Thursday, July 8, 2010

A= Arizona, not Afghanistan nor Amnesty

Hello America,

How are you?  Yesterday when I get home, Delmar still is trying to find a way to get to the love of his life Lawania, he decided to be a big man and sold her my identity, get in on the Barbara Hearne money train, got this girl enrolled in Texas Barber College on S. Lancaster using my ssn.

He tries to convince to get into cutting hair.  He tries to find a way to use the truck.  He didn't.  Yesterday in dallas, a major pot field got busted, the cuttings of that field came from marijuana that was stolen from my house at 7337 Chaucer Place Apt. D, DAllas, TX in 2000 by Latissa Hearne and Barbara Hearne during an illegal arrest.

So last night, a couple of men try to enter our backyard for marijuana that is not there, we got two messy dogs, anyone who knows us knows nothing is safe in that backyard, everything is tore up.  Two minutes after they leave, Laterrance calls to see if the transaction happened.  Delmar is so nervous, he doesn't even pick up the phone, but it is obvious what happened.

This morning, the barber school people released his hours, but now he doesn't want to take his test.  He knows that his mom is going to break in our home b/c he promised her, he would grow from her and that hasn't happened, she is willing to use force to get me out of that house b/c if Lawania don't get her id, she is snitching.

Arizona is the issue, not afghanistan, the fact that obama and biden and rachel maddow are even over there is a travesty b/c they never support the troops.  Don't worry about steele, vote him out, like the democratic congress and obama.  Enforce the rules and punish those who smuggled folks in here, not amensty.

Lawania Taylor 214-680-9602
Latissa Hearne 214-552-9602
Barbara Hearne 7331 Oakstone DAllas,TX
Sunkist 972-836-3335

All of these folk are in it, and there information will remain on here as long as my life is in danger.
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