Saturday, April 24, 2010

All you have to do

Hello America,

I want to talk about so many things today, but right now it's the end of the month and most of us are broke and have bills that have to be paid with no way to pay them.

The political media and the obama administration may be calling Arizona the laughing stock of this country, but to me there just as mavericky :) as ever. 

We can talk about dervitives and this and that, but the market did not collapse because of that.  It collapsed because identity thieves in conjunction with dirty law enforcement and human smugglers created a world through internet technology and credit that came to a collapse.  Human smuggling has hit a new age, no longer are slaves that are sent over here satisfied with a tiny flat in Queens.  People like Barack Obama himself, or Mr. Sonchez or whatever he wants to call himself these days are the epitome of what I talk about.

This man wants access to your bank account, your medical records, to be responsible about teaching your children about sex, to give away our defense system.  He wants so much but he can't come off his records.  He demands to know everything about us, but the first thing he does is seal his.

Obama's circle of blackmail runs deep, because this system is so corrupted.  For example, with Newt making those comments about the tea-party, game.  that's all it was.  making them look like terrorist because now more and more black people, a key part of Obama's base are listening.  Racism ain't that bad compared to being homeless, jobless, and hopeless.  There will be no MLK revivals this election term and because this system has shown to be so dirty, starting with the vetting process of the DNC, Arizona had the nerve to say what America is saying on the street, THIS S*** GOTTA STOP.

Right now, I am in the hole, i got a gas bill, insurance, rent that's all due at the same time.  The smugglers and illegals are panicking because they are like what if she doesn't pay insurance, then my insurance cannot be paid and my chances are getting stopped increase.  Dallas police is circling me tight letting me know that the rent not being paid buys me a ticket into a world I ain't trying to deal with right now.  Others are depending on me to pay rent and keep my address.  Gotta keep the gas, got a diabetic in the house. 

Things are tight, so many depending on me to fail, so many depending on me to succeed......

I ask every person to look beyond Obama's bull about we gotta to do something to the banks, and realize that bankers are people to.  This system collapsed because of the corruption from human smugglers and drug cartels whose billions fund campaigns on both side of the aisle.  It is this same corruption that will allow a questionable presidential candidate to seal his records and not a peep from the media, but even if Sam Bradford hid one thing from the NFL his stock would have dropped a lot further than the Norte Dame dude.

This system is dirty and whether you like it or not, you benefit from the America that exists today.  Obama was hired to do what a lot of powerful white America, not all of White America, wanted to do but don't have the balls to do, break Black Americans.  Because we are the cultural, social, and usually fiscal livewire of this country.  But what Obama and those smugglers, cartels, and socialist need to realize is that this country has treated Black Americans so sh**tly over the years, we live in the gutter.  Not saying this country hasn't been good in some ways, but for the industries we created that the men and women because of their skin color will never be fiscally rewarded, America will always be in our debt, but yet we love and stay here.  This is our home.

And it is time for us to take the gloves off and get back to the business of getting this country straight. if obama wants our records for the sake of betterment, so be it, but since he can't come off of his records, there is no need for my countrymen to come off of theirs.

THIS IS A COUP, PEOPLE. And to the obama administration, I am not going to lose my car, my gas, nor my rent, so when you send the cameras down here to show how "crazy" I am for these words, know I will sitting on my porch waiting, because all I have to do

is hold God's hand and take it day by day. 
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