Friday, October 14, 2011

The Book of B&B (Basslines and Baseball) Chapter 24

Hello America,

YES! I saw the game last night.  Great game.........on both accounts, congrats to the brewers and the tiggas.........  :)

Today, we are going to discuss why I am not on the cain train, we are going to talk a little baseball, have a story and I'm still debating on whether I should finish the song.

To those who are new to this site, I write in books like the bible because it allows me to stay organized.  This particular book is named because baseball has a long season like presidential races and basslines in isolation drive a song but with mixed with the many tracks or even in the simplest of songs with melodies and vocals sits in the background........

Let's get started shall we, my "coach" yes I have a team....., I do and I am seriously thinking about running in 2016,  has me reading about hipaa  and health care and insurance, it has been some of the most difficult reading in my life.  Has taken me a week to fully understand a 16 page brief, but just like the series, just like the race for 2012, you have to let the beat build before it can turn into a tempo that you can sustain.......

A few notes before we get started, Speaker Boehner, I don't like the trying to beat Obama with the big costly bills to produce jobs crap.   I get the jist and I know that if you had a GOP senate, a lot more can get done. We all have to do what we have to do, so I am going to trust you Speaker Boehner, that your heart is in the right place, that you are my brother that I cried when you got the gavel back, so if you and Cantor and Ryan need anything, you know.......just say the word, I read 10 newspapers everyday. every day, get the story out I got you.  We all in this together.

There are three people who let me know that my voice was real and relevant, the first was Karl Rove, he started following me when I started getting active on twitter at the beginning of this year, I didn't know how to really use twitter until this year even though I had an account since '09.

The second person is Mitt Romney, his team started following me early and let me know, no matter what I feel about his policy, he's smart, he's not racist by any means....... that I know of, and that he is serious about beating Obama.  I will give him that.

The third person is Herman Cain and while not directly following me, a lot of his tweeps do and I follow a lot of them, fundraisers, common folk........etc.  

I sat down and prayed................ yesterday.

I asked God for guidance.  Working the McCain campaign took a lot out of me, even though I knew that he was a better candidate, it took a lot out of me spiritually because I didn't totally agree with his platform and no one is going to totally agree with any candidate, that's just life, unless you run yourself.  I just made a vow this cycle to find a candidate that I believed wasn't just going to be better than the next guy, that could restore this country back to where it needs to be.

I have found that candidate in Michele Bachmann.  I don't agree with her on some social issues, but do I think she knows the system in and out yes.  Do I think she has the fortitude to tell Harry Reid, John Beohner, Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest.......... this is some bull and heck no I am not signing it, you wont fool me? yes.  Do I think that she is willing to withstand pressure from the right and the left to call corruption for what it is? yes.  Do I think she is willing to make the hard choices and start massive deportations and locking up employers for hiring good illegals taking our jobs as well as those bad illegals? yes, I do.

But when I judge candidates, I don't just judge on who I agree with, I should have graduated with a minor in political science, was too lazy at the time to, but I also specialize in picking winners. 

Mitt Romney will not beat Barack Obama.  He will not.  But we will get to that, let's say next Friday.

A lot of Cain's supporters ask me why I won't support him.  I had to pray on it, on the eve of the MLK memorial which Obama will milk and use every black cadence and every MLK speech he can find, it is tempting to say, hey let's see two black men duke it out for the sake of this country.  One who says he epitomizes the dream of MLK versus one who actually does.

But that isn't right, is it America?  Because MLK fought for all of us to be judged on the content of our character, not the color of our skin.

Herman Cain is energetic, he is a fresh voice that calls things for what they are, and who can't respect the daddy (schwagg, confidence, the way he carries himself) in him for that.  Nothing turns me on than a man who simply calls it like it is. Baby, that's electric itself.  His plan is simplistic, 999, real catchy, he has a story that a campaign director would dream of.......

Coming up, by himself, ain't playing the race card, telling these protestors to get off their butts, clean their butts.  Side note #OWS I don't care what you standing for, nastiness is just nastiness, the cities ought to send all of you all a bill because they shouldn't be forced to clean your crap, literally........

I digress.  Cain is working hard, baby, he's slanging burgers, pizza, reinventing businesses left and right.

He is the black Barack Obama.

I know it sounds racist, but think about it...........

He is.

He is everything that Obama says he was.  He is a man of honor who has the audacity to see past race.  He is a man of hope and change, God forbid, with the tax code and the way things are done in Washington.  He has no legislative experience.  Barack didn't either.  He will have to learn on the job.  He is a great speaker.  He has great, GREAT LINES.  He demands presence in the room.  He is into the get up and get something, don't let the days of your life pass you by goodie mob type thing.


He is everything Obama is as well.  No foreign policy, no legislative experience and unrealistic and scary simplicity of the tax code.  Doesn't really identify with black people, as far as civil rights and all that type of stuff.

and ..........

Obama will eat him alive.

First of all, 999 is real cute.  But what a good 40% of this country pay 80% of taxes.  unfair, but when 100% of this country pay for taxes, you risk three things.  CRIME, DEBT OF THE MIDDLE AND LOWER CLASS, AND MORE CRIME.

When the people of H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt come on TV and say, hey y'all no more tax refunds, at the local walmart, PEOPLE OF ALL COLORS ARE GOING TO LOSE THEIR MINDS.  It is not a black thing, a white thing, it is a most of Americans are broke as hell thing.  And Obama and the dems will ride that wave onto victory especially with Cain's attitude of pick up your boot straps and manage your s*** yourself attitude which I totally dig.  People the majority of people of voters in this country are of minority status, be it gender, race or ses.  Not about pleasing the conservative base, we need someone who can win

I know the tax code is not right, but 999 is not the way.

Secondly, look at Harry Reid, pull up a picture, I'll wait. look at nancy pelosi, I mean take a good look.  IF THESE FOLK CAN TRAMPLE THE CONSTITUTION, THEN ASK YOURSELF WHAT WOULD THEY DO WITH A SIMPLE TAX CODE SUCH AS THIS.  One democratic president, 999, will be 606060.  Barack Obama will make Michelle run at a chance at this.

A requirement of President is a legal or legislative base of some degree, you must be able to understand precedent and how laws can be exploited for good and for bad.  I personally thinks Cain knows this and just don't care because of reason number three.

He is part of the establishment, he may say teaparty, but his resume is more establishment than Romney and that's scary.  He was a chairman of the FED and the FED doesn't put folk in that are not establishment, ask Ron Paul he'll tell you.

Fourth, his refusal to answer questions with depth and substance.  People, Obama won with hope and change, he ain't told what hope or change meant yet......... We don't have time for another.  In addition, we don't need someone who needs a lot of advisors, we are broke, we need someone knowledgeable about situations.  We have that now with Barack, from everything from which iron the six or the 9 for that par 3 at hole 18, to how to create jobs, how to create jobs for job creators, how to the create jobs for big job creators for little job creators, Obama has some sort of advisor for.

And with Cain we are going to employ that same mentality to foreign policy?  That's scary.

People, I know most of these candidates suck for one reason or another, but with the regulatory and back door damage Obama has done WITHOUT CONGRESS, we need someone who is honest, open and knowledgeable and that is not Herman Cain.  He is a patriot in some terms, but he is just another RINO with a helluva presence.

He will not beat Obama because in addition to all of this, his no nonsense, do it yourself attitude resonates with Americans, but we are outnumbered, he will come off as cold and heartless and Obama and his team will milk that until elsie says no mas....


When I think of MLK this weekend, I know I have done my part because I judged Cain on the merits of his platform or lack of it, his ability to win and the content of his policy, not the color of his skin.

I hope you do too.

Now, let's end with a story.

The Rangers lost yesterday, what can you do, Detroit and Texas fought until the end for home field advantage, they are a really good team.  Verlander proved he is not only an ace but an iron man, Nelson Cruz, Josh Hamilton, Young, Napoli and Murphy proved they don't fear his arm.  They respect it.  Had that rally happened one inning earlier , the series would be over and we know it.

When Wash left CJ in the 6th inning, I knew it was trouble, he was struggling the whole game and it is not CJ's fault, he is a quality pitcher, but he is not an ace.  He never pretended to be, we as fans want him to be.  When Wash didn't put in, Ugando, or etc, I knew the game was over and nothing again the pitcher who was in there, he didn't want to let his team down.

He's a good guy.  We don't think, these athletes make their living off of this, so think of how hard you would play in your office, knowing if we don't win no more, we don't get paid in some respects no more.  that's life in sports.

Notice out of all the songs I chose, I chose let the beat build........ not let's take it home, let's win it all, let's jack these tigers, etc.  Elimination games when the losing team is at home is hard.

I wanted the Rangers to play their best and they did, four straight games is hard.  Everybody hurting, reaching for ben gay, icy hot, ice, towels. and being in a hotel, not a home with your loved ones, matters, as the converse mattered to Detroit.

I wanted Cruz to believe in himself, I wish I could be like the lady on unnecessary roughness and be a sports psychologist to a team, but not the path God gave me.  But I wanted he and his brothers to know, he is no fluke, he is the real deal.  I wanted the rangers to know, verlander or no verlander, they can beat him, they can get hits off of him, they can win and if they came that close with the tigers, the league's best pitchers on the road, playing four straight games, some rest, some relaxation, they got it.  They earned that homefield advantage that 3-2 lead for a reason.

Now the media ain't big on Wash, Leyland is a stand up dude, but he is more media friendly, didn't make no mistakes like Wash did, don't run up and down the dugout with every play like Wash do, and until the Rangers end this, young coming out of his slump, Josh showing why he is Josh, Ian, Felix, Ugando, the pitching coach, Big Murph, Oliver, etc... they not going to get their credit.  They just not, not fair, just like the tax code, but it is what it is.

During the game, Cruz hit a 2 run homer, off of a 100 mph.  So what you say, in the 8th inning from a dude who threw over 100 pitches by then and still coming with 92 mph changeups, 84 sliders, pitches that made dudes just look like this s*** ain't fair ;).  They pulled Verlander out and he was talking to another teammate and the teammate was telling Verlander, a couple of inches, the homer would have been foul.  And that was true, and you say Verlander telling him , it don't matter.

A champ knows a champ.  Ironically, Cruz is in the other dugout saying yo, this dude got 100 mph on that ball.  A champ knows a champ.

Y'all Cabrerra, and Martinez, Detroit............. We just deeper, we at home, we got the game we needed to bring it back to where the AL champs should win it.  CoAmerica field closed with a win so we all win.

Great game, tigers.  Not going to take anything away from you, I love and appreciate the fact that you all don't lay down for nobody nor should you.  But you entering the land of football.  We don't ask anyone to lay down, we just run you over ;)

God woke me in a dream and said Tiffani, come with me.  We went to Tiger Field, I don't do all these corporate sponsor names, I grew up in a different time.

God says to me, "me and the devil made a bet about you. there was some interference on the field, game five and you are smart enough to figure out who it was, but me and lucifer differ on what you are going to do about it, you have one hour."

So I walk around the field, see the marks from slides, and homers, missed balls, etc.  And sure enough I found the evidence.  As I am picking it up and marking it, this guy comes up to me and days I used to work at the old stadium.  I am my father's child as my mom worked evenings, I know when a man wants to talk.

I reply "oh yeah." and he talks.  we talk about Fielder, even pudge being a tiger.  We talked about LA, I stayed down the street from Crenshaw high school, he went to dorsey.

And before I know it, the hour is up.  And i look up and the man is gone, just like that, I only see his footprints by the third base.  

God asks "did you find the evidence?"

I said "yeah"

"Where is it, Tiffani?"

I point to it, "right there."

He asks " You want to fuss about it, wasn't fair, you know, you can fuss a tad today, if you want"

I see that old man again, looking from afar in center field.

I shake my head "Nah, your will, your way, things happen, they won, it is what it is.  it's not like I am going to stop believing in the rangers"

God nods...........the old man fades away with a smile big as that cruz homer.

he strokes his beard.

He is pleased "Go back to sleep, well done Tiffani, well done"

and I do.  Later on after God gets his dollar from Lucifer, it is never about the money. St. Pete asks God what was the evidence, he replies "the third base, look at it closely"

St. Pete does...... and sure enough there are two inscriptions.

The first says #11 was here..........

The second says God was too.

St. Pete asks why didn't Tiffani say anything, why didn't she fuss, something magical touched that ball to make it fly that high over the third baseline, not like she could have changed the game, but not like her to not say something.

God says........... just like my angel Sparky, she loves the game just as much as he does and didn't want the fans of Detroit to end their season on their home field with their best player with their heads down.

Well, St. Pete asks why did she write the second inscription.......... 

God says........... because in the end, it is my will and my way, didn't matter what Sparky wanted or Mother Nature said, or Tiffani wrote.   Saturday night baseball in Arlington, Texas is something I wanted.  Detroit fans leaving that stadium with pride of their team and their city is something they needed.

If you can't understand the point of that story, I can't help you today.

the beat is building, getting stronger each hour, Leyland had to rest every piece of his bullpen, he's gonna need it, ask Verlander ;)

until tomorrow.

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