Monday, June 7, 2010

Keep Going!

Hello America,

Did you see last night? More than rondo just going crazy, you saw grown men doing grown men s***, not worrying about who got what numbers, although ray allen hands were on fire!, just getting the job done. KG didn't have the numbers, but he, perkins, baby, wallace, made sure that the paint ain't somewhere safe to be.

I had to send this through my personal email b/c my blogger site got shut down. Yes, I am okay. Yes, I cut the phone off and quite honestly was honest with Delmar and my family and friends about how all of them sold me out, for dope, hate, whatever.

Yes, I know Mr. Meadows still has been talking to Ms. Lawania Taylor, that is why the phone is off now.

So, just like hopefully the celtics will do, screw being happy with one win, you ain't playing for a game, you playing for them rings.

Step up, I can run back, renig on my words, but I finally have these folk in a corner and even if it means my life, I will prevail.

So let's get this out of the way, so I can get back on to what I need to do and give the Obama team time to let my blog site back up.

Yes, I am staying in Dallas, at 435 Avenue F why put my address out there b/c I am tired of everyone from my cousin's to my mother-in-law ripping these foreigners and felons off like lawania taylor having them think they are going to stay there.

Yes, I am flying to school LAX to DFW, it's been done before.

No, he is not driving my truck anymore.

Yes, I am keeping my phones although I did change the area code.

I will talk politics tomorrow but I know that some of the people who read this are honestly concerned about my safety.

If it wasn't for this blog, probably wouldn't be here this morning, apparently, one of Mr. Meadows sister's has access to this blog and just told him if you do that to her, you will spend the rest of your life in prison as she establshed motive.

Keep going, rest, we ain't got long before round 3, but I am ready.

I ain't fearing nobody, not b/c I am hard, but b/c I am walking the path God put me on. So Mr. Buie, Ms. Hearne, highland hills, berwick and stella, camp wisdom, chester ray, ms. hearne, ms. lashundra meadows, ann and sonya bowie, all of you all.


just heart and determination to not just win the game, but to end the series to shut and end all of this mess.

Take a break b-town, i'll be back tomorrow. this site is just shut down out of hate.
getting my phone and shutting mr. meadows down, AND MS. LAWANIA TAYLOR 2146809620, anytime you want to come bring it, 435 Avenue F Dallas, TX 75203.
you been in the house, you been in my car.
I ain't gotta hide, stop making threats through Delmar and come on with it
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