Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It ain't what you think

Hello America,

the answer to yesterday's blank was NOT THE N WORD.  It takes a person who is not afraid to go there to combat a president who has federalized every industry he can get his hands on, sealed his records but wants your health records at his disposal.

It takes someone who can cut Obama off unlike McCain during the debates and tell him to answer the damn questions.  It is going to take Chairman Steele and despite his trips to Hawaii and whatever else, he is raising the funds to do it.

I don't know what moron decided to let the "negras" have Obama and then take the white house back, but that plan is backfiring.

As far Senator Brown with immigration reform with Obama, you knew he was going to fold the minute he was chosen by McCain.  It is just a game, people, an illusion.

It ain't what you think, real politics going on up on the hill, it is merely an illusion of it.  Obama with his network of foreigners and child molestors have a blackmail bank that makes Goldman Sachs look like my nephew's piggy bank.  And he is going to use that blackmail to get everything he wants until someone has the audacity to stop him, but not fearing about their business being put out there.

It ain't what you think, America.

This is personal b/c this country has lived on the backs of Blacks, but never are we allowed to be in the forefront of industries that are deemed intelligent.  It is cool to rule the billboards, but we are going to run the hill..................................

We coming, Mr. Obama, and to Senator Brown, Collins, Snowe and anybody else that wants to deal with the devil named Mr. Sonchez, oh I am sorry, Mr. Obama,   we stopping at your door too.

It ain't what you think that matters to the voting population, it is what they see, and they will see someone stand up to Mr. Obama and to our enemies just how he works to bring us "down a peg or two."

If you live in Addison, Texas will you tell your police department to stop wasting precious tax dollars on following me around, hoping to pull me over and tow my car so I can't work...........

There are criminals on the loose.......  :-)
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