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The Book of B&B (Basslines and Baseball) Chapter 2




Hello America,

We are going to keep it relatively short today.  One thing I have learned in the last couple of months is the need to pace oneself.

We are in the book of baseball.  I must say though Texas Rangers, it's been rough on that east coast, huh?  ;)  Get centered, y'all gotta support each other, don't give up, dig in.  It ain't over, but you can't take anything for granted and you all more than anyone know that.

I would like to keep on the discussion about faith.

So let's get some formalities out of the way and then we'll go.........

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@jjauthor Jamie Johnson, her link is to the right, she is the author of the book Don't take My Lemonade Stand, a book that ought to be required reading for every civic class.  Yes, civics is needed, how can inform our youth to use their vote properly when the only elections that schools chose to discuss involve reality shows and popularity contests, we hurt ourselves, we hurt this country by not addressing it.  Her link is the right check it out show her some love, the addy listed above is her twitter account.  good people, great patriot.

@MicheleBachmann no doubt the 46th President.  Yeah, I know right now, Perry, Romney and Palin have the buzz right now, but the race belongs not to the swift nor the strong but he that endureth the longest.  She is a woman of God and said she prayed about this mission God put in her heart and she has not shown me anything to make me think that she takes any of this lightly.  I am trying to be a woman of God and I know together along with the millions of voices some old, some new that are starting to believe in Bachmann(ah-ha.........catchy isn't it) use it, pay me, I need it. we are going to get some hope and change in the white house, we all can believe in......Bachmann style.  her link is to the right, check it out.  check her out.

I have a donation fund to the right, times are hard for everybody but if you have something you want to share, I would appreciate it.  I don't really expect anything from it; it is more of a symbol you know that if I ask, God says I shall receive.  And although prepay doesn't take prayers, I most certainly do.

Let's go.

I wanted to move on rather quickly to a factual analysis of Rick Perry.  But as God reminded me this is the book of baseball, we can take our time.  Do I read the polls, yes but I look at them with a grain of salt......  Perry didn't answer any questions in the Iowa debates because he was too busy on making himself just like Texas bigger than life.  Neither my parents nor anyone in my community has ever been contacted by Gallup and we vote faithfully.......

But I was wrong about just hitting the ball my last post.  I was about not making it to first and just showing if she can get healthier, she can really do something.

I hit an in the park home, simply because if you will, as I am using baseball to talk about political momentum in this sense, I hit an in the park home run and although I ran around the bases, in a way that would make Cecil Fielder of the Detroit Tigers back in the day, look and say girl, you may wanna run a couple of laps I made it.....

It takes some moments before I see the effect of what I wrote in regards to certain issues.  Everything has costs, freedom ain't free and neither is anything else.

Which means even faith has costs because as discussed yesterday, in the context we are talking about faith is living and living is simply the culmination of choices, chance and circumstance wrapped up in the context of memories.......

Now when I say chance, I simply mean things you cannot control.  As much as we control ourselves, we must accept the full ramifications of that statement, we have to accept that there are things we cannot control about others.  We can try to steer them one way or another, but at the end of the day, we all as adults do what's best for us.

The right to vote in this country based on race was made formally in 1865, or rather 1870, if you must be formal about it........

But the right to vote regardless of gender was in 1920.

As much as demeaning as slaves were viewed, it reflects a global truth, that regardless of slave owner, slave, or anything in between.  Fifty years, after it was legally deemed to let those of different colors vote............. it finally occurred to some that maybe women who pay taxes, serve, and all this other type of thing might outghta sorta get the chance to vote.

So Big Sister Michele as we start off today's post, 

Why should the right to lead be any different?

There is one last glass ceiling and despite our racism, elitism, and the rest of our ism, sexism is the one bias, some of us are not going to let go of, are we?

If I removed the names and told you the leading candidates for the GOP were

a dude who used to be democrat until offered a job by another dude and had to join the party to get it,

a dude who had sponsored a health care plan and mandated health insurance, and socializing the concept of health care.

a dude whose summary of foreign policy is let everybody have everything including nuclear weapons and we all respect each other and get along because I have solved the fiscal issues

and a dude who made a stand and just no and we are going to have to deal with the consequences because we can't give up our military and we are ridding ourselves of this mandate and going to have to make some ugly cuts

and I told you that the latter would be in last place during the start of the republican primary season, you would think I was high,

But when I put in gender, it brings perspective doesn't it?

I didn't think my trying to change, that my words made that much of a difference, let's face it, I run my mouth every day, but I try to grow you know.  I try to be better than I was yesterday, grow a little more.

And that comes by living and by living that comes from choices because it all leads back to:


There is a geo-political-fiscal-media conglomerate that I lovingly call the force......... some call them the illuminati, some call them news corporations, some call them Warren Buffet, George Soros and the homies.......council of foreign relations.  It doesn't matter.  I am simply referring to the entity that is always right behind the curtains slowly and carefully selecting who the heroes and the villains are to be in our lives.

They make every move for us; give us choices that are already calculated to get the results they desire.  I have no need to find out who exactly those folks are, but all I am saying is that there is a group of individuals out there who run most of the corporations that affect our daily mind frame in what we see, hear and touch and  feel........ and they have 2012 already planned out.

So yesterday, I read the public policy poll, Paul is getting ahead of Bachmann, hell, everyone is at this rate.  I read on Facebook today, Karl Rove's indicators that show that Obama despite it all is headed for re-election.  I heard Jeb Bush's comments basically saying please don't piss Obama off with the religious or faith or loving America thing, there are so many anti-American, Muslim, Christian, basically we just hate American terror cells in this country, we can't stop brother told me;)

I heard Kay Bailey Hutchinson's plea that she would support any candidate in the GOP as long as it wasn't Obama.

As I heard all these things, I wondered whose hearing the people.

Because Perry was basically scared to face Bachmann in her home state, he just skipped that and moving on to South Carolina where he can pound his chest and say we produce jobs........... b/c God forbid he came up second to a woman, one from Minnesota at that, or had to earn some votes

And that's right, Texas is producing jobs,

low wage, go to the local medical billing school, take blood or bill some codes jobs.........

But it used to be a time in this country, where we produced careers.............

Careers where fifty and sixty year old citizens ain't fighting twenty year old in the registration lines of colleges trying to reinvent their career, while the younger ones are trying to start theirs.

And I looked around at all these numbers, thought about people whose opinion I matter like it's gonna be Perry, maybe Bachmann for the running mate, but Rubio to court the Hispanic vote.  You tried kid, but it's not time.........

Just take it, go kick it, do what you do and let the grown folk stuff stay with us, Tiffani.  We chose Perry is the message the force tells me in no uncertain terms.

Faith is living right, and there is part of living that moves so fundamentally fast that you don't have time to think, your soul relies on the culmination of personality and environment that makes you you.

The ex sent me a message yesterday that a relative had passed.  and I didn't get it until later and I left a positive message........  

I come out of the room from using a phone from my parents to call him as the voice mail was on and they both asked almost in unison, now what?

Meaning are you going to go back to him are you going to see him that type of thing.

Before I had time to get indignant or anything of that nature, I simply said no that time in my life has gone.  And I didn't mean to use such a strong tone because these are my parents....... it just came out.

So I am walking home and I am tired, very tired........  I go to the plasma center of all things and this one in particular got the bright idea to take the chairs out.......So I have been standing, there is a quick short hilly way, or a longer flatter way for me to get home.

Of course, the bus that goes down the longer flatter way left seconds after the train arrived, giving no one a chance to get on the bus.......

So I am walking and I have to make a decision which way do I go?  I prayed and I thought about the ex, b/c I know what he wants to do and I know what he thinks he can say to get it.  To get me to go with him, in order for him to hurt me. Most of the neighbors adore him, can't stand me so they give him reports on my whereabouts or whatnots.

And because of that I chose the latter way, but I really didn't think about it, I just moved my feet in that direction.  Up on the hill, I see the ex in a car, and of course, he drives off.  But just by the grace of god because I did pray about it, literally which direction I chose to get home saved my life.

I wouldn't have seen him had I went to other way until too late and he and his brothers or other relatives would have pulled me in that car, gave me about six or seven punches to key areas and threw me back out, because they know I live in a neighborhood where no one would call the police until they were sure I was dead.

I am in the ground zero of good illegal immigrants who have gotten a little big for their yet and still criminal britches, I am in Dallas, I am in Texas.

I read the bible for comfort.............because I had to thank God; I had to know what he wanted me to learn because he blessed me yesterday, as he did the day before.......

And I thought of I Samuel 17............

not going to discuss it, just read it, and not about the dude throwing a stone focus on the first part of the chapter, learn about David's personality.

I can't honestly say if I will support the GOP candidate for President, I am at a point in life, where I can't stand for what's wrong on certain issues no more.  I can't.

I am at a point where all I can do is walk in God's grace, bask in his mercy and deal with the consequences.

I know Jeb, they are gonna put my personal business out there, it’s already ebbing out.  It’s okay, I don't have any children to answer too, so I'm cool. It is only going to increase.  I know Senator Hutchinson despite of how much hell Cheney's book raises, my life is in danger, and if the establishment could write me off as a domestic victim gone horribly wrong they would..........

But I have to honor God, and in order for me to do that I have to serve him, I have to support those who are going to do this country right and while that might end up being James Perry at the end of the day, I will not surrender the primary process to him.

Texan to Texan he understands........

American to American........., I wish you all would.

Not going to back down

Jamie Johnson, author of Don't Take My Lemonade Stand is offering the first chapter of her book for free.........

check it out through amazon the link is to the right.

And b/c she has........

I want to discuss a couple of notes to help some of us understand what is really at stake.

In the introduction of the book, Mrs. Johnson quotes A. Rand and her book called the Virtue of Selfishness....

and I want to use that today

There is no such thing as a "right to a job"- there is only the right of free trade, that is : a man's right to take a job if another man chooses to hire him ... There are no "rights" of special groups, there are no "rights of farmers, or workers, or businessmen, of employees, of employers, of the old, of the young, of the unborn" There are only the Rights of Man -- rights possessed by every individual man and by all men as individuals.

I don't have time to get into the merits of Rand's career in purpose but it serves as food for this debate...... If there is no such a thing as a right to a job, then there consequently be no such thing as a guaranteed shoe in for the GOP nominee.......

There is only the right of democracy in the sense of being able to elect leaders through voting rights afforded to most of the public.  That is a man's right or woman's right to take a job if the voting masses elect him or her.

I am getting a lot of pressure for doing something I have advocated, getting the GOP nominee out in front long before next year so we can focus on Obama.  I have been very consistent and very vocal about the fact that I believe Obama is a fiscal, cultural, social, and political terrorist and I say this in this sense.  

I don't think Obama is out making bombs, or trying to hijack any planes, but the word terrorism comes from a French origin and although at the time it was tied to the French's reign of terror, it originates from the word frighten........

Are the markets not frightened because of political regulations and hampers on business?

Will the people not be frightened in 2013 when they realize that Matt Damon's new movie, with the powerful scene of "Where is my wife?" the new health epidemic flick and the moves to detain people are the exact steps outlined in Obamacare for the sake of health?

Are those individuals who chose to stand up and speak their voice and brutalized by members of the SEIU and see the justice system turn the other way because of course, the SEIU must be for the people they are unions, are those individuals not frightened?

Are not those who came over here legally and earned their way not frightened by the oblivious attitude of Obama when it comes to obeying laws he does not like?

We can go on and on, but to me he epitomizes terrorism in those aspects.

Senator John Kerry states "While we must remain determined to defeat terrorism, it isn't only terrorism that we are fighting. It’s the beliefs that motivate terrorists"

The same is true with Obama.

We as a nation, we as those who care about this country must look and aspire to do more than just get Obama down in some Gallup numbers we must begin to attack with a passion that makes our founding fathers proud the belief system of those who support this man otherwise, whether it's Obama who is just bold with his.  Romney whose version of health care is just as scary, Rick Perry deciding as President, well, I am going to mandate vaccinations and while you can opt out, most school districts won't let your child in school if they don't, Ron Paul telling Iran go ahead and do whatever it is you want..........

It is the beliefs that we must address.  Anyone can be a terrorist, if you are able to frighten your intended target.  The tea party are not terrorists; they simply want to achieve some goals.  They are not focused on a group of people.  I assert that Obama is because the people he wants to frighten fiscally, socially, culturally and politically are American citizens who do not identify with his beliefs.......

Thomas Sowell, a genius who rarely gets his due, says that "If the battle for civilization comes down to the wimps or the barbarians, the barbarians are going to win"

With all that is going on is that far out of reach, Jeb Bush to say that we are not at a war for America's soul?

With all of the record deficits in records time, and the creation of a supercommittee which serves as a sole purpose to cut defense spending to where most specialized defense contractors will relocate from the beltway to Beijing, home of the country we owe all this money to.  Home of a country when we do pay them back invests primarily in its defense and military while we ravage ours.......,

is it truly not fair to say that we are in a battle for our civilization, how we choose to live our lives?

Mrs. Johnson defines 18 principles that define conservatism.  She states conservatism is more than a political philosophy.  That it is a set of principles designed to free everyday citizens from the injustice of a possible oppressive government and maximizes the freedom for folk to pursue their own personal definition of faith by living as they see fit.

1) personal responsibility- who do you as an individual answer to?  Are you able to hold yourself accountable? Are you able to say when you are wrong?  That's a question James Perry nor any other candidate should be waived from answering.

2) Moral character- depends on what you define as moral, but there are universal things that hopefully we can still agree on.  For me, do you live your life honestly, do you bother the children, the older people, do you earn for yourself......

3) Living within one's means- if you don't understand that, we have a long way to go case in point: the fiscal policies of the Obama administration.

4) Respect for the rule of law- again, the legal policies of the Obama administration serve as the perfect example of the exact opposite of this principle.  More money has been spent by the Justice Department suing Arizona and other states for trying to do something about this immigration problem that is out of hand, than spent on deportation because we have a President this constitutional lawyer, who does not have a fundamental respect for the rule of law when it doesn't go his way.

5) respect for innocent life- yes, I know James Perry you signed your anti-abortion pledge.  But to me, innocence goes way further than fetuses.  Millions of children are abused, neglected and tortured every year.  Millions of wives, husbands, and partners are abused, neglected and killed every year.  The same with elder abuse, the same with our disabled citizens...... not just a pro-life thing.  Mrs. Johnson is very intelligent, if she wanted to put pro-life in this list, she could have, her book.

6) the importance of limited government

7) saving for a rainy day.

8) The constitution as a clear, legal document to be interpreted as it was originally written and intended.

9) The value of Free-Market Capitalism to all citizens

10) More concern for victims of crime than for the perpetrators of crime- illegal immigration, the dream act, giving illegal Texas residents in state tuition waivers that type of thing comes to mind......crime is crime.

11) The government's primary responsibility to protect its people from harm, foreign or domestic.  kind of hard to do when you have a President whose mantra defines illegals by good if they are working and bad if they are not.  especially when remembering that none of the folk involved in 9/11 had a record, although some were legal, they had the help of some good illegals as well.

12) Respect for individual property rights- try to sell your home, and go through EPA regulations and ask yourself is this administration doing everything but respecting this principle.  Sharing is caring, but forcing folk to share against their will is stealing.  Doesn't matter if the person doing it calls it social justice or redistribution.....

13)Freedom of religion- yes, people although most conservatives are Christian, this principle reflects Christian sentiment, that we are all God's children and entitled to our own paths to find God or lack thereof.

14)The right to free speech and free association- we can say what we want and link it together how we see fit.

15)Punishment that fits the crime- so like if you come into this country illegally, the punishment that best fits means removing you from this country legally, that kind of thing.

16) An individual’s right to enjoy the fruits of his work.  - if you earned it, it is totally yours to do as you wish.

17) The freedom to pursue the endeavors of your choice.  If you wanna be the next Britney Spears, Flava Flav, Stephen Hawkins, hey so be it...

18) The responsibility of all men to take care of the TRULY poor and needy.


that's a lot.

But as we especially in the GOP, listen to male candidates, with the exceptions being Cain and Paul, pump their chest Texas style or with that Northeastern I'm too cool for that schwagg about being a conservative........

Use these questions to see if they are living it.  If the rulings and things they did as Governors, as legislators, as business folk, stand by that mantra.

When I selected Michele Bachmann as the candidate I chose to support, these are the questions I first asked.

B/c faith is living and there is no need for me to be worried about your pledge to this and that.  Your courting legalized bribery of K street, or your topping the polls consistently every week is of no concern if you don't adhere to these principles of conservatism that this country was based on,

these principles that this country thrives on and needs to adhere to in order to survive.

I need to know first, when you debating on which way to walk home, how do you decide your path?

Right now, Obama is not courting registered voters; he is getting new voters........  That's how he wins, he promises things to people gets what he wants screws over his base and goes and gets more voters.

I am not giving my support to any candidate that I don't fully trust, notice I didn't say agree with.  My voice and what I bring to the table is far more valuable than that.  Not b/c I am Tiffani Mims, but because I am an American citizen and I wish all that voted have that type of attitude.

I am not running and jumping on the Perry train because that's disrespectful to him and I because I don't mean it.  I am not acquiescing Romney because he sells a lot of pizza and has the money to stay around.  I am not going to acknowledge Paul as a serious candidate in my mind with his foreign policy or rather lack of it, my biggest concern.

I am in the tradition that makes this country that defines this country going to go with the candidate, I personally feel comfortable with to lead this country.  I don't care about Frist saying Obamacare wouldn't get repealed until 1920; somebody thought women would never get the right to vote.

I know personally what it is like to be counted out, left for dead.  If Perry, Palin or Romney, Paul, Cain or anyone else wants my vote they have to earn it and this country would be better off, if each and every voter did the same.

And that's not going to happen.

51% of people polled, still blame Bush and of course, we have Perry saying I'm bush 2.0.

There are folk who truly believe that although Obama got what he wanted the evil white woman in Nancy Pelosi was "hating" on Obama and he needs to be reelected because he didn't get what he wanted.  And this is from an intelligent, educated democratic voter........

Scary indeed.

We have to change the frame of reference before you can ever change a vote. before you can ever get a vote.

So GOP establishment, there's my answer.  I am not signing off on Perry just b/c.........

I am not giving Barack Obama a chance to say white, Texas, Bush, and evil all campaign season long.

Every candidate that has filed their papers has a right to run and that includes all. Every citizen has a right to free speech and I won't change mine because I am getting some notoriety regarding my thoughts about Obama, Jeb Bush.  I am not.  I am as solid as Nick Ashford, rest in peace.  Solid as a rock........... (I have to do something for him, just not today, but he is NOT FORGOTTEN).

Simply because .........

If I die young, God's will  done happened
Lay me down in a bed of Tyler roses
Hopefully the legend of El Dawn
Will be filled with phrases like she stayed strong

Uh oh, uh oh

Didn't get the role I wanted, doubt anyone is gonna call me mother
But that forces me to look out for all my babies of every color, oh and
that means that I can't give up because of someone’s guarantee
that this dude is gonna be the P

The sharp knife of a short life, well
I've had just enough time

If I die young, God's will done happened
Lay me down in a bed of Tyler roses
Hopefully the legend of El Dawn
Will be filled with phrases like she stayed strong

The sharp knife of a short life, well
I've had just enough time

I have to do my country right, cuz may not get in the holy kingdom
I just mean that I am what I am a stubborn ole thinker,
I never had the courage to realize God's plan
But it really doesn't matter because he's holding my hand
while I write these things that are gonna last forever,
I can't be worried about no man, no force that gonna sever by

The sharp knife into my life, well,
I've had just enough time

I'm just focused on my American boys and girls
What I never did is done

No price can buy my thoughts, rather earn my little dollar
Aint no need to hold nothing back if you say i'mma goner
And maybe this country can hear the liberty bell back ringing
Cuz its citizens stood up and made the beltway start listening.....

If I die young, God's will  done happened
Lay me down in a bed of Tyler roses
Hopefully the legend of El Dawn
Will be filled with phrases like she stayed strong

Uh oh (uh, oh)
The ballad of a dove (uh, oh)
Go with peace and love
Gather up your tears, keep 'em in your pocket
Save them for a time when you're really gonna need them, oh

The sharp knife of a short life, well
I've had just enough time

I'm just focused on my American boys and girls

and providing them the right to be anything they want to be that THEY EARN FAIR AND SQUARE, EVEN GIRLS NAMED MICHELE WANTING TO BE PRESIDENT.

not living y'all lies for you.  EARN THE NOMINATION.  

thanks the band perry, I’ll be back tomorrow.  and we'll get into those principles a little further.

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