Sunday, June 13, 2010

Not that easy

Hello America,

How are you?  As for me, still standing.  I have just been laying low.  I talked to my job, they mailed my check, which is pretty much a sign that they don't want me up there anymore, but told me to leave my stuff so the illegal worker that they have on payroll under my name can stay.

Just like everything else in life, it's not that easy.  I have endured neighbors calling the police on me,  have endured the drama that Ms. Hearne and others have taken me through with God's grace.

Now I am on the verge of breaking this cycle, breaking this chain.  From Lawania Taylor on down, I have been surrounded by African refugees who have been promised a life and ensured it through the illegal actions of American citizens.  I was simply hired just to show an American name on file and then lose my job so that ms. caberra and mr. ortiz can keep their jobs.  It is the same cycle over and over again.  As I was walking out, another young lady who was hired after I was promised a job remarked about how next month Texas begins checking auto insurance electronically knowing that I will not be at work, the rest of the month and can't pay my insurance.  Relishing on the fact that if I come back next month without it being paid, my car will get towed.

This is the same job that called Addison police on me as I approached the work place.  It is typical, so predictable, these people are like vultures.  I had so many people hit me for money on rent day, and refuse to speak after I chose to pay my bills versus paying them.

I hope that the celtics realize just like these folk are going to have to some tasks are not that easy, game 5 won't be.  Getting Obama to grasp the concept that the President takes the heat, regardless of circumstance is not that easy.  But it can be done, with someone who is dedicated to sticking it out, just like me.

Today, I turned in my job to the IRS, and it hurts because a friend got me the job.

But thinking you can break me so that all of these illegal employees hired at ABI fulfillment can keep their job, b/c this represents part of the "bigger"movement by law enforcement and the Obama administration to fill the worker rolls with these illegal folk and break big bad americans, ain't going to be that easy.

Enjoy game 5.  me gotta scrape up food, gas and supplies,

so I gotta go, and just now despite what you hear, I am here, still standing, and willing to fight for my life.  ABI, Ms. Hearne, Ms. Taylor who sister mysteriously works at citibank and along with my sister-in-law, the bank that took 5 months to deny my aid, and so many other scams, you all are going to have to kill me, b/c if not you all are going to end up doing the time and hell you planned for me.

The NBA finals are about a ring, a a chance to stay I did it.

My finals are about my life, and a chance to stay I defeated all so I can live and work in my own name without the leeches of illegal aliens on my back.

I am suited up and ready to play and my mind is bent on one play at a time, one quarter at a time, doing all that I need to do to ensure that when the clock ends, my name is on top.

Too many celtics to single one out, but baby davis, is a true southern player, stepping up almost relishing the challenge as it gets harder and harder. 

You all have a chance at history, celctics, red A. and every celtic spirit is begging and waiting for you all to bring the house out today.  this is your last game at home for the year.

play like it................

God Bless America,  got other things on my mind
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