Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Book of B&B (Basslines and Baseball) Chapter 20

Hello America,

This post is going to stand until Tuesday.

None of the usual commercials, today.

I am working on establishing my new site.

and we are going to go from here.

One of the changes, that I have decided to employ on here is to be shorter in length when I can.

Another change is to employ voices that can articulate issues and points better than I can.

You have to bear with me as I am doing this all myself and still recovering.

Today, we are going to introduce a dear twitter friend of mine and his site.

We are going to discuss life through baseball, a couple of key political issues and 2016 and we are through for the day.

We are using Jamie Johnson's list of conservative values defined in her book Don't Take the Lemonade Stand, a truly wonderful easy to read definition of American conservatism.

This book is named basslines and baseball, as I write in books like the bible to keep me focused.  Baseball is very long in season, just like the presidential election and just like a basslines which is so prominent isolated falls back in comparison to the vocalist or melody when it is all put together.

The first value we are still on, personal responsibility,

and we use Churchill's definition, the price of greatness is responsibility

and Lincoln's measure.  you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow, by avoiding the responsibility of today.

I am so blessed for the twitter family I have on both accounts, but for today, the political one, @tmims50.  They recognize my strengths and they empower my weakness by providing me with truths, that they take the time unlike most of our leaders on either side of the aisle bother to do these days.

So today, we are going to first examine the first of the many blogs I hope to promote here, but he will be a regular.

his tweet addy is @ThatUSABoy

His is available with a click of a button, check it out, he speaks on political and personal..... very cool beans.

I first wanted to highlight the article on fair tax, but I am not a fan of fair tax or of 999, 666, or whatever it's called these days ;).

But it is not a requirement for me to think exactly as he does.  It is a blessing that we encounter storms of difference.

So with all due respect, Texas Rangers, Ryan Howard of the Phillies, Al Davis and another Winner who didn't get the respect he deserved from the media or the industry Nick Ashford, this is for you, let's go.

His post is called. Conservatism is being Redefined.

I am going to copy and past this time because I want to explore the issue.

Sometimes we all need a stark reminder of where we came from to remember where we should go.”

It is extremely disconcerting to watch as conservatism being redefined by Republican presidential hopefuls who have no real idea what conservatism is. Each candidate has a few values that they consider as conservative enough, but none seem to exemplify a true conservative. Worse yet, each of these political campaigns are arguing amongst each other over definitions of conservatism.
This is true, the debates have turned into whose book, who values are better than the other, and we rarely hear the issues in any substantive form.  It is depressing considering the nation and what state we are in as O'Riley defined it, a progressive nation or a traditional country.

In 2008, the Republican Party presented its constituency with one of the most liberal Republicans in Washington, Senator John McCain, as the nominee for President Of the United States. This fatal error in judgement not only cost Republicans the Presidential election, but it divided the Republican Party itself. The TEA party was “officially” born on April 15, 2009 as hundreds of thousands of conservatives across America began protesting the “tax” and “spend” policies of BOTH National Parties.

While I respectfully disagree as to why Obama won with the author, he does bring up an important point as to how the schism began and manifested into the tea party not just within the republican party but a segment of the democratic party as well.  They felt they were taxed enough already.  I don't recall any race being a qualification to join just a dedication to stop taxes.  We can speak about the rich but for every million dollars, 60% goes to the govt.  If I came to any wall street protest now, and took 60 cents from every dollar, I would be charged with robbery, the tea party started because they had the courage to say, the amount doesn't matter, robbery is robbery.

While the politicians and the press continue to distort what the TEA party is doing, the people at the grass-roots level have made it clear. In the 2010 mid-term elections, Democrats took a beating and liberal Republican incumbents found themselves ousted in their own primaries. In the short span of one year, the conservatives of the TEA party replaced about 11% of the federally elected positions with conservative Congressional freshmen.

The Black Panthers and liberals think they are the only ones who grasp the concept of power to the people, but November 2010.  The Tea Party showed the world, they got the manual as well ;)

Conservatism Is Being Redefined
Conservatism IS about small government, lower tax rates, personal accountability, fiscal responsibility, securing borders, maintaining culture, and preserving the Constitution as intended. Conservatism is NOT about government creating jobs, more tax venues, new rights or entitlements, illegal immigration, multiculturalism, or legislation that needlessly restricts individual freedom. Much like liberalism, conservatism is a lifestyle. Its based on a set of principles, morals, and ethics that a person lives by to make themselves responsible and accountable for their actions in lieu of giving up precious freedoms. For the past seven years, the Republican leadership has attempted to make the Republican Party more centrist by using a clever little collective bargaining techniques called “bipartisanship“. 

I chose this post for this reason.  Conservatism is a lifestyle not an ideology.  You can leave your political ideas or idealogy in the office.  A lifestyle encompasses all of the values you carry with you in all aspects of life.  The major point of conservatism is to make themselves responsible and accountable which I define as personal responsibility.  But the last sentence is where we discuss our first political article today.

Bipartisanship.  Harry Reid has destroyed any hopes of anything getting done in the senate to create another group to circumvent the checks and balance our forefathers put in place.  He wants to create a bipartisan group in which senators can air their greviances.  What he is doing is just what the author of this post is saying.  Reid is trying to break the GOP stronghold and with folk losing their political minds daily like McCain, Murkowski, Brown, Collins, it's working.  He is giving them "cover" in which you will say, to make the conservative right look like monsters.  Conservatism is not about pro-life, or guns, it is about the individual.

And the political machines that empower, Perry, Romney and Obama and etc are very threatened by the tea party as these conseravtive values, mainstream media and hollywood actors have worked diligently since a magic bullet came in Dallas, TX in the  60s to erase is coming back.

The way this works is: Republicans and Democrats get together with two pieces of legislation that are completely unrelated. They bicker over them for a while, adjust them several times (usually adding pork spending), and then pass them both into law as one piece of legislation. Then, both Democrat and Republican, leaders attempt to sell the legislation to their respective constituencies with claims of victory. If their constituencies are not happy, they can excuse themselves by saying, “this is the best we could be because the other Party wanted something worse.” If the constituency is still unhappy, their leaders resort to calling them selfish and unrealistic and in the meantime, legislation becomes a tangled mess for future generations to deal with. While conservatism is being redefined by the Republican Party, the responsibility of maintaining conservative voices within Washington D.C. falls solely upon the grass roots efforts of TEA party to recapture the political party that is, rightfully, theirs in 2012.

Can't argue with truth.  And let's check out a couple of more stories to mark the accucracy of his words.

Keith Laing reports in the hill of the House GOP having to vote through the national transportation committee need to devise a national infrastructure bank, with all of these very so convient occupy protests all around.  It is nationalizing banks.

Will Boehner and Cantor say no?  Or being risked called selifsh and loving the rich?

Second, issue is Reid with the jobs bill.  The GOP wants to vote on it, Reid used the nuclear option to keep it from coming until he can SHAME ENOUGH VOTES out of the sake of bipartianship to get it through.

Paul Ryan, states he doesn't worry about those already rich, he's worried about getting become to successful.  In order to be successful, personal responsibility has to come into play.

and the next concept of team work.

as we are getting ready to move on to next value and fast and furious later in the week.

Let's leave with two stories from my baseball daddies.

One of my all time favorite players is Cecil Fielder, his son and the Brewers are letting the Cardinals have it, and the tigers are in the playoffs as well, I know he's a proud Tiger and dad.  

cool beans.

The cardinals got there with one play in the last inning, it was a game 5, a close game throughout.  At the end of the game, Howard comes to back and he has delivered before, but he didn't this time.  He hit a grounder, I believe and the Cards rushed the field.

Howard didn't make it 10 feet before heading to the ground for an injury that ended Marino's career.  I cried looking at the screen, it didn't matter to me who won, but realizing that he's hurt and out of all of what he has done for the team and city of Philly for a few seconds he was alone and hurting in the midst of his homefield and his teammates and his fans.

Teamwork works because team works.

That moment will never leave my mind and it makes me look at each player of the phillies in a different way.  Yeah, I know you lost............

But your brother was hurting so bad, he couldn't walk off the field, he risked his career to save......and was left alone.

Medidate on that and responsibility and conservative values. Yeah, its baseball but it does have to do with politics.  How many of our leaders starting with our President have left every part of his base stranded just to run and kiss the butts of those who write the checks.  Same on the right.

Perry is a conservative who empowers illegal aliens.  Romney is a conservative who empowers socialism through mandates. Paul is a conservative who empowers enemies through a foreign policty that makes Pelosi a woman who openly wants to disband the military look like Roosevelt, Theodore not Franklin.  Cain is a conservative who either doesn't care or know that 999 can turn into 909090 or any version in between in the wrong hands quickly.

Just like the author said.............

Conservatives are like Howard, stranded and hurt at home field with no one to help him.

Next story,



Not a CJ Wilson fan, not his fault, I just catch him at the wrong time .  But last night, I saw him.  He's got schwagg, amen to that CJ, who says you gotta be straight laced, you a baseball daddy who likes attention..........nothing wrong with that at all love.

Both of the pitchers got into trouble early and made it out.

And CJ like most scorpios takes a minute to find his stroke............... but he does and he's working.

But mother nature, stops the game twice and the flow is gone.

No more runs were scored by either side, what was gotten was all that was had.  

Gonzales came in and simply held ground.

Ogaundo came in and simply held ground.

Oliver came in and simply held ground.

Felix, this dude is like Bo Jackson coming down home plate, like move out the way, or somebody getting hurt......, held ground.

And the rangers held on.

They didn't blame CJ, they didn't panic.

They weathered the storm as we are going to have to do 2012.

we can't have a black Obama in cain, I will explain later in the week.

We have to learn from our daddy's on the diamond.

To weather the storm, to band with one another and say brother I got you.





Realize the blessing in the storm................

Mother nature is a woman just like America and she wants to enjoy her daddy's one game at a time at least today.

CJ mother nature gave your arm a rest, we believe in you, okay?  You are surrounded by a team a nation that will declaw thundercats ;) that will take cardinals out of the sky and detoxify some brewers.

Teamworks work because team works and the only way team works is when the team has one goal in mind.

Sometimes we all need a stark reminder of where we came from to remember where we should go.

Let's use this time Rangers to look at last year, or film or whatever it is you, do, remind yourself of where you came from to understand where you need to go.

America, let's do the same.  Look back at the conditions fiscally, politically, socially and culturally that made some folk named Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and Hamilton say these .......... have lost they damn mind, not putting up with this ........... anymore.

Mother nature is trying to teach us something, realize the blessing in the storm.

And just like the Mavericks as I popped it, called it the entire 3 rounds outside of round 1.


For those who don't know I like to song write.  I thought about the Game's blood up, as I am member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority for life, and a lot of my family members are rolling 60 crips in la, they not gang bangers to me, they family.  But I am not.

We down here in Dallas wondering if Mother Nature will let us play tomorrow.

Texas weather is funny, it will rain steaming the ground, and snow in April sometimes, whose to really say.  Dallas is due south 90 degrees.

I sat outside and looked at the rain with God and he asked me did I think mother nature was gonna let up?

I laughed and said.........

[Verse 1 - Lil Wayne:]
I told her “we got your message that you a real figure"
you dont want to be out of date like #tommyhilfiger
You brought that nature's finest just to cause stress
You made it where we can do nothing but NL CS
You got the game unwired like some bad cess
So go on write ya' tale, we know you about business
You staying around like, like them boys who hoop
Making each pitch, like al green simply beautiful
Players on edge, you rocking your beat
Had to respect 'ya, you controlling TV
They don't know your power, naw it aint b
nor an o that gotta a chance at your seat
God used his girl, you got us all wet
just to say, cj and crew y'all aint on yet
But I  laugh it off girl thats bullgrit
Ain't gotta have a stick to like a full split


Hook - Drake:]
She just gave them doppler figures
And looked back and told me “baby, it’s real”
And I say I ain’t doubt you for a second
aint gotta be wet to know how it feel
I know you got these debts to pay, so love go pay your bills
She bad, so maybe she won’t
Uh, but um then again maybe she will

She's the baddest mother in the bigger game right now
She will, yeah
She making all the homies yell her name right now

She will, she will, she will
She ain't worried about your fame or your money right now
She will, she will, she will
Make ya respect her as the baddest chick yeah
She will, she will, she will

[Verse 2 - Lil Wayne:]
She laughed and " you's a bold b**** talking to me"
Girl I rule the world, aint just about mlb g
So smoke you one and roll that back
just win like al davis with that silver black
I'm solid as a rock, I know nick told you that
I'm like grand theft auto, series i want to jack
I like each series, to get they own time
Just to show the world, they schedules mine
Y'all life is my runway, had to strike poses
I'm mother nature, with father time we the chosen
Thinking y'all bigger than us, yeah it's bo fault
that them protestors think they gonna vault
over my winter love when I turn my heaters off
But I like your manners like that Pole north
But I laugh it off, girl dont bullgrit
Don't have to have a stick to like a full split!

ook - Drake:]
She just gave them doppler figures
And looked back and told me “baby, it’s real”
And I say I ain’t doubt you for a second
aint gotta be wet to know how it feel
I know you got these debts to pay, so love go pay your bills
She bad, so maybe she won’t
Uh, but um then again maybe she will

She's the baddest mother in the bigger game right now
She will, yeah
She making all the homies yell her name right now

She will, she will, she will
She ain't worried about your fame or your money right now
She will, she will, she will
Make ya respect her as the baddest chick yeah
She will, she will, she will

For those who can't understand...............

Like any other woman, appreciate what mother nature is trying to show you, blessings in the storm, not burdens ;)

Tuesday, it is getting fast and ever so furious ;)

God Bless. congrats brewers, waited to post so y'all could finish!

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