Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wasted opportunities

Hello America,

How are you?  I named this post wasted opportunities for personal and political reasons.

First of all, with GP, this is why you don't put a foreigner in office.  Suing BP may get you some votes and what cost?  So BP can go out of business and write this disaster off as a loss, while the people of red states suffer?

This was a wasted opportunity for the entire Obama administration, it is bad enough that they knew about hte problems but b/c BP helped pay for "change" they were allowed to continue, what makes this more egregious is that it could have been stopped way earlier.

But this is what happens when you get a person in who is paid to destroy this country, Obama can fuss about the bad press but he is happy, b/c donations come from the south usually go way to the GOP.

He can't see the forest for trees.

Same thing for Sestak situation.

On a personal note, Delmar and I had a plan when we moved, had it all together, but thanks to the intervention of my mother-in-law, who just can't grasp the fact that it is over, we are in a dangerous situation.

B/c my job allowed the person who is using my name, to stay along with me, the company is now in the red and both of us are on the verge of getting laid off.

To Mr. Jimmy Buie, Ms. Lashundra Meadows, getting together to continue to perpretrate the fraud that is being used in my name to gain opiates to continue your trade, keep your pimp game strong isn't going to do anything.

Your friend, Delmar is broke, still has to pay for graduation, has no car, b/c he spent all his time and money kicking with you all.  So it is all on me, and because I seen you all waste so many opportunities, Obama administration, Ms. Barbara Hearne, I came prepared to this entire situation.

So don't worry America, southern states, yeah, I know, the oil is going to hurt, but if you allow folk like me to do what we do, you won't be broken as bad.  To the Hearne and Buie family, man, give it up, do you realize that hypothetically if something like that came out, do you really think giving delmar a couple of beers and you all taking my vehicle over your house, Mr. Buie because you and my sister-in-law are still trying to find ways to hook up highland hills is going to work.

B/c of the wasted opportunities of the Obama administration, others will have to sacrifice and have the courage to call this new age terrorist what it is, what if that oil gets in the mississippi.  this is how we feed and move products in our country.  B/c of wasted opportunities of my job, i am going to get laid off on some level next week. b/c of wasted opportunities from the hearne, buie, and meadows family of trying to get me kicked out to move one of the many illegal africans, and belizians you all smuggle in, you cost precious time and money that really could be of use.

Tomorrow, I am ready to play, tomorrow my celctics are ready to play.  We ain't worried about Kobe and no revenge, baby, we celtics, we b-town, we got people  to support.

Tomorrow,  we will prevail
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