Friday, April 16, 2010

Change is taking place

Hello America,

A few words, just a few.

Mr. Obama remarked that change is taking place, this room we can agree on.

Over 5 major metro school districts out of business, over 4 million jobs lost, not saved or created, the deflation of the dollar that makes pesos look like something to invest in.

Gas continuing up, taxes up on those who can hire and fire for benefits none of us will receive for over 5 years.

A person who said he is against washington who made make back door deals to supposedly steal from the rich and give to the poor.

A person who says he is transparent but seals his records as his first official act, and uses race to dare anyone to question him.

Change is taking place, and ain't the kind that is on the t-shirt.

This man is changing this country from judeo-christian capalistic country into a socialist, muslim-centered one and we all know it and apparently he has bought off everyone from Palin to Perry to McCain even the tea party, raising hell is way different than raising funds for campaigns...............

Mr. Obama you can appeal to your gay base, you can appeal to the rich people are evil base, Americans are bad base, but in the end, you stepping on God's country and each and every day, baby, I am coming closer and closer.

No need to have President Clinton talk about OKC, I was there, remember, no one is going to blow you up, hurt you, despite our private wishes.


AND that's some change that we can all welcome.

You not breaking this country, even if folk like me are the last ones standing.

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