Friday, June 4, 2010

What's in your heart?

Hello America,

I didn't get to see much of the game last night.  As expected, Kobe was on point, but Boston don't let Gasol have it on the offensive end, run at him, get him in foul trouble.

Anyway, I was out doing what I do.  I paid rent, blah, blah, but more than that, I have just been tying up loose ends, today I changed my phone numbers, let my 818 go and got some 214s.

Today, since Mr. Meadows is through with school today or tomorrow, there will no be more of my vehicle hanging out at Mr. Buie's house.

I have endured a lot and went through a very nasty tiff with a good friend yesterday, endured a lot from Delmar, from my family, from my friends, from my in-laws and just took it.

Not because I am weak or dumb, sometimes you have to let things run their course.

And this has,....................................

No more using Tiffani's name, no more Delmar interviewing new foreign Tiffani's to move in that house, no more using Tiffani's name at my job, no more.

Not b/c I just decided the day would be the day.  But b/c I made a vow b/c I do love Delmar that much that I couldn't see him be without a way to take care of himself.  He has been caught in the middle between this battle royale with me and his mom and it has taken its toll on everyone.

I have lost big in the first game like Boston, but I rose up.

I have lost big like the Gulf of Mexico, but I rose up.

Not on my own strength, but on the faith that the God I serve has instilled in me.

I am going to lose more and more friends, b/c we not kids no more.  And a lot of people got caught up in this fraud for insurance reasons, b/c they got on drugs, b/c they could, whatever, and now more and more is being done to stop it for good.

Not worried about the police coming to my door, just gave one of Dallas' finest rent money this morning, I called the police to show some of you all who is really wearing the badge.

If you are a champion, your heart your spirit will get you to where  you need to be.

If you are a leader, you will do what it takes for you and your team to be where you need to be.

I am both, and to my dear friend Perry, my dear friend Delmar and so many others that simply thought there is no way this could fail.

My love, my apologies, my best wishes to you in life.

I am here, I saw, I came, I didn't conquer God did and I am getting on with my life.

The fact that Obama has now two seats for sale and no impeachment calls is no suprise which is why I didn't address politics today b/c my personal affects your politics.

I am not moving, I am not getting arrested, there will be no more cali to texas calls, there will be no more hanging out in any vehicle registered to me over the Buie house.  I am paying school, I will graduate and get a job on paper.

b/c in my hearts of hearts, never gave up on myself, never stopped loving even my enemies.

what's in your heart boston?
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