Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Thin line

Hello America,

just running around handling business, normally wouldn't write, but they are some security issues that warrant this post a necessity. 

I wrote this post last night, I rarely write drafts, but changed my mind.  There is a thin line regarding family, regarding in-laws, regarding people who should be by your side, but serve as your own personal assissian.  Delmar and I have never had the opportunity to be together with both of us being stable on all levels.  Now that we are getting closer, the thin line between okay behavior and that which will cause some drama is getting tinier and tinier.  I got family, in-laws, friends, and enemies fighting for their lives just as hard as I am fighting for mine.  I can do nothing but respect that.  However, that acknowledgment does not preclude from what is happening from happening.

I went out last night to get something to drink, left home alone no car, no keys nothing, not feeling well so I go down to the local store to get something for my stomach.  I am surrounded by pimps/hoes, that's just part of where I stay, but there is a nervous rage and energy towards me.  Some women start a confrontation of course, with me in the middle as I am walking back home,  I see my infamous uncle in law, mr. hearne pass by.  I do what I need to do to let all parties involved know that I am just trying to make it home, but I ain't stupid.  I hear the stun guns the pimps are popping off.  I guess I was supposed to get in this supposed fight and get drug in a car and get dealt with b/c those who really wish to harm me don't want that time......... huh?

D gets home, and unlike many predictions I don't say a word, I enjoyed being by myself outside of being sick and just prayed for him and went on.  So to my _______________ who I am not going to name today, nice try.  giving money to him and his needs, but can't help on a test that can ensure that he has a legal occupation until the day he dies, huh?  that bumps others out. 

There is a thin line.  I see the rage in his eyes when he comes home amped up from all of these "man" talks about beating women and what females deserve and I know I am in his personal line of fire.  But the God I serve tells me to stay catious no doubt, but to fight the rage that some family members and friends are instilling in his heart with love.  I can't change him by any means, I can only change my reactions.  So to all of those who are so frequenlty mentioned, nice try, but I am so beyond that.  My bills will be paid, my rent will be late, but hey I am not working.

There is a thin line and sometimes you have to cross it out of necessity, Obama could have and took help from other countries, but he didn't because he is doing what he wants, destroying the only region of the country that has the power, the money and the pull to fight him.  The South.

And whether one wants to admit it or not, the heart of the south is the southern woman, black and white.  There is a thin line and you don't have to look me in the eyes anymore, beloved enemy, baby, but I ain't dying, I ain't getting beat up, really not concerned if D didn't come home, lost my car, none of that.  I have won my series not because the drama has stopped, the drama will continue on this level until my boss calls me back to work or I am beat up, killed, or locked up.  I have won my series b/c the mighty, mighty God I serve not Jesus in the sky, necessarily but the wisdom, strength and beauty in my spirit that I identify as one with the world, allows me to see everything that I need to.

So do what you do, ms._____________________, get whomever to give whomever what you need to.  I don't care anymore.

So if this is the last post before the big game tomorrow, celctics, I already know that last night wasn't your fault, as Commisioner Stern said this is entertainment and we as a nation had an attack ON THE VERY AIR FORCE BASE, PATREUS SERVES AT WHILE HE PASSED OUT AND COME BACK YESTERDAY. 

But there is a thin line between being in the finals and winning the finals and in your case, celctics it is 48 minutes long. Don't let your beloved "perk" nor the fans who still believe in the power of your team down.  don't let yourself down.

there is a thin line that we all must look back on in our lives, and justify whether we cross them correctly or not.  Please don't look back Boston Celtics and know you could have been on this side of the line, but just didn't do what it took to get there.

Stop tripping and fussing yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is headed around the corner, and it won't be another tomorrow after that.

play like it.

act like it, america

and to the lovable pimps of the velt area, baby I don't want your life, I respect all that you have to do to get what you need to get, I respect whatever deals you have with d, but if me being a woman precludes you from respecting the fact that John and Lucy Mims didn't raise no dumb m/f then all I can do is pray for you.

you got Delmar and his whole family, ain't that enough, how much trouble can some "juvenille, childish, can't get no man, don't no man want to be you" female cause?  I am just dumb, stupid, we can get her to react every time the same way, Tiffani right?

God Bless all of you all,

prayers to our soldiers losing their lives over here so we can give all control to Obama
too many others, with more money, more pull, more opportunties.
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