Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Book of Hope and Change (Chapter 9 -Easter)

Hello America,

Today is about the spirit of Easter, not necessarily the holiday.....

Rising up.

I apologize about yesterday.  I was trying to get some money and it turned out to be an all day experience.  There is a lot of tension in Dallas County directed at me.  And b/c of my reputation for having a temper, although in real life........I am much more calm than I appear to be on here. Much more so.......I am not going to fight.  I'll get into your mix, no doubt, but not a physical fighter.  I want your life, not just a couple of licks.....if you choose to interfere with mine.

Anyway, the usual suspects did the usual things.......Playing games, thinking that I won't be able to get done what I need to get done.  Just like how Obama does America #underestimation is a strong tenet against the identity thieves I have to endure along with the Obama nation who approves, empowers, aids and abets millions of illegal immigrants every day.  As they have warranted human rights over legal rights.......

I have an alter account on twitter, it's not known.. check me out @tmims50 at twitter.

And check out our featured political person of the week Jedediah Bila a strong forceful, conservative voice that ain't afraid to call it like it is...... @JedediahBila  she brings it let's show her some love.

For some reason, when a couple of people do or say somethings mean or hurtful.  It really hurts, one of those is Delmar, but when you with someone, you know how that love them so of course, the insults, the misstatements mean more. But I am going to go out on a limb and say b/c I am a woman, I have gotten numb with some of that with Delmar.  I just don't care anymore not out of feelings for him, but out of pity more than anything that how sad and big a burden he has to carry to sabotage me for the sake of loved ones who will leave him stranded in a heart beat.  In the course of the years, I have used clarity and pure acceptance and trust in God to rise above Delmar's moments.........

b/c I recognize that all of his actions are not by his free will, Hey........postal Tiffani, hey big little sister, hey mother dearest.  You thought my flow was going to stop on Delmar's dime, ahh.................foreign minded youngstas..........

I rise..........I rise.........................I rise b/c I trust that I got friends and family that I believe will be on the other side of the mountain and obstacles waiting for me without hate or jealousy.

I rise because I know ain't no point of me staying where I ain't wanted, ain't no point of me being somewhere that can't accept me for who I am.

I was hurting yesterday, and I needed to see the source of it, so I could address it.  I have something I need to say today and I didn't want it clouding it.  

I digress, so I have an alterego on twitter, but you can kinda, sorta, tell it's me for some reason, Donna Brazile will let some bull out of her mouth, that I just have to check, but it is more personal, more of a reflection of me on a day to day basis.  I started the account because I wanted to just get back into culture and life you know, I'm pretty isolated most days behind my desk.  I just followed other people's lists that I found interests in, until I found my own groove.  

Anyway, I was talking about paying an assistant, someone who has taught me a lot over the years.  I am in the process of hiring assistants.  I have a personal one, but I need one for work.  The person I was talking about is the person who I commonly refer to on here is my chief of staff.  A former friend of mines assume I was talking about her and mentioned doing something pretty cruel.

Not necessarily in the words, but b/c I think she said in the spirit of doing something that she thought would result in me being harmed by Delmar.  And that hurt me...........A lot.  Not b/c I think about this person and I are going to have no friend reunion like Madea.............

Nah.............It just hurt b/c I would never wish bad upon her, like I would never would bad upon Delmar and I can't for the life of me why throughout the past couple of years or so in which our friendship got so tenuous, there would be little hints and mentions of really doing things to me that I deemed as harmful.  Not good for me.

I sat and I thought what about this woman could make her say something like that.......

What with all of the success that this woman has,, the lifestyle that she wants, her own business......

why would she wish bad to the point of me of getting me hurt?  Now, if she had called, I would have answered.......I have no fear nor a need to explain to Delmar the facets of any of my friendships. past or present.

But it got me thinking of today........So just use that as background material and here we go.

I thought about Paul Ryan this morning..............Go on @RepPaulRyan on twitter, show him some love.  He put his ass on the line frankly.............and told the fiscal truth.  We are 15 trillion in the hole, and his plan only cuts 6.7.  What he did was play high, he knew that his budget is not going to make it through untouched, but he allocated for the debt hike (yes, we know Senator Schumer, this is the right...............we read..............we read, brother and most importantly, we think for ourselves) and still knocked off a lot.

Now because Obama can't face the weak presidential gop field we have so far, he wants to make Paul Ryan the enemy.  I sent a tweet to Mr. Ryan the other day and told him that Obama is going to make you the "young, cute,evil, rich white man" that wants to take all the checks away.  And doesn't that statement pretty much summarize what Obama is doing.

Baby boomers, I know you spent your money and your finances thinking you would reap the rewards of the new deal.  But this system is based on a relationship that your generation baby boomers did not hold dear.  You wonder why your parents, my generation's grandmothers, grandfathers and some of them great and great great, made you learn how to cook from scratch, how to sew by hand, how to fix a tire...........

So that you would always have the American concept of pride in your heart, the American concept of I can do this myself in your heart.

What did you all go do?  Had to hire Jose to cut your yard b/c you wasn't going to get your hands dirty like your Paw.  Your baby wasn't going to eat no school lunches from the house, huh?  Didn't want to teach your daughters how to cook, clean, sew, and algebra.  Didn't want your sons to know how to fix anything b/c you still trying to wipe of that stain of blue collar jobs your parents raised you on, huh?

Now, you all are old, tired, most of your children ain't worth a crap and thanks to Obama they moving back home with baby mammas all that.  Like the movie StepBrothers gone horribly, horribly wrong.  And you need your checks, but more than that you need for illegal America to get their checks b/c this is how the most lucrative illegal drug market survives right now that being prescription drug abuse.

See, I don't need a name to grow a cocoa plant, take the gum, turn it into a paste, and break it down.

I don't need a name to grow an opium plant nor a marijuana plant or mushrooms.

I don't need to grow anything to manufacture methamphetamine.

But pills require prescriptions, which means names, socials and dirty doctors, regulators and police.

America's got a habit and things like the Ryan Budget got America's slip showing.

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security make up 60% of our debt.  With a 15 trillion dollar debt, why wouldn't a budget chairman whose really serious about fiscal sanity, not address it.

The fact is America, I am not going to bulls*** you all, Obama is going to demonize Ryan because of one simple reason: the percentage of illegal immigrants receiving welfare from the government of some kind. Even in states like California, because we bankroll California's debt through these state bail outs, we as a nation, HOUSE, FEED, AND CLOTHE 70% OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS DIRECTLY FROM FEDERAL TAX DOLLARS.

Those illegal immigrants are the base that Obama needs.  Voter fraud is rampant and with a state like Texas with almost 60 I believe electoral votes.  In a state where Rick Perry prays for rain, but refuses to deport, baby the impact is real.  The threat is real.  People, Obama is going to knowingly let illegal immigrants vote.  Why do you think the SEIU is planning nationwide protests?  What they are really planning is angry black, Latino and white people who can't stand the "man" out in force so that if someone does question any of these illegal voters, they will be met with violence and intimidation....... But don't worry SEIU, we got some out of work patriots.........y'all won't be alone to run the streets, we'll be there.

The system is so corrupt that Rep. Bachmann had to defer on the birther issue.

We have to conquer.........and only Palin is going to be able to do that.  I don't care about no debates......

I don't.........

until the very last deadline passes, it is not a concern b/c there is no one at those debates who can beat Obama.  Not even Trump.  Trump is just like Obama full of personality, light on policies, but because Obama is the incumbent he can pull the same premise that was tried on Palin, lack of experience.

Palin big sister...........did what I asked her to do.  She went out and got her foreign on, went to India, told Israel, you ain't gotta apologize, went to parents of disabled children, NOT JUST USED THEM AS A POLITICAL TOOL, MR. OBAMA, talked to the union members in Wisconsin.

Only she and I, and I can't run has the ability to do one thing that no one else on the right can. Get under Obama's skin and show him for the racist, elitist, Anti-American, sexist pig he is.

He knows it, I know, and Sarah knows it.

We all do.

Only Palin and Bachmann have shown the fiscal fortitude that Ryan is being demagogued for now.

We can't leave no by the margin vote b/c the powers that be ain't going to let Barack get impeached.  We gotta conquer the house, the senate, and the white house so that we can fast track rules to ensure no other non-qualified candidate is ever allowed to be in the general election.  We gotta conquer to end all of this federal spending, all this bs hiring...........all this foreign aid to hostile Muslim countries at our traditional allies expense.  Libya done in a week, huh? THAT IS AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE, AND SHOULD BE CONSIDERED, HE WENT TO WAR THAT WE ARE STILL IN, THAT HE USES DRONES HE CONDEMNED BUSH FOR WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL

We gotta conquer.

and for that we are going to use the Boston Celtics for our lesson today, I am going to say the benediction myself and we out.

I didn't get to see much of the game last night, I still don't know if the lakers won or not.  But I did get to see the fourth quarter........

Rondo, did something with the ball in one hand and then the other.........that made me think of every Kentucky friend I have..........they all talk a lot of talk, big talk, but darn if they can't back it up.  Skip Bayless seems to think that Lebron is the best point in the game........

Please, Lebron ain't a point, regardless of where the coach puts him and Lebron vs Rondo..........

It ain't fair, it ain't right.  A point handles the rock, he is the quarterback of the court.  His passes dictate the offense and nobody is running the #1 spot like Rondo right now.  Nobody.

Fourth quarter up what like 15, he still clowning.  #conquering.

14 out of 19 three pointers were made by two men.

Ray Allen, who ironically played a basketball high school standout in Spike Lee's (he's got game) by the name of Jesus.............

I guess, Mr. Lee, Mr. Allen use those hands to show you that as far as the court is concerned, he was Jesus b/c he made it hard London Fog sent him a trenchcoat on GP.

and Mr. Paul Pierce.

Mr. Paul Pierce...........a 3 point assassin from Los Angeles via the University of Kansas.  Number one, draft pick, never could get the right squad until the big ticket came and key others.  Mr. Pierce made his last three pointers after a coach that Mr. Obama could learn something from in Doc Rivers about treating grown folk like grown folk, but I digress.......

Mr. Pierce made his last three point with like maybe six minutes in the game.  Madison Square Garden was so quiet, I heard the ball hold the cords of the net.......And he took the shot anyway.  He then was taken out of the game, sat against the chair, not in it.  Gave, big baby some love.........(hey, big baby, we so glad you still part of the Celtic nation, we love and appreciate you.....) and nodded his head.

Like my job is done.

But his job wasn't to win the game, the Boston Celtic team did that, from the opening quarter, that game was over.


Mr. Pierce exemplified the attitude that we must have for 2012, that we must have in standing up for our brother in Paul Ryan, b/c I am not worried about newt and senator Collins is lucky she ain't crossed that east lawn for some love........, he exemplified that urgency that we must get NOW.

HIS JOB WASN'T TO WIN, HIS JOB WAS TO CONQUER TO BREAK THE SPIRIT OF A TEAM.  B/c he knew, he knows, the power of spirit, he knows the power of feelings and as an older player now, a player that knows to cherish, to value every moment of this magical ride we call the NBA playoffs, he knew what he had to do.

He had to shut 'em up.  He had to shut them down.  I never had brothers so there are nuances in men I still don't understand.  But I know enough to know when a man gives that nod.  look at the tape.  He don't even sit down, he just nods at himself.  Like I did that...........I killed all that.  No disrespect to Ray Allen.   Ray one of those dudes who is going to look the same at 80 as he did at 20 in a good way.

But the original Celtic is Paul by himself.  Before Doc, Kevin, Rajon, Douglass, Davis, there was Paul.  And despite my huge crush on Kevin Garnett if Garnett is the rock, Pierce is the leader.

Game 2, I prayed that Paul wouldn't get the ball, he was all over the place, kind of reminded of me Charles Barkley without the big booty :) form wise.

But Game 3, Mr. Pierce did what all leaders do.  He didn't blame Garnett, he didn't blame the Knicks for Carmello having an excellent game.  He shut up and put up.  He won the game on the court and won the game mentally. shot by shot, net after net.

And when he was through, HE COMPLEMENTED HIS TEAMMATES FIRST, and then nodded and patted himself on the shoulder.  He knows 4-0, ain't nothing, there are more rounds to go and he understands that the game is just as mental as physical.  He needed to show the world that Paul is Paul and Ray is Ray and Rajon is Rajon, every day, all day being the guards of the Celtic legacy.

He wasn't concerned about winning..........He could have rested the whole fourth quarter and Mr. Allen.

They stayed in until the point was made.

We not here to win a game.

We here to conquer the series.

So as we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead, by the help of Mary, Sunshine and mary or whatever version you need to tell yourself.

Remember if Jesus wanted to just win, he would have simply not died.  Like uhh..........dude, I am Jesus Christ, I can remove these nails.

Nah...............Jesus didn't wanna win.

He wanted to conquer, he waited three days..........long enough for the dinner after the funeral to turn messy and all kind of nasty stuff came out.  The haters celebrated while those who loved him mourned.

He conquered, he removed all doubt that his power was to be questioned.

Just like Mr. Pierce did on that court, and just like Jesus the spiritual figure, and Jesus played by Ray Allen, he didn't need no post game speech, he didn't need to announce his victory.  Just a simple nod to the town of Jerusalem, a simple nod to the crowd at Madison Square Garden and the point was had.......

We gotta conquer 2012.  We have to break the will of the Obama nation.  B/c these people are openly breaking the law, read the posts by bluegrass pundit on the lower right links.......everyday, illegals are being fired for working in law enforcement, post office and schools...

We gotta conquer and we can't worry about folk meaning us harm, dogging us in the back, even in-house and we gotta rise above those obstacles, we gotta push through those obstacles, we gotta be able to hit from the three point line, we gotta look the spike lees of the other side dead in the face, no words are needed.

We gotta conquer.

We gotta.  The survival of this country is on the line, because the corruption is so deep that the birther issue will not be addressed.  Obama will run and we just gotta crush him showing hope and change for what it is.

The things we learn from sports contribute to our culture............We need the NFL...........We need the NBA.......We need MLB...........we need the NHL.

A young paul pierce would have had his garnett moment, he would have taken his jersey back and pounded his chest..........letting you know a young man rumbled and won.  But Mr. Pierce playing grown man games, ain't no need for celebrating until it ain't no more games to play and your teammates are the last one standing.....

He came, He saw, He conquered and then he nodded.........with a little help from Jesus aka Ray from around the way.....

We simply have to the same.  the system is corrupt, we gotta conquer it.


Lord tomorrow is Easter.  A day in which your son arose.  Lord, let not only the spirit of what Easter means in this country stand up.  Let the voices of those angels who are patriots speak up, Lord.  Let us hear them in our dreams for we need their knowledge to help us on this journey to get our country back.  Let me hear those Angeles you have who died going through identity theft, who died trying to report this corruption, who died trying to save this country.

Lord, let the Love that we have for this country rise this Easter, Lord let the Love that we should have for one another by understanding that legal rights are in place to ensure that we all have individual rights and human rights cannot supersede that.

Lord, let the fight and the fury and the stamina that is needed to defeat the Obama agenda in which I deem as evil be given to us.  Lord, let us take the attitude of the Celtics that we got work to do, let us take the attitude of the rangers, that we represent when our brothers are down.  Lord, let us take the courage that Paul Ryan had when showing that budget to stand up for our country.

Let us rise................Lord..............Let the rise of patriotism spread throughout the land and the courage to be honest will understanding that rights ain't fair, and fair ain't always right.

Lord, let us conquer.  Let us increase our territory and take our land, our nation back from leaders who steal, rape, demonize and plunder..........

Let us do this not for the sake of vengeance, but for the protection of generations of those to come.  Pray for those who must be slaughtered, the tyler perry movies, the hollywood running dc crap, for all of those entertainers who are going to lose their career by getting involved in something more than a script.  for the democratic party WHO KNOWINGLY LET OBAMA IN WITHOUT CHECKING ALL OF HIS CREDENTIALS, for all of these illegals that gotta go home because 2 billion or not price tag to jail, Lord, they gotta go, we gotta get this straight.  The money will come back when legal american citizens can get those jobs, houses, cars.....

Pray for those who would wish me harm.............

Empower us to conquer Lord, empower us to rise with your son tomorrow.

That is my prayer Lord, and I submit it to you from the bottom of my heart.


that's all folk, didn't want to make it political today.



Let the Obama and his nation win the battle of race, class, gender division.

We conquering, we taking our nation and our government back.

#conquering we'll leave charlie sheen with the #winning.

be back Monday!
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