Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Book of B&B(Basslines and Baseball) Chapter 33 cont

Hello America,

I was hoping to get ready to start a new book today, but it seems mother nature intervened. 

Let's just talk today political, and sports wise. 

Hope and change is coming and thankfully not from Obama.  What I mean to say as the hope and realization for some of us young warriors if you that our presence in politics, in culture, in the war to save this country's soul is needed, the change of even pretending to care is coming out.

I am reading this morning about Harry Reid and Obama saying a "Republican Congress" even though he is the senate MAJORITY LEADER.  Blaming congress for doing nothing when he a tenured legislator hasn't come up with a budget in over 900 days.  That's close to three years, OF GETTING PAID BY YOU, JOE AND JANE THE TAX DOLLARS, creating Obamacare just to have the class part repealed which you are paying for....

time for solyndra,

time for some gun hustling in fast and furious

time for Senator Schumer to tell illegals, man it's cool...........yeah, come on down to capitol hill, and tell us we wrong illegally in our country and legal tax payers dime.

time for Sunsquared to cost us 1.8 billion per jobs for 80 jobs of folks saying........okay, the plastic bottles go in this container, the glass goes in this one........

It is just getting that raw, that out of hand, because the faith that started the size of a mustard seed is growing, and some plants have to grow roots down first before they can grow up.......... think about that one for a minute......

Some plants have to grow down in order to grow up.  You all are not feeling the testimony in that.

The seemingly easy series for the Cards has turned into something racial, well not racial but placism.  You got Bobby Knight, Bill Parcells and Rick Carlisle, the coach of the Dallas Mavericks, all three coaches who have benefit from Texas dollars not telling Ron rep our state, but in LaRussa's office trying to help get strategy.

Is it a race thing? NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT, IN ANY WAY. it is a place thing.  Ron Washington represents a different type of coach.  There is no putting hands on grown men or young men as Bobby Knight needs to do, there is no demeaning men and having playing fear or worship you as Bill Parcells needs in the locker room, there is no perfect clean cut story that makes Larry Bird proud to call you a teammate in Rick Carlisle in Ron Washington...........

He is a man who made a mistake some of us never even contemplate doing, a mistake that some of us is trying to find a way to come home to our families right now and explain where the money and our dignity went.  The role of coaching has changed over the years as the players have changed.  This little country phrase loving, calling Nolan in the middle of the night with some "Yo man, I f***ed up........", up and down the dugout making the ballboys and girls say we giving Wash some extra nap time.......

this non genius of a man, is who folk like Josh Hamilton, the one they call the natural because his game is like a pimp's schwagg, it ain't made you born with it, who makes folk like Beltre say......nah.....i'm going to that team......who all of these stars tell Josh no wash, no me.  This man who even clean cut guys like Micheal Young say, that's Wash, that's my manager what?

Men of all colors are on that team, some had to grow down to grow up, some grow up and stayed up.....but they all call him Wash.  And MLB ain't ready for this type of coach to take this crown, not against arguably modern day Jordan of coaching.

Not ready for a dude in Cruz who got cut, or Colby having to get a ride to the stadium because public transportation don't go out to Arlington, or a Feldman, and Ogundo and Adams and Gonzales saying it don't matter cliff ain't here, we are.

Not ready for a catcher, proud to have his nickname of dirt bag so much he got a tshirt on him, because it was this little man from New Orleanes said HE EARNED.

It is not racism, it is not by any means, I don't think any of the cardinals are racist.  They simply weren't prepared for the change that was coming.

Just like with Obama, I don't think the gop or the left, was ready for the tea party, was ready for people to accept the fact that both of the parties ain't up to no good.

I don't think that Bill O'Riley is ready to have me on his show and when he says I never made mistakes like that, and I say back I did, Josh did, Wash did, we all did some of ours is just public, some ain't now what?........  and he doesn't have a comeback.  They no more ready for that than those sliders and changeups Holland had.

I don't think the GOP establishment was ready for me to say No Romney, no Perry, no Cain and it is nothing personal by November and with record unemployment and record deficits none can beat Obama, it is the pudding, give me and my big sis in Michelle B. the ball, only chance you got.

Change is never easy because it represents the truth that you can never go back to the way it was.  It's not the Parcells, or Knight weren't needed or excelled, that time is gone.  Grown men don't need other grown men hollering at them or touching them over some plays.  Grown men need to have a boss who knows he is going to fight for his right to keep his check and those grown men reward that boss by giving all they have.

It is not that Romney or Perry or Cain are bad men..........that time is gone. It was gone the moment Hillary quit to become secretary of state, and work for a man who is leaving afghanistan to run a campaign ad saying "I kept my word to voters, but not allies" and wonders why afghanistan will side with pakistan which I stated 3 years ago.  By the way, folks that is why Obama wants, pakistan has records on Obama he doesn't want, Qaddafi did as well and this is backdoor war to if he needs to be a wartime President with some victory to stay in office......

Our definition of adversity given by REV. Martin Luther King, Jr. is

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

What bigger challenge is there to take a team's soul?  To tell a team in their own house, it's over........  It's done.  There is no more, turn off the lights, not just for a game, but for a season, to write the final stat in the history books........  What bigger challenge is there to tell the nation's political system, all y'all out.......?  All the cronies and the endorsement and money you have bought don't matter, it's over.......

Brooke Foss Wescott states that

Great occasions do not make heroes or cowards; they simply unveil them to the eyes of men. Silently and imperceptibly, as we wake or sleep, we grow strong or weak; and at last some crisis shows what we have become.

That when the 3-2 moments of our lives, the Preibus, none of these dudes can beat Obama we are going to have to give her a chance, this spring she is coming and there is nothing we can do about it..........

nothing new happens, no gipper spirit comes out, the only thing great occasions do is provide a great mirror...

Are you Gov. Barbour like I deserve to run, but I can't empower this terrorists bull?  Are you Sarah Palin like ohhhh.............I wanna get that dude named B, but Imma focus on making the republican congress Reid and Obama speak of a reality?

Are you Mitt Romney running just because you have so many times and figure eventually I'll get my shot, if I just say what these folk want today and what those want tomorrow?  Are you Rick Perry because you were almost a war here, and sharon stone's cousin (a joke referenced to a political movie which is actually quite relevant named Head of State starring Chris Rock)?  Are you Herman Cain like I got mad principles and I'll develop a foreign policy on the job?

What's in that mirror, America?

What's in that mirror Rangers?

That's it........

The new book will begin when the season ends.

A quick story,

I finished my game, I pitched, I got all of my little ice and stuff on, but people are congratulating me, remember we in the metaphysical work with me, me and J (Jesus, he's my ultimate homie), we amped and we celebrating, we rocking ginger ale because I can't drink anymore like that, health reasons.... We at the club getting dances, dancing, popping bottles, s*** and everything in between.....and I feel Jesus's breath when he says sh*********** and I turn around and see Mother Nature.  As this happened, around 10am yesterday, we closed the club down and opened back up...... we rock it like that, at times ;)

She approaches me "and says, your 'daddy's' wont play tonight.."

I reply " I would ask why, but it don't even matter, all we need is one night, not going to change because of what you do, the song or the truth of the disrespect."

She says "look at the dallas forecast"

I am like "I got the blackberry app for the weather channel, yes, it took me three weeks to find and figure it out, I already checked the forecast, homie, it is in the 70's all week" and slapped her on the butt (in a sports kind of way......)" You can let that go, this is Texas"

She laughs.....and slaps me on the butt (in a not a sports kind of way....) and says "Not Thursday, I couldn't get as cold as the Lu, but you all are going to feel what they feel, homie! check your phone"

I do and sure enough she's right.

She says "Both teams get an extra day to rest, to plan, to ponder, to worry, to pace, all that, your game is over and you out here celebrating, I already heard you and J hitting the club so with all of your glory going on, you gonna forget about your daddy's if they were here right now what would you say to them?  You full of ginger ale, glory and you pop all this........ What it is in your mirror?  What would your daddy's hear right now because I know you ain't going to get all the words right..... "

I laugh, put my drink down and my plate of big ole' shrimps, I have been waiting on all season , straight from the gulf......rubbed my forehead b/c I see me and mother nature going to be dealing with each other quite often, stood up, pushed Jesus to the side of me ,looked her dead in the eye and said.......

[speaking softly, gradually getting louder]

 Nothing going to stop you now, you here
One time.. yeah.. yeah..

Yo, all you need is one win on St. Louie's stage
One victory, just to be drake #headlines front page
Everything you need in you the first adam's rib
One chance to show the nation, yeah we did
Pure, playing your game armed only with
resolve, resiliency like houston daddy make 'em flip
  Wipe your messes up like a baby's bib
Be silent , let your game be the platform, baseball politics
Run through it to the goal line like Demarco did
Time for us, to put them cards in they final crux
Big Blue Bus, be aware them cards is coming trust
  One victory they season done final time is up
Redbull they gonna buck, phil jackson desperate zen
Show your worths, make them drink Ranger Heineken
Richochetin coming in from them Western Winds
  Stay on your route Just fight back Just end the S***[more sirens]
This is y'all season So you rep, to the death of it
'til you bring that trophy home, acts in  Louie is known
 The light of the new moon, show cold and cards coming soon
Rain down on them kirk franklin  monsoon
Prepared for them to sweep they field like loose choppers
Becoming Texas version of Biggie make ' em ask Tony who shot ya

I'm whispering in your ear, Rangers

[whispering again]
Yo, all you need is one night..
All you need is one right.. that's all you need
All you need in sight.. all you need Rangers
Rangers ball, it'll be a'right. yeah

Just getting a little amped, my voice raises
[gradually getting louder]
All you need is one bat one glove bullpen
One prayer - forgive for these cardinal sin
  You just at a point of truth we needing that
Reverse of Al THE D, just baby win
Extended book 33, just to say blue daddy's rock
  and roll from your soul like a two piece,  3-2
Which means, time for some dreams to get gangstalean
  An army of red birds will hit you, one shot will do
Everybody gotta see why make this win visceral
to show y'all got back up, that it is heavensent
Life ain't fair, champ or chump, which is your gear
No need for pacin, destiny's here
  Darren yelling screw that too many years, too many times
Gentry and Nellie got extra bats, saying Dude Im needing mines
Elvis back in the building, Micheal saying im working  pine
Josh say Imma carry my load, Adrain like I'll bust from one knee
  Felix and Alexi yelling - they buss, we buss, they bust, WE MUST
Gonna take more than some squirrels for these nuts

But I remember what Wash say about control and pace and I calm down and whisper

[whispering again]
All you need is one night.. that's all you need, that's all you need
All you need is one right.. there's nuttin else in the world
All you need is in sight.. that's all a Ranger need to do his thing y'know
Time to turn off these lights

Now I am feelin my adrenalin and working Wash's mantra to reel it in, so I get loud and then start remembering.....

[starting loud this time, getting quieter]
  Don't wanna see you on top, too egotistical
That ball is going to get slick, be neo matrix metaphysical
  it what it is, You got on your final blues
y'all gotta show, resolve team y'all is the sum
Too late for dreams son we blasting, we know what yall figura
  All you need is last one, already got cuts from detroit tiggas
Y'all a team full of Sauls, cardinal soul crashing
  Be steady don't jump around no everlastin
Be ready for your car, helping your brother
  be ready to give a boost this is war
This grown men business  no place for youngsta
Every play, every pitch, don't matter how it do over come da
need to be amped, be in your range, your brother proudly got dirt in his name
They jealous because you got  apples named ian
Lady destiny gave a message send it
Don't matter how get you me home, one more win, run up in it
No time for whining, y'all know what's up at stake
Can't you feel the change of pace, get your swagger straight
Dr.Scholls gellin cuz your truth is the real deal
Just be you do what you do, let the fans squeal
Amazing grace was lost, but tranquility found
  cool and collected, just like how Colby runs his mound

All y'all need is one right.. yeah, yeah yeah yeah
All you is need your might.. that's all y'all ever needed in this world, screw words
All y'all need is in sight.. screw all the yapping, time to see
All you need is TONIGHT.. to end this series and name it your world.



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