Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Not keeping my word

Hello America,

I am sorry to interfere with your lives.

It is just so much fraud and lives tied to my name, I have to clear this up and I won't comment on anything political today.

Since Delmar still chooses his family over me, I can't do this like this America.

So I am going to be real clear, so I am stop coming home to agendas and plots.

Since Delmar feels compelled to look out for his brother Terrance, since Delmar felt it was okay to put his hands on me for his brother, his mother's child, I have to make some things clear.

Delmar, it is not the fact that you cheated, you have never been faithful.................................

It is the fact that you pick up slop buckets like lawania and have the nerve to bring them to our home, our home in which you purposely in cahoots with your mother made sure you didn't have a dime to help out with.  You do now and it is appreciated, but from Jimmy Buie, letting some nigga tell me I can't have my car back to get something to eat, b/c y'all went across the bridge, from Deon to big dog.

You have a tendency to kiss everyone's ass, why? they gotta escalade or can sell some pounds or got some nasty ass hoes from a barber school where the average intelligence is 84.5?

You do this time and time again. It's not the fact that you want to be with them, it is the fact that you and your family along with mine are playing identity theft games and I am tired of it.

Please don't think a baby will change my attitude it will make it work.

I love you, I am not leaving you, but the pure trust and love I had for you is gone b/c time and time again, you plot and plan to get people out of shit they knowingly put themselves in,

terrance is grown.............

so when you get your money, GET YOUR OWN CAR.  I DON'T NEED YOU TO BUY ME NO CAR.

I am going to keep a job, so all of those who are you using my name, GET OVER IT.  I AM GETTING A JOB, NOT STAYING AT HOME TO DEPEND ON DELMAR TO DOG ME FOR THE NEXT NIGGA WHO GOT A ESCALADE.

I am keeping my phone on today, so 214-714-2027 belongs to me.

If my sister, Delmar, helped me cheat as much as terrance does you, she wouldn't even be let in the house, I couldn't talk to her on the phone so what makes terrance so special?

keep him, keep that nasty piece of trash lawania away from my home.

keep them out of my face, keep them out of my life.

You are just like Barbara Delmar, you really don't grasp you can fuck over people like that, and nothing is supposed to happen.

I love you, want to be with you, looking forward to spending my life with you.

but my car is my car because you all are running a scam that has to stop,

I will always have a job b/c of the scam you all are pulling,

and you, sir and your precious brother and family and lawania and jimmy and all these other ass-kissing folk over something they never put time and money in................

will never be able to run through my name again and make me break my word.

no I am not giving up my land in Tyler, I will always have somewhere to stay and go as long as I am with you and as long as you continue to be a brother, saviour and everything else to everyone but me.
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