Thursday, June 17, 2010

No time

Hello America,

really no, time, got back on at work, but nothing to celebrate yet, it is just a temporary thing.  It is weird everybody looks at me, but one person as if they have seen a ghost.  nobody else's hours got cut and in addition they hired someone else, like I wasn't going to be here.

Tonight, celtics, America, is game 7, at least at this is concerned, there is no more and ain't no guarantee, there will be another tomorrow.

You have to give all you have today.

Since Mr. Meadows has been going back and forth in my car over his mom's house to scrape up a little money for him and his "issues" but can't pay for nothing here, I am going to influence the game a little bit.  One stat whenever my car is not home and in his possession, the celtics lose, every series.

So today, I am going to have my car because I have to run errands, won't be able to see the game, I need to do what I need to do for my own series.  So good luck, celctics, someone let L. Hearne know that she won't be able and her mom to hook up her brother tonight.

I need to be able to get to work tomorrow.

Play hard, act like if you don't do what you need to, it won't be no tomorrow, b/c it won't.

I'll talk to you all later,

no time for this right now, just needed to let my mother-in-law know so that she can let delmar, mr. buie and others now that tonight, all that is mine is in my possession.

God Bless, I am hot, tired, and irritated that I can't watch the game.

But my series is about my life, and these folk at ABI assumed along with everyone else, that I was left for dead.

No time, to pretend that I have anyone on my team, but my parents, my god, and my dog spike right now.........

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