Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I think (correct edit)

Hello America,


How are you?  Still trying to make it.  If you are into fitness, check out Jon Benson Fitness.com, only way I am going to keep my job, I have two months to make it before school starts.

Short story, Delmar has to fix his sister's Latissia's car yesterday, I drop him off, he blocks my phone from calling, and lies about where he is fixing the car at, which is nothing to lie about.

I see phone number 972-836-3335, .  Which is his brother's laterrance's home number, which is fine, but his wife is foreign and using my identity.

Then Lawania calls, right when I am on the phone with someone else.Right when she leaves out of the door, she calls from 214-680-9620, and tells him she is on her to way to pick up her love...........

Then he calls me and tells me as I am over my mom's house at a BBQ to hurry up and come get him because his mom wants him to do some work.

It is not her, or the fact that he is sleeping with her, b/c I protect myself that bothers me, every time I got on the phone with someone else, he called and when I looked at the phone records, 214-552-9062, shows up which is Latissa's phone, although Ms. Hearne was not convicted, she has been charged by authorities at Lew Sterret Detention center for impersonating law enforcement after she quit working there.

What's to say she is not tapping my phone?  She is the sedgeway, she is the one who works at the Dallas BMC center funneling mail for all of the illegal folk.  It is very easy to tap mobile phones.

Why, me?  When I was a kid, I had a card, a birth registration card, which was green, which is commonly known as a green card.  When I got arrested at 7337 Chaucer Place Apt. D Dallas, TX 75237 in 2000, LaTissa Hearne and her mother barbara hearne, took the card out of the apartment while I was in jail.

In 1998, Delmar's mom told my mom that she knew someone who could help her with getting social security, my dad was still recovering from a major heart attack, and dementia issues.  The lady turned out to be a dope fiend who Delmar and his mom both knew her situation before asking my mom for her info.

So we all know what a green card means, and the stories behind that are what Ms. Barbara used to keep my parents from bailing me out where I could have gotten an attorney and not even had a felony.  She makes a call and now my parents can't help me with rent or anything anymore.

So draw your own conclusions, I go over to my mom's yesterday and now her computer isn't working and the only recourse I have is using my sisters, but I can't b/c my brother-in-law, has given my identity to his sister to help her stay.

I don't put these people on blast out of spite.  I am a naturalized American black citizen which is very valuable as most immigrants legally are not black.

Barbara has Latissa smuggle the info and paperwork through her job at the Dallas BMC.  Delmar does his part by talking and being with these women, not necessarily sleeping with but keeping up the impression that they are Mrs. Delmar Lee Meadows(Tiffani) by constantly talking to these women, letting these women over my house.

Now that it has become apparent that I am not going to grow weed for Barbarea, now that it is apparent that no amount of ass kissing will make what LaTissa did to me right, all Delmar can do is sit and squirm b/c hell or highwater,

either I am staying on Avenue F until I can buy a house and commute to school or move back to LA to finish school, don't know yet, but I will be back in school.  I will graduate, I will teach college courses, something Krystal, Lawania, and whatever african nut these folk have sold my identity to.  I will stay in my own home in my own name and no matter what that costs me, I will end this b/c this ring has had people killed, locked up, beat up, and caused folk to lose their lives, ALL WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT KNOWLEDGE b/c these folk like Barbara smuggle children for Americans to use and abuse.

I am not going to get mad at Delmar, he is silly minded, he thought I paid the phone bill which gave him a free pass to talk to this stank of a fake Tiffani. 

I am not going to kick him for barbara to make fake police calls to my house.  Not going to even argue,
but if this type of dysfunctional, disrespectful actions are taking place while the whole time FEDERAL EMPLOYEES ARE INVOLVED, NUMBERS FROM HYDE PARK, ILLINOIS show up.

THEN what do you think, folk like Obama are doing to our country?

Barbara, LaTissa, Obama are one in the same.

most of you all are like Delmar caught in the middle.

and then you got a couple of folk like me that are going to end this mess for all, and if Latissa you end up in prison for the rest of your life, it ain't nothing but the same mess you planned for me, that goes for Laterrance's wife, Junior's sister, Barbara, Lawania, my family in Tyler and everyone in between.

I think I still have to make up my mind where I am going to stay, but I KNOW WHAT ALL OF YOU ARE PULLING,


That's all, people, draw your own conclusions, but please let Mr. Meadows know as today is his birthday, his sister who is he desperately trying to help, and ms. taylor, that I am not playing at all.

god bless,

talk to you all later.
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