Saturday, June 19, 2010

No means No

Hello America,

How are you?  The gloves are coming off, the basketball season is over, a while before the fall classic, so this is the time people in politics in election years start planting their seeds getting ready for the fall.

Me, I am just chilling.  I read the text of the mr. obama's weekly address.  LET'S MAKE IT PLAIN AND SIMPLE AS IT IS OVER 100 DEGREES IN TEXAS.  SOMETIMES, NO IS JUST NO.

JUST B/C MMS F'CKED UP, Just b/c the report from BP and the inspector general detailed how much MMS f'cked up and you sealed that report Mr. Obama, doesn't allow you to escape blame nor is this planned fiasco because you could have stopped it before it got to this point going to allow you to get cap and trade through and keep this economic dagger of banning off shore drilling going to work.

It is not your job nor your responsiblity to show America how we can make it without oil.  It is your job to enforce the rules, not just the ones who benefit you.

Last night, someone broke into my house, but what they were after was more than money, my new drivers liscence came with my correct address that afternoon.  Now, I have to change the address at my job which removes my name totally from my mom's house.  So Delmar leaves of course, and maybe five minutes later here is someone in my house.  I just so happened to be coming out of a room where you couldn't see me from the front door.

I know that it was my neighbors from next door.  My mom and my family are human, they have been threatened, blackmailed with all kinds of secrets to allow my extended family, my in-laws and supposed friends to use their address for a variety of things.  That's why I changed it b/c nobody is at my new address but me on paper.  There will be no threats, no blackmail at my address everyone knows pretty much my business.

I sat up on the couch, ready for whomever was going to come back through that door.  Delmar came back and just looked.  He is aware of what is going on, but he can't participate in this battle.  Too many people, got too much on him.  This is between me and those who oppose me.  I didn't run outside to be stupid enough to be robbed at night.  Didn't even cry, just held on to God's hands.

Sometimes, no means no and although I would love in some ways to move back to California and Ain't moving to the black burbs of Dallas, moving north, where I won't be bothered or to LA.  Going back to finish school.  It's weird at my job, they try to break me with not working, but God ensured a way that I won't be late on my rent or anything.

Sometimes, no means no.  sometimes, wrong is wrong.  And obama, you are wrong, and you and my stated enemies attempt at my life, it's getting old, but it won't succeed.  God allows me to see all that I need to.  And he is enabling the people of this country to see you for what you are: OBAMA.


No mercy will be shown this election season. Can't you see the frame, mop playing in the background and I am showing the obama administration robbing children of children, b/c that's what's happening.

My point is that I am tired, the American people are tired.  THEY ARE TIRED OF BEING RIPPED OFF, I AM TIRED OF MY IN-LAWS, TRYING TO TAKE MY LIFE.

We tired, we ain't taking no more.

No means no, barack,  you will not turn BP into your issue when you told HELP NO FROM THE START.  YOU TOLD THE INSPECTOR GENERAL TO NOT PRINT THAT REPORT.



I don't worry about Delmar, whether he wants to admit or not, he is starting to see on his own, folk like Mr. Buie are just leeches, it is what it is.

He is learning, just like my in-laws and my family are going to have to learn that with some folk, no means no.

No, I ain't making no deals with you, Obama.

No, I ain't going to die at least not at your hands.

No, I ain't going to stop helping you get what every terrorist deserves, a chance to be held accountable to the people you screwed over.

that's all.

it's hot...................

and last, but not least, worked out something with pepperdine, get to go back to school......
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