Sunday, May 23, 2010


This is the word, I was called today by somebody.  Doesn't matter whom.  I just thought it would be a good place to start conversation.

Now in the context it was used in, it was more of an insult/compliment.  Like man, I didn't know you were capable of going there, I didn't think you did it, but you did.

I chose to start with that tidbit, to let America understand what is going on. We have a president who is determined to take America down a "peg or two" and with vote after vote from some rogue Republicans, he has taken over basically every industry.

Like the financial bill, politico reports although I forgot to write the author down, how actually the money is going from Wall Street hand's to K street's hand, thus furthering corrupting the system that Obama was supposed to try to clean up.

Black people did not vote Obama in, non-black people did.  From muslims, from socialists, to people just tired of George W. Bush, to people who honestly believed in this dude.  I think after while, people tried to accept this man despite the obvious questions about his legitimacy to the presidency and thought that he would be different.

The only thing different is how bold and disrespectful that this administration has been allowed to be for the sake of "not wanting to attack the first black president".  It's been very foul in regard to the deals that were made, it has been very foul in regard to how obama has had people like me, who will not relent our words, treated, it has been foul what he and his comrades have been doing to this country.

I cannot blame them for their arrogancy for their cockiness, b/c for so long they have been allowed to get away with treason, fraud, and murder.  I cannot blame these illegal immigrants for having the audacity to dog our country with their hands out when they have been nothing but taken care of by this administration.

But the only thing that is going to break the Obama administration of the total disrespect and dismantling that they are doing to our way of life, is the same thing that got me called foul today.  Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.  It sucks, but that is the way that it is.

I didn't want to put anyone's business on this blog, or on facebook, but at some point, at some point, you have to just put your self and your business that is already out there, out there.  Sometimes, you got to say yeah, I do act crazy sometimes, I do get into with this dude, but I have been there for him and sacrificed so much and I got tired.

Even today, Dallas Police follow me, hoping and praying that I get paranoid and do something stupid to get arrested.  I got folk trying to start arguments with me today, so I don't make it to work tomorrow.  I got folk at work tomorrow that are starting mess so that I won't keep my job.  So that I won't get my life back.

And the God I serve is just so deep, so amazing, that he allows me to see all of this, and recognize the fact that there is nothing foul about standing up for yourself and just telling the truth of how you have just been used and played and manilupated, but yet and still with his grace able to stand on this side of prison gates to talk about it.

More than foul, Dallas, and those frequently mentioned in this blog, including the one some of us call President, more than foul, I got tired of lying to myself b/c it was eating me up inside.  I got tired of watching my mama struggle when I can work, but I got my in-laws and my supposed loved one trying to get me locked up b/c they don't want to face the time nor consequences for their choices.  I got tired of holding my head down like I ain't Tiffani E. Mims, like I ain't the most known unknown known person running these streets right now.  I got tired of holding my head down b/c I didn't want to accept the fact that I love someone that probably loves me on some level, but viewed me as just a means to an end.

I got tired, personally, politically as that is my career one way or another, I got tired, but anybody who knows and understands women knows that she gotta get tired, before she gets up.

With Obama and all others mentioned in these blogs, I ain't trying to mess up their lives just out of spite, I am just tired of being screwed over and since law enforcement has shown no interest in helping me, I found other means.  I can tell the way people are starting to feel comfortable with me, speaking to me now, that they are starting to understand that I did not endure all that I went through b/c I was dumb or stupid or oblivious to what was going to me, around me, behind me.

I endured all of that and what I still have to continue to endure b/c I was cognizant of everything going on from the beginning and recognized that the only way this is going to end, is for me to play tit for tat.  And the same goes with politics, GOP, don't be afraid to go on the offensive, don't be afraid of Bush, tell the truth, all of it, and although you will not be squeaky clean at the end, although people will call you shady and shiesty,

it don't matter, b/c you will be empowered by the truth.

Nobody is worried about rand paul and civil rights, every time there is a little momentum the GOP way, a racial story finds its way back into the spotlight.

What difference does civil rights make when we live in an era where strict muslim law is being advocated and slowly replacing the values and mores of our country?

What difference does civil rights makes when one is a slave to the government for taxes, when one has no rights, no right to ask the president questions, no right to demand answers for where all of this money is going?

What difference does civil rights mean when illegals have planted themselves here and get amnesty and benefits after doing nothing but robbing this country blind for all of these years?

What difference does civil rights mean when terrorists run this country?

now that's foul, at least to me, maybe one day it will be to you as a country, and we can start turning things around.

You may not like Micheal Steele, but it is going to take somebody like him with a mouth that can go foul with obama to get this country straight.

we can waste time bsing, or we can be honest with ourselves.

as for me, going home, hopefully, the let's start an argument game so tiffani can get arrested today game is over for tonight, hanging up my work clothes on the clothes line and going to watch the celctics.

talk to you tomorrow.

god bless.
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