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The Book of Hope and Change (Chapter 7)-The Final Edit

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Today is solely about the identity theft in my life in Dallas County as when my safety or health is in danger, I utilize this blog to document.  If something ever happens to me, I request that any law enforcement branch read these posts.

read on.

Hello America,

Until I get an office and an assistant who can refuse phone calls at times for me, my deadlines will change.  Nobody asks until the last minute.  When you don't work people assume that you don't have anything to do, although I am not necessary turning a profit on this site yet in cash, what I am building up in in political capital, the tide will turn.

I will probably have another 4:30 post.  I apologize the better I do, the more "errands"  it is hate in its purest slang version.  Most of the time, if I use the word hate on this blog, it is from the urban connotation in the sense of jealousy.  He is hating on me, meaning he is projection his jealousy regarding issue so and so onto me.  Not hate like we hate a race of people or that type of thing.

I could get mad and let my anger affects my words but my brother and sisters at have won the word today so their efforts will not be in vain on my part.  

Before I go, let's give a preview.  Remember that story with God,

here goes.

God walks up to me and says "You wanna be homeless or in jail?"

I reply "Neither, that's your "children"........that are too childish that just like kids they can't hold their water, it is their tone, their nervousness, their I'm gonna do right and you going to see, mama told me it would days like this............

Man......that's your people to blind to see that other choices exist just b/c they can't see them is really an issue to take up with you.  I am writing, I am getting followers and you think I am going to give all that up b/c mother dearest, postal tiffani, big little sister and some other folk got in their minds.........just like Mr. Obama I need to be broken, my voice needs to silenced for political, legal, and global reasons.........

I'm not stupid, God.  It just hurts you know..........It's just hurt to love folk that for the life of them can't believe in you b/c their hate of you is so deep, they can't see past it..........These folk stole my life and now have the audacity to think I won't get it back.  Identity theft only ends one of two ways god.

I looked Kevin Garnett after the game, the way he held that ball.................he didn't talk to the cameras.............No. 5 my line number, i was the rock, he is the rock.  The rock don't move, it don't wither, it cracks, it breaks off, but it remains tide after tide, moon after moon.

Your people ain't going to get no good Friday, the fact that I gotta say something now is for their safety...........

I'm tired of the games, I am tired of the emotions, I am tired of the drama. Lord, this is what i do now, I write.......  You'll provide a way"

Mavericks and Celctics 2-0, you always do ;)

be back later on this evening.


And this is where this evening edit begins.  The people that God and I are referring to are identity thieves that are allowed to run loose like a pack of dogs in Dallas County, Texas.

Let me give a little background to those just joining us today.  I am a victim of identity theft.  I have been experiencing  it since my birth, but it got really bad when I got to be an adult and didn't walk the paths that those before me pre-determined.......

I have these talks with God as a way to show that I do pray, and communicated with a lot of these identity thieves and the dirty law enforcement officials that are paid to look the other way as I have filed over 1000 city, state and federal reports with no avail other than for Dallas Police Department spending precious dollars finding ways to get me arrested and shut up.

When incidents get out of hand, when the "chatter" among the Obama nation gets to strong and or I have a specific, impending, and confirmed terror threat against Tiffani El Dawn Mims, I determine it to be an imminent situation and thus of course, will document on some way on this site.  If something ever happens to me, I have given folk like Michelle Bachmann written permission to find a way to access this site, and access the archived blogs and give to local law enforcement.

Today is one of those days..............Yes, Mr. Obama, I saw the change to the terror alert.  Either we are at martial law via Executive order #11051 or we not............

Let me digress. Eleven years ago, solstice to solstice, some folk obtained Dallas County Constable Uniforms and cars and executed an illegal arrest.  An arrest in which I as the leasee called Dallas Police Department who conveniently came after the incident happened.  The warrant was a food menu, but the shotguns were real. I closed and kept the door opened knowing that I had called the police and was ready to be federally charged as I have federal case information and make a plea, and go on with life.

Didn't happen that way.  Delmar opened the door, the identity thieves came for what they wanted, precious marijuana clones northern lights #5........but more importantly, my green card.  Yes, my green card.

I was booked under Tiffani Eldawn Mims, although at the time my name was Tiffani Eldawn Meadows.  I had to force Wilmer police a town in Dallas County to take me to jail as the people impersonating Dallas County Constables could not.  I had to cuss out this officer to take me to jail.  This is how brazen and corrupt Dallas County was at the time.  The people who were behind this mess are mentioned frequently here all the time.

And since that day, the level and the number of people using my identity under one version of another has grown exponentially in Dallas County.  It doesn't matter about reporting to the police when your God Brother is the district attorney but attends one of the largest and most powerful church networks in the country along with my sibling.  These people over the years have broken city, state and federal laws in order to keep me quiet.

From family members to people I thought were my friends, the drama, the betrayl never stops.  It is part of my life, just like citiville.......

And every solstice, it is some Christians who take the bible a little too literally and take it upon themselves to engage in actions to free these identity thieves from the responsiblity of their crimes by focusing their efforts to have me arrested. See I have a marijuana conviction, but I have a bail forfeiture and a probation violation for non-reporting which means my bail will be higher and I probably can't raise it and lo and behold my godbrother will be serving me with charges to ensure I stay in prison the rest of my life.

It's not necessarily what you have done or haven't done, it is being able to afford a lawyer to convince a judge or jury otherwise.........

A lot of things have happned since 11 years ago, I divorced Delmar, but we are still together.   I love him, he just happened to be there, this is between me and Dallas county.  He is spectator on the sidelines, these are the games of the women of Dallas County and the men who do their dirty work.   I no longer have any contacts with my ex in-laws nor most of my family.  My immediate family and I have interaction every day, but even they know when I get my chance to leave and break free of this identity theft through a campaign job or this blog blowing up, I'm gone.  They help but b/c of my choices, I am trash in their eyes.  And how you feel about someone affects how you treat them.  They love me, they help me, no doubt, but I'm too old for this and so are they.  I need to be on my feet.  Because of the popularity of this site, and my ever growing presence via social media, @tmims50 twitter check it out, it is becoming more and more imperative to the identity thieves that I be shut down.

I still have my own place to stay and my own car.  And if and when federal officials come down to Dallas, it will be very hard not to be able to deport and enforce immigration laws and such pretty quickly.  Due to the greediness of some said criminals, my name is also involved in prescription fraud which means medicare, medicaid, housing, welfare, financial aid, employment fraud as well.  Which basically means for a level of fraud to occur in a major city with its own federal reserve bank, its own department of homeland security and fbi, the level of corruption here is going to result in a lot of people doing a lot of time.

And with something happening to me, it can all go away...........

I am not saying that I didn't committ a crime, I did grow a marijuana plant, it was dumb, stupid, whatever.  But the identity thieves that had on Dallas County Constables uniforms committed kindnapping........If I had to pay for my crimes so should they.

On this good Friday, I am not selling drugs, nor growing weed, nor not in contact with my landlord and mother dearest, postal Tiffani and big little sister......y'all game is going to stop.  I am not moving, God will find a way for me to pay my rent, catch up on my bills, have surgery, finish school and go on with my life.  I am a mims first, meadows was my married name.  I do not have a brother, no Lakeith Meadows, no Delmar Meadows, and that means no Lashundra Meadows are not related to me.  I married Delmar, that's all.

Check out it is full of fraud along with other major publi
There will be no illegal arrests this Friday, no constables coming to the door, looking for nobody, none of that.
You all shouldn't have pulled what you pulled April 13, 2000.  You committed kidnapping and you stole my green card and you have been running wild with it ever since.

Think I am lying America, my arrest is public record.......There is no warrant attached, go see for yourself.

Tiffani El Dawn Mims. 01/02/75. b/f in 2000 and check my marriage records at the time, my legal name was Tiffani El Dawn Meadows from 1998.  Although a technicality, if a warrant does not have the correct name on it, it can and should be thrown out especially when writing on top of a takeout chinese menu.

When I ask you to read blogs like bluegrass pundit who provides story after story after story about legislation trying to combat illegal immigration, fraud and all this other type of stuff, I want you to remember stories like mines for context.  There is a network of city,county, state and federal employees that use unions like mobs and use their jobs and networks to aid and abet the massive amount of fraud and identity theft it takes to provide this nation with its number one habit: prescription drug pills.

Prescription Drug Pills made by companies like the one owned by George W. Bush and made in countries like Libya and other places where oil is in abudance as oil is a key ingredient to a lot of these pills.  Unlike other drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine or even meth.  Paperwork is needed.........

When we talk about human rights and they just like us...........nah...........that's a lie because they can't go get insurance or medication in their names, but diseases like aids, cancer and diabetes don't discriminate on the basis of citizenship status.

Obama talks about shared prosperity, shared repsonsibility..........WHY SHOULD I SHARE PROPERITY DERVIVED FROM MY NAME, MY EXISTENCE from those who steal?  The reason is not good enough.  Folk in Dallas County obtained uniforms, cars, and firearms to committ an illegal arrest with not even a slap on the wrist because the person involved is the child of someone who moves children and pills and slaves.....

You would think these folk would pay me, but no..........b/c they are not hiding with their crimes, they are in the open.  So when you see Obama empowering ACORN to help illegal immigratns to squat, to live in houses to sign up for mortgages they can't afford so he can show them on TV as a class issue.

His point is simple, he has to do whatever it takes to make sure his people are here for 2012.


b/c if Dallas county illegal immigrants and legals that support them can pull brazen false arrests like this,


I have a green card..................a green card.  In which men and women are being allowed to use to work at places like Bank of America, live in housing in which felons cannot stay, and drive cars with not a peep from Texas officials.

I am tired Dallas County.  I am weary, but I am not done nor dumb.

Just like Jason Kidd (did you think I forgot?  Dirk............dude (you were one of the first I ever gave a nickname too, remember dirty dirk, nasty nash.......said with love), just like the Dallas Mavericks who know it's a now or never situation.

Just like Rondo, Pierce and Garnett (I was so hoping they gave you the ball, enjoy every minute of this run.....k?  i'm coming to get my autographed jersey......) and the Boston Celtics.......who played each and every minute, every second, steady fighting, steady mobbing #icecubebackintheday..........

I am playing for my life, DALLAS COUNTY AND BECAUSE OF YOUR ACTIONS, YOUR BRAZEN AND VIOLENT DECISION TO PUT A SHOTGUN IN MY FACE TO GET A GREEN CARD b/c we all know operation hope and change didn't just start in 2008.  It has been a movement for the past almost fifty years since the last round of magic bullets to get ready of immigration laws and socialize the last man standing:


I ain't giving up, I ain't giving in, I am certaintly not going to jail.

And you all for the sake of safety for all involved, need to stop lying to these children and adults.

Dallas County don't want it.  Trust me.  the three primary female ring leaders who are not my family members are more expendiable than me at this point.

This Easter weekend, do what you say you are going to do at church, anyway and trust God.

B/c unlike 2000, we all know who did what and why.

I am not moving from my home, i am going to have my surgery and I am going to finish school, I am going to enter real talk productions into campaign ads 07/04/2011.

I am not depending on anyone else to get me out of my fiscal hole outside of God.

But like I told the young people yesterday, I am 36.......I have a 9cm fundt fibroid from the stress of watching the government deem my life expendible so criminals just like me b/c they break the law too for the sake of human rights........violate my legal rights as a green card holding American citizen.

That's all for today folks, I apologize.  I am not crazy, I am a victim of identity theft in the dirtiest, most powerful county in all of America.

Dallas County.

And just like the NBA playoffs, I am going to fight each second the game is going and I don't care if I gotta face Kobe or Tim Duncan, I see you Memphis, New Orleanes, don't matter if I gotta face Lebron or D-Wade..........

it don't matter b/c I don't see faces.....................I just see obstacles in my way.

And This good Friday Dallas County, you lose.

And b/c of your greed, your cruelty, your willingness to use violence against me..........

I am going to use every cruel deed you did to highlight what really makes hope and change go round and round.

The ruthless, government approved destruction of legal american lives to funnel prescription pills, human slaves, and child sex slaves into this country.

Baby, we 2-0 and at our age, Kidd, Chandler, Norwiski, Garnett, Pierce, O'Neal, O'Neal, etc...........

every game is a game 7 until they are no more faces that don't belong on our team on the other side of the court........

"till the clock stops.

And side note, I ain't worried about Bachmann backing down over the birther thing, hope and change can only be destroyed by a person like me.

Nothing to lose because the system allowed illegal immigrants and baby smugglers to take my green card......

God is going to provide a way............

He always does and Friday, you all are going to get a taste of what you deserve

Consequences to your actions..........

be back tomorrow.

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