Thursday, June 10, 2010

Still Suiting up

Hello America,

I am aware of the Boston loss, more than the Celtics lost that night.  I got laid off from my job.  My employer has been paying me and another person who is using my social 1099, I filed taxes, she didn't and now the IRS has gotten on him for having me listed as temp-to-perm for over a year, so instead of hiring me, they chose to lay me off and keep her hoping that by the time they call me back, I will be arrested or not able to even to come to work.
The next day I was at home washing my dogs and Dallas police show up because Ms. Taylor and her wonderful son Stacey are repeadtedly calling the police on me.  I guess they are telling them I am breaking in the house or something.  The police just drive up and look, they never approach me.  Also, my phones numbers were changed and then changed back due to misinformation from t-mobile.  Nobody will give Delmar a job and he has graudated and pass one of his two tests already.

I called this post still suiting up because I am still coming to play.  I can't control what Boston did, the players were only going off what they were told or threatened to do, it's that deep.  But I know I am not going to let ABI, the hearne family, the taylor family, the mims family and whomever else stop me from my goals.

What is supposed to happen?  I lose my car insurance, can't pay my rent and have 2001 all over again? I am supposed to start selling drugs?  Me and Delmar supposed to get into it?  Dallas police pick me up for breaking into my own home?

Yesterday, I was walking around the neighborhood, I saw Duane Caraway, for Dallasites, this is our mayor pro tem.  He looked at me and just his head down, this is a testament to how much fraud is going on in this city.

I saw the election results last night and I am glad that voters are speaking their mind, lincoln squeaked by, but for the most part, Americans showed that they are not tolerating the bull from anyone, left or right nor should they.

I watched glenn beck last night and this storm organization that is headed by Van Jones, I guess Obama and Rice and Van Jones got an army of some militant black, white and confused youth that are going to violently overthrow the government..................................  B/c they are realizing that Obama will not win his way into re-election.  All I can say is that these children today are fickle and confused, but if they choose to play into grown folk games, they will suffer the consequences.  Obama and his marxist policies represent a political coup determined to turn this into a eventual dicatorship.  Listen to Barney Frank ask for more and more power.

Also, with the Iran sanctions to get Russia's vote, the amendment that would have prohibited Iran from purchasing a military defense system from russia to preclude an attack from isreal was taken out.  so there is nothing of merit in those sanctions.  Obama and the rest of the militant, islamic left are just buying time telling us bull, but it is up to us whether we keep listening.

The federal government is in control of over 70% of the income, they only things they haven't gotten is church, drugs, and pimping.  Still I am suiting up.

I know that it will be an uphill battle, and if you know anyone at google, who can get Jon Benson fitness back online, I would appreciate it, I could go back to work.

But if not, if my boss is determined to sit and wait until i am "taken" care of so his illegal el salvadorian workers can stay, then the God I serve is going to take care of me.

Don't know how, but he will.  I have calmed the savage beast in Delmar, he know sees why I am the way I am, he sees that despite all of this promise of "love" in Dallas that in reality only offers of being used have been put forth and we need to get back to Cali.

Right now, boston, tuesday, wasn't your fault, although Garnett came alive, Doc Rivers you got gangsta's all around your players, some wear suits, some wear hoodies, and because of me and folk like me that support your team and what this finals means, the most Iranian, muslim openly slave cities in the US vs one of the more prevalent, more educated black and Jewish cities your players are subejct to threats of any and every kind.

Just the way the fouls are called alone should let you know.

So that's it folk, I paid my water bill, couldn't pay my car insurance, but best believe it will paid.  I will eat, I will survive,

and I am still suiting up and someone please tell five folk my intentions :barack obama, abi fulfillment company, barbara hearne, lawania taylor and duane caraway.

I am too busy lacing up my shoes and getting ready.  Van Jones you ain't the only one with an army, you got your progressives, I got my patriots..............

I am still suiting up, and we just going to go from there.
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