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The Book of Truths starting with the letter r (Chapter 4)

Hello America,

I started with Chapter 4 because we have to move on.  God put something on my heart to write and I don't have time for foolishness today.  I am hurting really bad from walking yesterday.  Most of the time, I am in constant pain and I manage, but today is just one of those days, I can't even lift a load of clothes.

Let's go.

The image of Palin taking questions from the Indian media stirred some feelings yesterday.  Unlike before, no longer can Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney, say she ain't been nowhere.  India is important for a variety of reasons, but I thought it was an excellent choice due to the mulitiple dominant religions....buddahists...muslims.. and christians.  I thought that it was important because any time a muslim religion is prevelant in a culture, the gender dynamics are different, and limiting ramifications on women.

I went to church yesterday for a legal clinic, but it ended up being a primer for church business 101. The Speaker Sister Jocelyn Ceasar reminded me so much of donna brazile in speech and cadence, I couldn't do anything but laugh inside to an extent.

She was speaking on conducting one's self in God's house in order to conduct business. Not a small task, how does one mix business with God.

There are a lot of young ladies out here that are lost. Simply because they have been introduced to every role regarding relationships except for the one that will result in a successful marriage.  We'll get personal at the end, I am going somewhere right now.

I grew up in a fundamental baptist church.  No women pastors.  No women can lead the flock.  For awhile, I thought I had the call, but upon prayer while it have been to do some sort of ministry it wasn't for preaching.  Because in my mind, being a pastor resonates far deeper than preaching the sermon, or hosting the activities.  You lead your flock.  I grew up in a time where the pastor was the link between the working people and the "community" of the community. I grew up in a time where the police depended on the pastor....

When Sis. Ceasar starting explaining the effect of the dynamic of handling business in a place of worship, the issue of trust came up.


Trust in the fact that our men in the church are leading us in the right direction because as the roles are defined, the men lead, the women do not.

That's the reality I grew up in.  That's one of the reasons I belong to Good Street Baptist Church(every sunday, I put in a plug, b/c god knows I don't have no tithes right now.). 

Roles, especially young ladies, let them come to the front of the classroom as well as postal Tiffani(real people who have designated nick names...).


I grew up in a church where the men (deacons) sat in front, then the deaconness, and then the congregation.  Roles.....have a different resonance when you visually see the seperation of roles.

I asked myself how can I feel this way about a pastor and still be okay with Palin as President...

Roles and trust.  In this country, we place, we should place far more scrutnity about who is leading our souls, than who is leading our policies.....Seriously.  We do in the sense, that we place enough freedoms in our system for us to fellowship with who and how we see fit to have faith to let grown folk handle grown folk business.  The government don't raise children in this country, parents do.


The role of the president is to be the executor of federal law, the enforcer of federal law and some other LIMITED duties.  The role of a pastor is to lead his flock.  Can you understand the difference?  One role requires mere execution, one role requires an understanding of oneself in relation to a God he serves and the ability to relay that sentiment to others enough for them to trust and feel comfortable enough in their roles as followers.....

As we start to deal with the massive amount of cultural influx from muslims across the world in our culture, we have to deal with the question of can a woman lead?

My answer is what?

TO BE PRESIDENT IS NOT THAT DEEP, no disrespect, no disrespect.  BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE NO HARVARD EDUCATION, to protect your country.

Now this libya situation, and remember we are talking about ROLES TODAY.  Places Obama in the role he wants to potray to the voting demographic because he is uniquely aware of their presence, he is the manifestation of it......

He was focused.....he called the un, got approval, and then he sent the specific strikes, while putting the costs out there (I know what you are doing, barack, you can never put a price on safety, just b/c you don't believe in defending us, don't mean we do....), and then when Russia told him to stand down he did.

The connatation is clear, America don't have to do it alone, let someone else get the glory, before I cut Obamacare I will gut the military.  If it were about the people, i would have helped the rebels, but since my goal is to further the fabian socialist geo-political enslave the world mindframe, I let the rebels die, did just enough to say I did something because I did take the nobel peace prize for some act in the "future" and ride with that.  I LET THE UN GIVE ME PERMISSION TO DEFEND THE COUNTRY WHOSE EXPRESSED AND WRITTEN ROLE OF MY JOB IS TO DEFEND ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

Palin is hot-headed, Barack is cool.....



Barack ain' cool, and Palin ain't necessarily hard-headed, let's explore.

Talk about Michelle Obama, Barack ain't cool.  Talk about birthers, yeah, he is doing this laugh it off crap now because it's election season, but look at his body language, the tension is there.  Call him a punk or something or the equilvalent....

Palin isn't so hot-headed, her children are dogged everyday, people are winning dance competitions saying I just want to be her, Bill Maher referred to her as a "twat" and wonders why I am looking for superhead now to revoke his "ghetto pass.."  Obama made a direct threat towards her son who serves in the military.

She doesn't lose it, she don't holler, she don't give folk like Kathy Gifford the "love" she really needs to understand why children should stay out of it.

We mistake passion for an unacceptable extension of our role.  Nobody wants to haphazardly attack any country, Barack, but that don't mean leaving rebels standing up to one of the most ruthless regimes in the world hanging trying to get permission from the UN because you want to improve our image.

Do you not understand Japan is gone?  We can talk about the good luck of reactor this and that, but in the end when folk start having 15 feet, and one hand, don't say nothing.  The richest land in this earth is the United States of America.  Which is why, Mr. Obama we know why you want gun control? We know why you drag that poor lady Rep. Giffords around like a string doll....

You want to disarm the most legally armed citzenry in the world so that when you and this corrupt system we call the federal goverment give these illegal folk amnesty, we won't ride down with some of that "community involvement" the SEIU is allowed to get away with.


The role of the president ain't to write health care legislation, and certaintly not to write it in the white house basement bowling.....

The role of the president ain't to circumvent congressional oversight by creating czars, AND YES, MR. OBAMA I DON'T GIVE A HECK, THAT BUSH DID IT TOO.  HIS WRONG DON'T MAKE YOURS RIGHT.

The role of the president ain't to let illegal relatives stay in no white house.

The role of the president ain't to have 1000 entourages go visit countries, when our allies are literally underwater or attack.....

The role of the President is real simple.

So save the focus crap, because unlike you.....Palin has been helping the people, not robbing them.

She has faced the criticism, she took the realtalk playbook I offered her and came up with plays I didn't even see.  She got her foreign on....talking to India, talking to Israel (WHO WAS ATTACKED YESTERDAY.....).  She got her citizens on, ( TALKING AND WORKING THE GULF WHILE YOU TELL THEM THEY CAN'T WORK, BUT YET ANOTHER FOREIGN COUNTRY HAS A SPILL).  She is facing the reporters.

She is building trust in the voting demographic because she ain't promising some generic promise of hope and change, she is telling the truth.

And in the end, in the end.  It's all about the ladies this election, men are important no doubt, but with child support and all of these other issues, it's about the ladies.

And women go with who they trust before they go with who they like.  Every woman is selfish on levels men can't fathom, a real woman who is comfortable in her role is not impulsive with that selfishness, that's all.

Barack, you lie.  Straight up.  You lie, you bail, you dog this country, you have bankrupted this country and yet you have the audacity to stay that a woman cannot fulfill the role of government because she lacks a penis.....B/c her estrogen forces her to go "crazy."

A woman who had children with one man, the man she married.  worked her way up through state schools and city council meetings and dogged unmercylessly while a admitted teen or adult drug addict who just straight up doesn't think enough of the people who employed him for this role to resolve birther issues, who lies about cbo reports, who dogs allies, and apologizes to terrorists, who let Russia tell us to stand down, who let Farrakhan basically threaten him into leaving libya alone because "muslim brothers don't attack muslim brothers"

just goes free.

Baby, that's more than calm, that is ice cold, some of that I can see Russia from my house cold.  How you think she feels inside?  I don't see one skit with a pipe in Obama's hand, but when Marion Barry or Bobby Brown or Whitney came out, you couldn't keep it off the air....Palin is the left's biggest money maker and the right.  And yet, she walks her own path to help America keep its freedom.  She basically put the tea party on the map, and whether the tea party freshman are doing everything they can. WE WOULDN'T HAVE AN IOTA OF THE CUTS AND ATTEMPTS AT ACCOUNTABLITY WE HAVE KNOW WITHOUT THE TEA PARTY WHICH IS TO SAY WITHOUT PALIN.

Baby, that's proof that she is able to handle her role as President.

She didn't her to be a man to fulfill that role, Barack.  The constitution is very clear about the job description.

We are going to fight on the issues, we will not tolerate these side bars on whether a woman can handle the job and let me end with a personal story because the only loose cannon Palin really has to deal with is me. But it is folk like me that started her presidential campaign November 4, 2008.

For those who are new to this site, I am a victim of identity theft, so I chronicle different acts because of the involvement of police and law enforcement corruption to show the depths of how identity theft and illegal immigration affect us all.  These are real people, this is not for a tattle tale session, it is a political point. so just try to follow.

Yesterday, was a very trying day, remember we talk about roles, earlier, circle that word roles.  As soon as I posted the first time yesterday, Delmar was over removing me from the computer, but I posted again that night.  And I meant what I said, so he says he is going to come home at whatever time, and I don't care. He just knew that I didn't have much money and there was no food in the house.

Of course, he didn't come home when he said he was, so I had to walk to get something to eat with what I had.  I hadn't really eaten all day and of course, that wasn't enough.  So I just walked, did laps to keep my stomach from burning so bad.  I call and text but he can't answer because he is helping postal Tiffani.  See my phone is cloned.  So when I get online on my phone, postal Tiffani can't be online at home.  I don't have a phone registered in my name, she has a phone registered in my name.

So until I update my facebook status last night, letting the world know I was at rockefeller park and not at her house, I don't hear from him.  It's obvious what postal Tiffani is doing.  She wants Delmar and I to break up after this hypothetical harvest so that she can keep my identity going.  She doesn't want me and Delmar ot have a child because she is using my identity and on paper, her child is my child.  How would that look at the doctor's office when I have a child and there is already one on paper for me.  Postal Tiffani don't know her role as a woman....not her fault. let me rephrase that she don't know my role as a woman in relation to Delmar.

But you can't get a woman who ain't going to never be married to understand the role of a wife, so I am not going to even try. Anyway, Delmar comes in because now it is all on facebook where he is known and I am known that I am at a park, hungry and stranded while he is kicking it with postal Tiffani.  No one is a fool.  People know what's going on down here.  But it is just not Delmar, or postal Tiffani, at church, at home I have been just tried all day.

I guess I am supposed to wack out or something.  But when I tell Delmar I am gone to the park, he comes home.  When I get in the house, he can't even look at me.  He knows what postal Tiffani and my sister, and my family's intentions were.  Leave Tiffani stranded, hopefully she'll get raped or robbed or attacked as I have had several pretty close calls this last week.  it ain't just her, my sister had her fingers crossed too...

I look at him, he looks at me, can't even look me in the eye.  I walked to get something to eat broke, b/c the last I had I put in the truck I used to drive.  He expects me to rant and rave, but why? 

As Sister Ceasar was alluding to at church, I can trust because I know my role and when you know your role, there is no confusion because the only thing for you to do is what is within your job description.  I trust God enough to simply do my part.

I view marriage as not a deal between to people, but a promise to God regarding another. I said for better or for worse, I meant it.  Postal Tiffani you can't understand in the end, you can't make Delmar the father to your child because if he is, then he can't be the father to my child.  You and I,postal Tiffani.....

You have shown Postal Tiffani that as long as you are free, my health and safety are at risk.  I hurt inside where I can barely sit in a chair to write.........Keeping a car registered to me over your house ain't going to make you me.  Having Delmar over there like he is the father of your child, ain't going to make it true.  Every time, you convince him to do this and do that, you all are just telling the world and we all from Carter Country, we all know how WE TALK, WE ALL KNOW HOW WE DO.

You know what I did postal Tiffani, I didn't fuss at Delmar, didn't say nothing to him about it.  Why?  You the problem, your refusal to recognize my role is the problem.  A man don't stay with you because of how he feels about you, he stays because of how he feels about himself.  I looked at Delmar's head, he knows what he is doing is wrong but when you make deals to hurt others because you too consumed with your own hurt....well, it gets messy at times.

You all thought I would get mad at him, but I feel sorry for him, that because of illegal immigration because we all know why you doing what you doing postal Tiffani, and the fraud including prescription fraud, document fraud he has to dog the one person he knows has his back to save you. 

A professor of mine Dr. Jeanna Kravitz remarked one day in class, how she went to therapy complaining about her husband, and left understanding that he was way more vulnerable than her.  I couldn't understand that then, but I do know.

See postal tiffani, I don't have to argue or remind Delmar of what he is doing, that's what stressing him so bad, the days of Tiffani cussing and fussing are gone, long gone.  The days of truths and choices are here.

If it were just Delmar, or just my family postal Tiffani, we both know that this would be over.  But you got neighbors in my parent's hood relaying to you when I leave, you got folks at DART, you got folk all over, you do....I can respect that, I can dig it.

But you know what I got postal Tiffani, I got God and I got your brother's heart. He can love you all he wants, but he knows I want a baby, and he knows that I know my worth.  He knows that if he continues to play these games, he is going to end up in prison with you and another man will take his place. 

It's that simple. This is life, postal Tiffani.  It's hard to get you to understand that because no man is going to marry you.  Not until you accept the reality of your role as a woman.  Every time, my sister, my mama, my church members, you postal Tiffani, Delmar pull this get Tiffani wild act, you give me a chance to show how secure I am in my role and how I can trust God to walk this path with no questions...... at the end of the day, my mom, my sis, they married.......they gotta a backup plan, what you got?

Roles, postal Tiffani.  Role definition removes confusion of realities.  Hurting and all, I am washing his clothes, I am doing the same thing I do all the time.  Your attempts at keeping this hustle alive until I get killed is only ensuring that I will personally, PERSONALLY BE AT YOUR SENTENCING.  It is becoming a question of pathology with you.....  I really don't think you need to be in prison, I think you are a very hurt and angry woman who needs psychriatic help.  I do.  The lengths of violence you are willing to use, the manilupation you play with secrets on Delmar because he was vulnerable at a time in his life and gave you my information, the ruthlessness you display with these plans of you.  Render you a threat to others.

The fact that you can't grasp the concept that nothing is going to happen to me.....

The fact that you nor your brother can't grasp the concept that the world, screw Dallas is looking at you all like what kind of sick crap is this.......

You think you the only one hurting?  you think you the only one been raped? been abused? been played?  You think you the only one that can get some pills or some kids or make some tapes??? Your replacement is just waiting on them to put the handcuffs on you, girl.  FOR YOUR SAFETY, GET COUNSEL.

You can't keep this lie up, you realize that don't you.  You realize, everyone KNOWS WHAT YOU ALL DID, EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE DOING, don't you?  You do realize that you have made it where you will go to jail, you will lose custody of your children because your actions show a lack of regard for others.  You used Delmar and a lot of others to get me killed.  It is you, postal Tiffani and while you represent a lot of money and a lot of pull to a lot of people. 

It is your failure to understand your role that will have you removed.  You have to live your life in your own name postal Tiffani, and that means your job, your cars, your connects all that is gone.  Delmar can't save you......Hell, he can't even save himself.  How can you when LOVE FROM A WOMAN SECURE IN HER ROLE ENOUGH TO TRUST SIMPLY BEING THE CHILD GOD IMPLORES HER TO BE EVERYDAY IS IN THE MIDST?  Baby, I'm playing wifey games........

I am marriage material. Delmar knows, knows that choosing you gives someone else a chance at me.  I got a right to be loved, to be taken care of, to not have to walk for food.   I got a right for a man to say Tiffani lean on me, you are the first in my life, I would love to have a baby with you.  Do you not understand that no matter how much Delmar is around you, it ain't like me.  Our roles to him are different and maybe if some man felt that much about you to marry you, then you would understand.

Roles, young women.  This is marriage. You ain't gotta break up or tear up nothing, just nod, let them have it and be you. Learn from postal Tiffani's mistake. No matter how much she begs Delmar or bribes him or pleads that she "gotta" do this for her family, for her children is going to erase the fact that I am a grown woman secure enough in my role as a woman to only play the game like a woman.  Just like Palin is secure enough in herself to face her critics for good or for bad.

Walk your path and make not the postal tiffani's of your life make a decision, MAKE THE DELMARS OF YOUR LIFE MAKE A DECISION. And as long he comes home, as long as he keeps you close to keep the nightmares don't have to worry about postal Tiffani's because that man not if he loves you, but if he loves the way he feels when he is loving've won already.

Postal Tiffani, you don't have the pedigree to be me.  God bless you, and keep safe but you know all this is documented and I will ask for conspiracy to murder charges....

You should have had somebody teach you your role, and you would have a spouse to lean on.

Baby, this america.  Wives trump girlfriends, homegirls, siblings, and mamas.

U need help, postal Tiffani because it's fam ain't going to jail, you are for a very long time.  And it is time you come to terms with this because if you don't stop these attempts at my life, and I am saying the same to my sister, it is going to get to a point where someone is going to kill you before they let you snitch and with the charges you got coming, you going to snitch.

Get an attorney, and make a deal.  Or get killed.  That's the choices you have left.  Delmar is only putting himself in prison with you, not for you helping you.  Get an attorney and make a deal or get killed.  You got too many people in DART, the post office, and DPD and other places that you have gotten to committ acts that if not for God's grace would have rendered my life.  They are not going to all go to jail because Postal Tiffani's lick is up.

Grow up, Role up and Face up.

get an attorney, make a deal or get killed.  it's that simple.

you all ain't fooling nobody, nobody, i am embrassed and saddened for you, but your own people are realizing you are becoming a liability and it will all go away if you do.

get an attorney and make a deal.

be back tomorrow.

sorry for the personal length, I really contemplate if I am dealing with someone who is complete denial about the trouble she is's scary.  Illegal America, it's really over.  It is.
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