Monday, June 28, 2010


Hello America,

Had to change my post........ can't leave address out there all willy nilly.  But the point and purpose of blogs like is to flush.  When you put that much truth and details in a post that is literally read all over the world, it can start some things.  This week is a hard week for Delmar and I.  He is up under his mother's thumb and in her world drama rules.  The key to her victory this week is to start mess with me and Delmar, we get into it, the laws come of course on the detail, I break down and smoke a joint(being sarcastic), I go to jail for life, Delmar gets a little time but comes out to the harem of his dream for doing his mother's deeds and the identity theft scam can go on.

Delmar has pulled everything he could, give him his props to start a confrontation with me outside of hitting me.  I can tell in his eyes that he loves me, I know he does, but he was a very hurt, angry and mean man when I met him still trusting and loving the monster who made him that way.  When you mad and you hurt, you make bad decisions and when you deal with folk like Barbara it is hard to get out of things.  I took a lot, to teach this man love on another level and the same time he taught me stamnia, toughness and game on another level. 

So when I get home, Delamr can't talk to me, the real suspects who I am not going to name, but TRUST I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, can't have me at home............not with my address for the world to see so folk can see who the real Tiffani El Dawn Mims.  I am a biological woman, not some post-op transvesite and that gender description has been used with my name. Not a gay thing, but b/c people are desperate and some desperate enough to play a woman if it can get what they need..............

I can tell that today's post struck a nerve, hell as soon as I walked in the door, I was scared to be in the house.......just one of those funny feelings, I can tell the way my mom talked on the phone.  I tried to call Delmar back and now the phone is out.  These are all things that would make me paranoid and scream and holla back in the day at Delmar, but he is just a pawn in the game.  Is he at fault for somethings.........yeah, but this one is between me and women like me and barbara and women like her.  The men in our lives just are more commonly known that we are.............

I looked at my phone records and saw a call to hyde park, illinois, I knew that I was getting close to the culprit.....  You see America, just like with Obama, my personal life, I flush, I am going to go overboard and say everything b/c it gives me a chance to sit back and see what others react to.  B/c guilty parties are going to react.  Just like today, by saying I am going to stay in this house.  I got two individuals who really don't realize that LAWS ARE ALL AROUND, AND NOT THE DIRTY ONES EITHER, who are really in some mess.........they done got a housing, phone, and all type of stuff in my name.  There is nothing Delmar can do outside of beating me, killing me and taking that murder charge to stop me from getting my life together. 

I don't know if it is that serious, it may be, I can only go home and find out.  But if by some chance, I don't make it past tonight, use my life to follow where that rabbit holes ends and that is where you will find the key to Obama's power and the source of this massive smuggling ring that is killing, killing our country.

The point is the flush worked and thanks to all of the parties that fell for that one.  Worked like a charm.  Obama you really are going to get exactly what's coming to you politically this year.  and some of you all personally, I don't know what to tell you, I mean if you all signed up for that scam thinking little dumb black Tiffani was that easy of an opponent that's on you.

I went behind enemy lines to save one person, and one person only and that's Delmar. I have known him for over 25 and with the life he has had I can understand where he is coming from, I know where the ruthlessness and hurt and rage comes from, which is why this woman and what she represents has to be stopped.

So don't worry, Mr.__________, and Ms. ___________, whether I stay in Dallas, at this house, in the boonies doesn't matter, but I will pay July rent.  I am not going to jail, Ms. Barbara, me and Delmar not going to get into it.  For once in your life, you and Mr. Obama are going to have to say the same thing, SOMETHING BIGGER, SOMETHING GREATER THAN ME, TOOK CONTROL, and baby, that ain't me

that's God

and God don't like ugly............................................

you all were wrong on epic proportions

and it's time that justice was served for you all b/c the American people have carrying that burden by themselves for far too long.

can I go home now?
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