Wednesday, November 10, 2010

At some point..........

Hello America,

We not going to have no music today.  I could read the wonderment in Keith Olberman's eyes talking about the "eclectic" nature of some of the tea party.  Can I not be black and recognize the merit of Freddie Murphy, Marvin Sapp, Tim Mcgraw, faith hill and Kate Perry all in one day?  Please...........................

I'm an American, if it jams, it jams..........

At some point, some of you all have to realize that I am not just bomb that people can set off.  Each and every word although my spelling errors, I know I need to get on, is thought out, thought out enough for me to type it.............

I get tired of these Muslim-culture issues being ignored.  I get tired of the blatant felonious activity of Obama and nobody has shit to say.  Did you see the fucking job numbers today? 

So we are going to have, at some point..................

We've had these before, what this is a highlight of what some silly minded childish never quitting(i have to respect that about you) motherfuckers at some point are going to have to accept, a highlight of what some "establishment" folk are going to have to accept, a highlight of some tea party are going to have to accept.

How about two personal points, and remember the only time I go public, is when my security is threatened.....

Ten points for democrats, ten points for republicans, ten points for obama and ten points for the tea party, pretty ambitious.

But hey, why not?

At some point, in some individual's lives, they are going to have realize that I am a grown motherfucker......that grew up in times where a child knew a child's place.  That means I was raised that when you grown, you get out on your own and you do what you gotta do. Which means as I must be real simple with some of you all, that I stay in my own place.  I can't nor will allow other motherfuckers to dictate where I lay my head.  I get my ass up EVERY FUCKING DAY AND LOOK FOR A JOB. EVERY DAY.  I lay my ass down EVERY FUCKING NIGHT TRUSTING IN GOD IF HE WILLS ME TO MAKE IT ANOTHER DAY TO KEEP DOING THE SAME SHIT I WAS DOING THE DAY BEFORE.  I ain't going to stop what the fuck I got to do for fucking situations...............  I am broke on levels most of you all ain't never had to lose, but I ain't selling no dope, no ass, no prescriptions, not my identity and watch me still make it b/c I am putting my hands on the most solid foundation I can, the trust that is formed between me and the God I serve.

At some point, some of you all need to realize, THAT I AM FROM FUCKING DALLAS.  MY FAMILY WAS THE FIRST TO MOVE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD BLACK.  SOME OF YOU ALL NEED TO REALIZE, I got love on these streets and just b/c I ain't so and so, don't matter.  Do you know sans personal relationship choices I wouldn't be going through half of this shit now.  But I have made my choice I love Delmar, no doubt.  BUT MY HANDLING MY BUSINESS IS NOT CONTIGENT ON HIS CHOICES, GOOGLE THOSE WORDS.  I got love in Norman, I got love all of this country. I am a beautiful, intelligent, nowhere as crazy as I seem on these blogs black woman........I'M IN THE MIDST OF GOD'S GRACE. Please don't fool yourself thinking if her water get cut off, she'll move out.  Niggas..........You don't know me, you don't know what I've been through in my life.  I ain't giving up my home.  I am grown, don't do mama house no more, obviously my mulitiple criminal convictions screw what they were for, I am more than willing and able to do what I need to do, to keep my home.  Not giving my shit up because some silly ass bitch don't want to face the consequences of me having somewhere to stay thus precluding her identity theft fraud lick and keeping me from getting an attorney and digging in those weeds called records, a la ron johnson style.......


Ten points for democrats:

1)When most conservatives of whatever kind talk about democrats, although they should SAY the distinction, mean the distinction between american democrats and these foreign-based socialist folk. not right but true.......At some point, you all are going to have to accept it, unless you are willing to create your own party or kick them out.

2)Nobody is going to be stupid enough to tell you what they are going to cut yet, AREN'T YOU ALL STILL IN CONTROL UNTIL JANUARY? At some point, you all are going to have to accept that and put your damn money where your mouth is? EXTEND THE TAX CUTS, AND IF YOU CUT OFF JOB CREATORS.......then accept the consequences on so many levels like grown motherfucking men and women.  stop hiding behind the "what you all going to do?"

3)Most of the black people who are associated with your party are pretty much the typical stereotype that everyone expects, don't know shit, can't tell you shit, and you wonder why from Obama on down people talk bad to you all.  At some point, you all are going to have to go Michelle Bachmann's constitution, basic political class or something or stop showing these silly minded ass black people on TV. everything about the democratic ain't wrong, but it's hard to see that with folk like Steve Harvey and Wyclef being your spokeperson for all black issues.

4)Nobody gives a fuck about Obama being black, he don't act black enough.  Now if he had a reprarations/free chicken, waffles and watermelon day............................that would be something different. At some point, you all are going to have to accept that most people who don't like barack, THINK HE IS FUCKING UP THE COUNTRY!  HE MAY DANCE WITH ARETHA FRANKLIN, BUT TWO NON-BLACK WOMEN ARE SUPREME COURT JUSTICES.  NO BLACK DHS DIRECTOR, NONE OF THAT. THE ONLY BLACK PEOPLE BARACK REALLY TRUST AN FUCK WITH ARE THOSE FROM CHI-TOWN.

5)Transparency and Accoutablity is the shit OBAMA STARTED.  At some point, you all are just going to have accept the nigga lied and moved on(yes, I said the word, not b/c he's black, but he's black and fucking up all type of shit).  Just accept it. If OBAMA came on TV right now, and said Hey's let be clear, I am a liberation theologist raised in Muslim culture sent by Allah and the rest of the world to break y'all off starting with this loud one down here in Texas, his approval ratings will go sky high.  People don't care the nature of the truth, they just want it.

6)Obama ain't going to win 2012, the immigration problem will be spilled over by then, some fool is going to blow up something for real, fuck all these tests runs, we going to start digging into these records starting with his and hillary is going to run to save the party.  She can say what she wants, but she will pull the I was governor, and secretary of state, I got the domestic and the foreign policy down and with the scandals that are coming for pelosi and this vetting system.  Outside of some bomb ass campaigns songs, we will be on to something else.  The key to winning 2012 is standing up to health care.  All you gotta do is say I'm gonna repeal that shit.  Case over, At some point, y'all gotta get some new t-shirts.

7)Most tea party people are what the democratic party is not, educated and living above middle class and mulit-cultural LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS...........That means when Obama says I have put out more illegals than bush, we are educated enough to know that for every 1 "bad" illegal you put out, you bring in 2 "good" ones, you stop workplace raids right.......At some point, dems you all need to approach these tea party people with respect because they have more heart and balls than some of even "civil rights" motherfuckers know about.  They ain't got the audacity of hope, they display and eschew the audacity of freedom and treating motherfuckers on the content of their character than the content of their skin.  That takes courage, motherfucker......

8)  Being rich under your type of policies is going to only make more people want to be reach beyond their wildest dreams............b/c BEING BROKE WITH Y'ALL MOTHERFUCKERS IS NO JOKE.  At some point, you all are going to have to accept you all are part of your own demise.  You got the bills through you wanted, fuck how you got them, and yet people are broker than ever.  They are going to blame you, it's y'all signatures on the bills right...........

9)Obama, Pelosi and Reid aren't going to leave power. They have treason charges facing them.  Barack gotta keep some sort of job for his work visa(A JOKE PEOPLE, HE IS ILLEGAL FROM RUNNING FOR PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE, BUT HE IS NOT ILLEGAL THAT I KNOW OF!).  At some point, you all are going to have to face that the same dirty motherfuckers who did all of this "vetting" to get him in, are the same motherfuckers who are going to have to do all of this "Compromise" to get their asses out of these treason charges.  They don't give a fuck about you all and no issues......When you lay with dogs, you come up nasty than a motherfucker.....

10)Most fiscal conservatives like myself are more socially liberal than your base will ever be, how can one not be under the premise of judging on character and content than melanin.  Although they can't stand my black ass, literally, do you know how many people in your base actually respect and trust folk like me versus your ass.  I'm honest, sane three days out of the week at least, sobriety works........., and if I got your back, I got it until they kill my ass on this plane and the next.  They will never tell me, but every day they go to the gas station or the grocery store, they remember what I say. And at some point, you all are going to have to accept that their acknowledgment, their acceptance of me will turn into votes in 2012. fuck feelings, they need folk that don't mind putting in work..........

How was that, whose next?


1)You all gotta accept the fact that Obama got elected, fuck how, the fact that he even stood a chance with all of his bullshit.............., at some point you gotta understand how folk like me had to come in and start trying to put an end to this shit.......You got your teeth handed to you.

2)You gotta accept that unlike some of you all, THE SPIRIT BEHIND THE WORDS PUBLIC SERVANT MEAN SOMETHING TO THESE TEA PARTY PEOPLE.  Playing with folk emotion's, promising shit and not delivering is going to get some of you motherfuckers hurt. HURT. BECAUSE THERE IS AN ATTACK GOING ON CONCERNING OUR LIFESTYLES IN THIS COUNTRY.  YOU ALL BEEN IN THIS ESTABLISHMENT BULLSHIT TOO AND NOT SUPPORTING certain candidates that are on the ticket b/c YOU DON'T FUCKING FEEL LIKE THEY QUALIFIED AIN'T GOING TO FLY...........Hard, honest people's campaign money go in with the corporations too.  THEY MATTER TOO.  YOU ALL NEED TO SUPPORT WHO THE FUCKING PEOPLE SEND UP THERE.  At some point, you all better get your mind right because if folk like me turn on your ass, ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE.  A nigga can get 5 million votes on dance for the stars, it ain't shit to get 45 million more for a fucking president.

3)THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AIN'T THE PARTY OF THE ELITE. IT IS THE PARTY OF LESS GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION, CONTROLLED SPENDING.  Not fucking pro-life.  Sorry, accept that shit.  That's some church and personal shit. At some point, you all gotta accept that folk like me ain't going away, ain't afraid to question your ass on shit like this.  That folk like me ain't going to be shamed like you all do these democrats and these pro-choice folk.  Trust, you don't want it the sovereignity of this country is at stake, Jesus told us he would met all asses at the alter, we don't have to focus on that, politcally.........

4)These tea party people, not dumb..................They very well versed on shit. These are the motherfuckers who these regulations and shit you all come with AFFECT ON THE FRONT LINE.  Do not belittle them. Be honest with these tea party folk.  TELL THEM EXACTLY WHAT'S ON THE LINE AND WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR NO AGENDA BULLSHIT.  THE ENEMY IS PRESENT ON THE RIGHT AND THE LEFT.  BE HONEST WITH THE FOLK.  aT SOME POINT, you all are going realize that you are dealing with the most educated, informed consitutents on earth........... Please don't learn that lesson the hard way.


6)If it something really wrong, like the ear mark situation which I am going to address today.  Just be real with America, we know GOP it ain't all y'all fault, but if you all wasn't fucking up first, then we wouldn't have had nancy pelosi.  And b/c of that, the trust issue has a long way to go.  AT SOME POINT, YOU ALL ARE GOING TO HAVE TO REALIZE LIKE EVERY MOTHERFUCKER ON PROBATION, IT'S WAY MORE THAN WHAT YOUR LAWYER SAID WHEN YOU SIGNED THE PAPERWORK!

7)We will remain united. The only reason the tea party chose you all because you all stayed united for the most part.  But all of this lindsey graham on cap and trade, senator snowe and collins making all these back door deals, can't be tolerated.  ON ISSUES, IN WHICH THE PEOPLE CLEARLY DEMAND A NO, NO  CAMAPAIGN MONEY, NOT A FUCKING DIME SHOULD GO TO THESE PEOPLE.  B/c at some point, someone is going to fold, they always do.  It is prisoner's dilemna 101 and don't be mad, AT HOW THE TEA PARTY IS GOING TO HANDLE THESE FOLK. WE NOT Y'ALL.  WE NOT PLAYING...........

8)Realize that the party as you know is gone.  REALIZE THAT STRONG BLACK MEN, STRONG HISPANIC MEN, STRONG ASIAN MEN are coming back like throwbacks.  The majority of this party will be of color in ten years.  No more Armstrong out there by himself....... And a lot of them may not have the education, nor words of some of you elites in this party. But they got heart, they create jobs, they put their ass on the line for this country. At some point, SOME OF YOU ALL, NEED SOME HENNESY, AND AL GREEN'S FOR THE GOOD TIMES, b/c the time of this being a pretty much all white, some uncle toms party left..  The left the moment folk like me saw this fool in Grant Park and didn't waste one night doing what needed to be done to stop this agenda.

9)Realize we know the playbook AND DON'T FUCKING LEVERAGE OUR MILITARY FOR NO OBAMACARE.  WE KNOW IT'S BULLSHIT SPENDING IN DEFENSE BILLS WHICH ARE MOSTLY SIGNED AND PUSHED BY REPUBLICANS, LET NANCY PELOSI TELL IT WE DON'T NEED A MILITARY.  WE OUT OF MONEY AND THERE ARE CUTS TO BE MADE, BUT DON'T DRAG OUR MILITARY OUT FOR NO BULLSHIT BILL KNOWING YOU UNDERCUT AMERICANS WITH A SIDE DEAL WITH BARACK.  At some point,  you will turn on us, GOP, baby that's life, that's the game.  But to help you and us out, I'm letting you know, tell Barack because he's calling Boehner, and money Mitch.  You all aren't going to sell out our vets...............for no fucking thing, they votes already don't matter....don't fuck over them.

10)Life can and will go on without your ass.  All this running for 2016 because don't nobody want to check this nigga............Please.  If Palin comes to me, and we talk through folk, if she comes to me and says Tiffani, these motherfuckers are bullshitting.  Ain't no need to worry about 2016 because he will fuck up the country by then.  Ain't nobody willing that HASN'T LOST ALL FUCKING READY IN THE PRIMARIES OR HASN'T BEEN IN ANY SCANDALS willing to run.  WE WILL.  GOP. AND BABY, FUCK CHAIRMAN STEELE(what are you doing talking to the NPR anyway, you getting fired because you fucked up, face it) AND THE GAMES THAT YOU PLAYED IN 2012. FOLK LIKE ME WILL TREAT THIS ELECTION LIKE THE CUT(drug lingo). WE WILL SPLIT THE MAP UP AND WORK THAT STREETS LIKE STREET WALKERS. IT WILL BE HARD, NO DOUBT.  AND YES, KARL ROVE, WE KNOW IT TAKES MONEY.  If Andy stern can come up with 200 million.  I figure we need 500 million and we don't need your people.

that's 100,000 5 thousand dollar increments.  Take three guesses where that will come from, Mr. Rove.  A trip back to cali, and at some point you will realize the hard way, WHEN IT COMES TO SAVING THIS COUNTRY, WE WASN'T NEVER PLAYING.  YOU ALL WERE.

Mr. Obama

1)Man your points ain't going to take long, we go through this shit every day.  At some point, we are going to get your records and get your ass out of here.

2)At some point, it will occur to you that you not going to get re-elected, a democrat may win, but it won't be you.

3)At some point, it will occur to you how much you underestimated the kindness of the American people, if you just would have been real and honest about your muslim background(stop lying dude) and your socialist intentions.........

4)At some point, it will occur to you that there are people who love their country just as much as those you grew up with in Jakarta.

5)At some point, it will occur to you that there are some people like myself who are not afraid to stand on their principles, just like you and take the consequences like a grown ass man or woman is supposed to with class and dignity that NEVER FEARED YOU. or the bullshit you bring.

6)At some point, you gotta realize that you don't have that much in common with the American people, which is why you fuck up so bad. We not morons, asshole, we just believe in freedom.

7)At some point, you are going to realize that you were just a part of the game.  Be lucky you made it this far with your life and health and that's some real shit.........

8)At some point, you will look back at people like me and realize in a strange and fucked up, folk like me actually had enough love for you to tell you the truth and not stab your ass in the back.

9)At some point, you will go in the history books for singlehandedly reviving the conservative movement in this country and expanding it to minority men and women in droves.......

10)At some point, we going to meet.  We ain't going to shake hands. we going to look each other in the eye and just nod.  B/c you know and I know because you have my file, that we have a lot more in common than folk think we do.  And we will see in that moment of a glimpse a respect on both sides for two motherfuckers who are determined to do whatever for the people they feel worthy of it.  We will never agree on who those people are, but we will agree that we bring out the fight in each other, we bring out the physical manifesation of will towards each other, we brought out the passions of a nation from both sides through each other..........Man, what's cooler than that.  Two folks from FOTB........only in America?

Allright, tea party folk come on up here..

1)You all gotta trust.  SENATOR JIM DEMINT, BABY SORRY.  I UNDERSTAND ON THE HOUSE SIDE WHY EARMARKS GOTTA GO.  BUT CAN BOEHNER OR SOMEONE EXPLAIN SENATOR IMHOFE'S ASSERTion THAT IT GIVES MORE POWER TO OBAMA.  I TRUST IMHOFE. All of these folk ain't dirty, a lot are.  But Imhofe is from the sooner state, he good people.  You all gotta trust that the gop,  know the loopholes, hell they created most of them.  Judge who you meet on the hill by the individual, see where they coming from. Every professional politician has a passion, a enemy, and a fundamental belief.  they all do.  Realize that politics involve something that everyone is going to want to particpate in for somebody.  At some point, you all are going to have to trust the gop.  They know folk like me watching.

2)You all gotta give a little lee way.  I AM WILLING FOR MICHELLE BACHMAN NOT TO BE MAJORITY LEADER THAN GIVE THE GOP SOME OTHER CONCESSION.  I KNOW THE TEA PARTY NEEDS TO REPRESENTED, BUT WE HAVE TO GIVE THE GOP A CHANCE.  DON'T SUPPORT THE EARMARK BAN FOR THE SENATE, I AM NOT SURE IF YOU CAN BAN THEM IN THE HOUSE AND NOT THE SEANTE. I AM NOT. BUT DO YOUR  HOMEWORK, TALK TO REP. H, TALK TO CANTOR, REALIZE THAT THEY HAVE THE MACHINE, and i know you all put the grease in the engine this time.  BUT YOU HAVE TO GIVE THEM ROOM TO HANG THEMSELVES OR PULL UP THEIR BROTHER OR SISTER.  At some point, they are going to take credit for something.  and that shouldn't matter to us, as long as it gets done.  the people know who doing what, that's why folk like me write everyday.

3)You will become part of the system, but don't let folk like MSNBC make you feel bad or naive.  Fuck them.  At some point, you all are going to want english only paperwork or some shit and the right and the left will turn on you.  SO THE FUCK WHAT, THE PEOPLE WON'T.  DON'T BE AFRAID TO SPEAK YOUR IDEAS, YOUR THOUGHTS, DON'T BE AFRAID TO MAKE TOUGH DECISIONS.  DON'T BE AFRAID TO TELL YOUR PEOPLE, IT WAS BEST FOR US TO HAVE THIS ............ term limits are not, you in the beltway, and at some point, it will affect your mentality.

4)BE HONEST.  IF YOU GET INTO SOME SHIT, GET YOUR RON WASHINGTON ON, CALL BOEHNER, CALL MONEY MITCH.  HANDLE THAT SHIT.  AIN'T NOBODY EXPECTING YOU ALL TO BE PERFECT.  K STREET IS GOING TO OFFER YOU EVERY PIECE OF ASS IMGINABLE AND ALL THE BLACKMAIL TREATS IN BETWEEN. We all fall down baby, we all go under the bridge, ain't none of us walking on water.  At some point, one of you will prove that true, it is how you get up and handle that that I and people like me will judge on.

5)Politicians are people too.  Nancy Pelosi is actually a nice person, now she is a ball breaker, but she's cool people.  Think she is a terrorist and should be tried for treason, but if I were in some of you all shoes, I would hold a conversation with her if needed.  There are jewels in these crowns we call legislators, learn from them.  They not going to like you, you represent the new.  But we are so blessed inGOD'S COUNTRY, that there is something to be learned from everyone.  At some point, YOU ARE GOING TO USE SOME SHIT YOU GOT FROM ONE OF THESE MOTHERFUCKERS I'M TELLING YOU.

6)BE HONEST WITH YOUR FOLK BACK HOME.  DON'T USE CATCH ALL PHRASES.  TELL THE TRUTH. "IT'S FUCKED UP, UP HERE", "THESE MOTHERFUCKERS HAVE LOST THEIR MINDS", "DON'T YOU ALL HAVE SOME FAMILY AND FRIENDS IN OTHER STATES, HAVE THEM CALL THEIR CONGRESS PERSONS, B/C THIS IS BULLSHIT THEY TRYING TO PULL."  At some point, with OPR still in charge, you not going to get a lot done, b/c you have to hold strong on tax credits, immigration, cap and trade so much.  Just beat them to the punch and be real with your people.  It is ugly and some ugly shit is going to have to be cut, and you all are just going to have to find the courage to say the shit needed to be done.

7)Folk like me make the way for folk like you.  I don't ask for you to kiss my ass nor make any reference to me.  But just remember that, because at SOME POINT, I AM GOING TO HAVE TO REMIND YOUR ASS..........just playing, no i'm not............ :-)

8)ENJOY YOURSELVES, GET OUT AND SEE AND LEARN FROM THE OPPORTUNITIES PRESENTED TO YOU.  You all have the unique chance to come at the system and they don't know what's going to hit them.  Yeah, they are going to take pictures, you going to be on TV, so what? embrace it because those that don't, are the ones you find butt naked asking Marion Barry for a lawyer referral............At some point, you have to walk away for a moment for yourself, we into some real intense shit.

9)Obama is a nice and charming dude.  He full of shit.  He don't answer questions.  He is disrespectful than a motherfucker.  At some point, he is going to come charge each and every one of you with a beer, a stripper, an appointment, piece of candy, something............Realize that if you fuck with him like collins, graham, and snowe, that you can be replaced to, and you will be.  It is okay to talk to Obama, but just like your ex-boyfriend you KNOW burnt your ass, you can't sleep with him without another trip to the doctor because you know quality time with him results in burning on a level, we can't afford.  Don't make no deals with this dude, don't take no sestak type appointments.

10)Realize your job doesn't start until January. realize you ain't right about everything.  realize that in two months, they will analyze every fucking word you say anyway, why not shut up and relax while you can.  At some point, during your freshman term you will remember the wisdom of those terms.

That's it, I'm gone.  Gotta hustle each and every day. I ain't leavingm y house, I am going to come up and dedicate all my money to getting my mama and sister straight for helping, putting money into realtalkforrealpeople productions (we doing 2012 campaign ads including another proposition for marijuana in ca) and just doing what the fuck I do so well: handle mines...........

I'm off, not into the wild blue yonder, taking a nap, and looking for work.  At some point, someone will hire me.

until tomorrow
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