Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Book of O (Dedicated to Barack Hussien Obama and Oprah Winfrey and other things starting with O)

Hello America,

How are you this morning?  You know what's cool, I just tweeted one of my favorite political idols of all time, Donna Brazile.  Now is she going to be happy with what I said or even bother to respond, probably not.  But that was a cool, corny, nerdy moment in my life........I apologize.

Okay, this morning, we are moving on to a new book.  I am starting to branch out a little more........Trying to network a little more, it's amazing the power of social networking.  I talk to people every day that I would probably never run into a more traditional mediums..

I am taking this book thing seriously, so despite the title or things I have said about these two individuals.......I am taking this seriously.  I challenged myself with the letter O which is why I chose to dedicate this book to these two.  It is black history month and at the end of the day when we are all just names in some book, I am pretty sure that for good or for bad, these two individuals will get at least a couple of mentions........

I like to push myself, it's called I can't afford an editor yet.  I already don't curse, but I have made a commitment to find a theme, a lesson to be learned from these two.

We have learned about respecting and honoring truths from the Book of John, fiscal, spiritual honesty and political choices from the book of Paul, the power of choices and how we respond to drama in the Book of Acts......Choosing these two people forces me, forces me to look at things for how they are and not how they appear to be .  Choosing these two forces me to bring up my level of awareness.......

Y'all ready.........Hold on, I'm not sure if I am ready.......Let's go.

One of my favorite words of all time is omnipotent.  My pastor from back in the day, had a sermon called the ABC's of God.  I still remember that sermon. Ain't it funny what sticks with you over time?  I remember hearing that words and just going crazy in my mind. I love language, I love verbiage, you haven't figured that out by now.......

I looked up the word and was like man, God is powerful.  I remember in my mind as I was about 9 at the time, thinking how could I apply this word to my life.  Never was shy about my potential, nor scary about dreaming.  To me, it was like the coolest word.  I read so many mob books and stuff that children probably shouldn't read, not porn, but just "adult" issues by the time I was 10.  I used to go the Polk-Wisdom library and almost break my dad's back getting all these books.  The art of war, a lot of mob biographies were the biggest influences, literary wise until about age 12.  By then, I was in classes to push me a little further reading.

However, because of that influence, even then I became very methodical, very discreet in my plans........Couldn't see it then, I was too young, but now that I am older, I know why certain older people responded to me the way they did.  Doesn't stop it from hurting my feelings, but I understand........

The question I have wanted to ask every President, what makes your hair so gray so fast..........don't have to anymore........understanding is a costly concept, learning from it costs more than that.

Oprah and Obama......These two individuals have had more influence on me, than you all realize.  So we are going to incorporate what I have learned from these two into how we must stay true to the budget, I am going to include some must reads today that have to deal with an out of the box issue for me 9/11 and the involvement of Israel, JFK and the federal reserve, and OUT OF OBLIGATION, NOTHING PERSONAL, MR. OBAMA, I GOT PEOPLE THAT DEPEND ON MY VOICE a couple of must reads about Mr. Obama's citizenship challenged disability....

Are we cool, Mr. Obama?  You do understand having to oblige your base, kind of like making phone calls and sending tactics to Wisconsin............Are we going to be grown about this today or do I need to expect dirty pool tomorrow?  I got folk acting like I wasn't going to be here, like I might be hurt or arrested by now...........I don't want to talk about publicly, I really did put it in God's hand, so just go with the's love in here for you today,

Don't you realize Mr. Obama, that you are my brother, one that I really have some "family feud" with, but you know and realize we all part of the game........

let's get these must reads out of the way, I wrote further first, but I see now I need to do this.

1)  THIS IS TAITZ V ASTRUE COMMENTARY, THIS IS A CASE REGARDING  OBAMA'S SSN BEING THAT OF CT ORIGIN AND HOW IT ENDED UP IN OBAMA'S HANDS. JUDGE ROYCE LAMBERT.  Read it, learn from it, understand why I never mention these cases, I only ask Barack to unseal EO #13489 to try to gain trust with America.......  You gotta calm down, Obama, you can't panic, okay......I am going somewhere with this today.


This is an article about how Palin has reversed her position on birthers and tried to shift focus away........Gov. Palin just like with that Dr. Laura thing, when you make a commitment on something, you gotta stick with it, unless you get some convincing evidence otherwise.....This was on fb, you need to get really get your answers together girl, your base is not as solid as you think it is, they are turning on you because they feel like you are turning on them.......Not putting you out there, but I got people to answer to.  My job is to provide real talk, not just help my understand, don't you? hope so.


This is a video of Dr. Alan Sabroksy, some of you all know who he is, he is discussing the involvement of Israel regarding 9/11.........hold on, now I am not going to go out as far as to say that I agree with all of this man's assertions or the person who submitted it to me with a lot more evidence than just this video.  But from lessons that we will discuss a little later today, IT DOES GIVE CREDENCE..........IT DOES GIVE CREDENCE...........TO SOME OF THE GRIPES FROM CERTAIN MUSLIM SECTORS.........I am not going to point the finger, but I am trying to show you all that I read from all sides.  Because we all know I got love for Israel, but America is my heart.  You need to watch it honestly, if for no other reason to gain a different perspective on this national tragedy.  I think it provided me with more questions than answers, but then that forced me to read for myself which is a good thing.


An executive order from JFK and a discussion about the Federal Reserve Bank and printing money.  This is a pretty hard article to follow, it was for me at least.  BUT I THINK IT IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE OF WHAT OBAMA IS DOING WITH THE FED AND HOW PALIN CALLED HIM ON THE FED.  THIS IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE IT MAKES ME LOOK AT BEN BERNAKE, THE SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE, AND THE TREASURY SECRETARY IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT.  When you break down, this article..................., YOU ARE STARTING TO GET A GLIMPSE OF HOW FAR THE RABBIT HOLE GOES...

When I was in my twenties, I had a lot going for me, I was cute, about 75 pounds lighter, I'm sick, so squash the I am ashamed of my body stories....., in a lot of ways, I could have been the next Oprah in the sense of a woman just on point with hers.........Handling her business, breaking into the entertainment industry on new levels, breaking barriers, blowing ceilings away.  But for the brevity of this story.  That didn't happen.

Someone mentioned to me that they knew in 2004, Obama would be the nominee.  I heard Oprah mention the same thing.  I had to go back and ask myself where was I in 2004.  Going through a lot, hustling, trying to make it.  Who some senator out of Illinois, black, sounding Muslim and got other issues was the last thing on my mind, I knew Bush was going to win.

So I am watching TV, and I start watching this documentary of Oprah and of course, Obama comes up.  Not going to get into conspiracies of how Obama works for Oprah, so what if she does.....

Let me have some billions, I am giving the US GOVT. millions in taxes, yes my voice is going to be heard all over the hill, that's reality.

I thought of the impact this single woman has had on our lives.........Come on, this is Oprah, from giving away cars to setting the latest trends, to creating millionaires from mentioning what book she reads......SCREW FACEBOOK, THIS IS THE MANIFESTATION OF MARKETING IN ITS PUREST FORM........

THIS WOMAN IS A LIVE, ACTUAL MARKETING MACHINE THAT LIVES AND BREATHES JUST LIKE US.  It is amazing, she is ingrained herself so much in society that her voice is now the voice of the discovery channel, so even while you are watching the lions and tigers, she is present......

That may not be omnipotent, but it's close.  I started doing some digging because at the end of every scam is somebody with some money.  That's why hustlers hustle.  Somehow, some way there is money involved.  I found Chicago, Oprah, Obama, a lot of cash, a lot of connections....

But it is what I didn't find that I think we can all learn from with Oprah, she is discreet.  She keeps her circle tight, and more importantly, she is shrewd...........on levels unseen. 

I see myself in her in some ways, as most black women do.  But it is her shrewdness that I relate to, it is her silent trepidation towards her goal that I is her ability to appear innocent while raking in all the coals that I can't help but take a pause for.

Obama, I won't be too much longer today, this is the first Chapter.  This is book is dedicated towards these two.

What would a woman who is as shrewd as Oprah see in Mr. Obama?

What qualities did he possess to make this powerful marketing entity decide to help this man get into oval office especially with the "issues" around him?

See, I'm black.  I know how it made me feel when Oprah didn't do John Singleton back in the day on her show, or Ice Cube or some of the men who were relevant in my life.  They weren't up to her code, they rapped about being women and sex, they cursed, they celebrated drug life. Whatever the reason............

I prayed on where to go with this, and God told me honestly as we talked before I wrote. So I am going to end with this story, this book is going to be the one that I think pushes me on the map.  I have to stop right now, God came in the room, probably wondering why I am not in church and made me tell this story and leave.....

"Tiffani, you are going to have to get over your personal feelings........There is something to be learned from these two.  There is something you gotta see before you make decisions blindly that can affect a lot of people.

You gotta read articles and things that you may not agree with, you gotta realize, that the enemy has been preparing for you, preparing for your voice, preparing to destroy this great country....  You gotta see people for who they are, you can't afford to not learn from anyone, not with that mouth.......

You gotta realize.........the enemy ain't always the one they show on TV, and your friends ain't always the ones in your face.  You gotta learn from these two, you gotta learn what makes them tick because more than you realize, more than you realize.............the two biggest influences on you are these two.  You can holla and say otherwise, but right now, they got your chain just like you have theirs........

And something has to give, something gotta give Tiffani.  The truths you are trying to show are going to blind you if not prepared.  There is a reason folk pull acts against you trying to sabotage your name, trying to remove your life, there is a reason that you can be cool with Fred Thompson"


"And I am providing angels all around you, Tiffani, they white, they black, they gay, they straight, they democrats, they crazy, they felons, they are Americans.........and you can't get blinded by your emotions and although you are calm, you have no idea of what you are getting into as of yet.

But I love you, you think I don't, but I do and I am not going to let nothing happen to you, you gotta shutup today, you gotta sit back and you gotta read about these two, then you gotta read what your people sent you, then you gotta read the political news of today, and then you gotta pray.

They may seem omnipotent, but I am, Tiffani, and it's time you gotta open your eyes and realize that that lion's den you fuss about is way bigger than they make it look on the movies......You can't write anymore today........That's it."

True story.....God is with me everywhere even when I write and he really did tell me to stop.  So I gotta.  I'll be back tomorrow, but where I am going with this is that we have to look at Obama from his tendencies towards organizations, reflecting the socialist mindset he has towards resolving problems, and we have to look at Oprah and her marketing genius and break down how

events like Wisconsin, like let's move, like SEIU, move and operate. 

Because until we understand these two, we won't be able to stop the carnage. FLORIDA, I UNDERSTAND YOU WANT SOME PRIMARY LOVE...........BUT YOU WRONG THE WAY YOU GOING ABOUT IT.

Support Gov. Walker, support Wisconsin and make these teachers do what we all have to do,


I'll be back tomorrow.......I am sorry for leaving it this way, God said I gotta go and I gotta go.  I am shocked myself......

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