Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Won

Hello America,

just a brief note...........

don't have time to write until this weekend.

Just wanted to say that the system won by you all taking the time to vote and let your voices, your wishes, your concerns be heard.

Thank you for all of  those that are standing up for America in ground zero, just because you oppose the mosque doesn't mean you oppose muslims.  And even if you did, this is a free country.  Muslims knowingly come over to a christian centered country, not worried about Katie Couric or Eugene Robinson being the "word" on what should and shouldn't be done.

Delmar got his liscence paid for the other day, and the look on his face alone was worth all of the drama you have taken me through this past year, hearne family.

All of the promises, you never kept.  Barbara Hearne, all of the childish and shady "plans" you devised so I wouldn't be able to keep somewhere to stay.  All of the blatant disrespect you, Delmar and the rest of your family showed me didn't deter me from my goal.

I wanted to show Delmar that instead of bragging of what your mom has because she stole it from him anyway, brag about what you can do for yourself, what you have for yourself.  Life is long and just b/c somebody got a couple of cars ain't nothing if you can't keep it over time.

My parents have been married 38 years today and over that time, I have seen just as much stability as Delmar has been infused with chaos. 

And today stability won.

B/c no matter Ms. Hearne, no matter how many of my private numbers you give that nut Lawania, no matter how much you agitated delmar with phone calls about how much Terrance is in trouble and beating me was the answer.

no matter what.....................................

I shut up, and did what I said I would do.  My actions spoke a lot louder than my words.

All I was ever trying to do was give this man a way to take care of himself, but you and I both know if he is independent when he founds out how much of his life you have stolen for you and your children, it will be along time before he is cool with any of you all again.

And that's nothing something I want, but the level of disrespect you and he in particular, along with your other son and daughter have shown me and my family, the level of chaos you caused on my parents fiscally, on me mentally and physically......................

demands that you pay, so I killed your son's rage towards me and women that don't use children for checks, and play everyone in their lives with kindness and a willingness to enable him to take care of himself.

I won....................................

b/c I gave him the American dream, the ability to do things for yourself.

and that's what last night elections numbers were about.

So you can stop the childishness now, Ms. Barbara, he has gotten his lisence and when these folk come to take and levy for all the fraud you put my name in b/c I can't worry about Delmar, then nothing will be said to me by your son, I won't be beaten by your son for doing what I have to do b/c I took care of his first..........

ttyl, America

We all won.

And please boycott Al Sharpton if he shows up at Beck's parade, stop making everything racial.

8/28 is just about standing up.

god bless
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