Friday, August 27, 2010

You all still don't

Hello America,

There is a pompous, arrogant attitude that is pervasive in this administration.  I am glad the GOP is investiagting, they should.

How did this Iman go from broke to getting a tower on park place for 5 million?

Kind of like how a community organizer can afford to feed his family and get a house in hyde park passing out flyers...............

do you know how many parts of these bills are left blank, but suddenly imans get free trips to iran, iran becomes nuclear, etc. etc..............

the fact that michelle obama openly stated that she didn't respect anybody who fought for this country and she didn't have any respect for this country until the emergence of barack,

the fact that this man used opposing the war, the surge and everything in between to win, and now wants to break evening television, public television, putting more and more actors out of work, to say what you won..............

the only reason you even approved the surge in afghanistan, because folk like me were going to nail your ass for treason and dereliction of duty in regards to national security if you didn't, you know it, i know it.

Delmar replied this morning, I couldn't be a muslim woman.  I just looked like nigga you could never be a muslim man, as much pork as you like.  But seriously, real men of Islam are honorable, they ain't gotta cheat, or beat a woman, so let it go, Delmar.

Delmar, Barack, Barbara, Latissa, Latrina, My parents, my aunts, my sister y'all just don't get it.

Do you not think I knew when Delmar gets a call from his mother and suddenly he has to take the lights out of his name?

do you not think I knew when just when we was getting up on a feet, billy the local drug dealer gives Delmar over $500 in free dope?

do you not think I knew that that mess with P was a setup and no Delmar, I hadn't talked to him but a couple of days and I was honestly just scared?

Do you not think I don't know that my cousin who makes bill gates look retarded by comparison Ann Bowie in regards to her hacker prowess and the fact MS-13 runs her and the neighborhood I stay in and conviently the el salvadorians at work encouage my boss to lay me off just when my rent is due although I tell them none of my business, just my mom........................

do you not think I have no choice Delmar but to walk with the one pair of shoes I have because you cut up all my stuff to work b/c you have shown that you will let any piece of trash into our home just to help "mama" and "tissa"?

I use these personal examples, America, to show you, barack, nancy pelosi, harry reid, WILL NEVER GET IT.  NO MORE THAN DELMAR WILL GET THE FACT THAT I DON'T WANT NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH HIS FAMILY.  Instead of running over to Ms. Lynn's house to take messages from "mama" and "tissa" delmar, you should probably be trying to be nice to me after all the foul shit you pulled in the last year.  You, along with my family had me written off.  You had already move that orifice you called Lawania in, and when that didn't work, let tissa hook you up with Terrorist Michelle all to run through something that don't belong to you...........


America, I have tried to love my family, tried to love Delmar into just grasping the fact that some people ain't cool with that, but when people don't want to see shit, they won't.

All they are concerned with is keeping the medication alive because that is what they traded my identity for with these MS-13, these transsexual dudes, these child molestors, these foreigners, that's all I was worth, to Delmar, to my cousins, to my sister, to my parents, to Barbara, etc. etc.

It is time for us a nation and me individually to be America, and just accept folk for what they are and deal with it respectively.

Delmar, I love you, but I need a man that makes me his priority not his mama or sister and if that is not in your heritage then it is just not.............................

My family, I am getting a job with taxes, I am sorry you all ever got in that mess, but you all had federal marshalls come to my house when it was you all that was cooking meth to ensure that I would be locked up for life and you could have my identity for life.

You all still don't just get it do you..............................

I always knew.

I just messed up by believing that somehow in the end, you all would love me enough to stop.

And I am too old for that lie anymore.  My nephew's mom, my sister, gets a pass b/c he is my heart, Delmar and you are not going to change that.  Your uncle, Quinton Hearne gets a pass b/c he was the only one who kept it real to me.

All the rest of you all, I gotta make you understand another way.

Time for you all to do same with Obama, America.
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