Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Book of Hope and Change (Chapter 8)

Hello America,

How are you?  Sorry about happens, there have been some imminent situations presented today, but b/c of yesterday's post, I was able to address it in a private manner.

When I started writing yesterday, I was a little lost.........Where do I want to go, who do I want to talk to and as I was reading my email, I just scanned down not really feeling anything to give me that spark to write until got to Do You Feel like we do, by Mike Allen.

 I feel in literary love so fast that I even tweeted about it, check out the magic @tmims50 on twitter.

What it concerns is a simple grammatical shift you will in the words that are selected in regards to position papers.  And how young men in this country are now being told to feel their way through an argument versus think.  Just a teacher's pet peeve.......

But what is so brilliant about this article is that it completely captures my sentiment on the effect of the prevalent religion of a country on that country's culture even to those who are not members of said religion.  How one thing so simple can totally an undeniably affect culture which in turn affects us all.

Read it, it's not long.  But simply brilliant.

Do you feel like we do is the title, but I thought that this part captured Obama's sentiment.......?  As this is the book of hope and change...........

I feel this is Obama's approach to voters, to citizens. 



As Mr. Allen so succinctly described the question should be, used to be, the American version is 


Y'all not feeling me...........

Y'all not recognizing how one word changes everything.

Let's get our must reads out of the way, all from , but you will hear references that to some stories that I got from politico, the hill, but no direct quotes from them today.


As Barack Obama hangs out with Jamie Foxx, ON YOUR TAX DOLLARS, blaming on the alcohol, Bush, Americans and other hope and change tenets, Michelle Malkin breaks down the slop train called Hollywood and how Obama's non-Muslim half(you know I have to get you sometimes, yes..........I are not a Muslim..........but you can't say it wasn't funny either) is all at the trough eating the rest of the slime, dogging big donors on the right, but

hanging out with celebrities and getting his TMZ on on your dime.

Big Sister Michelle Malkin breaks down how hope and change the anonymous donor version is being audited from 2008.  WHY DIDN'T HE ANNOUNCE THAT WHEN HE STARTED BACK? I don't know, but I do know, this is a must read.  Obama points the fingers at everyone else, but we ALL KNOW THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY IS JUST AS DIRTY AS THEY COME.  It gotta be bad if politicians can say at least I am not in that industry.

Remind yourself as Obama uses up carbon footprints using GAS AND NON CLEAN energy he is passionately hates that he is taking money FROM INDIVIDUALS WHO LIVE IN A STATE THAT LIVES OFF OF YOU.  That's right while Jamie, Matt Damon, George Clooney are filling your children's head while you are at work living in multimillion dollar houses, B/C THE MAIDS OF HOLLYWOOD, THE SERVANTS FROM HOLLYWOOD ARE HIGHLY ILLEGAL, THE GREAT FISCAL MINDS LIKE MR. FOXX, MR. CHRIS TUCKER, SETH MCFARALANE and others have taken upon themselves to ensure Los Angeles and the state of California provide benefits to illegals.......

B/c they work too.  (feel the sarcasm).  And b/c the state and its major cities are feeding illegals who do not totally contribute to the system, the state of California gets a personal check from Uncle Sam to keep its bills afloat. 


Hope and Change, the gift that just keeps on giving.........

Walter Williams, writes an excellent piece again about education.  Parents you all need to see some of this crap being rammed down your child's throat on your dime.  The bias that occurs in the most scared of all places, the classroom, where the joy of the instructor is to ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO THINK, NOT THINK FOR THEM.

But it happens because I have been in class with professors just running their mouths, belittling me and others and not knowing it b/c he or she wanted to go off topic in politics.

Larry Kudlow writes an excellent fiscal piece for investors but I chose this because he is talking about the 20-50 billion dollars that the fed is printing out on the regular thus devaluing the dollar even further which will in the long run mean higher interest payments on the debt they should have never been saddled with.  Now I know with all of the Hollywood folk, you won't hear a a peep about the fed printing up all this bs money when obama is on Hollywood tonight talking about how the evil rich white folk want to take old people's checks away.

Think about this when you read this.............why do we need to borrow more money, putting ourself further in the hole, if we can't get the fed to stop printing......

Cal Thomas, I mean townhall kicked butt yesterday...........

writes a piece on a simple act of charity, and from what I could read, didn't involve government intervention or making one feel bad because of race, class or gender.  Just someone taking a chance and stepping outside their box.

 Caring Enough to Broadcast the Very Best.............allright, Brother Thomas............Allright.

John Ransom, has the last one, although Armstrong Williams has a very nice piece, you know what, just go to lot of courageous writers who speak fiscal, political and cultural truths........Show them some love.  They deserve.

John Ransom, talks about immigration laws, and how slowly but surely we just break them just a little at a time.  Kind of like putting just a little bit in and still ending up pregnant.  He breaks down how blatantly slowly but surely Obama is issuing in backdoor amnesty.

Notice the link refers to finances...........b/c immigration and its impact affects the bottom line.

Also, notice Amazon has come on with real talk productions.  For books, music, that kind of stuff check them out.

Remember to check out blogs like bluegrass pundits for the more informative, factual version of issues brought on here.

@JedediahBila she is our twitter political highlight of the week.  She's smart, she got courage, she's part of the fantastic five ( myself, Michelle Malkin, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin).  show her some love this week.  check out twitter.  for herself and me as well @tmims50.

Well, I apologize because I told you this book would have lengthy chapters........

We are going to have a quick story, non-personal, well it is, but it's not and we are going to go back to the original question that Mr. Mike Allen brought up, which one is the American way

Where we are bonded together on what we feel is right or wrong?

or what we think is right or wrong?

God tapped me this morning.........on the shoulder while I was getting ready.

He saw my mind.........I am in a dilemma of sorts........what if palin and bachmann both run, who do I choose? I saw Michelle Malkin show Bachmann some love yesterday, but I saw her show Palin some love too.

God asks me a question "Tiffani, did you really give Rep. Bachmann a signed statement saying if something happened to you as you assert that a physical act about you concerns national security to delve in all of your business, your blogs, all of it."

I hold the towel to my face as I am washing my face "Yes, I did God.  I did."


"B/c I trust her.....I don't know.........what you are getting at?"

"Why not Palin, why you didn't call her, why didn't you give the keys to her/"

I look at God.  He is smirking, he is smiling.....But nevertheless, he waits for my response.

"To me, Palin is more like a big sister.  Bachmann is more of mom in the sense I guess b/c her children are older, she is older like my mom..., I don't know she's calmer.  I just feel like she has a different understanding of certain urban viewpoints and issues......I knew if I gave it to Palin, she would represent that's my ain't like that.  But I knew if I gave to Bachmann, I felt like she's already in Congress, and pretty smart cookie, she would look out for me.  But they both my sisters....don't start nothing God."

" chose her b/c of those reasons, you chose her b/c in a lot of ways you and her have traveled the same roads.........she's just a lot further on the journey than her.  You didn't chose one over the other, you set out to build a ticket....and quite frankly, I feel a lot better with Michelle Malkin and Michelle Bachmann than you ,Jedediah, and Sarah on the loose.  If you three are the passion, those two are the substance to keep you all from burning out.......

You all feel.......even when you think, it is in your blood........Those two think even when they feel.  Think about that as you explore your question today.  Look up your sister."

And with that God is gone.

When Obama appeals to folk, he wants feelings, he wants emotions in which he can be portrayed as the firm, but calm voice in the room.

B/c just like really good sex, when it feels good .LORD...........IT'S TIME FOR A CIGARETTE, A BREATHER, A GLASS OF WINE, A NAP and everything in between.  It just feels so right.

So right to go after the rich white man..........

so right to say hey we all deserve part of the pie.

It's feels good, as Toni, Tony, Tone would say..........

Powerful movements have been built and are successful upon feelings........

But in politics, where feelings are fluid and impacted by culture, by race or religion, feelings are just a cheap, amateur ham of a politicians trick.

That ride of sticking it to the white man drove Obama to victory in 2008.

That ride of the gas corporations sticking it to you because Obama told the gulf they can't work, but uses our tax dollars to give Brazil and Mexico a chance to feel good is will drive Obama to be in the unemployment line in 2012.


God's speech this morning, got me thinking...........Why did I trust Rep. Bachmann?  I could have sent the same to Boehner, Cantor, or Ryan.

Rep. Paul Ryan, telling the truth is all that matters.  DON'T WORRY ABOUT BOOS, AS LONG AS YOU DON'T LIE.  IT WILL BE OKAY...........DON'T WORRY.  IT WILL BE OKAY.  WE GOT YOU.

I decided to look up Rep. Bachmann and check her out.

It is weird...........she started out a democrat, working on the Carter Campaign.......Worked on a kibbutz...a communal kinda of framing Israeli style type thing.  Believed in social justice.    A christian counseling practice, I was a counseling major for a long time.  I just focus on now teaching counselors versus being one.  foster mom for 23 children, outside of the 5 of her own.

Aries........a cardinal sign, a natural leader, a fire sign.........55 years old, didn't know that, thought she was younger.

But it is only God that knew as I read and read into Rep. Bachmann because it amazed me the similarities how meticulous she is........She stayed home as a full time mom, but got back involved over education issues........One of the first groups to start a charter school.  She is amazingly efficient of getting something done, in a quiet but forceful way.  She has her aries fire still, I laughed while reading about her light bill bill, if there is a such a thing, making traditional bulbs an option because the new cfl's have all this mercury in them.

She's a mom.  Like Palin.  But she's older and her approach is different.  It seems at times that she is more feeling first like myself, but as you delve deeper, she thinks............

She thinks............

She tries to find things in common we can all agree from a thought process, not from a feel good or bad moment.

I think she's a good balance for a ticket.

I think she needs to be VP.  I think after cheney's makeover of the VP position, I think she's more suited for it, just from her experience in congress.  I think she is a good and calming and steady effect on the Sarahs and the Tiffani's of the party.

When Obama was talking to Brad Johnson of in Dallas, the other day, the President became frustrated because he wasn't allowed to finish.  He thought Mr. Johnson was being mean, but Mr. Johnson simply saw through the bull by using his mind and used the precious time he had to force the President to make a stand..........

Obama chastised Mr. Johnson after the cameras were off B/C AS THE PRESIDENT HE FELT LIKE HE WAS OWED COMPLETE AND UTTER SILENCE.


He thought, while Obama felt.........

As we go through Obama's highlights today, ask yourself how much is he asking you to feel versus think, is he giving you thoughts via facts and information or making you feel by showing you people and bringing up examples through stories instead of rationales about policies?

That's it, not particular poignant but it wasn't supposed to be.

Politics, 2012 is just like the NBA playoffs.......thought is needed, a plan, a whose going to check who, which a lot of the coaches and assistants work tirelessly on with time we will never see, kind of like Bachmann.  They ensure we as players do the right things for the right reasons...........

But on the court, just like we saw with Boston, with 15 seconds left, and Carmello's hands so hot.........he had to come get LaLa his beatiful wife to help him out of his clothes........he was like the flu #burning see the knicks confidence growing by each second, you know, YOU KNOW THROUGH THOUGHT YOU DON'T NEED TO LOSE THIS GAME.  YOU KNOW THROUGH THOUGHT YOU CAN'T LOSE THIS GAME, but you are.........and time is running out.  

And there is no more time to think of another play, another adjustment, all YOU KNOW IS I GOT TO GET MY HANDS ON THAT BALL.  THE FEELING OF SURVIVAL TAKES OVER AND THOUGHTS MOVE SO FAST YOUR CONSCIOUS CANNOT KEEP UP.  You move, you shake, you elbow, you grap, you fall, and you hold on to that ball...........You can't tell nobody what play, what move you used..........

You knew you needed that ball and you felt like that you needed to be the one to get it.

That's Kevin Garnett..........That's Sarah Palin..............That's Tiffani Mims.............That's Jason Kidd......


without folk like Doc Rivers and staff...........Rick Carlisle and staff..............SarahPalinUSA, Team Palin and all her grassroots organization and staff..........Michelle Malkin and staff...........and Michelle Bachmann

getting us ready for the game it wouldn't matter. 

Without the Rondo's to say man why did you do that?, Tyson baby what was running through your mind?  Sarah, did you even think before talking to Dr. Laura (both of our memories are long, Gov. ;) ?  Tiffani...........Tiffani......... did you think about the impact of your words before or more importantly after you wrote them?

We wouldn't have a chance to think.  

What person, what American don't want you to think for yourself??????

What parent, at some point don't want their child to solve the problem for themselves??????

What leader wants a mob of people based on the same emotion they will turn on you with?

I don't like the birther thing, Rep. Bachmann..........but I get it.  I trust you will find a way to write legislation to ensure that folk like Obama never come into office without all of those type questions being answered.

Palin/Bachmann 2012.

We are going to bring thought and intelligent discourse back to politics..........

The money is gone, and there is no need to lie or sugar coat anymore.

be back tomorrow.

it's good friday and I have a personal issue of safety I need to address.

We coming.......

I think Palin is going to run, I do.  I want Michelle to run only to force Palin to add her to the ticket.  I think the gender issue will go far, but because I trust in America, I think their candor, their audacity to challenge and question will make Obama a term President.

Donald Trump?  see how I just went a whole post without him.............

I can do the same campaign season ;).  You got some stacks, Mr. Trump.  but you gotta have an ear to the streets and Gary Busey, Nene Leaks or even Star Jones can't do what I do.

And I can't work for you.

You decided after two years of this hope and change venereal disease.  I decided the night McCain conceded before all the polls were closed.

that's my time.

Mavericks, in they house tonight..........

You think and you play.  second by second.  basket by basket.  You don't get caught up in the emotion.  You think and play through it.  Portland and New York, got pride and they got youth, a dangerous combination.

But just like hope and change, by being you.............half of the battle is already won.....same for you rangers.  play by play.

Grown folk think................

Children and fools feel.........

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