but we going to have a little bit. work with me.

The Dallas Mavericks were shunned by the top free agents again.........


Because Mark Cuban doesn't understand Dallas...  He doesn't understand this is a city that doesn't kiss ass, we make money, we support a nation, we represent 40% of the GDP of the world's largest economy.....

We understand the concept of teamwork, however racist those may try to make us seem.....

And prima donnas like Obama, like Dwight Howard, like Derron, like Chris Paul getting coaches fired and this and that, we simply don't tolerate.  The Dallas Cowboys have nothing to do with Dallas, Jerry Jones robs my hometown and gives the money to Tarrant County.

The Dallas Mavericks are the opposite, they are in the heart of Dallas, and they pump life into the Dallas County community.

This team beat the supposed "Greatest trio of all time" which we all know is a lie, not with superior talent, but with a superior team.

It started with a draft pick in Dirk, even though he was drafted by Atlanta, you get my point, a cornerstone.. and it took time and losing and coming close and getting swept to create a player who understands what it takes...

it took savvy humble veterans like Chandler, Terry, folks that have the attitude until you kill me, I ain't quitting, it ain't over....

And these young folk outside of Kobe Bryant...  don't have that.  When Lebron lose, he don't give press conferences or let Wade take the questions, they don't know how to stand along outside of trophy and check time.

These older players want to "win", they disrespect every dollar that fans have to pay to them even when they lose. so they break up teams and legacies which is why Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce don't exist to me no more... Ray Allen is just a lucky shot dude with a ring because Tim came up a little short......

But the Mavericks have a little better prognosis than the Dallas Cowboys and this nation at the moment because they know how to take bits and pieces and turn into a team....  They know how to be counted out and still keep on fighting.......

However, until Mark Cuban understands that this nation and this city is a grown folks city who understands the peaks and the valleys... that we don't change jerseys or coaches when times get tough just to put in temporary pieces.. that we become figures and pillars of the community hear...  that we don't give up Dirk because we don't care about him losing, we don't give up Dirk b/c he family... and family ain't chosen, it's written in the book of life that only Kobe and Dirk still understand....

The door on championships closed when Cuban didn't resign Chandler because he couldn't recognize that Chandler's leadership and heart was far more valuable than Chris Paul's, or Howard's or Williams' "talent"

And it won't open again until he understands that this city wasn't built for temporary runs, but dynasties and our tools are measured in player efficiency stats.... but in things that only folks that understand blood sweat and tears know... 

How long will it take for the Dallas Mavericks to come out of the wilderness depends on how long it takes this roster to understand Rick's simple mantra of defend and never give up?

 The last team today is the Texas Rangers.....

they didn't get to sign all the big names in free agency because just like the Mavs, we hardworkers here...  We have a manager in Wash, who is humble, who works out to Juvenille and splits verbs as well as helps Yu Darvish split fastballs.........

They didn't want to deal with when Josh wants to be sober again from God knows what...

And even though they had the money, other teams turning them down...

For more than a black manager, they represent a spirit of humility... of never giving up...

right now, the door on the championship closed before Felix couldn't throw that final out in the world series...........

and it won't happen again until this team gets back to fundamentals..........

Getting back to some antlers and claws, and fighting for every pitch, for every ball........

Because this team won't be the Yankees or the Red Sox...

too much principle, too much openly treating men like men, too much openly simply loving the game........

How long it takes the Texas Rangers to get out of the wilderness ain't dependent on no trade?  It depends on Elvis Andrus and when he learns, the leader of the clubhouse, the cornerstone of the team, don't get a day off to let plays go by.... for all eyes and pulses work off of his....?

 Now I know some of you all asking what the hell does sports and black people have to do with 2016... and the strength of this nation........

and I simply ask you what the hell does sports and black people have not to do with 2016 and the strength of this nation....

Looking up history when these teams were strongest and out of the wilderness, this nation was as well, and while these ain't the sole factors... the tenets behind why they chose them are...

And if we don't get out of this wilderness, they will make slaves of us all

and we will call Jay Z, Beyonce, Obama, Reid, Alec Baldwin, Hill Harper, Oprah, Hillary and others slave masters...........

God has me in my wilderness, and I'm changing physically, mentally and spiritually... I know that this is where I need to be and the only thing that comforts me is what I will be able to do when I get out of it.............

but until I do I just come close to the door of my destiny and yell

"New Slaves"

[Verse 1:]
The nation should focus on all us not just veterans...,
or those who say they broke cuz they got brown foreign skin
I fighting just to be servant ain't thinking about wealth
because I need all these legal childrens future to get that clean bill of health.
So God took me through all these isms
From graduation to probation revocation solely for"
That Obama/Clinton/Paul Rubio elitism
Cuz the citizens, the peons that I'm fighting for
can't afford diapers, food but listen to two chains
Cuz its a helluva a lot better than listening to hunger pains
I have to let these politicians publicly rip through me
Just to ensure that the Liberty bell still rang
No more Slaves

You see it's leaders and there's followers
But  I know who got the power

You see it's leaders and there's followers
But I'm sending shots from the watchtower

 can't heal until you ready to bleed
  can't get dirty with clean sleeves
 ain't going to be no new slaves
All it takes is us ready to believe
That slavery is on the scene
we won't let Freedom up leave
Aint going to be no new slaves
Some lives will be ceased
In order to save Lady Liberty
Just us and it won't be no peace
No slavery via corporations
No Masters' whip via a damn TV
We don't know how to behave
Under the premise of a master's final say
We going to clear our Congress out
Us and politics are going to part ways
Be we know freedom ain't free
So nooses will be hitting some trees
So more than Stevie wonder will see
We speak English not mandatory Chinese
Oh One World order say can you see
The scope of liberty's high beams
We ain't going to be no new slaves
We ain't LOL because will be free
while you texting God  OMG
  patriots done ended my lifeline G
  These here is our damn country
This here is where we all stay
Better up your ammo orders
Because we stuffing pillows with  quarters
We be breaking bad the oz compound w some silent slumber
Because this the USA
We run shit 24 hrs each damn day
Your executive order say pick 'em all up
Our order says end your days
You going to use money to imprison
We use faith, we done risen
We clearing out Harlem to the Hamptons
We going to ensure further days
By espousing what's going on in the white house
with buckets of water on Jarrett's blouse
to determine who gave Obama clout
to spew Anti colonialism out his mouth
We going to blow it up
so we can tear corruption down
Turn its ass out
So all countries now who run the stroll now

 New Slaves (Wilding out remix)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims (ASCAP Licensed)

I can't control when God opens the next door for me, but I know it's going to open.

I can't control how folks are going to react when it does, but I can control if I am ready when it does.........

We will end modern day slavery in this country by ending those masters not just those on Wall Street, but on Pennsylvania Avenue and Sunset Boulevard.......

I'm getting ready and using my wilderness....

Dallas Cowboys, Mavericks, Texas Rangers and the United States of America

are you???????

And Barack Obama please tell the Republic of China

  都將幸運的,如果得到你的錢回來,但我們將大麻合法化結束這場貿易赤字我們所有的公園和土地購買,並把我們不會是你奴隸多少德懷特 - 霍華德得到反彈我們不給一個該死的...


I would really appreciate, be back next week...

I'll be graduating this weekend, it's streaming live with

get to hear Dr. Bernice A. King speak which should be interesting, if you have nothing else to do, check it out

Writing now

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Time (Chapter 8)

Hello America,

I am so sorry that I haven't written....

I always choose themes, that I pray about to color my days and weeks if you will....

The day after the blackhawks won, I chose the word still...  That's the theme that God put on my heart.  What I didn't expect was for God to make that word permeate so much in life....

I literally lost the urge to write, I stopped going out, I stopped everything and I just thought and prayed....

I watched the Blackhawks win and I was so proud for they overcame so much.....

I didn't watch the Zimmerman trial at all... I didn't watch about Dwight Howard for I never wanted him to come to Dallas. 

He represents the new type of male that is prevalent especially in the black community, he needs his hand held, he needs a father... he needs a protector, one of those Josh Hamilton types, and we in Dallas just don't have time for it.....

I prayed and I asked God when I could write again....

I saw Jay Z's false platinum...  Needing an app to push your music will ensure I will never promote any of his songs again.

I saw what went on in Egypt.

I started working out with my own designed bootcamp.  270 workouts in 300 days...  And I'm doing well, I'm eating right, working out daily...  walking everywhere I can...

And yet and still God wouldn't let me write... He kept the word still all over my life.

But today, just as simply as God said be still, he said write....

so I am going to tell you a quick story and a quick song, and I will be back Friday....

When I heard the jury in the Zimmerman trial ask for the instructions on manslaughter, I heard God call me....  and he had someone with him who I always admired, his legal style..... still dressed very dapper....

The man asked me "what is the jury going to do?

I replied "Acquit but they are torn about it, they are asking for instructions so they can say they deliberated and it didn't fit the letter of the law, but he is going to walk... It's Saturday night, they are praying and hoping people are drinking and kicking it so they can leave quietly and will have nothing but church tomorrow, to occupy themselves.........."

The man smirked "You may didn't finish law school, but you are sure as hell no dummy, you know people.......  Are you mad at God for this?

I thought as I have allowed the "stillness" to enter my life freely... and in totality... so I no longer have to force myself to think before I answer.....

"I'm not happy that a child lost his life, I'm not happy that parents who know who shot their child have to see someone walk away that did it...  But I am thankful for the verdict, for it was a vast stretch legally the way that law is written, it was politically polarized because Obama and Sharpton's intervention, and the way that President Obama silently is going to condone the verdict because he doesn't like niggas... which is a reflection of his being raised by a white woman, Africans and foreigners .....

It's needed that child's blood won't be in vain... It's time for black people to realize, if you not foreign... Obama ain't for you, regardless of what color you are, and it's time for us as a community to really watch and learn how our children are acting and what messages are they conveying and receiving.... not mad at God... "

The man looked at me for a very long time....  my answer caught him off guard....  He's seen me grow up for awhile... and a man who knows him very well was my pastor as a kid.....

He nodded and shook my head...  and simply said "Stillness ain't so still is it?"  

My point is this.....

Sometimes, when I take a break, it is because it's needed, but I'm safe.. I'm okay.

Actually taking a class with Warren Buffett of all people, about being a philanthropist....

I am going to run for President and I will be the nominee for the Republican Party because otherwise, the party is at risk of being extinct, not because I'm black, young, beautiful...

because I'm relevant to the current and modern American struggle.

I wanted to write about Dwight Howard but in the end, until he reaches the valley and doesn't have a temper tantrum or blame others... he will never reach the mountaintop, that ain't for me to teach him.

I wanted to write about Kobe, but I told Kobe almost 4 months ago, that it was over and time to be an older player instead of the man, but it will take a season of heartbreak before he gets the message.

I wanted to write about George Zimmerman, but why?  Although legally he may have been correct according to the law, he said God told him to kill a child.....

He has to answer to God about that statement one day, and there will be no judge or jury but one....

My focus is on this nation and the issues from immigration, to the economy to the defense of it, that will create a supply side paradigm to bring back jobs without having to spend a mortgage on college, to bring back black people and all people with sense, where we pull our pants up, and don't curse, and actually relish getting older because we know life ain't promised....

My focus is to ensure Hillary Clinton won't be President, nor Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or Mitt Romney...

Not because they are white or rich, but because they are politicians, and I am a

public servant.....

I am here to serve the public until we understand....

"New Slaves"

[Verse 1:]
The nation should focus on all us not just veterans...,
or those who say they broke cuz they got brown foreign skin
I fighting just to be servant ain't thinking about wealth
because I need all these legal childrens future to get that clean bill of health.
So God took me through all these isms
From graduation to probation revocation solely for"
That Obama/Clinton/Paul Rubio elitism
Cuz the citizens, the peons that I'm fighting for
can't afford diapers, food but listen to two chains
Cuz its a helluva a lot better than listening to hunger pains
I have to let these politicians publicly rip through me
Just to ensure that the Liberty bell still rang
No more Slaves

You see it's leaders and there's followers
But  I know who got the power

You see it's leaders and there's followers
But I'm sending shots from the watchtower

I'll be back Friday... and we'll resume from everything from My Texas Rangers, yes it's baseball, to basketball to football and how it all relates to America's team...

Using Kayne's entire album.

 I rock an iPhone created in America, I'm going to let Jay Z empower terrorism on his own...

No more slaves, don't matter Jay Z and Obama want to be the masters... instead of Richard or Mitt...

No more slaves.  I ain't leaving Chicago...
I'm back!!!!!!!! Give me until 3pm