Saturday, May 8, 2010

Time to stop the lies

Hello America,

just want to say it is time for the lies to stop.  All of them from those in my personal life, like Mr. Meadows about to catch a grand theft auto case because he can't bring my car home because he doesn't want to face the reality of his situation to those of the Obama administration that one cannot spend all of the money when unexpected events as the flooding in Tennessee occur.

Time to stop the lies of transparency and accountablity for the Obama administration when he waives ethics rules for his people.

Time to stop the lies of the massive amount of fraud tied to illegal immigration.

I can't make you change, but I can change.

So with that, I am accepting the fact that although i love him with all of my heart, I cannot be with Mr. Delmar Meadows anymore, although he may love me, he is facing life along with the other players in this massive prescription fraud, medicare fraud, baby trafficking and child trafficking ring along with Mr. Jimmy Bowie, Mr. Quinton Hearne and Barbara J. Hearne.

This is someone who has been in my life for over 25 years, but familiarity don't excuse wrong and neither should it for this country.

It is time for the lies to stop, time for some of us like myself to accept the entire truth of the situation and do right by ourselves, our children, our party, and our country.

Starting with me, next week, won't be no more Mr. Delmar Meadows driving pretending that he didn't screw his life up with help of his mother trying to ensure that I don't have anywhere to stay.

Next week, no more phone games because all of these other Tiffani's that Mr. Meadows along with his ring leader mother Ms. Hearne and side kicks Mr. Quinton Hearne and Mr. Jimmy Bowie put down are awaitng for whomever they have paid to have me hurt b/c they are at their last measures to prevent me from testifying and pressing charges.

No more, I am finally at a point where I can accept the mess or messy parts of my life and move on..........

When will you, America?

B/c the lies that are the Obama administration and this farce we call a congress are killing us, literally.........

God Bless, and if you see Mr. Meadows around town tell him to get home before he ends up in jail for more than some tickets............
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