Friday, June 18, 2010

Sometimes(Mid Morning Edit)

Sometimes, more than what was said matters more than who said it.

Barton f'd up no doubt, he could have said what he wanted in a different way, the president shouldn't have that much pull over private business, public sentiment should have that power by itself.

However, what matters more Barton saying something that he shouldn't have and apologizing

or the Obama administration telling every country that tried to help us from the beginning, no?


I saw the game, the more "tv" friendly, obama friendly team won.

the celtics, gave it away, but I understand,

sometimes that happens.

just a note to show that my concerns are not out of the clear blue sky, I turned on my tv this morning, of course fox news channel is gone.  I went through this in Los Angeles where I was on the view like every other day and the motel manager removed ABC.

changing how I get news only forces me to other outlets,  I listen to Mike Gallagher, Dennis Kraeger, and actually believe or not, Rachel Maddow's show.  I watch her because it uterrly amazes and scares me how she and I see the world totally different, how she and I view each other as the antithesis to the American spirit.

Last but not least,  THE GREAT ONE OBAMA NOT BUSH, IN 2009 HAD THE OFFICE OF INSPECTOR'S GENERAL'S REPORT ABOUT HOW MMS REGULATORS WERE IN A MASSIVE FRAUD AND BRIBERY SCANDAL WITH BP.  What did mr. looking for someone's ass to kick do?  He had that report sealed, kept BP's campaign money, right after sealing his own records..........

Rep. Barton is just that a rep.  but you Obama are the supposed president, supposedly the buck stops with you.

stop looking for excuses and campaign missions and just take the blame and go on, if you had used half the energy you use on kicking it with these celebrities and taking your wife out, BP would have had this oil capped last month. If you treated BP like it was your livelihood on the line, then we wouldn't have this problem now.

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words and this mess of making Barton the enemy, when MMS WAS FLAGGED DURING THE FIRST FULL YEAR OF HOPE AND CHANGED AND RECORDS WERE SEALED, SAYS WAY MORE THAN SHAKEDOWN.


Sometimes, it is what it is..............................

Back at work, for today only, but my rent and my car insurance will be paid, so someone please let ms. hearne know that despite not one dime from her, delmar has his tests paid for B/C OF MY FAMILY.  WE HAVE SOMEWHERE TO STAY BECAUSE OF MY FAMILY. 

Sometimes, you gotta give credit where credit is do.  My prayers to those in the Gulf, but sometimes you all gotta realize every vote for this coup is another dagger that went into someone's back in the Gulf.
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