Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Book of Truths those that start with the letter R (Chapter 5)

Hello America,

How are you?  I'm feeling a little better, just a tad.  Everyday, we are welcoming new faces on here.  @tmims50 come check on the fun on twitter.

How do I want to do this today.....Hmm.......

We are going through the book of truths starting with the letter r until the 1st and then we will continue with another book of truths until Easter Sunday.  Believe or not, it is some folk out here convinced that I really am related to Lucifer and use lent as a reason to ensure I won't rise early Easter Sunday morning...But it's all right.

Race is the topic today.



Let me just prepare you, as for a couple of things, there are going to be some use of racial slurs, I am going to edit them, of course, but we are here to address some truths and I can't explain my point and relay to some of these folk that I know read this without using some language they can relate to.

Webster defines race in several ways, I am an American.....we do dictionaries, not wiki...

The descendants of a common ancestor; a family, tribe, people, or nation, believed or presumed to belong to the same stock; a lineage; a breed.


Company; herd; breed


. Competitive action of any kind, especially when prolonged; hence, career; course of life.

Now granted, there are several more but these are the definitions that I chose for today.

let's go.

Yesterday, I was very hurt.  You can see me alluding to it on fb to an extent and on twitter @tmims50.  Campaign seasons especially for presidential campaigns are brutal from the start, but with the influx of Obamanization (yes, Gov. Palin is not the only who can make up words ...) into 2008.  As far as black people, it got very personal and very brutal.

That is kind of what I was alluding to yesterday with Rep. West, I mean it's cool that he can mock Senator Reid, but it goes into the negro minstrel side show.  Although, Although for an older dude, he was rocking that t-shirt....I ain't going to hate.

I think it was Brit Hume a political person who I greatly admire for his candor.  I mean sometimes Brit get on Fox News Sundays like I don't give a darn, my house paid for, I got my pensions in order, if you want to fire me after the show.....Man, he throws the entire book of John, Boehner that is at fox like so be it. I got to speak my mind.  Anyway, I think when Obama first came in, he turned the AC up and let folk walk around in clothing not respective of the white house and had it funky on top of that.  To paraphrase, he something about respect of office.

That's how I feel about Rep. West, why do black men have to jingle and jangle?  Where is the serious person that is like I am contemplating being President, I ain't here for Def Comedy Jam.  It demeans........And while it may just seem like a passing moment, U HAVE TO LIVE THE LEGACY AS A BLACK AMERICAN WITH THIS NUT SOME OF YOU CALL PRESIDENT AT THE HELM.

I remember when Obama first won, I told you all that you were going to see factions of black folk that you never knew existed.

http://www.foxnews.com/.  Check out Glenn Beck's show yesterday, b/c he is the only one who showed Louis Farakhan tirade in entirety. 

Black men and women like Obama, Farakahn, Rev. Wright, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey ain't like black people like me.

I digress....I digress...... I felt a lot of heat, a lot of anger, a lot of hurt and resentment from a lot of friends and family.  The black ones because my family is all over the world.  I got homies in China, ridahs in Iran (believe or not, I have some Muslim friends.....I am trying to learn and grow everyday),  even got love from down under. 

Now it could be because I am getting this identity theft straight and it's just some mad a** negroes....

But as I reflected on what to write about today, I thought I would just talk about race in way, you all can't.

First of all, @JedediahBila on twitter, check her out she brings truths to the right.  She calls them out, she stays on point.  Now she ain't a member of the fantastic four, BUT, BUT SHE IS PUTTING IN WORK.......FOLLOW HER.


I'll believe it when I see it. - GOP leaders pledge to block deficit package that increases taxes: http://bit.ly/hNEs9c


IMPORTANT:Dems inserted provision into health care law re: IPAB that makes it very difficult to eliminate the board: http://bit.ly/i6B3JA

that's what she spends her time doing every morning.

Every morning, and every day, every day, I am meeting and networking with folk on twitter and all this type of stuff, but very few are black.  Yeah, I got love from Thurman Thomas and a couple of other folk, but very few. It's sad because I admire Donna Brazile to an extent and even Roland Martin, but some of the just plain racist crap they let out of the mouth, sends me into soul searching.

 I have an alter ego on twitter,  i can't give you that addy, but I do chat with a lot of black hollywood on there, but nothing too deep.

I mean I listen to Ke$ha, man that song blow......that's my hype song right now, we do what you don't......what.....

I listen to pink, I actually love kings of leon,  I got friends named Hillbillies and stuff.  It saddens me because I feel detached in a way from my community.

I am not feeling this post, this is what happens when I pre-write, so let me tell a story and then maybe you'll get what I am coming to.

Let's get the rest of the political mess out of the way first.  Someone tell Gov. Barbour he don't need to lose that weight to run, he needs to lose it if necessary because he is on Mississippi's health care plan, save the state some money in the long run.......Screw losing some pounds, when you can lose about the first 40 years of your life, Gov. Barbour, baby the world is yours.

Until then, sit still.......Have faith in the God u say you love and don't run.  YOU KNOW THE ONLY WAY TO PRECLUDE OBAMACARE IN TOTALITY FROM BEING IMPLEMENTED IS THROUGH THE GOVERNOR'S OFFICE UNTIL WE CAN GET PALIN IN 2012.  YOU KNOW THAT.......  Instead of letting your advisers stroke that ego, let god stroke you with some truths about race.

You grew up in a time where black men were called boy and don't tell me you didn't do it, even out of social pressure.  Your presence in the race ensures an Obama victory, and Gov. Barbour.....

Gov. Barbour......Me and who I represent can't stand for that.

Your time has passed......for that.  Stay in your lane.  You are the governor of the 'sip, you got david banner and ole' miss all in one.  Come on, man, you too classy of a dude to get what's coming to you because I will slaughter you in the primary before I let you give Obama a second term.


How do you really think #41 felt about Cee-lo and crew singing to him?  On the cool, it's an insult because we know that ain't #41.  Cee-lo is talented no doubt, baby, from goodie mob on, I have followed his career, but for a bush to be serenaded by a dude who pushes the limits of sexuality and music with a top hit I might add named "F*** U", it is disrespect.  Not because Cee-lo is black, but because race is so much deeper than we might add. Barbara Bush, come on.....

#41 and Bill Clinton took tsunami fund money and paid for the presidential libraries, in return for non-prosecution, Obama flings them out I guess to show his "bipartianship" through association.  He's cool with Bill and Bill is cool with #41.

okay here's a story, and you'll see where I am coming from.

Delmar and I were talking last night, and he has this thing about me with gold teeth.  I don't have any gold teeth nor do I want any.  He takes it as I am too "stuck up" for gold teeth, but he is the one who grew up in suburb after suburb while I really did kick it in the projects......Ozan Courts, Bradford, y'all don't know it.  He doesn't realize that it hurts because he is always trying to change me, but this don't have nothing to do with that. 

He is fascinated with things of the "ghetto" which let you know, he ain't from no ghetto......He don't know nothing about that.

Gold teeth.......For those who want them, it's cool.  But I have perfect teeth, I have never even had a cavity, have you seen my smile, baby dentists get college tuition money to give their patients this type of smile.  And as we talked, he talked about bragging to his co-workers about what his mama drives or his sister. It saddens me because I'm thinking do you realize what you are saying?  You are bragging about things that don't belong to you and unless your sister or mama need you for some errand, they don't let you drive none of this.....

But it got me thinking about a larger issue.  Don't think of black folk and niggas in this post as descriptions of people of color.  There are "black folk" and "niggas" in every race just open your mind....

That is of black folk and niggas.....Sorry, I am not going to clean this up.  Because it don't resonate the same.

We as a country, not just black folk thing of niggas as dunking and wilding out, tron from real world, rick james, bobby brown, just people of color on the loose with no abandon.  We think of niggas when Mike Tyson used five fingers to literally remove a man from the floor he stood and paid for every episode of the wire, sex in the city and the sopranos all at one time.

Most of you all in the non-black culture think that this is the distinction between niggas and black folk.  Most of you all black latins that are not from here or on that fresh off the boat mission, think the same.  Like it is the flashy dude wearing coogi versus Armstrong Williams' bowtie.


It is what each term stands for.  See we got some hustlers, that ain't hustlers.  Living off your kids check, selling children to pedophiles just so you can say you got multiple cars, that ain't hustling.  That just being a sick individual who needs "love" from a shotgun in that special "region of love......" What I am alluding to is the infusion of social justice in the 60's leading to cultural suicide for black people culminating in 2008.  The niggas are winning right now because that's what America wants.


b/c it's easy.....Look at Obama, a crackhead? come on, y'all didn't want to let Michael Irvin in the hall of fame and all he did was play ball.

Look at West, shucking and jiving, instead of being at brother boehner's office, doing whatever it takes to defund Obamacare and all that type of stuff.....


The major difference between niggas and black folk ain't absolute.  Every black folk got some nigga in them, every nigga well.........if they even had a clue they wouldn't be a nigga, so go figure with that one.

Niggas worship other folk shit, niggas base their realities off of shit that don't own. Niggas don't want to work, niggas want to steal, niggas don't give a darn about pride or other american values.  Niggas want to mainlupate you to get it, I guess as a testament of their "game"  TWO MORE SHOWS LEFT, PLEASE SUPPORT THE GAME http://www.bet.com/ FOR SHOWTIMES, AND SUPPORT HOSEA'S CHARACTER BEING BROUGHT BACK.....

Niggas spend time talking about other folk, spending money on things that depreciate the moment they set up in the store.  Niggas don't think, they follow.  All you have to do for a nigga is show him something he can't have....

Niggas are ignorant and depend on others to think for them, they occupy themselves with the latest fashions, and cars and clothes so that they can be the number one nigga at the club. 

Black folk hate niggas......not because of their culture and creativity, nah......Black folk love that about niggas, it is the fact that niggas spend time and fiscal resources on stupid things.  How many niggas you see right now coming out of club driving a car that they don't own, staying with mama, and dressed in clothing that would ensure a down payment on a home.  How many niggas you know right now standing on some corner and instead of talking about how much obama is screwing this country darn near getting into shootouts of whether Jay-Z really did break down the illuminati?

Niggas are ignorant, they are lazy.  And it is this nigga type attitude that has made it all the way to the white house.  Because only a nigga want some stuff that don't belong to them and have the audacity to look at you sideways for wanting your stuff back.

So when Delmar asks me about gold teeth, it doesn't piss me off because i don't understand niggas.  Heck, I am more nigga than him.  Trust.....  Dudes that go grow up in the ghetto know it ain't no fun.  Dudes that grow up in the ghettos which niggas just love and respect because the fact of living in a neighborhood that requires decency and honesty versus some nasty apartment and shacks is too much for niggas... on the real, those are the dudes that take a Tiffani and say "baby, you got gold in between your legs, in your heart and in your brain......" 

Those type of niggas understand the value and worth of black folk.  They don't spend time trying to recreate ghetto moment after ghetto moment.  Those type of niggas got black folk in them, and if we can ever get an economic recovery going those type of niggas turn into black folk that go to tea party events, that demand the end of social corruption of our values through leftist programs like Sec 8, which rewards single mothers and rewards them removing the child's father presence from the home.  Niggas who grew up in the life most of these "wanna be" niggas brag about, KNOW THE VALUE OF AMERICAN PRINCIPLES.....


You all think that because Obama went to Harvard and is married or Holder, or Hill Harper or all of these donna brazile's, steve harvey, roland martins all cleaned up are black folk and folk like me are niggas.....

You got it backwards.

B/c only a nigga wants something that is yours, don't want to pay for it, and have the audacity to tell you they deserve it.

Break down the essence of hope and change, and it is not a black liberation theology you find, it is a nigga mentality.

We going to take your stuff like jobs, opportunities and give it to the people we think deserve it, even THOUGH EVEN THOUGH IT IS YOUR STUFF AND WE HAVE NO RIGHT TO IT.

Ain't that a pretty consise summarization of Hope and Change from letting Brazil have 20,000 jobs that we could have used, to taking your money to teach six year old children how to perform fellatio.....to starting s*** with libya to distract you FROM THE BUDGET THAT WE NEED IN TWO WEEKS, SUPPORT REP. PENCE IN HIS EFFORTS TO FUND THE GOV.T DAY BY DAY UNTIL WE GET A BUDGET.  IT IS NIGGAS IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND NOT B/C THEIR SKIN IS BLACK, BECAUSE OF THE NIGGA MENTALITY THEY APPLY TO EVERY POLICY.

Niggas don't rely on aptitude for nothing, they figure if they just show a mouth full of gold teeth, someone is going to "fear" them or pity them.

Well, in regards to black niggas, there are being phased out.  Hispanics are the majority minority and getting ready to be the majority.  They got their own cultural distinctions.  And they have learned from black niggas here ON WHAT NOT TO DO.

and that's what hurt me last night.  I am latin, let's face it......but in this country I am black as well.  I was raised to affect elections and be a force in this nation, but with a man who can't accept the fact that I am a black person, nah.......he needs me to be a nigga.  So that his sister can keep using my identity.  See a nigga can work at the post office, GO BEHIND THE COUNTER, YOU CAN PRETTY MUCH SEE THE NIGGA MENTALITY MANIFESTED RIGHT THERE.

B/c niggas can't work on presidential campaigns, not on the right........B/c niggas can't write and market televisions shows, and musical projects like I do......Nahh.....that would require hard work.  Niggas can't contribute to charities because they have made themselves into a charity and the elitist leftist social agenda that Obama is trying to push down our throats rewards them for that mentality.

Niggas spend lives and money in Libya bypassing the congress just to say look at much of a waste defense is, when we can subcontract the UN for our defense, because niggas don't understand the value and pride of saying I don't mind being number one because I am willing to do work.

Niggas make beats, black folk make music......

Niggas brag about other people stuff, black folk pay off mortgages and laugh while niggas remember their best days from cell blocks and pissy corners.....

Geno Young is a musical "black folk."  Let's give him a warm real talk welcome.  Now it took me hacking into my own facebook account so that I could get his lyrics, so this will be the only music for today.  But I chose this song for two reasons........one he took the time to include musicianship, that's some black folk stuff.  Meaning when I hear the trumpet or trombone, my ears ain't what it used to be.  I know it's somebody playing it, not no keyboard and with these computers these days, he could have just said screw it, I'll do it digitially.  He employed PEOPLE, WHICH MEANS HE GAVE OPPORTUNITIES TO THOSE WHO TOOK THE TIME TO LEARN A CRAFT. This dude went to school with Nora Jones and other musical legends walking the same hallways of his high school.


He deserves our support because he is using music to bring the same "black folk" mentality Palin, and other patriots are trying to do.  Achievement, being qualified, earning your ranks.

Shoulda.....by geno young, I used him to try to talk to these niggas who think I am supposed to kiss their butts over some non-paid houses and cars when they have ran through millions.


check it out, musically the boy is bad, y'all know what I do to songs on here.

I’ve got a lotta friends that try an tell me what to say

But truth be told I never liked them anyway

(even in his first part of his lyrics, he stands as a man and lets you know on some level he thinks for himself.....)

but when it came to you that year it seemed no one was there

I had a plan to fix your frown and take you anywhere

(I had a plan for niggas America, I wanted to take that frown of being 50+ with no clue that many of our "players" that have been frequently mentioned in my personal segment.....I had a plan for them America, to get set in life be fiscally stable and be assets to the community, tried to take them anywhere outside of those pissy corners they so fascinated with.....)

I wanted you, you didn’t know, but that’s beside the point

You looked so good to me that night, but that’s beside the point

I wish I smoked and drank then i would have the perfect line

I shoulda been more cleva, but i didn’t make the time I...

I did want peace between niggas and black folk.  I wanted to help black niggas in particular see, they are no longer needed...To help them prepare for life without the hood.  I wish I could get down with gold teeth, I guess, and some tattoes and the ability to "score" on people to relate, but I guess......Those old-fashioned values of being myself and that means no gold teeth, and no tattoes, and lacking the ability to degrade folk in front of others is just me....I should have been more cleva, but i can only work with what God gave me.

Shoulda said something

Shoulda said something

But I chose nothing

Should said something

I did chose nothing because the only thing that will shut niggas up from saying stupid stuff like college is a rip off for someone who has an IQ of 135 is having the stupid and simple material things that niggas covet......  And since I don't have this at this moment, because I didn't go out and adopt nor pimp no children.....wasn't really nothing to say.

Thought I had built up all my courage when he took your hand

I never gave a second thought just said “she’s got a man”

When I was going to try to be this nigga in order to keep the folk around me that I loved, heck, all I did was get beat and when I looked up, it was folk like mother dearest saying niggas got a man: me....we don't need you.

and then the band began to play and so i took the stage

My ego wouldn’t let me linger so i turned the page

The band began to play called Hope and Change, let a nigga win the 2008 edition, and I had to go and create this real talk stage to counter the nigga virus that is infecting our country.  My ego and my security in the God I served drug me away from feeling sorry for myself because I just don't fit in with niggas.....so I had to start writing and 817 posts later I am still here...

I wanted you, you didn’t know, but that’s beside the point

I hope that you enjoyed the show but that’s beside the point

i wanted you to know that I tried, I sold crack.....did everything they said on the rap videos that would make me a hood star, I wanted niggas to be proud of me of how I turned this site from a documentation of identity theft to something that every major player in politics read everytime I post whether they like or not....

I stayed up half the night re-playing what I shoulda said

and now these thoughts of you they never ever leave my head I..

I sit here in tears wondering if I did get these gold teeth, would he love me anymore, if I starting shooting myself up with nigga mentality and start being for Obama, would my friends and family love me again.......these thoughts consume me at times..

I shoulda said something like

I want you need you in my life but

words got mixed with thoughts

I really was going to do all that, but the "black folk" in me demanded that I started thinking and realizing and accepting to truths about race and niggas....And then I could no longer degrade myself for not wanting to be a nigga versus an American who happens to be black, who happens to be a nice person.....  I did what serves as kyrptonite for niggas, I started thinking and when your words intertwined with my thoughts of faith, freedom and fellowship.....I let you go.  I let niggas go, cried and just accepted the fact that most of my black friends will be stars who can testament to the stressors that niggas bring everyday and non-black friends who handle the niggas in their culture a lot differently than mines......

that's it........

that's all for today, you all don't see what goes behind the scenes between my mom and delmar and my sister and the hacking, it takes like two hours to post.  I'm not dogging nobody, but I am just tired of this nigga mentality from Holder defending some black panthers but wants to sue the Klan to this nigga mentality of barack of I'm going to spend all of your money and bankrupt this country so all y'all can be niggas and I can look down and laugh.....

i am tired of the nigga mentality saying that we gotta have a black candidate to counter obama versus a qualified one with a long form ready.  I am tired of the nigga mentality that I have to endure at home FROM SOME NIGGAS MADE BECAUSE I TOOK MY LIFE BACK AND EMPLOY MYSELF TO DO SOMETHING FAR DEEPER THAN SOME ENTRY-LEVEL JOB...no disrespect....to nobody, hard work is hard work,  But I got in-laws who think I am supposed to just have enough so she can keep her job and life.

I am tired of the nigga mentality trying to shame me into getting gold teeth to show i'm down.  I am tired of the nigga mentality that I don't have a right to judge Obama for the diabolical fiscal, political, social and cultural terrorits he is.


I am tired of niggas like Obama using his black voice when he want to show power, and his white voice when he wants some money.


I am tired.....And I ain't trying no more to work with niggas.....I guess I could have got my Geno Young on and shoulda' but why? Until I degrade myself to the lowest levels, y'all niggas ain't going to accept me anyway.

gotta go.......

And on a personal note, I don't respect women who take cars from their children, who broker children for a living, who uses government dollars to steal another person's life.  I don't hate on what you have mother dearest, nor none of your children.  But understand I am going to be rich, because that is the only way I can keep niggas like you out of my life.  I have to keep an attorney on retainer just to monitor my ssn so you and your daughter can't use your federal employment to steal it.

I don't care about how much money you had when you gotta use your children to help you steal identities....I don't care about how many used new luxury cars you got in your driveway when you can't afford the garage nor home nor community to store them.  I don't respect folk who gotta steal from the system from utility fraud, to prescription fraud and help pedophiles to get victims as hustlers.......

Nah.....when I make it and I am.  It won't be because I stole another woman's identity, or I sold someone's child into the arms of a "loving" sex offender.  I ain't no nigga, and I guess if that fact is going to cost me Delmar, my invitation to my family reunion and my ability to walk in most black establishments, so be it.

I am mother dearest, going to be richer than you ever dreamed of, I am going to stay in communities where you and your million dollars checks couldn't go.  I am going to have my house, my sister's house, and my parents households totally debt free by the end of the year, and no babygirl, no aeroponic marijuana is needed.  I am a black folk.  All I gotta do is hold on to god's hands and keep spreading the truth about faith, fellowship and freedom and document the tragedies I have to endure being a victim of identity theft with a nigga like you at the helm......... You do realize I am a marketing machine, chris brown , mumford and sons, the show the game can testify to that.  And with the fact that I do have musical connects I don't need you to meet folk like Marsha Ambrousia from floetry or Montell, i deal with them directly allready and when the word of this posts spreads throughout the industry. On  the fact that i love her music, especially the new single far away, i'll put her on a soundtrack and get a colab down on gp... I'll probably be writing for some major studio by the end of the year, have my first movie project next year so I can contribute all I can do to help my black folk sister in Palin.....

You all just don't get it, and it hurts that you so delusional that you can't grasp the fact that you wasn't ever going to get a way with this and if you had sat your nigga but down and just shut up, I would have helped you all just b/c I don't want to see you on E! true hollywood stories, because those little cars, and houses you brag about can't coutner the wrath of the taxpayers when they see Niggas gone wild from the white house to the court house: Tiffani E. Mims identity theft version.

Niggas and black folk.  That is going to be the schism that makes or breaks this country.  Those who are lazy, lie and steal and those who want to earn it the right way so no one can take it away.  Some of you all need to realize that while you bragging about what you got, THERE ARE A LOT OF FOLK THAT LOOK AT YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE SOME WILD, COLD, RUTHLESS NIGGAS WHO USE THE POST OFFICE AND THEIR TAX DOLLARS TO SELL CHILDREN AND LIVES......AND NO, BOO BOO, YOUR CARS, YOUR WHAT YOU USED TO HAVE, YOUR TRACK HOME, YOUR STACKS OF CASH, ain't going to be enough to deter what they are going to do to you.

I spent 12 years trying to show some of you stupid niggas if you just sit down, let the real hustlers the ones who have the ability to get what they need out of grown folk without bribes the benefits of the black folks mentality in the long run because America has no need for black niggas no more now that one is in the white house......

But your words ran into my thoughts.....

ttyl.....be back tomorrow

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