Friday, May 14, 2010

God's will

Hello America,

I don't have much time, I have to see how bad my farmville looks right now.............. :-)

But a lot has happened in the past two days, and let's just cut to the chase so we can continue to move forward.

I had had enough................ I decided that for once in my life, I was going to do something different and just jump on in a situation.  Apparently, all those around me were anticipating that I get to that point, to just say screw it, I am going to get some love under new management.

I was on my way, but I wanted to go home first, clean up my house and lo and behold Mr. Meadows was on the porch.  We lock ourselves out so much, he knows I leave some sort of way to get in the house, b/c at least once a week, I lock myself out.

I was scared but I didn't call the new manager, I called the proper folk.  The situation was resolved.  I am formally and publically asking the District Attorney, my godbrother, Craig Watkins and Dallas Police Department to let it go.  No harm, no foul.  There was no breaking of my door, there was nothing illegal in the house, outside of my dog spike doing something that ought to be illegal to the carpet.

The larger issue is this.  A LOT OF PEOPLE GOT LOVE FOR ME, A LOT OF PEOPLE GOT USES FOR DELMAR, STARTING WITH MS. BARBARA HEARNE, WHO JUST AIN'T GOING TO QUIT UNTIL SHE ON HER WAY TO THOSE PEARLY GATES.  These people just all made a deal like we were a piece of meat.  She is going to be with him.  Delmar is going to be locked up for awhile, and the wanna be new girlfriend, Ms. Taylor, will be awaiting his return with his mom in a couple of years.

You can't play people like that, Dallas, b/c at the last minute even though I did exactly what you expected, God intervened.  Probably saved me from a having a baby with a man I knew but didn't know, probably saved me from a lot.

There are no illegal items in my house, even signed up for real cable even though I got free cable b/c I don't want no problems.

I can see some of the folk mad, mad that things didn't work out the way that they wanted, possibly me and Delmar in jail, or me hurt, him locked up for life, whatever instead b/c God knew I was honestly just tired, provoked, dogged and hurt he intervened and I am eternally thankful for that.

Now, I can work, see if I get in law school and if I need to leave the state.  Other than that, ain't nothing changed but the days.  And for all of the Mr. Quinton's, Ms. Barbara's and others with these super plots to drive me and Delmar apart.  Don't you know that you are dealing with the modern day Ike and Tina Turner and like the woman says so eloquenlty?

What's love got to do with it?

This is grown folk business, not hannah montana and who she is seeing next on her show.

Just b/c I am kind, just b/c I am not as sociable as far as these games go as others, don't mean I can't hang, don't mean I won't be the boss I am mean to to be.

God got my back...........................

let the games go, let the case go, let he and I go so I can do what I need to do to help this country

A Side note, first of all the other dude involved is actually a very, nice decent guy who deserves someone who will treat him right, second of all, check out Jon Benson fitness, i am finally really starting to shed pounds, and his program is a big reason why, and third, just b/c there is peace in the valley now, don't mean me and Delmar are together or not, it simply means trying to survive another day,

God's will.  check out
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