Monday, May 10, 2010

It's official

Well, delmar bit the bait, he took the marijuana plants, out of my house thank the lord, gave them to his girlfriend, lawania taylor and is planning to grow them in louisana with his grandmother on cooper road.

I knew he was going to steal them, which is why I gave them the key, between he and his friends, they think they will have the money but all they are facing is hard time.

Sometimes, you have to let go, to get more.  I'll be back up on my feet, i won't be broke at all.  won't take anything but a minute.

when you are dealing with someone shady, you have let them play their part.

So now, obama, I am not going to jail b/c I ain't doing anything, or associated with anyone who does.

And if you are looking for that kush, delmar lee meadows has it, it is being grown right now.  me, i am just grateful I walked away with my life.
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