Monday, November 15, 2010


Hello America,

Sorry, it took so long.  Had to get somewhere to write........

Today, I am going to keep my word and we are going to discuss business, at least the business at hand that is pertient to you and I.

I looked at the Charlie Rangel trial........kind of sums up what's been going on in Washington, when colleagues use words like sloppy versus criminal kind of lets you know where this is headed.  Rangle has too many secrets on too many people, to the left and right, to be let go in this fashion and he is betting everything on that which is why he walked out.

He can do nothing but offer his record as his defense.  And while his trial involves discretions of a personal matter, it is the trial of Maxine Waters that will really set the debate.  That involved conflict of interests concerning bailouts and stimulus dollars.

After yesterday's post, I kind of took a break, did a lot of thinking.  One of the few days, I wanted a drink.  I don't drink much at all, not like I used to.  A Bud ice, a nice merlot that's about it, but yesterday I wanted a drink. 

I just didn't want to deal with impact of my decision, but we have to press on don't we.   The Bush tax credits are not going to save this economy in itself.  It is a start in the right direction towards sending the job creators, small business and big business alike that we are going to create an atmosphere that is not delterious to profits.........

The Obamacare bill must be repealed because of the individual mandate which is against our constitutional rights, coincided with the fact that we cannot afford it.

The dream act must not be enacted into law because it justifies breaking the federal immigration laws of this country and makes every legal citizen who came in not through birth look and feel like fool, as well as the military and legal American citizens.

The details of the stimulus bill must be answered in these subpoenas.

The details of Obama's first official act which really was to seal his records must be opened.

There will be no deal to sign off these things in order for Barack to be a one-term president and escape treason charges.

There must be a budget and that is a priority.

There will be cuts in social security, a cut off age must be set, a trust fund must be established for those like myself who will not receive these benefits.

There must be an massive committment by INS to committ workplace raids and deport illegal aliens.

There must be a massive committment by the Justice Department to investigate identity theft and its not suprising connection to the amount of fraud that is draining, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, headstart and Section 8(a).

There must be someone other than who is out there now to run.

Sometimes, you want to compromise and I do. I don't want to see families out on the streets.  I have been homeless, I know......

But I also know wrong is wrong.  And Obama you cheated and I feel where you are coming from. I know what it's like to be willing to do whatever for your people, but this has gone on far enough.

the mandate wasn't about obama or the gop, it was about the government becoming the biggest employer at the expense of private sector and jobs.  It is going to be hard, we are all going to cry, bitch, moan and fuss but as the grown ass citizens that we are, we will get it done.

There can be no compromise when it comes to right and wrong. The 700 billion dollars can be accounted for by reducing spending levels, recooping all the stimulus and bailout money left, enforcement, real enforcement of immigration laws at workplacing thus taking more legal citizens off the unemployment roles.

Mr. Obama, you spent two weeks away pulling some real shit, legit and not so legit, you came up with nothing.  You are in a position that you should have never been in due to the fact that some of us, all of us in some ways , legal american citizens left our country short.

The every drop of blood that was spilled by a veteran for this country is on all of our hands.  All of the real candidates want to wait until 2016 to run knowing damn well we won't have an America by then.................

Brother Boehner, Money Mitch, 3 years for tax cuts for the "rich", permanent tax cuts for 325K, 50% reduction of credits for over 325K for three years, and then we'll leave it to the people.  Giving business and job creators a real five year opporutnity to come up with a solid business plan and implement it.  That's the best I can come up with and really you have the votes now so there is no need to leverage any of the aforementioned topics.

Sometimes, there is a chance to make a deal.

Sometimes, like I had to learn the hard way a couple of days ago, there is not.

And that's just the way it is.  This is no longer about dems/repub, the reason why this is about the tea party, because all of this shit is dirty as hell and it is going to take dirty folk like me to come in and clean up.  Allow these legislators a chance to get at the books, before we cut anything.


We'll talk tomorrow Barack..........

your move.........

your congress is still in charge, you and pelosi and reid hold all the cards.

Are you going to walk out like Charlie Rangel?

Are you going to be a big boy and do for once what's best for this country and which is going to end your presidential aspirations?

that's all........
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