Monday, April 12, 2010

The order of the day

Hello America,

didn't get into another school that I wanted, but no worries, my ego is secure.  I got 17 full scholarship offers, just didn't feel like moving to the east coast.

The order of the day..................

Obama is going to use this supreme court pick as an excuse to further paint the GOP as the party of no.  If the person isn't qualified, then embrace it.  If the person is qualified, he or she should be judged on their merits.  Kind of ironic the first black president who has two supreme court picks in two years, didn't even nominate an black person.  Way to go congressional black caucus.

Steele, if you are going to stay as it appears at this time, I may be headed back to Cali, I made a promise to myself if I went back to Cali no law school just finishing up my masters and on to writing movies and poltical ads.  BE SERIOUS.   IT IS COOL TO TALK ABOUT HOW YOU AND OBAMA GOT IT HARD, BUT START FOCUSING ON WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  PEOPLE NEED TO SEE THAT ALTHOUGH GOV. BARBER WOULD SAY IT, PALIN CAN SAY IT.

NO ONE CAN TALK TO OBAMA, BUT YOU CHAIRMAN STEELE.  And people like me, will get you there.

There was a lot of drama, it seems that people are just looking for ways for me to finally snap.

Keep waiting.

GOP, don't worry about image of a fight, if there is a fight to be had with this pick, don't run away from it.  Most people know that this is a dude who sealed his records the first act, the people want someone to fight for them,

McCain just didn't show up.

well, that's it, one more law school to go and trying to see if I can work a full week, so I'm occupied at least for now.

God Bless,

and to mr. Obama, not going anywhere anytime soon.
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