Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Book of Culture Chapter 4

Hello America,

Y'all remember the book of K&M........

For some reason, I am gravitating towards the culture of Chicago.  Not about the sports, team or even the town.  This is 2012.  And for the Obama team, ground zero is Chicago.  Chi-town.........

I don't like fighting opponents I don't know anything about.  I don't like being blindsided.  While one cannot anticipate every move,when you start to learn the tenets, the principles that guide a person, the cultural imprints that remained forever stained on their souls.........You can figure out anyone that is functional from this standpoint.  If you can understand the why, you can always figure out how.

So I am thinking, why Chicago?  When I was a kid, didn't know too much about Chicago, I did, but I didn't you know.......I knew it was big, I knew the people from there, kick it to no end, but what about this town embraced a Barack Obama?  What about this town would get this man the kind of influence and clout one would never expect in Iowa or places like that, in my naive admittedly eyes at the time?

Kayne says no one man should have all that power..........

What do you do when a team does?

And it is here where we start today.

I was looking at ESPN this morning, getting ready for the nba playoffs round 2.  Memphis trying to come home with more than some OU  paraphernalia today, they trying to come out with a win.  Durant and crew, trying to put the city on the map.  Y'all ain't gotta go to Norman no more to see the big show, I feel 'ya, but Lindsey street still going to get some love.......

Two young and exciting teams..........

Now let me preface this, the Obama administration and I have gotten very personal when it comes to sports, and it took Martellus Bennett #80 @ShaudMoney I believe....of the Dallas Cowboys to remind me yesterday that this is how grown men get paid and take care of their families.  So I am taking on the challenge of using sports as a analogy to build commonality especially in a cultural context to prepare for 2012, I can only tell the truths I see.  I love the Celtics, I love the Red Sox, the A's and the Rangers, Packers too go figure.......just weird like that.

But first and foremost thank you to the staffs, the stadiums, the cities that allow us to see physical forms of chess unseen in most countries.  Thank you to all who give their Sundays, their lives, their bodies just so that we can have something to talk about at the water cooler.  Thank you..........and in no means, is there disrespect intended not to you all.

This is politics, in its rawest form.  As a nation, we have a certain amount of dollars to put together a team.  In politics, there is no difference.

We all building teams..........

Right now, Obama's team is the champs.........It don't matter how he got the crown, he got it.

It's up to someone to take it off, it that is to be had.

Today's marquee matchup.

Boston at Miami.

The Celtics gotta go on the road, and this is where we get back to the beginning.  I was watching ESPN this morning, talking about aka Ray from around the way.   Ray Allen and Lebron's comments....

Lebron is ready to prove that he made the right decision, that understanding the importance of teamwork, he is in a place where three powerhouses along with a solid team are saying that we are the team that has all that power.........


What can you do be respect that?  You see Obama administration, in America, we don't make excuses, we don't blame or give reasons.  We know what has to be done and we do it. If you honestly felt that bad America was the reason that the Earth is experiencing all this climate crazy stuff, then why didn't you just say so?  If you felt like our lifestyle was causing corruption with your Muslim culture.........Muslim culture brothers and sisters, then why did you just come out with it?

Well, you probably wouldn't have won the election, but with folk like Rick Perry, and  yes, brother, I am going to stay on you, letting all of these illegals through, I bet you would have won on your own........

I am serious.

You Asian, you got the Muslim culture thing going on, you love Hollywood, you think you want those spotlights, cop lights, thug life.....but you feel me.

You could have won on your own merits.

But you couldn't take that chance.

Eventually in my opinion, Lebron would have gotten a ring with Cleveland, but I feel you, sometimes you can't take that chance.

I looked at Ray Allen a lot of times, I press mute, b/c our body language tells us really about 85% of what we are really trying to communicate......think I am lying?  look at the nature of texting, and the limitations of it, the presence of emotions with the symbols and the lack of the emotional connect that they can't even bridge versus face to face interaction.

Ray listening to the questions, he answering the questions, but you know what his attitude is saying.

I don't give a damn.

And I apologize because this is the Lord's day as is everyday, where some of us are at church as I should be at my church home of Good Street Baptist, some of us are out boycotting those who oppose WI's attempts to get unions in order, and some still at this point, laying down, thinking about what they are going to do.

Ray don't give a damn.........

B/c Ray knows as a conqueror, it don't matter.

Lebron is or what he gotta prove.

Ray understands and communicates in his body language.  I gotta do what I gotta do to ensure that at the end of the day my team has conquered your team in this universally accepted standard called winning.......

And b/c he has a team who understands that to the fullest, there is a team that has all that power......

At the end of the day, we are only as great as our weakest link.

This is round 2, of the playoffs, of the senate budget vote on the ryan proposal, which more than likely they are going to reject..

This is the round where every kobe, lebron, durant is going to get their money today.  Those three, going to cash their checks, but this is the round where the other players have to step up and you never know who it maybe, and frankly I don't think any team is more prepared in specific regard to that mentality than the celctics.

From pierce, to allen, to garnett, to davis, to whenver shaq comes back, to rondo, to douglas.

You have a group of men that ain't playing with chips on their shoulder, they playing with ice in their veins......

Every moment, those Celtics are on that floor, their minds are flooded with memories made every second of the game clock, so is everyone, but they are conquerors because they supersede that indulgent feeling and realize that until there is no more different jerseys on the court, there is no time for that.

One thing, I notice about Palin and about myself just from the reactions of people is that we are both known for our audacity and proclivity to embrace hard stands to look forward to hard decisions.......

Hmmm..........I don't think it's that, more than I think that I don't think any player that will hit the court today, or the field.......Cleveland Indians........y'all jerseys gotta get it, so loving that.  I don't think that any player on the field will play today and not have the honest intention of winning........

I just think it is a matter of destiny, genetics, God and the willingness at the end to remove the life out of someone if necessary, not for real.........but you get what I am saying.  I have no problem leaving Obama shot up.........if that means victory for 2012.  I know ain't no member on that Celtic team have no problem sending the Heat home to enjoy South Beach in the summer time.......

Both of us are just women known for making the hard decisions and doing the actions to back up those hard intentions, without a flinch or a tear.  She calls it being a mama grizzly, I call it putting in work, but same thing.
Look at that Reds/ Devil Ray game I believe yesterday.......The Rays had pretty much wiped up that game, and the young man who is the star of reds, williams i think strikes out and is frustrated.......But that team never gave up, and through some dedication and plays, they came up victorious.  I love baseball, y'all know that.

You see my point, you see what it takes........

Despite the fact that at the last minute, the eighth inning, I think, when fans has already started believing that man, the red had conquering in his heart, he knew it was not over because he knew his efforts were not over, and because of the brothers that serve as Nasty Natti's ;) representative in major league baseball that sit in the dugout with him shared his mentality, they went out and they conquered because honestly the rays had that game.

It took plays and players that one can't account for in fantasy stats........

All I am trying to say today is that no one man should have all that power.

A team does.

And the team on the right, from Boehner, to god forbid Murkowski, to Ryan, to Graham, to Palin , To Bachmann, to Rush, to Hannity, to Greta, to Mark Levin, to Jedediah Bila, to Michelle Malkin , to Project 21, to Herman Cain, to Allen West, to Mark Rubio.....etc........

All I am trying to say is at the end of the day, each in our own way, each member of this gop/tea party thing is committed to conquering because I think we all understand although we differ on how to solve things.


I am working on something in which I had a chance to appreciate the wisdom of Obama's words about investing in this country.......There is merit to that, although we differ on how to achieve that.  He wants to bring in outside help, I don't feel that is necessary.

If it needs to be Palin, if we gotta drop some tenets of the Ryan plan when the senate rejects as this is why Reid is doing it to give vulnerable senate dems a chance to say them evil mean rich white folk and their minority minions trying to take the checks away for campaign season.......I'm for real, I see the t-shirts on Crenshaw and Slauson the other day....... just playing.  but you feel me.

I don't know who is going to show up, individually, today for the Boston game, nor do I care.  I rest assured with my Celtics today, because I know a band of men who are dedicated to conquering, who have no problem going on other people's court and feeling quite at home are hitting the court.

The same is true with the GOP field.  Huntsman, Trump, Romney, Gingrich, Pawlenty are not even options, no offense.

B/c if the right wants to nominate candidates that I can't support, then no problem coming up with a third candidates.

Yeah, it takes doubt, Barack.

But when you got the love of an American woman, she finds ways for you to get more with less.  And the heart of independents lie in a woman's bosom this time.  Ask Rove, he got the stats.

Well, it's almost gametime.

I understand that the road to the super majority we need in 2012 won't come over night, nor will it be won in a game, nor one series.

It won't be won without loss, without disappointment, without momentum, without resurgence, without will, without coldness, without fire.........

The Boston Celtics understand that, Lebron.

Ask yourself what you all as a team understand, not what you trying to prove......

Take care of your team, King James and your team will ensure your legacy.

That's all I am saying.

There is a train that is in your path, that ain't going away because your need to prove anything.  It is a train full of men dedicated to leaving nothing left on the court but green, white and black and willing to go through you, over you and around you to get it........

That's conquering.

Someone asked me yesterday in a round about way had I given up on America since we just about when taking into consideration the value of the dollar these days that we are a banana republic.

I am going to tell you I told him.

As long as there are babies to fight for, as long as breath remains in my body, it ain't over, not by a long shot.

And if that means I gotta go to the Chi to win this battle, metaphysically although Mr. Obama knows what I mean, don't ya,

then so be it.

If that means the team on the right, has to go the core of what hope and change means, Chi-town to end where it started..........

Then so be it.

We are going to change the political ad season for 2012 with real talk production.

We will run the airwaves and our message will resonate.

How can it not when these same streets and alleys that make up this country are the ones that have our blood, sweat and tears in the words of our stories??

We conquerors, 

We didn't come to win no game,

We came to win a series, it's just the way the rules are wrote up, you can only play one at a time....

But since we want the lights turned up, put some attention to Fergie's verse.....,

one game, one second, one possession at a time is how we want.

Play Ball.



I'll be back tomorrow.......Enjoy your laughs and soundbites today, Obama.

B/c come tomorrow, recess is over.........

And our game begins, so I am giving you the ball and saying





b/c in the end it does.......

We need that crown back, Barack, b/c you not rocking it right......

You not representing America, like it needs to be.

you trying to change America from outside,

We trying to empower America from within.

We need that crown, Barack........for real, and we ain't asking.

If we gotta come down Ciscero to come get it.......

so be it.

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