Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Book of Reporters (Chapter 7)

Hello America,

How are you doing?  We are back with our must reads, last week was stressful at times, it will only get more sore.  One has to balance the load on one's back on order to maintain balance on the path.........

I got lot more on my back and it hurts,  but there is work to be done and that's all that matters at this point.

I did something I usually don't do.  I broke from routine.....I have a routine set because that routine allows me to focus and settle my emotions, my mindset into work.  If you have read this blog over the years, you can tell the youth in me.........I get provoked, I react.  As the years have gone on, I have tried to grow, to expand, to not bring my home to the workplace, but how can I not when my personal affects your political at times.?  not fair or right for either one of us.

Believe or not, I am a very reclusive person.  I will go out and socialize and kick it, no doubt.........Run with my girls, but at the end of the day be it whether it ends at 6 am or 9 pm, I am at home.....Home is my source of comfort, of safety, and these streets are ruthless on little Tiffani E.

This is Sunday, a day where I much rather hear the word and some good music, food for the soul.....than work, but this is what I do.  A truth that I don't even bother to run from anymore.....

So I ask that you keep my church home Good Street Baptist Church in your prayers as I will do for your place of worship regardless of what it may be.  I can't be no muslim for a day, but I can be a child of the God I serve and wish love for everyone...

We're going to start with a story, wrap up with these issues, and that's a wrap, this site is undergoing some IT work in the next couple of days, time to change links that type of stuff.

I went outside to rake this morning, I love the morning.......The ironic part is that in my natural cycle, it is time for bed for me.  I sleep in the daytime(we don't need the true blood jokes, this morning).  It is the purest part of the day for me.  I honestly believe that what I do between 6am-10am sets the tone for me in the day.  I wanted to clean house and my backyard is dirty, at least for my standards.  Two dogs, cold weather, leaves, trash, it's time for spring cleaning.

I had a lot on my mind.  I did what grown people do, what we are asking the government to do, work within the fiscal means we have and make tough choices.  I want car insurance, but I need electricity.  You understand.......I saw the look of not pride but disappointment in a lot of eyes that matter to me yesterday.  I saw the look of sadness and not joy as my actions did not coincide with descriptions of mental instability and drug use float all around me.

I got feelings, America.  I know it doesn't seem like it from what I say on here a lot, but I am human just like you.  This is my job, this is my career, this is what I do for a living, a meager one at that for right now.  But the call of my countrymen and women to step supercedes those feelings, but it don't mean they ain't there. 

I go to God as I rake, he knows I have to work today.  Don't even have the money for tithes and offerings......not a good feeling.

He walks up, and he has a man with him. 

God says to me, and remember this is a TRUE story. 

God says to me, "Tiffani, it is time you met somebody.   I really don't do this a lot, but right now I know you are hurting and those waves of pain you can't stand alone.  It isn't your fault, you just doing what I ask you to do.......and I cannot remove those waves of pain.  It is things I ask of you, that I don't ask of others and that sucks, but that is the way that it is......"

I look at God........"I don't know why you coming to me like that, God, I ain't said......I ain't said anything to you like that.  Don't come to me like that.  Yeah, I got pain, I hurt, I get sad, but I don't get mad or resentful, I try my best to pray about it, find a way to reframe it in a positive way and move on.."

God nods.."I know, but you human and you can't find all these battles by yourself, your vices serve as your protection when your faith is shaky for the parts of the path I set before you that you can't see.  It's allright, babygirl, I know your heart is in the right place.  Sometimes, I make folk like you that gotta see something can't nobody else see because it's low in that valley.  It's low.  This is your son, Tiffani, this is your son."

I look at the dude, the only part that looks familiar is his eyes.  I blink again because I really don't have time for God's pranks this morning, but he speaks and I know that he is his father's child.

He says "Mama, the reason why you fight for this country is because you love it and believe in it, no doubt, but for what you are going to go through it has to be something more than that for you.  You have pushed my birth away for a long time, some of that was not your fault.  You did what you needed to do because you wanted me to have the one can't do yourself.  You wanted me to have a father who wanted me, who was in a place in his life and his marriage........

You doing what you have to do to ensure that not only do I have a father to raise me, but a country I can lead in, I make a difference in.  So when you get down, think of me.  The clock is ticking, but it ain't stopped....... We in God's hands....."

I stand there, hurt.......hurt on a level so deep, I am crying now as I write the words.  I don't like getting too deep in some places in my soul.  It's like quicksand in some places, you get down there it is hard to come out of.  I look at him and I know, I know he is my son. 

God tells him to leave and simply says "There are no friends on the battlefield for the souls of children, the hearts of men, and the wombs of women.  There are no timeout in the war not for one religion over the other, but for the right for man to know God for himself as he sees fit.  There can be no hesitation in the struggle that every woman faces when she enters the possiblity of conception to provide the best situation she sees fit for her child.  There can be no doubt when fighting for something a union, I put together, Tiffani..........There cannot be.  You have to keep on, you have to walk through the hate, through the drama, through the insults, through the fire.

I let you see your son to serve as a reminder not for today, but for the moments to come why you have your path.  Go write........"

I tell God, "for simply says, that was a lot......"

He leaves laughing, but all of my piles of leaves are gone as a strong gust of wind takes his presence away....

My point is I love a man who I wish to have children with.  In my mind, I must do what I have to do to ensure that he and every other person in this country as we all affect each other in some way, has the ability to have faith in our country, in our system, in our way of life to enjoy the freedoms that we fight, that some of us die in order to fellowship the way we see fit indivdually, as a community, as a region, as a state, and the United States of America.

Do not take my tough stance in regard to my approach to my own identity theft situation as proof that I am heartless, it is can be no further from the truth.  If it were not, I would utilize other means to gain freedom to live my own life by myself.  I can be no plainer with you all.  I am truly sorry, sorry that your country, your medical situation rendered you in a situation to impersonate me to gain health care, a job, a life simply in this country.

For that I am truly sorry, and I apologize on the sake of the United States of America for its derelection of duty regarding illegal immigration.  There is a direct reason why Biden went to finland(yes, finland I still got love for you, do you all still have love for me?), there is a direct reason why Senator Schumer and Reid will cause a government shutdown.  There is a direct reason that Money Mitch and John Boehner are looking Obama square in the eye, shoulders set.........Saying we will not back down, we will address the issues that we were hired to do, we will do our jobs, and not waste taxpayer time campaining.....

You all cannot continue living my life or any other.  Since when does a landlord ask you not to pay so much when you owe money......Since when does your neighbor lamet about it just being two people in your house.

You all cannot blame me for being American, anymore than I can blame you for not being American.  I can't live like you do, I am at home, the only home I know.  I don't live with a bunch of friends nor relatives.  I am not going to limit myself in what I can be in life because there are six or seven other females who have to be able to do what I do........Please........can you all see the fulity of what you ask of people beyond your own selfish desires.

Illegal immigrants, you all are not the only victims in this mess.  The people whose lives are terrorized just a for social security number to pay you in, to get insurance for you in, to house you in are affected to.  And although I try to live up to my lofty goals of altruism by doing for my country, I am a 36 year old woman trying to clear things up so that I can start my family, so I can hold my son in my arms and not just see him no talks to God. 

A lot of you all, espeically women with children, think y'all the only ones who know about love on that level....the only ones who can be mother offense, Gov. Palin, just use of a reference.  But the moment you don't sleep with that dude who you know will never be faithful, the moment you do use birth control because you don't want the simpson favorite the itchy and stracthy show to be the description your ob/gyn puts on his notes during your next office visit, the moment you say I am going to sacrifice my lifestyle to try to work things out with this man because I love him and I feel I need to love the man who I want to be the father of my children...

BABY, IT STARTS THEN.  Parenthood don't start with conception.  Parenthood starts for some of us the moment we make the choices that will affect our child before they get here.

I want to have a family, do you understand illegal America.  I cannot worry about the fact that my name is already associated with children and for me to have one means your child is not a citizen, or not insured or you going to lose custody or whatever you may be going through.  It must be a lot if I have made it this far and I still gotta go through daily attempts to make me look incapable of living by myself or with Delmar.

Just like this budget as now we enter the must reads for today. 


Grow up, some of you all......Come on, we are broke, i am going to live, these are the realities of our lives.  No amount of scarecrows in my face, or obama playing golf and chicken with a federal budet is going to change that.  Can you all see that?  Face it...............

Face it.............

You all lost not because you didn't have the perfect plan, you did.  You all had all the people you needed in place, to committ false arrests, to get me hurt, to get me fired, to get Delmar hurt, to get him fired as he is a victim too.  You had close friends and family down for the cause. You had Dallas Police, you had the looking away of federal governments since folk like he and I stepped foot on this land.......

You had it all and that's why you should have known it was only going to last so long.  I cannot stand by idily and watch the man I love get hurt time and time again for having the audacity to believe in himself and take care of himself and those who honestly act as family.  I cannot stand idily by and let more and more time take me away from my family.

I never could.  Too bad it took this long, and this much to see it. But we are here now.  People will lose insurance, people will lose homes, people will lose jobs, people will get deported, people will get hurt, people will go to prison. That's the reality  all because some of us thought enough of ourselves that we could play God with others lives.  There is no happy ending to this story, Illegal America, Americans who cannot afford health care and participate in identity theft in some way to get what you need.  There is only ugly truths.  There are no winners, they are only just survivors.  I got a son to raise, I don't have time for your mess anymore and neither does our economy.

Must reads...

Kasie Hunt-India gets ready for Palin, you go girl.  You do what you do, you network, you let them know, that just because you may differ in ideology and policy, that India and the US can still be down.

Politico reports that Powell stood up for Huckabee which really translates into Huck offering him the VP ticket if he makes it......  huck ain't running, and powell huck is a grown man he know what he said, the ticket is dead, get over it.

going in order of papers that i have before me, please bear with me four sources today.

Kendra Marr shows why Michelle Bachmann really needs to be considered in a ticket, she called Obama the gangstas they are and she ain't backing down.  What's that thing called: having a backbone.

Scott Wong discusses Money Mitch calling it what it  Obama doing exactly what he said he wouldn't dodging issues for election season. REAL CUTS HAVE TO BE MADE NOW, NOT LATER.

The associated press in politico reports of The Texas Nationalist Movement moving Texas to sucede over the national budget.  THE US NEEDS TEXAS, TEXAS NEEDS THE US, but please don't think Texas/Mexico isn't the eyes of a lot of folk.  Squash it by handling the budget.  We must remain united.

Bridget also brings Money Mitch to the forefront and has a related article about Hensarling going below the 61 billion cuts.  Dear Rep. H folk like me got Michelle B. to let you have your spot, please don't make me and others look like a fool.  The people wanted 61 billion, FIND A WAY.

Daniel Strauss from the talks about how the florida governor supports Gov. Walker in Wisconsin, so do I.  GOV. WALKER STAY STRONG BROTHER, STAY STRONG!

Sara Jerome reports on a subject near and dear to my heart the FCC net neutrailty economic report is due out tomorrow.  Check this article out with this budget all is on the table in addition to giving the government the right to govern the internet, is this concept even feasible economically with the trouble we are in?

Peter Schroeder reports on something that has been under the wire the SEC is apparently having some strict conflict minerals rules that business are warning can cause more job loss. Yeah, the struggle that workers go for these minerals is horrific, but please don't fool yourself, y'all ain't ready to pay no $1500 for no blackberry either.  We must face realities of truth, and in business, it's rarely pretty.


will someone tell MR. DALEY THE ONLY RUDE AWAKENING THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN 2012 IS OBAMA IS GOING TO HAVE TO START PAYING RENT SOMEWHERE.   taken from politico playbook by mike allen, a wonderful morning must reads of treats and activity on the hill.  sign up, it's worth it.

REP. PAUL RYAN NOT ONLY DO YOUR WORK THE NUMBERS, YOU ARE WORKING THE HILL AS THE PLAYBOOK REPORTS, he is doing what Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid could never do.  He is going through the hill, explaining in real and easy terms to legislators what must be done.  He is doing small groups so that folk can ask questions so when you ask them, they can tell you something.  He is ensuring that the HOUSE GOP will present a united and informed front when discussing entitlement reform. - 13 slide powerpoint presentation of what is really going on.  Really easy stuff to understand written by Rep. Ryan obtained from playbook

Last but not least from the playbook, here is another reason to support Sen. Vitter and the states for getting drilling back. A video from the American petroleum institute SHOWING HOW OIL AND GAS EMPLOY OVER 10 MILLION PEOPLE AND BRING 1 TRILLION DOLLARS INTO OUR ECONOMY DIRECTLY.  OBAMA CAN MAKE EXXON THE ENEMY ALL THEY WANT, but oil and gas helps everyone.  Arco oil and gas was my first real job, they provided assistance for school and gave invaluable experience into the oil and gas field.  I worked in Ingelside, TX on a deepwater oil rig.  I learned about nature, pressure, and business.  Oil and Gas ain't the enemy, the deficit is.


Cigars don't kill people-Doug Giles with an actually informative article about HPV and oral cancer.  Health is important check it out.

Debra J. Saunders addresses an trend of which I think is frightening how public servants who have to make tough decisions are being left to die in endless litigation by the Obama administration.  must read, indeed.

Steve Chapman took the time to address food and with all that is going on, we have to address it.  He explains how US farmers are finding ways to be successful without government assistance.  With all this budget mess, we need to check it out, read it and let your congressperson know how you feel.  We have to help US FARMERS, they feed us........

Kevin Connor breaks down how another Obama promise of hope and change has ended in lies........DOMA and his reversal for 2012.

we end with this by Paul Jacob:"Americans who pride their country for its No. 1 status might consider doing something before its number is up" a must read in townhall.

Heck, it doesn't get any plainer than that.

We gotta do something and do something now.

We don't have time for later down the road. we are at the end of the line right now.

take care,

god bless
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