Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Doc Rivers

Hello America,

I watched the game last night.  I saw Kevin Garnett wipe something from his eye, I knew it was going to be hard then.  Every time, they caught up somebody did something else, and nelson just went crazy at the end.......

some days it is like that,

but one thing, doc rivers said is they are the champs until somebody beats them.

That resonated with me.

So Dallas, you did all this to get me, okay fine, I give up, I'll stay, but because I am a native texan, on my terms. 

Which means by the end of this day, my dl, my phone, my car insurance, all of the things in my life that provide vehicles for the identity theft to continue will cease.  they will be changed to my true address, and if it is meant for you all to come get me, COME ON, BUT UNDERSTAND TO TAKE ME DOWN IS TAKE EVERYTHING DOWN.  that means when ms. hearne's son calls me, he is calling the only Tiffani El Dawn Mims that really exists, b/c he ain't getting no phone.  no more pretending I am out of state, none of that.

So Kevin Garnett, cheer up, so what you didn't sweep, you ain't no janitor, you pierce, allen, show these young rondo's, what champs do, after getting knocked down, they stand up, they close out series and prepare for the next stage.

Thanks Doc Rivers, I really went there yesterday and I don't regret it, it was necessary, but your words really inspired me.

i am ready to close out this series,

Boston are you?

America are you?

I get it, we ain't going to fail.
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