Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not going to happen

Hello America,

not too much to say today.  Kind of tired.  Delmar has hit me, lawania has attempted to break in my house, latissa had the nerve to comment on a post versus talking to me in person.  It is just one thing after another, trying to get me riled up.  Trying to get me to call the police so they can come in and discover this "magical" garden, feel the sarcasm people, and I go to jail.  That way, Barbara, Latissa, Michelle, Lawania, and every other african or belizian piece of trash these folk have brought over here can stay and others can avoid inceration.

Not going to happen.  B/c I simply don't give a f*** anymore.  If Delmar since this is his like fifth time, dating these foreign hoes on the side with the specific intent of letting them use my name, if he wants to make a living that way, if he wants to continue to date these women, that's his right, that's his business.

I don't care anymore.  I can't even make myself care anymore.  I used to be worried about all of the children involved b/c of this scam, but I don't care anymore.  Lashundra,Latissa, Jimmy Buie, all of these folk all serves as conduits for fraud on another level.

Calling the police telling them I grow weed, don't work.  I am under federal investigation, and not for marijuana actually.  The only thing that can keep me from leaving in November aas I going to school in the spring is me getting myself in another altercation.............

and that's not going to happen, so ms. latissa since you read this anyway, tell Delmar he don't have disclose no deep ass stories that he thinks will get me agitated.  Tell his friend Q, just b/c he dont pay a certain price for something, don't mean others wont.

I am going back home, and Maxine Waters you have no right to demand when justice occurs, you nor Rangel.

I am going back to LA, WITH MONEY IN MY POCKET, get a home and move on with my life.

I am tired of you all, from the neighbors down the street to the worst, trashiest, in-laws I have ever met in my life.

I wonder what is in store for me today when I get home, am I going to get beat?  Is lawania going to come in my face trying to fight, whatever the bull is,

it don't matter, I don't give a f*** about none of this down here.

my love for delmar is hanging on a thread, b/c he still is trying to keep his family out of jail.

Tell him the first time he beat me was over this girl named Tae who went to Carter went me.  He swore up and down that I used to be over her house all of the time, when in fact me and this girl can't stand each other and I never visted her.  He beat me until I relented I said I did.

I knew then that I had stepped into some very sinister foreign mess, now I am stepping out.

If I never see any of the names, mentioned today again, in my life, baby wouldn't bother me a bit.

I got a life at home.................................................

and I am going back.....................................

and I am not going back broke nor dependent on Delmar..............................

and Barbara and Latissa especially you all need to understand that before the next letter is sent to the feds, damn a barber school.

will be back later.

these ignorant ass folk have to be talked to this way.
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