Thursday, April 22, 2010

Street Cred.........

Hello America,

Right now, the obama administration is paying back one of its homies back, Goldman Sachs and other corporate big banks by doing this so-called "reform" bill, how much reform is when from Rowdy Rahm to I just can't get it right, Mr. Obama all have ties to this organization.

I mean, Damn, how much of this country will this administration be allowed to f*** up.  Everything they say is for the people is for the rich, and the GOP are the enemies?

There ain't no compromise with terrorists even those who use a pen versus a gun, so I am really awaiting to see how sells their citizens down the river, for the chance to say that they did something "meaningful" with this nut............................

I named this street cred, b/c there is a push to "do" something, to get some credibility with the people.

I laugh, now I am followed by Dallas Police everywhere I go, not b/c they want to arrest me.  No, b/c I have street cred, mines is certified, they want me to grow kush and allow my husband to sell it to the homies like Mr. Bowie for half price so my in-laws, the city of dallas, the mexican drug cartels can all have a piece of the action.

I want to give up, acting a fool at my job, hey some days it's like that, b/c I don't want nothing to do with none of these people.  They have so much dirt on me from my past, I can't not fool with them, but b/c of the future I am trying to build, I can't afford to fool with them either.

All the butt kissing has started, please stay they say, Tiffani.  The streets needs you.............

It's about our country, Tiffani, let that petty beef with Obama go.

I really felt down and still do, but the Arizona legislature has given me hope.  THANKS FOR REQUIRING OBAMA TO SHOW HIS PAPERWORK, THANKS FOR HAVING THE COURAGE TO TRY TO DO SOMETHING TO END THIS MADNESS.

So to all of those who are working with this terrorist some of you call a president, to all of those of you who are plotting and planning and trying to find a way to get me to stay in dallas to make you all rich and kill me with the rage and resentment for having to be around people that I really can't stand.

Understand this street cred is very expensive, and once you committ you can't turn back, you can't change your mind.

As long as there is one among us in this country willing to fight this terrorist organization known as the obama administration and the dirty law enforcement that supports it,

then I will to.

is that enough of an answer about compromise, GOP?  is that enough of an answer city of dallas.

you spent 30 years trying to lock me up for life, and now you come with your hands out.

just like presidential politics, not that simple, not that easy,

some of you all are just going to have to
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