Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Book of Hope and Change (Chapter 2)

Hello America,

This will be lengthy, sorry a lot of ground to cover.  

First of all, let me tell you what I told Speaker Boehner.  I told him to make the deal.  Rubio, and Paul personally I think you should vote no, I know that sucks and sounds hypocritical.  I think both of you guys, dislike don't mean disrespect.....k.  b/c Senator Paul your mouth is fly and mines is too.  But I think both of you guys have bigger political posts that senators, and I think that it is imperative that you all stay to your principles.  Will that defeat the deal, no?  Obama pretty much told them to vote for it yesterday.

And i quote "let me be clear........" or something of that nature that he is going to reframe the ryan budget as attack the checks.  


we don't erase visitor logs and we ain't going to lie to the people with bs phrases like hope and change when discussing entitlements and fiscal decisions that are to affect generations to come.  that ain't's definitely you.......but not us.

I told John Boehner to make the deal for one reason only.  We have the house, we have to keep the house, I do listen Brother Boehner, I don't want to......... ;) but I do listen.  We have to show the people as the house is more "fluid" if you will that something can be done, compromise can be made, so the Obama campaign shirts titled "THESE EVIL RICH WHITE FOLK WON'T WORK WITH WONDER MIKE" can be burned.

I told John Boehner this not for political purposes, calm down Barack, calm down Roland Martin(i am going to give you a little pub, you think i'm small town, no doubt, it's 3 6 mafia in here, the most known unknown) calm down, I told John Boehner this b/c he loves America as much as I do and you do and we cannot in good conscience sound the alarm and shut the government down without being PREPARED and going through all other measures, b/c when the lights go out, VIOLENCE WILL OCCUR.


Out of all the things Obama could cut as Josh Gerstein and Charles Hoskinson report in politico, Obama cut 400 billion from budget over 12 years from defense alone,but had to be damn near beat to cut 40 billion from one year b/c it involve "social programs."  This article highlights how our military will be dramatically affected, but from a dude whose only verifiable academic achievement is how to disarm America, what do you expect.

Another must read to get out of the way is Michelle Bachmann's page on FB, to this story. Review and Outlook: The Presidential Destroyer it's up now a riveting and honest review of how this dude is committing fiscal terrorism 101.  it breaks it down.  Now Palin's team on twitter got more links like this, as Palin uses her fb more for her statements, but both are off the chain, check them out.

So if Obama in preparing for a shutdown, made sure he and congress were paid and the troops were not, dare I say.  He did it purposely.  If Obama in ensuring his fabian socialist geo-political agenda pushed through his agenda via Pelosi and Reid with folk not even READING THE BILL, then I assert that the lack of budget is that out of his refusal than partisan denial.........

You didn't like Tiffani come with it, after yesterday.

So even though John Boehner, cost me a follower........I'm trying to grow y'all @tmims50 on twitter.  I have to stand by my brother.  B/c I know my brother.  And I know where my brother's heart lies in the heart of America.  And in a week, in which I lost the last living uncle I had on either side.....Joe Louis Mims, he served this country with honor, he served his family with grace..

In a week in which I lost another male influence on my life, I have learned to appreciate a man who is honest.  Due to the corruption and what's at stake, he needs to get the deal through.  So whips......whip it up, get your rick ross on ;).

In the mean time, those patriots and tea party folk that feel or know that despite our congress best effort's, Obama will make us shut it down behind the budget and debt ceiling vote.  GET AMMO, LET ME CLARIFY, IF YOU ARE LEGALLY REGISTERED TO OWN FIREARMS, SMALL ARMS, SURVIVAL TOOLS, ETC, THEN PLEASE I URGE YOU FOR THE SAKE OF FELONS LIKE ME AMERICAN PATRIOTS WHO MADE A MISTAKE THEY CAN'T CHANGE, TO GET ALL THE AMMO, SUPPLIES , ETC. THAT YOU LEGALLY CAN.

Tents, generators, all that type of stuff.  As chaos is sure to come. And for the amount of illegal aliens over here, the American citizens they have by some circular objects through blackmail, and those American citizens who just can't stand this country, THERE IS A LOT OF THEM AND WE ARE OUTNUMBERED.  THE ONLY ADVANTAGE WE HAVE IS THAT WE ARE ON OUR TURF, OUR LANDS......

So Come on, John Boehner, step on up to the microphone.  I am doing this Barack, b/c you threw Boehner up under the bus.........b/c this book is dedicated to you.  He's a classy dude, you could have told him you didn't want to be down, b/c class would require respect.  So let me go on.

op-ed.  politico.

We need the deal to get ready for whatever is too come.  let him make it.

Another op-ed that caught my eye was David Gratzer, advocating of one of the key points of the Ryan budget letting states have control over medicare.  I like it, he brings out some reasons for it, I think letting states have more control plays into smaller government and makes it easier to manage and detect fraud as the bureaucracy at the federal level can get tedious at the least.

Third op-ed, this is kind of an op-ed day and one birther story and we'll go on to a story, some real discussion and analysis of obama's mindset via hope and change and that's a wrap.

Rep. Alcee Hastings op-ed on a educational rule that affects private sector colleges.  First of all, Rep. Hastings I don't agree as a minority, as a student who was privileged, priveleged to be taught by some of the top professors in their field at Pepperdine, at SMU, both private expensive schools to equate them with Everestt College in saying a degree from the former equates with the latter is wrong and dare I say racist.

Long story, short.  Rep. Hastings asserts if private sectors like these Everestt Colleges, Unv of Phoenix, vehicles that many illegal use to obtain student visas are subject to this regulation, they could close as they are for profit solely and minorities would be shut out from higher education.  THAT'S A LIE.  If schools and universities become solely for profit institutions then it is their FISCAL DUTY TO APPEASE THEIR CUSTOMERS, MEANING STUDENTS, MEANING IN ORDER TO KEEP MAKING MONEY, WE'LL ACCEPT IQS FROM 60 TO 130.  YOU WILL PASS.  And that's not fair to other academic institutions that remain at tax-exempt status so that profit will interfere with education.  Just my long two cents.#just saying

Last story and this is to show you what makes speakers speakers, the ability to deal.  If I were a congressperson, Jennifer Epstein's piece in politico would be fodder for aides to work with.  The same issue higher education for profit status are being subject to "unfair" scrunity by Rep. Harkin is it......I don't agree, I think because of the liablity and culpability that higher instutitons of learning expose themselves to when becoming for profit, the regulations, the increased scrunity is mandated b/c most state and private universities are not for profit due to the relationship of profit and customer.  Versus university and student for the reasons.  stated above.  I think most for profit universities have valid students, but it is a virtual gateway with no detection for those who want to milk our system student visa, after student visa for Obama to "invent" in them.

I had a talk with God this morning.  I was talking to Delmar about potentially being kicked out of school and got a little down.  I spent two years down here making sure he finished and helping my family is cool and all, but I need to work.  I need to finish school.  I think of all the bs, my family, my enemies, those who look me in the face everyday has taken me through.  They're mean.  I'm not.  I guess b/c I'm not bitter, maybe b/c I like love songs whose to say.  But I look at the personal ruthlessness of these people, and this is coming from me.  And I see that they are loving and kind people, but when it comes to me I'm trash.

Even though it is my life, MY LIFE, MY IDENTITY that these folk live off of moving and helping slaves and illegals, they have the nerve to look down at me, and want me to look up at them and be grateful for crumbs, when it is because they stole the loaf, I am in need of crumbs in the first place.

My mind is on so much........I so need to go to school.  Being a hood queen, ain't enough for me.  I like the lights on all the time ;).

So I'm sitting there and God comes up and says "Tiffani, they don't know no better."

Never turning at all I reply "Here we go, b/c I ain't got time for the God loves fools and kids speech today.  No disrespect, my blood pressure is sky high.  You sat there and let these folk play with my LIFE, my life and some of these folk don't grasp the concept that you don't call the police with fake gun charges or send marshalls to my home with intent of false arrests and think we are ever going to be cool.  God, identity theft is robbing my life, look at the past two years and all the bull I had to endure, ALONE. for what so somebody good keep some cars, a house, some friends, they kids some extra clothes????

I'm hurting this morning, God.  Don't't b/c I know that's what you want."

God puts his head down on the counter as we are at a bar.  He sits.

"Tiffani, they didn't know, they can't see what you see."

"What's that God b/c I am blind as a bat, and even if what you say is true so vision isn't valid because they can't see that far, it don't make what I see coming true?"

"Tiffani........I mean it's not about being no retarded, although with all that inbreeding with some of your peeps, hey........just saying......But seriously, they not used to seeing nobody want to live by their own means, they not American.  They not."

"But yet and still, God, you brought them over, did you hear the BS out of Wonder Mike's mouth yesterday? You making me not be able to do my job, God.  You playing games that is going to get a lot of these illegals, these entertainers that can't keep their mouth shut, these Americans helping them and maybe even Obama hurt.  You ready to process all them new applications b/c every time you empower their bull, every time you sit by idly while folk pray everyday for you to do something to get this mess straight, you costing  You going to get folk hurt.  That's shady."


"Shady, GOD, that's shady.  Look at me, these fools have called the police on me for gun charges that would have got me a lot of time, why b/c I was going to get an apartment under my own name and b/c they stole it and dirty laws sit idly by........I got a fibroid as big as a child in me.  I can't even have children right now b/c I can't get a job b/c someone is already working under my ssn.  And then some of these folk got the nerve that I need to be grateful to them?  You see how f'd up you got this.  Wonder Mike is probably going to have to get hurt b/c you got these fools thinking it's okay what they doing, that their human rights supersede legal rights.

AND THIS IS AMERICA, GOD, WE WILL HAVE LAW & ORDER, our laws and rule under our order. This ain't Europe or Africa.  We take care of our own, not each other, not through the government and that bull Obama calls hope and change."

"Shady, Tiffani.........okay........I'm going to let you make it but unlike them you do know better."

"I get sick of hearing about this one and that one, not b/c of their accomplishments, but b/c these fools stole from my life. MY LIFE.  and got the nerve not to want to give up..........The only way I know how to teach is to make examples, God.........EXAMPLES, not study guides.

These checks, these welfare mess gotta go b/c of his refusal to enforce our immigration rules and fraud.  It's on him and it's on you.  I ain't wonder mike, I can't just read the teleprompter and let lies and bs out my mouth.  I ain't him.  You play both sides God.........And I can't do business with sideway folk."

God stays at that bar for moments that seems like eons and when I open my eyes.......all I have is a piece of paper in my hand that says "i ain't sorry i did it, but i am sorry of what I did to the life you thought and had the right to have.........if it's time to end it, if it's time to fight for your life, won't help you, but won't help them either.  fair fight, the prize your life.  God  ps.  Jesus says hey........"

My point is simple, some of us need to be honest.  Just be honest know what you did to folk like myself and other legal American citizens for your cars, your parties, your homes, your friends.....etc. 

And then ask yourself this, what would you do in my shoes?  Would you want to see you knowing knowing that you all made the calls that could have resulted in me being locked up for the rest of my life...........for my identity?  I don't care what God says, you all not that dumb, you all are highly intelligent and for that I simply ask from Mr. Obama on down, we be grown folk.

When the spotlight comes and I am asked if so and so happened to me, I am going to tell the truth and since you all love the spotlight called my life so much, when the cameras come to your house and your job asking why you did this and that, get that gansterism stance and let them know who you are.  See if the world will justify your acts as you seem to.

There can be no compromise when one side means the other harm. And you meant me harm, but I will finish school and I will go on with my life, without any of you all in it.  It's not worth it for my health to be around people who knowingly tried to frame me to USE MY LIFE.  There can be no compromise when one side means the other harm.  And since the President's budget almost sends our defense system into disarray, there can be no deal for the debt ceiling vote that don't involve real substantive entitlement reform and the ryan budget with no changes to the major tenets of it.

They got us on the goverment's tit, excuse my french.  America.  And I know a lot of you all earned your social security, but life isn't fair.  It's not.  I don't care about what Obama won't put up for b/c of articles and links like this.

Brad O'Leary,, does it again.  This is an article of how Obama is trying to change the rules of how a Presidential election is won to circumvent birther bills like Arizona and what donald trump is going to find out and state publicly about his long form.

I know it sucks.............but b/c of Mr. Obama's implicit and direct refusal to immediately reinstate workplace raids, to enforce the billions of dollar worth of medicare, medicaid, tanf, section 8(a), tax, housing fraud cases that are just sitting with witnesses and everything tying identity theft to cartels, dirty laws, triads, to starting a war with libya without congressional approval.




Hope and Change to Barack are words.  But we don't hope in America, we have faith b/c faith involves things unseen, we don't need to know what our brother and sister in the house next to us, nor our government to know, we just trust each other, that if we all do our own thing, that the American principles of faith, freedom and fellowship will guide us.....

I don't know how, but I gotta get 4 g's in three weeks to pay for school and get money to go.  But I do know if I keep working and earning things for myself and keep talking to you all everyday, somehow this link that is killing me called the identity theft of Tiffani E.D. Mims will stop.  And for whatever plans, you have today enemies

The words of God via my asst. actually ring in my head......y'all don't know no better.   You know how I can leave with love in my heart for each and every one of know how I can say I understand from a 500 feet barrier.

Come on Chantay..........tell 'em.  Tell 'em what I had to do.

First I was afraid
I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never live
without you by my side

from my fam to my husband to my freedom to my friends to my popularity to my ego, my crayolas, my ..........didn't think I could make life without either of these things......

But I spent so many nights
thinking how you did me wrong

I ain't going to lie, I went through a pity party, I hollered, I cried, I hurt b/c I couldn't understand why the ones I love would do me like that.  My enemies that's expected, but all I wanted to do is make you all proud, all I wanted to do is make you love me, want to be with me.  but as I heard silence in response to my cries to stop hurting me, to stop using me .........

I grew strong
I learned how to carry on

don't know how I did it.  Can't tell you.  I guess it was putting one foot in front of the other.  It was walking to pick up cans to pay for application fees.  walking to steal water from relatives who spent their days trying to lock me up.  It was walking away from friends finding ways to cut me from their paths for their own survival.  Not mad.  You learn a lot on those paths.  It was walking to the bus stop from hyde park and crenshaw hoping that I don't die or get raped trying to get my degree.  and I look up........

and so you're back
from outer space

I guess thinking little ole' Tiffani was going to be y'all little doormat for the rest of your lives would constitute some outer space mentality.  Then I 'm opening the doors looking at what my life has to offer and 

I just walked in to find you here
with that sad look upon your face

I know having to treat little Tiffani, legal American citizens that love this country with some respect and dignity is a lot harder than just beating her(America) or her(America), framing her, provoking her, trying to break her spirit.  I get it.........

I should have changed my stupid lock
I should have made you leave your key
If I had known for just one second
you'd be back to bother me

Actually I ain't Chantay the singer, nor Gloria the writer.  I'm Tiffani.  I knew you would come back, I'm the gateway.  Always has, always will be.  The use of my identity and others corrupted this country to levels unseen.  I had to wait, I had to stay available, b/c just like the songs you need to see me with all of the lights on.  Keep your key, baby there is always love here even if from afar........
Go on now go walk out the door
just turn around now
'cause you're not welcome anymore
weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye

All those times, you( no one person) kicked me out, called the police on me, hung up on me, dogged me, left me stranded..........Baby, we grown now, I can love from afar, b/c the pain from forced goodbye has rendered my heart numb........and Kayne says I'm heartless?

you think I'd crumble
you think I'd lay down and die
Oh no, not I
I will survive
as long as i know how to love

Baby, me and my sister long as we know how to love, we'll survive with or without medicare, with or without medicaid, with or without pell grants.  b/c we both know that love moves mountains and no government intervention is needed for kindness.

I know I will stay alive
I've got all my life to live
I've got all my love to give
and I'll survive
I will survive

We'll be here long after hope and change, Obama nation, please don't lose your lives to realize matter what plans or plots you all can come up with, it don't matter no more.  Everyone's opinions I ever valued looks at me as a failure and while i am thankful for their candor and honesty, I no longer remain victim of their judgements and with the way Obama has made my sister America look like a fool, baby, we ain't worried no more.  
It took all the strength I had
not to fall apart

it did take all the strength I had, had to borrow some from Jesus too.  But day by day, moment by moment, is how I had to take it.  And so do you America,  we can't get worried about money we ain't got yet, b/c the things that can happen in a moment's time is what has a greater chance of breaking us.  But we strengthen ourselves through faith and fellowship with our brothers and sisters.  Even if that means being by ourselves sometimes.  Don't get mad at the people who have the audacity to cut you off, it is only out of love and concern........sometimes..........sometimes, it just stalking out of hand b/c you can't have what you really needed at that time, but you get my point (private, dark, Tiffani joke).

kept trying hard to mend
the pieces of my broken heart
and I spent oh so many nights
just feeling sorry for myself

bu we past that now, no weapon formed against us can prosper, not even the Obama spin machine.

I used to cry
Now I hold my head up high

I hold my head up high even though I can't work, keep my hair done half the time, can't walk up stairs, can't utilize my skills in this society while those who are not a legal part of it live off of me, but nevertheless I walk PROUDLY B/C I LOVE ME ENOUGH TO KEEP FIGHTING FOR MYSELF AND MY NATION and if that's all I am remembered positively for, so be be it.....that I never got down with folk that smuggle folk in this country, that I never participated in none of that, never harmed a child........

and you see me
somebody new
I'm not that chained up little person
still in love with you

Your actions, your non-actions, your words, none of that matters to me or to my sister America, b/c for the love that we have for generations yet to be here..........We rebuked those chains of judgment, of worry, of rage, of resentment, of anger, of hurt, of betrayal, we rebuked those feelings of shame of who we are, and worry of whose going to love us even if we don't have entitlements.  We let it go, Thank God, Allah and Flexmaster Funk, we let it go....

and so you felt like dropping in
and just expect me to be free
now I'm saving all my loving
for someone who's loving me




HOPE AND CHANGE. SORRY , I wrote too too long, but I am not going to put you all through that, Chapter 2 will continue tomorrow.

God bless.........
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