Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Book of B&B (Basslines and Baseball) Chapter 1

Hello America, 

How are you all?

I had some things I needed to address personally, so I took some time off, that is going to happen a couple of times in September, but we have to do what we have to do.

I thought where I wanted to take the direction of this site, and I talked to people who have no clue about this site, and I talked to people who swear by it.  Talked to folks of color, we all have color, but you know what I mean.

It got a little overwhelming, you know.  I have a lot going on in my personal life, and just taking on the daunting task of having substantive conversation without the research or legal team most of the candidates, pundits, and networks have is a little overwhelming.

But we are in the book of baseball, and when it’s hot, getting into the fourth inning, where pitchers find their grooves......., sometimes all it takes is a hit.  May be a single, a sacrifice fly, but there is something visceral about hearing that crack of wood meeting that ball that resonates with a team.  Doesn't it Rangers?  *waving*

Something about hearing that crack echoes in a stadium with all that noise around....

All we are going to do today, or attempt to do is let the bat hit the ball.  We need to hear that crack; we need to feel that resistance on the bat when the ball hits it.

It's a long way to 2012, but we have to start somewhere so let's go.  My goal is to be through by the time the market closes.

@tmims50 political commentary, Hey, anybody and everybody can get.  I have a wonderful tweet family, they help me learn, and they help me grow.  They tell me when I am wrong, they pat me on the shoulder when I'm right, they pray for me when I'm down.  It simply doesn't get any better than that.  Mostly conservative, not necessarily republican, but just folk that love America and grown enough to have intelligent conversation about the state of this country.  And when I'm in the mood, I'll rattle off a good 40 tweets to Obama himself, about whatever hits my mind.  I think that I am almost at 1900, no apps, no programs, just networking.  Censored account

I am at my limit following, so I will follow back, you just have to trust me, I think I need to get about 500 more before they will raise my limit, so give me a moment and bear with me.  I do value each and every follow.

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We got like 1000 on that account, let's keep making hits, Grammies and everything in between, follow me, I follow back.

@jjauthor Jamie Johnson, her link is to the right, she is the author of the book Don't take My Lemonade Stand, a book that ought to be required reading for every civic class.  Yes, civics is needed, how can inform our youth to use their vote properly when the only elections that schools chose to discuss involve reality shows and popularity contests, we hurt ourselves, we hurt this country by not addressing it.  Her link is the right check it out show her some love, the addy listed above is her twitter account.  good people, great patriot.

@MicheleBachmann no doubt the 46th President.  Yeah, I know right now, Perry, Romney and Palin have the buzz right now, but the race belongs not to the swift nor the strong but he that endureth the longest.  She is a woman of God and said she prayed about this mission God put in her heart and she has not shown me anything to make me think that she takes any of this lightly.  I am trying to be a woman of God and I know together along with the millions of voices some old, some new that are starting to believe in Bachmann(ah-ha.........catchy isn't it) use it, pay me, I need it. we are going to get some hope and change in the white house, we all can believe in......Bachmann style.  her link is to the right, check it out.  check her out.

I have a donation fund to the right, times are hard for everybody but if you have something you want to share, I would appreciate it.  I don't really expect anything from it; it is more of a symbol you know that if I ask, God says I shall receive.

Well, I'm up at bat.

let's go.

I like to go over quick political tidbits.........things that stand out to me in the news........ just to let the beltway, I am not missing much.

Biden- tell Joe Biden that letting the world know with all of the chaos going on, that on behalf of his administration that that more than likely triggers decimating our defense system only empowers our enemies in regards to planning and participation.  People have to work and if we can't keep our specialized defense contractors, someone else will trust........  It is my assertion that the Obama administration wants the decimation of the military.  The only truly verifiable academic paper written by Barack details how to disarm this country without war ...seems like he's achieving that goal.

Libya - is not a Win for Obama, it is a win for Al-Qaeda the Muslim brotherhood and raises the hopes of those who wish the destruction of Israel.  Well, I guess it is a win for Obama, just not our country ;)

Paul Ryan- please let him stay in the house..........I don't foresee Cantor not vying for a senator seat, and we need a strong, sensible educated voice in regards to budgetary measures in the house.  A new report comes out today that 8 out of 10 lawmakers are clueless to economic policy...........I kinda of think that is true from the legislation that comes out of the hill on a regular basis.  The real people writing the bills are K street....... kind of scary in consideration the whole we are in..........

Huntsman- dude no, won't you go offer Perry or Palin or Romney to be their running mate, this is the nomination process run your race, this is not the time, and to offer that to all not just the female candidate on the ballot......... like she needs help that Perry or Romney don't.

Well, I like to write as if I was in a classroom, not because I am arrogant enough to think that I could teach you something.  Education is such a big part of my life and from my days as a teaching assistant and public speaker......helps me feel more comfortable to write.

So I am going to ask Jamie Johnson and Gov. James Perry (rick sounds forceful, but when you running for President, nicknames have no place here)... to step to the front of the classroom.

I have three books that have fundamentally changed my life.

Roots by Alex Haley for cultural reasons and no, people not for the I hate the white man mantra.  I think it highlights that how despite adversity a slave created a lasting legacy in this country.  It is the American dream in my opinion simply amazing.

By the river Piedra I sat down and wept by Paulo Coelho, my metaphysical bible if you will.  I am a Christian will always be, but this book has had such an impact on my spirituality.....I can't even get into that or we won't get to where we need to go.

The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck.  My 8th grade English teacher, Linda Young made me read it.  A love story, no doubt, but a story at least to me about how we all need each other and how we never know when or how that need will arise.

The Federalist Papers I for some asinine reason I chose to read during my only semester of law school at the Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University changed my political life.  Reading that made me start researching people of color's participation in the republican party and gave me new definitions and connotations of freedom, liberty and justice.

So in regards to Jamie Johnson, if the federalist papers gave me the fuel I needed to make a change to identify with a party that I felt reflected my belief,

her book Don't Take My Lemonade Stand and there is an amazon link to the right where you can order it quickly, changed my life in the sense of it solidified what I have felt in my soul for the past almost four years now.  That the spirit of conservatism and common sense that used to unite this country is lost and it takes active participants who are willing to dedicate themselves fully to the cause in our own way to bring it back.  To save this country for the children.

I am going to with her little bit of permission use a couple of excerpts to show why this book should be read by every congressperson and I am determined to find a book of equal value on the left to explain progressivism in the terms this woman defines key and core values that we all need to cognizant of before we let a tweet, a status update, a vote come out of us.......

THAT'S HOW STRONGLY I FEEL ABOUT THIS BOOK, and I haven't even finished it yet.

So what we are going to do today, and Mrs. Johnson please sit down is talk about some points I took from her book along with points of my life to start a very detailed inquiry about Gov. James Perry and whether his presidential bid should be rewarded with the GOP nomination.  I am of the mind no, but I can't just say b/c I told you so ;).  I have to allow you all to be able to be your own critical thinkers to take a group of evidence relevant to the issue and make your own decision based on logic.....

Harder than it looks, let's begin shall we, I have the dow jones ticker besides me, it is leveling off, but it seems like a good day indeed, always a blessing.

Martin Luther King said that a mountain of despair leaves a stone of hope.  I know that that is not an exact quote, but I am working without air today and it is hot, this is Texas where everything is bigger including the heat wave.

God said that David didn't kill Goliath, but the rock in his hand did.

I hope my words can serve as rock to remove the Goliath of Barack Obama and ideological tenets he brings and that starts by employing the right candidate to challenge him.


Faith is important to me.  I think it was important to our Founding Fathers.  They just got through having a major beef with Britain and being victorious........  At the time, Britain was like Mike Tyson in his prime and here is this little network of 13 colonies being Buster Douglas telling themselves......Man, I don't care, I can't pay these taxes, all these regulations......Tyson or no Tyson, we can't take this no more.

We love to look down on America, but the mere presence of it, is the epitome of the human spirit.  Now it wasn't all right, yes I am aware these men had slaves; these men looked at women as property. But they had sense enough to leave enough latitude that when the people came to see different; they had a chance to change the law.  That's a blessing.

I am going to tell you a story as we are going to stay on each issue with each candidate.

I am a victim of identity theft.  Some know some don't.  It is hard; it is a big reason why illegal immigration and the label of good illegals bother me so.  These folk although are hardworking need cars to drive housing to stay in, utilities cut on, etc. and the trillion dollar business of identity theft does that.  That's all on that right now.

I have over the years have had to make personal references on here due to safety issues and those who have been following this site for like almost 3 and a half years, pleaded with me not to remove that element from this post.......  Posting things on here has saved my life literally.

But I want to share a particular tidbit out of my life, not for pity, not for sympathy, but to show why I chose faith as the first issue I compel you to honestly critique Gov. James Perry on and we will with the other candidates, but he wants the spotlight as any honest Texan does so why not ;)?

James Wirthlin states that faith is not so much something we believe; faith is something we live. and that is the definition we are using for this discussion.  not worried about whether you pray, or where you pray.  this is the definition for today

I have a violent ex-husband, sometimes, it happens.

For a variety of reasons, he came to my door I want to say Friday or Saturday night, I have been running on 2 or 3 hours of sleep, you have to bear with me.

Anyway, he is a big dude and he had been leaning into the door, when I put him out last year, he had already weakened the door, but instead of ramming the door down, he wants to catch me off guard, he doesn't want me to prepare myself to defend myself.

So anyway, I am looking at the door, you know how you can see the cracks under the door, well those houses with foundation problems and I saw these footsteps.  Now the footsteps didn't register to me on a one level, as I am very sick and I can't afford to have a heart attack or anything like that, but on some level it did and it occurred to me that how could I see those feet, rather than footprints when I didn't have the porch light on.....

I knew on some level it was him.  I knew that he wanted to come in and surprise me and hurt me; my assertion is to kill me.  When you deal with abusive spouses and partners, some folk in their own way of loving you, cannot to bear to see you without them.  I noticed the door the day before that it didn't close the way it should and I just changed the locks so I was aware that something wasn't right.

I was on the phone, but I have dealt with Dallas Police Department enough where i don't trust them enough to call 911 anymore, been left hanging too many times, some for good, some for bad.

I digress.

I am on the phone and I am looking at the door slowly, but surely give and give and give........

Faith is something we live, huh?

Because I have a state jail possession for marijuana.  Yes, I had a hippie moment; I grew a plant back in the day.  I can't have any firearms.  I could have bought one, but faith is something we live.........

I didn't get up, I didn't get off the phone, I didn't change my inflection, I didn't grab a weapon, I didn't do anything but do what I always do.....

walk in the faith that my God told me would sustain me.

His actions hurt me on levels that I cannot express.  Because I knew he meant harm, but I am not mad at him, because I know God allows things for a reason just like DC had one of those Cali wake up calls a few hours ago............

I knew that God wanted to test my faith............wanted to see what I was going to do.

And although I knew had it been for a couple of more pushes a couple of more inches, I wouldn't be here.  I lived the faith that I hold every day.

Just like anything else, faith is a habit, a skill or ritual or something that you subscribe to everyday, so when a major crisis comes into your life, your instinct comes through because sometimes you don't have time to think.

Had I been thinking I might have called the police got a weapon, but I was thinking I was living in faith........

In the first line of the preface of Mrs. Johnson's book, she states We the people.......  If we the people do not engage in the politics of life and government, who will?  Notice in a book about teaching people about conservatism an arguably political subject, she starts asking the question if we the people do not engage in the politics of life..........first before government.  My question for you to ask yourselves is why?

g comes before l, the last time I checked the alphabet.

politics has more to do with government than life, right?

I think in her own way, and I am in no way speaking for her, I am using her book because it helps me on a daily basis and it’s just been three days so far ensure that I am on point in regards to what I am talking about. she takes the time to give clear definitions, she markets some parts to her kids, but frankly I think those parts should be part of a standard pamphlet on what is conservatism.

So many have on it on the left, but don't think so because conservatism is associated with the republican party.

Mrs. Johnson states that this all started this book, this dedication to standing for the stand started because her child asked simply "How do you know who to vote for?"

Don't kids say and ask the darndest things.......... Not a question that Bob Beckel would welcome, well.......that may be a bad example because what may come out of his mouth is possibly unnerving and scary.

But How do you know who to vote for?

Now with her permission that I am working on, I would like to use her book to provide a foundation that anybody who reasonably can read at a sixth grade education can pick up and understand.  I love Michele Malkin, I adore her, Dick Morris, and some other people, but I am not Glenn Beck ;) sometimes I just need something plain, for the slow folks in the room like myself.

I may never have a child that I have borne myself to answer that question of that is a path that I am starting to accept that God may not necessarily want for me.  But 75.6 million children are in this country as of this year and by best estimates......... They are of different colors, races and creeds but if they are blessed enough to make it to the age of eighteen and not be in a legal troubles, they will ask this question

How do you know who to vote for of someone, about something?

I have to accept the fact that God is his omnipotence realize that we don't all have Mrs. Johnson at home and that's a not a bad thing or a class thing.  I thank God daily for her, I thank God daily for her son having the audacity to ask and her and her husband instilling in her son the values that made him feel comfortable enough to ask that question.

75.6 million children as of this year got to find the answers to these questions.

And with the adults who need to be asking themselves that question every time they hit a polling place, I think God has some busy work for me ;).

I was watching law and order last night, and there was this episode, SVU, by the way where this army dude and his friend are torturing these young girls, and at every time he is escaping the capture of monk, the super smart kind of dark detective dude on the show.......

And Monk is frustrated because one of the victims is so suffering probably through PTSD that she sleeps with her light on, because she knows that he is on the loose.

And Dick Wolf being the genius that he ends........his propensity for great endings, that's a blog for variety, anyway.......

after the suspect is captured because the NYC district attorney's office had a trick up their sleeve.  Monk goes to the victim's door and simply says you can turn off your light tonight.

That line hurt because I can't cut off my light tonight, but I know that I can turn off the light in the heads of those who do read this blog because they can relate to it more than Hannity or Maddow and nothing wrong with those shows, both I watch daily........

I can help turn off the light regarding how do you know who to vote for.

For Mrs. Johnson's answer, read her book.  the amazon link is right there to the right.

We don't need my answer; my goal is to help you formulate your own.

Faith is living........

James Perry is the son of tenant farmers and ranchers, baby that's hard work.......

You can't grow up off the land and around animals and not have some understanding of common sense and nature because you are dealing with two elements that don't bow down to man; they operate through god's grace.  I guarantee nobody on The Weather Channel a month ago predicted a earthquake in DC.

 He has an eagle scout, as a girl scout something I can relate to. He was instilled with the mantra to be prepared........

If faith is living, then one has to question what concepts, what truths, what mantra are you living on, off of, yes?

In 1984, in the height of Reaganomics Perry was a democrat and elected to the Texas State Legislature.......

I can't argue with that I was a democrat until 1998 although I refused to vote for Clinton both times.

In 1987, he supported legislation advocated in tax increases by Republican Bill Clemons..... it happens.

Perry remarks that Sam Rayburn was a big influence on him............ What can I say I love brother Boehner.....He is my brother to the end, but my all-time favorite speaker of the house tip O’Neil, his tenure left a permanent mark on me.

He supported Al Gore, can't be mad at that, that's the precise reason I left the democratic party in spirit, the federalist papers drew me to the republican party.  I couldn't believe that Clinton won out over Gore; it showed me that the democratic party wasn't home to me anymore.  Still peeves me to this day.

In 1989, James Perry joined the republican party after consultation with Karl Rove and I am paraphrasing so brother James put down the phone don't call your lawyer yet.

He is quoted in the Christian science monitor that by joining the republican party he made both parties happy........

Now because this is just the start and I have to be careful with my facts to the best of my ability until my research team allows me to come out guns blazing.........

Let's just stop right here and discuss that.

He was offered a political road map by of course a fellow Capricorn, a Christmas baby, Karl Christian Rove........lord, brother you are a gift that keeps on giving aren't you ;) to the white house.

I am from Texas, not West Texas; I am from the intersection of North Texas and East Texas, where farmers meet city folk.  I am from Dallas; we let Fort Worth handle the ranching duties.

And although each part of Texas is distinctive enough to be their own countries and lends to a native Texan's tendency to be self-centered......because Texas is that big in space on many levels,

there are some things that are held dear by every Texan, and by that I mean native from when I was a kid, born in '75

their religion,

their right to bear arms

and their political beliefs.

I remember watching the movie recount, what is that with the bush/gore election and James Baker tells the story of not necessarily how he came to help Bush Senior through helping his son.

watch that, Mr. Baker lived in his faith of helping someone who helped him.

My question of James Perry is what about the republican party made you change on some level your beliefs; I understand that Gov. Perry was a pit bull, the equivalent on some levels of being a blue dog today.

But still, Texas is the land of extremes............

Texas Democrats ain't Texas Republicans....

the world wasn't so global back then.

So we get back to the beginning as we get ready to close today.  We have to address Ohio and Gov. K's weekly address Thursday morning, but.........

I want you to ask James Perry,

how did he know to vote for the republican party to lead his political soul?

Was it to make everyone (both political parties) happy which is a recipe for disaster every time?

Was it to be where Brother Rove told he would be now thumping his chest with his don't mess with Texas t-shirt in an automatic front runner to replace Obama?

Out of all, the research I did, and I am looking for more did I see one reference to James Perry changing his political ideology because of principle or a fundamental change of thought process in his political soul.

Which is why I start with faith.

Faith is living right?

Well, Barack lives his life in blame..........b/c it is always everyone else's fault except when something good happens. He won't answer any questions about jobs, but he will have a pretty press conference regarding Libya, proud baby, proud that he can pronounce all the words correctly that he did it.

What does James' faith live in........?

The Office of President is scared ground and there is no amount of debate that can prepare any person, Bachmann, huntsman, the Kool-Aid man for the obstacles that one will encounter has President.

I assert that Rick Perry is an Obama light-years away.........from Barack.  He is the Texas version and baby, in Texas we do everything bigger and in our honest unbiased opinion ;) a deal maker, a people uniter but in my opinion........a divider a democrat in a nice GOP suit tailored by Rove himself.

If you as a man born and raised in the influence of politics, can change your political party for a job, to make parties happy which is admission of a God complex even a Texan will say is a little out of hand,

then my question is what will you stand for?

When the ex-husband of problems, crisis and conflict is leaning his weight on the door, and it is inches from giving........HOW ARE YOU GOING TO LIVE, HOW IS YOUR FAITH GOING TO MANIFEST?

We have 400+ days of a leader who wants to make everyone happy, who loves to say everyone wins, who will change his mind, his soul, his rationale for a job, a bump in the Gallup poll, a Nobel prize a trip to the golf course on a given day.........

Do we really need 1460 days of another?

I plan tomorrow to start getting into Perry's record to show his lack of dedication to principles and how that in his third tenure as Governor has rendered Texas a shell of what it used to be.

We will address his record issue by issue.

I don't like Perry, no need to lie.  I don't like Karl Rove once again, thinking he is the architect when he's drawing on God's drawing board.

But I have to be able to look those other 75.6 million kids in the eye with truth and honesty when they ask the question that Mrs. Johnson so eloquently expresses

How do you know who to vote for?

I assert Michele Marie Bachmann, but you don't get to home run without going through base by base, you don't get on base without going through pitch by pitch.

Its baseball, it moves fast and slow at the same time.

I think we have had enough as a nation of personality, of bravado, slowly silently leading us to a hell that our founding fathers feared enough to cross the Potomac outnumbered..........

Being the leader of the free world.......requires faith and faith is living and we deserve for ourselves, for our future, for our country to know what kind of faith especially regarding political ideology in those who say I can lead live on........

James Perry, Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, none of these are exceptions.

So that's where we start tomorrow.........

So for all those pundits in the industry, who didn't think I couldn't step up?

You were right; I live in a faith where I stand on the shoulders of the God I serve with his son Jesus in my ear even when the truths he puts there send breakers in the swells of my soul that make that makes surfer's dream.......

So for all those who were looking to knock me out, with frivolous lawsuits because of mistruths, well.......all I can saying is love I'm an American, I fall down, I get back up, I only demand the right to pull myself up.

This book like me won't be perfect........or anywhere near it.

Faith is living and as long I got breathe in me.....

I plan to show why first up we don’t need someone like you, James Perry.

So for all those new, I always rewrite a song to elucidate a point.  Had to leave rap alone for a minute, so we using Adele’s someone like you.

To Adele's people, we collabing one day, haven't played the piano in years, I bought the sheet music for this song, just need the baby grand to play it on.  Girl, the tones in your voice.......makes me think of Lauryn Hill not in range, but in honesty, rawness...... damn, I have to watch the VMA's to see you, crazy.

I heard
that you now uptown
That God
gave you the word
And you're our
leader now?

I heard
that rove's dream came true
Guess he got you things
the dems couldn't get for you

Dear Friend
You know I had to ask why
Can't afford to hold back
your faith has to come to light

I hate to tell you this but it was decided
God said truth had to emerge, you cannot fight it
I had hoped your love for your country would override it
That for us .....it isn't over

Never mind
We don't need noone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you boo
"Don't destroy us", We beg
"I was promised", you said
dreams come true with rove
But sometimes they crash instead."
Dreams come true with rove
But sometimes God steps in instead,

Dear James, my how the time flies
Only yesterday
It was the time of our lives
We were born and raised
In them Texas days
Bound to surely rise
we gotta respect our ways

I hate to tell you this but it was decided
God said truth had to emerge, you couldn't fight it
I had hoped your love for your country would override it
That for us .....it isn't over

Never mind
We don't need noone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you boo
"Don't destroy us", We beg
"I was promised", you said
dreams come true with rove
But sometimes they crash instead."

Nothing compares
comments and stares
Regrets and mistakes
Hell, life's lemonade
I wish I would have known
it was you brother james I gotta race?

Never mind
We don't need noone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you boo
"Don't destroy us", We beg
"I was promised", you said
dreams come true with rove
But sometimes they crash instead."

Never mind
We don't need noone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you boo
"Don't destroy us", We beg
"I was promised", you said
dreams come true with rove
But sometimes they crash instead."

Dreams come true with rove
But sometimes God steps in instead,

That's all folks..........Brother Perry, as you are my brother and I love you.  I am obligated to step up and be the best I can be for God and so do you, and that involves honest and fair critique of all candidates including you.

Being from Texas got both of your boots in the game, but it time for walking and living in faith and having the courage to do it under the glare of this nation which is far bigger than Texas.

I didn't get on base, I don't have Elvis Andrus of the rangers speed, hell, and I don't have Michael Young's speed ;)

but I did hear the crack of the bat touching that ball.  and that's enough #kellyrowland (motivation) for me to get ready for my next at bat.

and one day, Dallas County, soon and very soon, I am going to be somewhere where I can sleep with the lights off.

I am Tiffani El Dawn Mims and I am simply here to provide food for thought for the questions, our troops die for everyday?

How do you know who to vote for?

God Bless

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