Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Book of TNT (Chapter 1)

Hello America,

How are you?  Since I am on my own schedule these days, I should be able to post earlier so I am trying to keep an around noon post time.

Everytime, I start a new book, no matter how many notes and concepts I think I still have to feel my way through the book for about five chapters, then it helps the rhythm, the pattern that I am taking.........I must admit the concept of public service versus politicians will permeate through this book as we go through we'll examine why.....

So let's get some morning business out of the way, some political notes and start to explore life, culture and politics in the context of myself (Tiffani) and television that has impacted me over the years in order to make bridges over the rivers of disconnect that are stifling this country shall we....a little personal note, but theme resonates for each story or issue discussed today.

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Show the superclique, right now, the fantanstic five.  Michelle Bachmann (I see you walking quietly......demanding respect versus attention.....I'm here just trying to get it together to make a significant impact next year), Michelle Malkin( she spreads truth, she spreads candor), Jedediah Bila(what Malkin don't cover she will, avengers of accountability dare I say she is ......) and last bu not least Sarah Palin (she's the hype man, the Puffy of the industry because no one markets herself or pride in this country like she does......., she's Donald Trump's hair, known to cause mass hysteria whereever she roams.......)

Well, that's the morning business.

I draw my stories for the selection of issues that I am going discuss here from four primary places, politico, the hill, they let me know where the spin is headed, townhall b/c it's helpful to read truth sometimes ;)  and the wall street journal nothing gets down like the bottom line.

How are we going to do this this morning?

let's find out shall we........

Patent Reform- I try to refrain from providing links to site, since the desimation of newspapers which I think is literary terrorism, but I also feel that way about the kindle, so let me get off that soapbox........however, I provide this one.


Rep. Dana Rohrabacher......  I join the representative in asking Chairman Lamar Smith to withdraw the bill.  Although I understand the merits in defense of this bill.  After consideration, I ask for the withdrawal of it.  And I use this forum to express my INTENSE DISPLEASURE THAT ALL EFFORTS ARE FOCUSED ON A BUDGET AND THE DEBT REDUCTION DEAL THAT ACCORDING TO FITCH MUST BE IN PLACE BY AUGUST 2ND.  I do read.......So does the rest of the taxpayers that fund this hustle.......called federal government gone wrong.....

It's over now........don't you understand 112th...........we will as a nation, not left or right, but as the grown ass taxpayers that fund your dreams, your policies, that until the books not straight all other is a sideshow.  FOCUS.  Our commitment to fiscal sanity is unbreakable and this foolishness it's over now...

Huntsman- Can channel Tupac, Biggie, and Ronald Reagan.......in the end, it don't matter.  Romney is just the media selected favorite, the energy of the party lies in the tea party hands.  Huntsman worked for Obama, Romney wrote the predecssor for Obamacare in RomneyCare.  It is what it is......what makes you all want to us a citizenry as some damn fools is beyond me.......

Our commitment to candidates that actually can beat Obama is unbreakable and so all this huntsman talk is over now...

Medicare/Medicaid- I like articles that present a balanced approach to issues......

http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0611/57355.html  excellent analysis of the way the parties differ regarding doctor payment.

I just want you to read and think for yourselves.


it's over now.......can't you see that?  No longer will we stand idly by and watch the destruction of our country because you are the President.......The system made it where ALL OF US ARE IMPORTANT, ALL OF US HAVE A SAY......and we just going to find a way to respect each other.

The time for pushing this type of issues down the road is over now and our commitment to getting all this crooked straight is unbreakable.  


Our dedication to staying on this issue is unbreakable.........and yes, hope and change folk, it's so over now.....

I ask that you review several articles in townhall this morning........

Why Obama should be scared of Issa?

Jeff Jacoby on the lack of interest in American History........ We can give money as a nation to Iman Rauf to go dog the grit out of America to a damn enemy and we can't support children of legal american citizens having the audacity to learn our past so that our future remains bright and strong........

Politicians versus public servants.....think about it.

Rich Galen - breaks it down why Libya is so much more than the conflict that appears on the surface......We have a gross misuse of presidential power.  GROSS.

last one Anna Rittgers- breaks it down to the bottom line,  HOW SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS MERE INCREASES IN CORN PRICES affect so much.  You don't have to be a democrat or republican to grasp that concept.

Well, that's all for the political.  Let's get this next part out of the way..........

I am going to treat this like a show, my life and today I am going to tell you why.  I am on the ballot for US senator for next year's election.  I don't have no money, no staff, none of that.  I don't anticipate being here to run so it's not like that.  However, I try to obey God's will the best I can and if he puts that on my heart, if the people make a stand......I have no choice but to honor that.

Will I be the next junior senator from Texas?  No, I don't think so, but I do think I am making enough of a political presence that my presence is felt and causing a bit of discomfort for the Obama Administration and the old guard of the Republican Party.....  I am a rising voice and I am getting the political support through voter approval to prove it.  I don't have no romney type numbers, but..........b/c of the fact

I am more interested in the merits of public service than I am in being a politician............

B/c in the end, in this day and time, politicians are professional blackmailers.....

We weave and bob out of this game lying to ourselves and our citizens about our impratical and unachievable moral superiority for the sake of public service...

Me, I don't want it like that.  I stay into too much.  I am a hustler, a writer, and everything in between who is at a point in her life, where I would much rather use my talents for good than for bad.  I could write some Sex Chronicles part 69 that would make Zane blush and be through......set for life.

But the path that God has set before me is not of that way.  I am not perfect, and while I have kept the most sacred way a man values a woman's loyalty intact none of us are perfect.

Not b/c I don't have anything to be ashamed of.....Rather the only way public servants are going to overcome politicians is for us to be honest with ourselves pubically and privately.  Admittedly that is hard when you have children or you married but I am not neither.....

Delmar came to the house last night......And we got a chance to sit on the porch, I can tell he's hurting.  He's always relied on the fact that I would always be there.  I told him I would.  It pains me to have to break my word.  But we needed to talk last night, there are some things he needed to hear.  I watched him sleep as I know that this will be one of the last moments I can do that.  I do worry about his health , I worry about him.  B/c of the nature of mother dearest, Delmar and I almost have a mother/son dysfunctional aspect to our relationship.....

But no worries, there was no reconciliation.  Before he went to sleep, he tried intimidation, he tried to break my spirits.  Not back for the love of me.......nah........just for the truck.  Just for me not to be mad.  Just to show me mother dearest always wins or so she thinks.

 So let me say this pubicly.  I am not mad over Delmar moving home with mama, Jenny, Bush, Obama.  He exhibits a pervasive pattern of everywhere we move as soon as the paperwork is signed, he wants to move.  And it empowers the identity theft of mother dearest and postal Tiffani and I can't do this anymore. Tired of lying to myself, and I am really tired of God whopping my ass over this.  Do you know how many times I have ended up in the metaphysical ER in the past six months behind me and God taking Ike and Tina action to another level.  I don't have no insurance in that world nor this one ;)

If you all Dallas wanted to get this id stuff straight, you would have.  IF NOTHING ELSE, IF NOTHING ELSE, I WOULD LIKE TO THINK THAT I HAVE SHOWN A MATURITY IN REGARDS TO THE CITIZEN I AM TRYING TO BE FOR THIS CITY, FOR THIS STATE AND FOR THIS NATION that regardless of your approval of me personally, you respect.

Even though every legal means I had of getting money to keep a roof over my head was denied, DID I STRAY OFF THE PATH GOD PROVIDED FOR ME?  Just like when Young and the Resltess replaced Jill back in the day, back in the day like '82 or the old Jack with the glasses...... I dig it, I've been replaced.  I was just a scam, a name, a lick that you still trying to live on now.  But did I ever stray from God's plan?


I left Delmar this morning........at home b/c we won't be there too much longer in that capacity.  I am irritated because there are two dogs we never could afford to have, that he just had to that he has no clue where to keep them or anything.  I worry about them.... Wanted him to have a good morning at home and enjoy himself....b/c I've stayed with mother dearest ain't no rest..

As we argued for a brief moment last night, as he tried to assure me that my life was over, my plans and techniques don't work, as he showed me all the new clothes that you got him that was not out of goodwill..., I wanted to get upset , I wanted to get hurt.

But you know why I didn't Mother Dearest........?

B/c what me and the God I have is unbreakable babygirl.

And since my name is Tiffani El Dawn Mims, that means by default, by definition, by dreams, by destiny, by determination, by drive, by desire..........

you can't break me because the bond I have with the God I serve is unbreakable.

When I listened to your son, come to me with arguments and points he obviously got from you two, trying to make me feel bad that I can't make it in life without you all.  That even though I can't move back to my mom's house, if I shut up I can come be your maid...........



Ms. Lady...........


I am a grown ass woman.  I can't live my life answering to my mama.  I certaintly can't do it with you through your son.  I was watching single women last night (yes, I am digging the show.......gonna see what we gonna do about getting some promotion, expanding the base......), and Stacey Dash's character mentioned something to a guy she was dating about not being able to handle the burden..........of family members.

totally summarized how about I feel about you two........Delmar and I never had a chance because you was gonna do what you need to to keep your man, huh?  ;)  Now trust, he is a grown ass man and make choices but its kind of hard not to feel a tad bit of resentment towards you since you've had his testicles since he was about two and still can't find a way to give them back and let him live his life w/o your unnerving level of interference.....

So with that, for coming to me with some materialistic mess.........let me tell you about me and God......which affects the relationship between me and fam, and everyone else..........  That's why we going to have a little church......b/c the nation needs to know who they got as a public servant.  You need to know why I don't walk with my head down.......rather with a spirit and faith so high it casts shadows on the Sears Towers That's why I asked I wrote boldly this morning, Ms. Lady, boldy and told everyone to......

Clap your hands everybody
Clap your hands
Come on, keep it going
Clap your hands everybody
Clap your hands everybody
Clap your hand
Lets do it ,you ready?
Come on

We could fight like Ike and Tina
Or give back like Bill and Camille
Be rich like Oprah and Steadman
Or instead struggle like Flow and James Evans
Cuz he ain't no different from you
And she ain't no different from me
So we got to live our dreams
Like the people on TV

Now granted the he I am referring to lies within my soul.......I ain't gotta go to the confession booth to reach him.  Just saying no disrespect.  He's there cussing and fussing when we on the proud mary, he's there when I have to give up addresses for the sake of human rights.....  ;),  he's there when we rolling in that paper at the club......listening to me listening to Wocka with a hennessy and 7up in one hand, and some sour in the other hand......  He's there when I gotta hustle, anyway to keep a roof over my head, b/c my days at mama's house is gone.  I can't let the fraud go back back there.

He ain't no different than the God that lies within you, however you channel it, and I am just a regular female with a big ass mouth.  And me and God so vain and bold, we got to live out our dreams, our lives, our interactions on tv.

We both KAYNE, WE NEED ALL THE LIGHTS ON.......  B/c......

We gotta stay tuned
Cuz there's more to see (Unbreakable)
Through the technical difficulties (Unbreakable)

through the techinical difficulties........through the Dallas saying Tiffani your ass gotta go, you was just a lick......Baby girl,  Me and God all right.  Through the fake ass case, through the suspect ass arrest, through the manilupation of mail........I ain't no preacher, and yeah sometimes we break up,  but in the end........I ain't gonna lie, me and him so gangsta so dysfunctional .......

We might have to take a break
But ya'll know we'll be back next week
I'm singing this love is unbreakable
Oh yeah yeah...

Yeah, clap your hands everybody
Clap your hands everybody
Lets do it like this, come on

See, we could act out like Will and Jada(Will and Jada)
Or like Kimora and Russell makin' paper, oh yeah
All in the family like the Jacksons(like the Jacksons)
And have enough kids to make a band like Joe and Catherine, yeah

I ain't Jada, and he ain't Will but we will set it off indepdence day or not.......  I can't rock the baby phat, but we will pull a def jam in a minute.........  We don't stay on 2100 Jackson street, and the kid thing I'm leave to Mary and Joseph, but in a way .......

She ain't no different from me
And he ain't no different from you
So we got to live our dreams
Like the people on TV

Can't you see me and God so vain, so gangsta we trying to get this country back, where his name rules first and because of that all other religions are tolerated........  We living our dreams, our fights, our lives online, on television  so that others can know that what they feeling inside they hearts and spirits is real........baby, that last king of scotland real..........  that's why........

We gotta stay tuned
Cuz there's more to see (Unbreakable)
Through the technical difficulties (Unbreakable)
We might have to take a break
But ya'll know we'll be back next week
I'm singing this love is unbreakable

We're living our dreams...yeah...
We're living our dreams
We're living our dreams
We're living our dreeeeeeeeeeeeams
We're living our dreams(We're living our dreams)
We're living our dreams(We're living our dreams)
We're living our dreeeeeeeeeeeeams
(oooooooohhhhhhh oohhh yeah yeah)

And we got to stay tuned
Cuz there's more to see (Unbreakable)
Through the technical difficulties (Unbreakable)
We might have to take a break
But ya'll know we'll be back next week
I'm singing this love is unbreakable
Sing it one more time now
Ya'll know we'll be breaking up
But we just might be back next week
This love is unbreakable(ha,ha,ha,yeah,yeah)
Break it down, break it down like this

No thing, no money, no sin, no temptation, talking 'bout nothing
No thing, no money, no sin, no temptation, talking 'bout nothing
No thing, no money, no sin, no temptation, talking 'bout nothing
No thing, no money, no sin, no temptation, talking 'bout nothing

All we talking about, all we trying to get people to see is to have the courage, have the faith to walk down boldly down the path God set for you.  And not to concern yourself with the opinions of others......  That NO THING, NO MONEY, NO SIN, NO TEMPTATION, TALKING ABOUT NOTHING IS SO DEEP THAT MY FAITH, MY ALLIEGANCE, MY GODLY GIFT TO DROP VERSES OF SCHWAGG AND POUNDS OF GRIT TALKING will ever stop.........

Nothing that you can do to me, through Delmar, through your other kids, through your laws on the payroll, through none of that will break me and my God.

Yeah, yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah
We just might be breaking up
But ya'll know we'll be back next week
I'm singing this love is unbreakable

You have all the material possessions, I don't have nothing, but my truck which I am still taking back on the first.  You got Delmar and at least 12 cars within reach, you can make do.  I might be living in my vehicle....

You won.  You not going to jail for nothing you did.  You got your man back, you won all the way around. but understand and know, witness and testify to this...........

The Bond I have with the God I serve is unbreakable by any man, woman or child roaming this side or the other....
And since you have included yourself for a variety of reasons, dysfunctionally in regards to me and Delmar.  I guess I have to say this to you......

Oh yeah, hey baby, yeah
Oh yeah, yeah, that's right

We had a chance to find true love
And make it last forever
From the first dance
I knew it was just you and I, together

Honestly, that I thought marriage was..... between a man and a woman, but then again.  This wasn't no relationship out of love, I was just a name a scam, someone that you all thought was still the same little Tiffani' from Hulcy, huh, thick ass glasses, gheri curl and all.  I keep forgetting that I was the one that got played, b/c at this moment I feel so blessed but

What made you try those childish games?
What made you want to use me?
So now today, we're not the same
And you're about to lose me

What was it mother dearest and your lt. postal Tiffani that compelled you two to think you could ever play me?  What was it so childish about you two that you couldn't respect a woman simply trying to put the man she loves on his feet?  Oh, that's right according to y'all player handbook, that's makes me a trick, huh?  Makes Delmar the pimp......  Rationales from two women, who will still be unmarried by the time I hit husband number five( just a joke, folks, calm down..when I get married again it will last because I will run it by God first.....) Well, mother dearest, girl, you have tried hard to force me to deal with you......but today, we not the same.  And yes, delmar and I not being able to be together demands that you are going to lose me.....

And they say miracles can't happen.
Baby, I've been a fool for you
You made me go round and round
I've been a fool for you
But it's over now, it's over now, yeah

No need to lie, I foolishly thought this man loved me or if nothing else would have enough respect for me and what I was doing for him that he would treat me better on GP, that he wouldn't try to act out every last one of your plans and plots to try to break me.......I thought wrong, but I gave that box yesterday, no Sunday I think, it's over now.......

You stood me up and you put me down
In front of all my best friends, yeah
You seem to love to show yourself
In front of all the rest of them, yeah, yeah

Everytime, I had Delmar believing in himself, believing in us, believing in life without you, had to do something didn't you.  You thought all them times, this fell through and that, AND WE ALL KNOW YOU WERE BEHIND it, was gonna break up me and God?  Break up #teamtiffani.....  Girl, the only person you were fooling was yourself.  Isn't it ironic that you sent Delmar to my home to woo me to let him keep the very truck you tried to have repo'd so I would have to stay over your house?  You love to say you got your way......You love to show your gangsta to other folk all around you, so everybody know don't play with ms....
You tell them folk that I don't mind
And you've got such a good thing
But one day soon, you're gonna find, yeah
This fool of yours is missing

Boy you and your fam, had these folk thinking I was some got damn fool, huh?  You never told them about the violence, huh?  That I am just this loving person willing to live like a damn bum, so you can roll......run a block.......move some drams.........count money by the grams.....

Lord, the things we tell ourselves and you wonder why them 12 steps so hard.

Baby, I've been a fool for you, oh
You made me go round and round
Yeah, I've been a fool for you
But it's over now, it's over now

I've been a fool for you
You made me go round and round
I've been a fool for you
But it's over now, it's over now, yeah

Yeah, why did you put me down?
Why did you mess around?
Yeah, I want to know

What made you try those childish games?
What made you want to use me?
See now today, we're not the same, girl
And you're about to lose me

Baby, I've been a fool for you
Been a fool, girl
You made me go round and round, yeah
I've been a fool for you
But it's over now, it's over now
It's over now, it's over now, girl

Baby, I've, oh, been a fool for you
I've been a fool for you, baby
You made me go round and round
Say, I've been a fool for you
But it's over now, it's over now
It's over now, yeah

Baby, I've been a fool for you, you, girl
You made me go round and round
What're you doing?
Oh, I've been a fool for you
But it's over now, it's over
It's over, yeah, over, oh

I've been a fool for you
Why did you put me down, girl?
You made me go round and round
Say, I, I've been a fool for you

I've been a fool
I was a fool for you, girl
Oh, I've been a fool

It's over now.......
One thing about Miles Jaye, as I adore this song.......I do.......is that I don't have to fill in the blanks too much with his.........

It's over now.

It's over now.......

Come July 1st, your son is coming home with you.  And when he sits on that porch and cries because you got him working from sun up to sun down, I want those tears to include the knowledge that at ANY TIME, he could have chosen me.......

But AT NO TIME, would I have ever chose you.

I end things peacefully b/c I love your son, always will.  But his blind allegiance to you and this hustle you got, I can't abide by.  I need someone who loves me for me, not someone who is simply there to get another address out of me for mama and family.

Let's just enjoy this last couple of weeks or so, can't we without insults? or trying to make me feel bad?  or having him call so you all can be on the threeway and try to prove to people me and him are cool like that?

Let's just be grown, let's be grown and gangsta with our sexy, with our schwagg.

And say obviously the bond between Delmar and you are unbreakable, just as the bond between Tiffani and her God is.......and because of that it's over now in regards to any interaction between Tiffani and Delmar or any of his family mostly and importantly me(mother dearest).

Can we just end this with peace and no hard feelings?  

Never cheated on him, never did anything but try to help him in ways you profit from this day with a total disrespect of my family and those who care about me in return......

Why b/c you run grit?

But then again, you did steal from me. All I did was treat you and yours the best I could.....


My life, my truth, my story.

Me Tristen, You Benny #bluehillavenue and so not because of no damn weed.

You could never beat me.  B/c me is God by default.

and we very, very, very, very good at what we do.

be back tomorrow.  I'm picking up steam. tomorrow's goal, four hours of sleep......

god bless.

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