Sunday, May 9, 2010

As fast as you can

Hello America,

sorry for the personal drama, it gets that way sometimes.  Dallas police department has shown me over the years that I am not a "valued" citizens, and this blog is my only recourse, you would be suprised at the results.

I was thinking about my personal situation.  moved out this morning, whose to say if or when I will be back.  I really need to be at home, I moved to be closer to my job, but there is an element called Mr. Meadows at home and I am not going to be involved in any confrontation.  The neighbors run out to see a big fight and of course when the police come, i will be the instigator.  I don't smoke, don't drink, I work all day so I really don't fit in with the element that is there, but it is what it is.

I remember telling myself this morning, I can go only as fast as I can and that is as fast as God allows me.  I think the same is true with what is going on in this country.  you know when obama came into office, to say he won is to allude to the fact that he played fair, it was overwhelming for those who did not agree.  It was hard to wonder if your voice would ever be listened to again.

There are so many times where I would just quote article after article just trying to get out all of the info I could.  Then somethings in my life took me away from thepolitical 24/7 news cycle.

that life occurs............

that miracles happen everyday,

that is the blessing of being in America.  the right and the freedom to explore what you want.  So many times with victims of abuse you want them to get that mojo right then, but it doesn't work that way.  It takes time and unwrapping layers upon layers of hurt, and rewrapping layers upon layers with acceptance of one's self and one's fault.

For somone like me, who feels everything so much more intense, it can be draining in this political world, b/c in my mind everything is paramount and necessary and must be addressed.

However, I have also learned without computer access everyday, that the world goes on

What does this have to do with politics,nothing but to say, as bobby blue bland would say, you gotta hurt before you heal.  you can't heal with going through something.

This country is healing, but there is a lot more hurt this administration will put on this country.

I may seem extreme, a horrible judge of character in my personal life, but my strength, my edge comes from my ability to honest with you and myself and that's harder than it looks.

THe GOP is going as fast they can, but always be mindful of the fact that pace is needed for a reason.

I am glad the GOP primaries are shaking up, no one should take these races for granted.

But let's all understand their is a new breed of politicans coming, they urban, they got issues, but very functional and when you dealing with folk like that including myself, you be thankful for when they go as fast as they can, but be understanding when they can't go as fast as you want.

Take of May before we starting counting gains in November.

take care america, haven't slept in two days, going to bed
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