Friday, September 9, 2011

The Book of B&B (Chapter 8)

hello bear w/ me. at home new phone. neighbors jumping
My fence feeding my dog. had to come home show
This still my house. as far as debates romney perry
Doing exactly what thought turning folk off. people tired of
Minorities being ignored on the right. makes my job easier.
With jobs bill, trade agreements should have been pass
Passed a while ago just posturing from obama. the bill only helps
Uunions and good illegals so its a no. not going to
Indulge in no game of chicken with obama
No obama lincoln create the gop, the federalist
Papers did. states can build their own bridges
We need americans driving fords and chevy
Hyundai don't make trucks ;) we not dumb dude
Tomorrow will have full post but just like the
Champs showed last night come back all
You want with speech after speech obama
When you come from behind against the champs
Even being a yard short will cost you the game
Nothing in that speech gonna get you to the
Finish line and pandering to ohio and letting
Brazil and mexico drill our gulf and good illegals
Openly work jobs in our nation noticed
Every day
All day
You a yard short
Because you put yourself behind trying to
This society into something you wanted versus
Respecting us.
We the people.
We the champs
I'll be back tomorrow.
Parse the bill in pieces you like signing things

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