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The Book of Reporters (Chapter 8)-correction

there is a reference to an article from newsweek about man on man sexual harrasment, when I meant to include one about how women are increasingly harrasing men due to shifts in power at the workplace.

but since ms. goode's character was acting a bit mannish......maybe it fits.

my point is that I apologize for the error.  i am doing IT work right now. my bad.

Hello America,

How are you?  Today, we are going to go a little alternative in every way.

We are going to address the subjects of sex, drugs and violence. You may not want to read it, but for the sex alone, you are going to read just bear with me, that's what I chose to write about today.

Which means a discussion of issues presented on the should-be Emmy nominated show The Game, Charlie Sheen, and violence.

Not going where you thought I was, am I?

First let's get one thing out of the way, Josh Gerstein for the picture of Obama alone.......just playing, this is a crucial article, and I think it is of high importance due to the fact that we are in the book of reporters.

It is a discussion of how the Obama administration is prosecuting leaks, which in all fairness to him does involve national security, however, it is also an avenue for people to report wrong doing.  From BP reporting about issues in the Mineral Office before the gulf spill, to people reporting how Barack was intimidating reporters asking about his birth and various legislation.......

From a President who promised accountability and transparency.........all we have gotten is blame bush, white people, rich people and dumb negroes that don't support Obama and some shady uncover deals like START, like Obamacare, like the Dodd-Frank bill........


Second thing, Michelle Malkin's people is missing.  please check her website, I am still doing IT work, I have to do all this myself and I am doing other odd jobs so bear with me.


But upon reading about Palin's parents, let me just say this before we get started today.


My family won't be affected so much as there is so much police surveillance behind this identity theft scam.  That's why I bring it to this blog so much, the attention provides protection.






We will fight this fight in the voting booth, not on the streets.  Trust you don't want it, and I don't want it for you.

I represent the most heavily armed citizenry IN THE WORLD......ILLEGAL ALIENS, IN THE WORLD.

I represent those who don't mind going up to see Jesus with some shovels in their closet.

So do what you gotta do, and from Palin's parents, to mine, to Michelle B. people and Michelle M. people, not one hair better be harmed........

not one.

Play like a gangsta, die like one......

This is my life, I am made, I have earned those stripes.  Out of the fantastic four, I am the one who will have no problem listing you as an enemy of the state and me and mines deal with you as such.  Calm down, lay down and fight your fight in the voting booth. You all can't handle what we will do to you in these streets...........

Most of my team is not black, stays in rural areas and counties, and already see the existence of Obama and his administration as reason enough to implement 4th amendment rules.

You don't want it, and I don't want it for you.  Let Ms. Malkin's people show up, Let Gov. Palin's parents sleep at night..........

Y'all show up in our homes, you know we don't have a problem getting to anybody we need to.

let's go to our story and today.  I am not asking for any illegal activity, I am merely asking these hostile Muslims, these hostile illegals, these hostile folk that are part of this massive identity theft/prescription/insurance/federal on all levels fraud........

to calm down or get knocked down because it don't matter to me.  I was always a step above, we the fantastic four.

I got a text from Jesus that said "come holla.........."

So I do, and Jesus is gangsta'd up,  He got his player ponytail, nice Armani suit, he got some heat that was just on levels......

He gives me a change of clothes, we on a mission, we ready to put in some work.  God pops his head in the room and just shakes his head.  We laugh.

I am listening to my Britney spears, yes, I admit it, I have a Britney jam on all of her albums, been a fan since day 1, so I'm rocking paradise, listening to that new Nikki m. with the stutter thing, I did that, something to that nature, got my chris brown look at me now.  Me and Jesus got kush, guns, and issues.  No wonder God left the room.

Jesus asks"  You really getting married??......."

I laugh "Yeah, that is, if he asks me, I ain't going to ask him........"

"You ready for all that, Tiffani.  You really ready to tell me that you are going to give up all this lifestyle, all these women, all that kicking it........"

"this is what you brought me up here for, Jesus?  That ain't cool, dude.  We got folk out here getting threatened with a sideways gangsta for a President.  You know he don't shoot straight.  I ain't gotta give up nothing, I am still going to kick it.  These women...........You think they are going to leave because I got a ring on, that's just brings more.  But my mind ain't on that, I don't have a penis.  I don't have anything to get aroused everytime I see a woman, you know that.........

Senator Ensign is going to resign.  These females ain't on my mind.  First of all, I purposely keep folk around that are not obtainable because I am trying to get married, have a family, remember.......


Now that I am walking in your father's grace, my mind is not on that.  If I wanted to be with anyone, man or woman, I am attractive, just need a wardrobe update, another hair cut, and I could have that.  Second of all, not a woman thinking I am a man, do I need to get graphic?  Emotions, feelings those are the basis of my arousal.......Never dealt with any woman who didn't move me, mentally.  You know that..."

Jesus nods, he is his father's child.  He notices that he has offended me.

"Nah, Tiffani, I ain't coming at you like that......It's just that you say all that, but the parts of your past weren't ugly.  They were attractive and you ain't really seeing what's coming around the corner.  They don't care about you being married, heck, most of them want you to be married.  But there are those who are going to want you for themselves, you are attracted to them.  You gotta squash that today, you gotta rock my agenda for today's post.  I'll talk to Daddy.  You've been in these streets......and you know in politics, blackmail is the only currency that really spends on the hill.  You not falling for the crap and drama those around you try to get you in.

You really don't care about nobody else's actions no more.  But you human, you got feelings, somebody is going to get close to you, Tiffani.  You have to prepare yourself for that.  I know.........I know first hand, you got your Kayne on, you can walk in a room full of all kind of beautiful women, debauchery and the only thing on your mind is getting some popcorn so you can watch Casino for the fiftieth time.  But you've been hurt, really hurt and that wound is gazing.  You are a better catch than you give yourself credit for.  Address it before it address you because those cameras are coming, they can hurt the other members of the fantastic four with violence, but with you having so much police around you, they are going to hurt you with temptation or try to."

I think, I look at Jesus.  He did take the time to get dressed up.  I laugh, I smile.

We drink, we smoke..........We talk.........and talk.........Who knew Jesus was that nosy?

Finally, after an inquisition that only the American press core could be proud of, he lets me go and here is where we start for today.

My simple point is that your judgment of me is so much cheaper than blackmail.  The only way, the only tools Producer Oprah has left are sex, drugs and violence to get you all tuned back into "Hope and Change: 2012 the global edition."  Sex, drugs and violence are the basis of pretty much 99.9% of blackmail.

let's go.

I thought about this post last week, upon watching the episode of the game.  that is a direct link to the show's site, cast members all that type of stuff.  Now, BET you know if freedom ain't free, free publicity ain't either.  When I come to BET awards next year, show me some love seating wise.........

I chose to highlight the dilemma of two characters, Melanie Davis and Malik Wright.  All today is dedicated to the alternative, so we only having facebook stories.  They are real stories, by real reporters, but these are things I got off of face book and a couple of articles from elsewhere.

Let's start with the obvious as it is men in the room and yes, Delmar really does read this site.

Melanie Davis, wife of the star Derwin Davis, decides to spice up her love life.  She chooses to have a threesome, at the last minute she changes her mind and escorts the young woman out of her home.  At the bottom of the stairs, the young woman kisses Melanie after Melanie discloses that she can't see Derwin with another woman.

The moment stops there and here is where we start with part one of sex.  Threesomes.

I have no need to lie about my personal life, but I try to keep it low because my personal life involves other people.  Some people may not want their business out there, whatever.

But since I do have the podium, let's clear up some things, save some marriages.

Women with other women as I can't speak for men with other men is a layered affair to say the least.  Now in the black community, we have "studs" women who masculines themselves if you will, even in the bedroom artificially.  Although they profess their love for women, most of them have children.  I call them a very disrespectful phrase because it is way for me to identify different types of women quick.  Ask Delmar, they come from all types of direction  I call them things that block water by default.  Meaning most of these women, would be with a man if a man would have them.

They masculinize themselves for whatever reason trying to play the homegirl routine with the dudes, but at the end of the day, their legs ain't spreading for the tooth fairy.....Bear with me, we have to get some definitions out of the way.

Then you have grown women like myself.  Because of the fact that I am broke, sick and about 30 pounds overweight due to my illness, raised by my fatherm socially aloof by nature,  I do come off with "studdish" undertones.  I never learned to wear heels, safely, never learned how to do my own makeup. However, there is a direct conflict with my appearnace and my personality especially in regard to females.

I am not attracted to studs.  Why have you playing a man when I can get a man, he can take out the trash, fix something?  I mean it may not sound right, but that's me.  I am very, very passive in my personal life, because I have so much control over yours......Just playing.  But serioulsy, I am not aggressive at all, although like I said my persona, my appearance most of the time suggest otherwise.

Most men think that it's about oral sex........Yeah, to an extent, but most bi-sexual women will tell you, it's about the foreplay.  That no matter what toy is brought, it will not replace a need for a man sexually for them.  I am in that category.  However, there is a catch with me........

I am a hopeless romantic.  I listen to the love songs.........I believe the love songs..........I have learned the hard way, that I cannot be with someone that I don't love or feel.  Woman or Man. 

When melanie the character starts to break down in telling the other woman why she couldn't see her with Derwin, it kind of alludes to what I am saying.

Every woman that is attracted to women, don't want to have oral sex on her. Don't have to, don't hate studs, haters, or those who judge.........It is what it is.   I know most men need to think that because that is what they want to see.  I know these studs say that because on the cool, they are trying to tell your man what they think he wants to hear while plotting to take him from you.  A lot of women, it's about emotion, and kissing and all the things you can't get your man to do unless it is your birthday, anniversary or he has really messed up.  It is more about the natural feelings that take longer for a woman to approach than a man.

For some reason, I always had very attrractive, very attractive so attractive women where I am like are you sure you are talking to me as "______"  I don't know how to fill in that blank.  I can't be your man, so you can't be my wife or vice versa.  They are always aggressive, and most of time, all I have ever had to do is sit back literally.....What can I say? I am loyal and simple.  it's not hard with me.

I would be lying to say that love wasn't made, not physically.  But in the sense, I have to make sure you feel something because I have to feel something to be there.  I am not a man or mannish in my approach to sex or sexuality.

So when Melanie kisses this woman and holds on, just a little too long. And in the next show or something else, someone else mentions a threesome.  I decided to address it.

WHEN SOMEONE HAS CHEATED ON YOU, until you resolve your issues of hurt and betrayl, trying to spice things up with your man with another woman is a recipe to end your relationship.  You can't handle it, seeing the man you love pleased by another woman unless you are right within.  All you are going to see is this dude getting to screw another woman and you will never be able to get that other woman out of your head.

Melanie in real life, would have kissed that woman back and got her number to sleep with her on her own. doing something for her because the underlying resentment she has towards Derwin is the reason for the lack of spectular sex.......not the addition of another person.  I keep telling you all I am a psych major with one B+ and the rest all A's from pepperdine..... And then the next episode, she would have had that threesome with her and Derwin.Because then and only then would she be able to focus on pleasing him after she pleased her herself.......

I don't think I should have said that that way, but you get it.

Selfish, maybe......But honest.  So dudes, remember as you use this show as an excuse to ask your girl for that threesome you think you want, be careful...........

are you treating her right?  b/c if she is a woman, on any level near mines, I can't speak for the super hard women, baby,y'all too much man for me, her emotions, her ability to feel plays into her sexuality and sensuality, and her emotions are going to get involved.

If you never take the time, to kiss your woman down, then don't get mad, suprised or hurt when Cinnamin is winning in all types of ways with your wife. Don't get mad when your wife reacts in ways you never have seen, because another took the time to look for those places.  not physically, get your mind out of the gutter. Notice the character in Jaz, who has already been through mulitiple sexual scenarios with her man has chosen to be in an exclusive and closed marriage with her mate. Really think about that.......

 They have already been down those roads, but with things like this, you can't tell folk anything, they only see what they want until they have been in it.....  It's not cool seeing the one you love with someone else, not when you look in their eyes and realize that it is not just physical and with women like me, it is never is.....

Sex is interaction between  people.  We grown and it is in these discussions, we sort out the childish folk, we sort of those who are not realistic, because we can't have senators like Ensign resiging every day over no affairs...We are a newer, just more openly sexual generation.

As far as for me personaly and what Jesus was asking........To say, that I will never be attracted to a woman is a lie, but honestly I don't see a woman and something on her body just moves me.  Every woman I have ever been attracted to me moved me mentally......I am not one of these females who just sees some booty and chasing the dudes down for it. Most of the time, I don't have to do anything, that female is going to come to me and because I am so clueless, you almost have to write a note for me to get it.

I can't say what's going to happen in the future, I know you can check out the game for showtimes at to see where Melanie and Derwin are going.

All I am saying is be careful, FELLAS LET YOUR WOMAN choose the person, your homegirl Stud Amy may be cool for you, but trust your woman is looking at you sideways through a straight pair of glasses.  Use this conversation and my disclosure to talk.  Right now, I am a a point in my life, where I am trying my best to build with Delmar, I can't handle him with another female not out of jealousy, I got Tiffani issues to work out, and trying to help my country.  There are no children in our midst, yeah, I want to have a baby, but right now I can't, and I have no need to lie.  My business is already out there.

So when I'm out, don't be offended that I don't want you and you may have approached Delmar about it, hey man..............these women these days, they bold.......

If you and Delmar cool, then you know we not going to be.  Let me just be me. Let me kick it, and if that involves a trip to the strip club, then let me make it there to. If I am there, I am not going to lie to Delmar.   I don't need help from my man to find friends to kick it with on that level.  I am trying to grow as a person, I don't want any empty interactions in my life, sexual or not.  And I have to honestly feel you....... Nothing personal.....

This is my life.  This is where I am at.  I need someone in my life to be a friend. Not a lover.  I need friends to help me stay empowered, and strong and on God's path and working for my country and all that type of stuff.  Anything other than that will never arise, if I can't see you as a friend.  Sorry, I just don't have it in me to just sleep with someone just because.......Being with me is like riding with Poisiden in the Ocean, we going places you didn't know was there.......because we start with our minds.....  Even when you are dry and on land, that ocean feeling never leaves you...

That mess with Melanie in the club is for TV, you'll end up killing somebody for your marriage.  Unless you are going to use a prostitute, use someone you know.  I pay at the strip club because they ain't working for free how can I promote captialism and don't practice it....., but I don't pay because I have to.  I just want to dance and have a good time and don't hate ladies or fellas, that for the most part I do tend to have women approach me that simply ain't going to fool with you.  Get over it....Billion dollars broads usually have a tendency to attract the same.

Just some food for thought.......

Okay, that's the first situation. talk about sex, talk about threesomes with your mate, get tested and get to know the woman and retest at least three times for all types of STD's for at least 60 days with the understanding that she is not having unprotected sex with anyone else.  It sucks, but isn't your life worth it?

The next storyline that I thought was relevant was that of Malik Wright and it involves actually sexual harrassment and rape.

Malik was seeing the owner's wife before rehab and the introduction of some real love in his life.  played by a beautiful young lady, I like her skin, I like her smile........but I don't have any clue what that woman's name is.  Anyway, Malik is in love and because of his job and lifestyle and the owner's wife makes Malik have sex with him.

Krista Gesaman in newsweek, reports how male sexual harrassment is on the rise.

Think about it, if Malik were a lady, wouldn't all of you be on her side? 

I like the mannerisms of Malik after the encounter, he doesn't touch her, he doesn't talk.  For those who have been sexually abused, you learn the hard way, that there is something more precious than your body.  Your soul and your love are sometimes all that you can protect......

I cried inside because that's rape.  Rape ain't about sex, it's about power and this power-hungry cougar getting some of that "ass........"  was that the word, Ms. Megan Goode(the woman who plays the part)?  It infuriates me just like it would if it were some woman. Malik bites his fingers, i'm a psych major was I not supposed to notice, which is indicative of compulsive behavior that he probably started as a deal with situations he has no control over.  But he does, the consequences to get the harrassment to stop will probably cost him his career.

Power is Power and rape is rape.  I hope despite all of your horniess with other elements of the show, that point was not lost.  We as women are stepping up, but we also stepping into the same pitfalls that we berate men about.  Men don't harrass, sexual harrassers harrass.

Men don't just rape. Rapists rape.


Charlie Sheen has just done a lot of drugs, but that is not why he is being outcast in Hollywood.  He doesn't involve himself with children.  In a land of Lindsey Lohan's father and Micheal Jackson looking a judge dead in the eye and saying the baby's is mine, but I don't know who the mother is, Charlie Sheen is just protecting his children.

Sorry.  He is not putting his kids in the "industry."  He will get on the tube and talk about "tiger blood" and make you fools that support this mess write the check.

Drugs are a part of reality.  Most of America is not sober. And although folk like me business is spread out there, some of you all need to realize that your habit is going to show sooner or later.  Through years of meth, your body is going to show, through years of crack, your paranoia levels, your anxiety levels are going to be affected. Same things, with all of these pills, syrup, acton, viagra, whatever.

But at the end of the Day, in the world Charlie Sheen is in, he is justified. B/c he thinks like me on one item.  He admits to using drugs, having prostitutes all that, but you will never hear about Mr. Esteves with no children and pedophilia and that's all hollywood is these days.  The only way you can get in Hollywood these days is to have a child that the "industry" can love.  I can't judge or knock Mr. Sheen as he looks rough, but I ain't going to not say what the real issue is about.

Hollywood don't want you sober, they want you as cheap as possible or with so much dirt on you, you'll do any part or any thing.  That man is just standing up for himself..........

The drugs, well.......................sometimes, you really do need to just say no.  Ask Obama.

Violence, we talked about that beforehand.  All of these Black Panther and move on folk, think they the only ones that know you to utilize violence.........Let the violence stay on the street and the fight be won on issues.....

Well, that's all, but here are some must reads......that are actually pretty good.

I can only give name and author as these are facebook links and I can't give out php links on here.

Jeffrey Miron, Youtube, an economist breaking it down how three things  entitlement reform, tax code reform, and regulation reform can make our country fiscally strong.

Washington Times-the Government posts the biggest monthly deficit ever..........  that's self-explanatory..  I wonder did that deficit grow from all of that "investing" Obama talks about?  Bill Clinton loving a 15 yr old girl in England, before you say low blow, I read Primary Colors the book, when it first came out.............DO I NEED TO EXPOUND?  These all facebook articles today, this is what Americans are reading and posting about. 
Union Democratic thugs protesting, yelling fagot, inciting violence, defacing war memorials, and assaulting seniors
 Viewer warning!!! Another foaming at the mouth democrat calling for violence!!!...

By:Charlie Brown. this is a video of what Michelle Malkin and folk have been talking about union thugs,at protests....

Guess the left-wing idiot obama trolls can't play the race card with this one? What a joke obama and his dumb supporters are! Not surprisingly, in all the lies and accusations of racism by the radical leftwing, the truth becomes distorted not only about the Republicans but also the Democrats
this is another video, i apologize for the links, I am still finding out how to do all that. 
Discussion of Obama and his attack on this country from Alan Keyes, a black republican presidential candidate I believe. check out this site for the basis of their argument, see at least what folk are thinking. another good site for how Obama is changing our freedoms to facism, the socialist versions
Obama Accused of Gay Sex, Drugs, and Murder

Barack Obama accused of smoking crack rock cocaine and homosexual activity with Larry Sinclair. Sinclair Alleges that in 1999, He and Barack Obama Shared Gay Sex and Cocaine Sinclair has since agreed to a polygraph, challenged Obama to do the same Sinclair has Filed a Federal Lawsuit Against

Like I said not dogging Obama, but this is what is out there, on facebook and trust folk are taking this more serioulsy, than Karl Rove.........(but I got love for you, Rove)
Well, that's it.
I just wanted to do something different for Monday and since I started to talk about my personal life, I just wanted to just open the discussion.  It really hurts sometimes because I am not able to be the woman that I want to be due to finances and these childish games that are still being played. It really hurts sometimes to be hated that attractive women find you attractive, want to take care of you, and you can't get loved ones to see past the hate. I'm actually a nice person for anybody.  And you can't hate that some women are willing to be on the side, in the middle....that's just life.
I just wanted to have some real talk about sex.  So much childishness in the air right now, and yes I am going to go out.  I am going to be hit with women who so don't want me, just want the drama or the blackmail points or just to say I got her.  I am very private, and personal and i don't do nasty(I really need not know your what that really means) women, women with kids, women with husbands........(hey, it happens sometimes, big smile)  I just want my friends and to keep holding God's hands. So all of you all little studs, little wanna be big girls, think you are freaky because you got a couple of threesomes under your belt, but can't a get a woman or man to stay with you past the sheets getting dry........
We bringing strong, sound, honest marriages back. So even if you get a trip in the bedroom(not mines........) remember wifeys are wifeys.....homegirls are homegirls and at the end of the day.  STAY IN YOUR LANE, don't get ran over by dreams of living a life, you ain't meant to.
But don't say if nothing else, we don't talk frankly on here.  I gotta go, my stomach is kind of riled up after thinking about Malik.
I need to go remind myself that that is just a show.
we'll get back to some more traditional issues tomorrow.
Ensign, you didn't have to retire,brother, I have fought for you, and would have continued to.  All the people want is for us to be honest.  Isn't this post proof of that?
ttyl, think and talk about it........  we have to have these type of discussions because folk like me have pasts....and I would rather talk to you direct,  where you can ask and know and hear my side.
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