Monday, July 5, 2010

i am using
a phone today there is a typo in the last post. The phone number in question is 2146809620. I went through a lot of thought. Chairman Steele McCain and others are part of the problem every time the people get a a active one of these folks screws up . Bp and the oil spill the
blogo trial are so much bigger than steele's dumb ass comments but chairman Steele if you can't shut the f$$$ up nor can express yourself where Barack the terrorist ends up the victor Then step down . we are fighting a coup and parties
on both sides are corrupt. Now
my Phone is still on a d I ha en't paid the bill which means law enforcement has gotten a warrant to
my phone. But despite Steele Delmar Barbara Larissa lawania and others I am determined to end
this fraud a d we as a natio an should be just as committed to the gulf and getting to the depths of the obama corruption and the direct ties to folk mentioned in this
blog. Still going to
school not really worried about the taps I don't do anything so it's cool but rest assured america I will get this identity ring broken and if
that means I have to move by myself so be it. Dirty Dallas police I don't sell no Pills nor ID It is time to for the light to shine on All of these folk including
Barack being hood rich and living in cedar hill with
my in laws down the street to continue this ID scam ain't it for me. Want to be legal and not have to deal with disrespectful sheisty shady in laws friends and family. Tired of dealing with you all chairman steele there is an attack on our coasts on our way from the oval office to oakstone time to fight no more bs
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