Monday, October 17, 2011

The Book of B&B (Basslines and Baseball) Chapter 26

Hello America,

We are approaching the end of this book,  when baseball season ends this will be the end of this book. And the songs on this site, launching my new site, I will include a link but all the songs and personal stories are moving there. Bear with me, I am tired can't afford all my meds, so a tad bit sluggish until I can do a letter better.

Today, we are going to use the rangers, tony romo (not the way you think, dear sir, don't cringe), the words, average, chance, to discuss Obama, Cain, Romney, Perry, and Bachmann in regards to three areas, race, class and establishment and how they respond to the pressure of these issues.

I thought of the next character trait of a not necessarily conservative, but in some ways by definition so of a conservative leader, of the person I am going to support to become President.

I am but one voice, I am just like everyone else, I don't have any special powers that I know of, I only am armed with the truth I bear.

First of all, Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals.......

It is an honor and a testament of God's truth to have to fight for the right to say We the Champs in the show me state............

Amen to that.

Second of all, a true and heartfelt hats off to the Detroit Tigers and Milwaukee Brewers, none of these series were a cakewalk and both teams knocked off some mighty teams to get that far.

Let's go. some political talk, some baseball talk, and a little song and we are done.  This will stand until Wednesday.  Starting to give the hill and myself a break, 2012 is nearing.

The sports weekend was kind of crazy,  OU doesn't get any higher in the polls, the computer system deemed LSU and Alabama, a little higher, seemingly fair, but what factors does the computer take into account?  It is no secret that the SEC is a regional based conference and for the past years, LSU, Alabama get a lot of love from the BCS.  Fiscal matters are reflected in the selection this weekend.  It almost renders the point of being undefeated pointless......

The SEC got a new member in the aggies which disappointed me and yes there is a political point, because what will I do with all of these aggie jokes each year and Oklahoma and Oklahoma state represent the Big 12 and while it is cool with Alabama and LSU battle for #1 in the conference and the polls, the same is not felt by the computer nor the ratings people who have just as much input as the computer or coaches. 

The why is where we start today.

Appearance, Alabama doesn't have a sports team, and OK doesn't have a football team, but appearance.  LSU quite frankly is the USC of the South.  It is the machine that keeps Louisana somewhat solvent.  Alabama is okay, but they don't have that image that OK does.  There is no T. Boone Pickens in the state of Alabama being highlighted on 60 minutes.  The base of OU is not norman, it is DFW area.  In the last two decades, a large base of OU comes from North and East Texas.

Texas being the operative word, a land of success these days.  Where children come out of places like Tyler and Palestine and Denton and Dallas and Southlake Carroll, play high school in stadiums that make soldier field, look like soldier play.  No offense, no disrespect.

Nothing against LSU or Alabama, but the appearance is what ratings folk think about.  With all of the hate towards bad, bad America, with the OWS protests all over, who wants captliaism success stories highlighted.

I chose to speak about pressure because pressure will take your arm off, I worked for ARCO, on an offshore oil rig, ask a roustabout, pressure can be deadly.

But how a person responds to pressure says a lot.  The rangers obviously just did what they always do, they respond to be pressure by becoming it as they remain the same.  Team ball, all day, all night.

Let's look at our President, and GOP 2012.

When Mr. Obama feels pressure, he likes to blame, he likes to ridcule, he likes to distract from the issue.  Instead of saying that his democratic senate chose to reject his jobs bill as they have the majority, he chooses to riducle the Senate GOP.  Instead of saying if nothing else I ask to you to fulfill MLK's dream and judge me on my merits, he uses and disgraces this man's earned dedication to indulge and race and class warfare.

He is supported by press in his party like Juan Williams who declares the GOP HATES MINORITY all because citizens are requested Photo ID and proof of citizenship, things you need for a job, to get into the strip club, to get a library card, a credit card, a bank account...........

Barack and the current democratic party is a it is the other guy type of dude.  They defeat pressure by giving it to some else, by ducking and dodging from it, changing and reframing the issue on behalf of the human race, that United States citizenship meaning something concept is not "progressive" enough no more they say..........

The other side is highlighted by folk Cain, Romney and Perry.

Mr. Cain showed up on Meet the Press, he did okay, but he responds to pressure with denial and catchy color phrases.  Instead of just saying, you know what all bs aside people, y'all not getting no refund, you are going to get an average of $600 a year back which is about $50 bucks more on your check and won't owe at anytime.  No refund no more, he just argues with David Gregory that's not the case.

Champs conquer pressure.  They don't deflect from it.  Herman Cain is a stand up guy, but denying the obvious giving Obama they chance to say they going to take y'all check.  And it matters America, it does because a lot of people get and depend on refund checks, a lot of businesses depend on business from those checks and it has become such a staple that it won't be so easy to demonize by saying only the lazy get them.

Secondly, you cannot say I am going to depend on the experts subtly implying Obama did it too and you are just going to have different results.  That's not good enough Obama left this country in a far more security vulnerable position than he inherited.  Being President is more than running a business, knowing the neoconservative, liberal and whatever military or foreign policy stragy is important because the my advisors will tell me line doesn't work.  You chose the advisors, and unless you plan on choosing on fundraising criteria, the ball lies on you sir.

Mr. Cain, I give this opinion not out of disrespect of you, but out of respect for what's at stake.  Obama is already floating around Bill Clinton for VP and he will and the democratic party will..........because the conversion of this traditional country to a progressive nation has started and only 2012 can stop it.

The next candidate is Mitt Romney who responds to pressure like Obama.  He avoids it with much more slicker and practiced responses than Obama.  I am reading and research an issue that is mindblowing, how hippa protects citizens from being denied insurance for pre-existing medical conditions without Obamacare and why Romney as it is becoming clear that his form of socialized health care was the blueprint of Obamacare and stamped with approval by its biggest supporter former Senator Ted. Kennedy won't say a word.

Mr. Romney choses to point out books and say I have the best "chance" to beat Obama as his justificaiton for the nomination instead of embracing the fact that he is like Obama in a lot of ways even down to the environmental personnel he uses.  Unlike Mr. Obama's assertion that the GOP want dirty air and dirty water, the backdoor regulations that are not subject to congressional approval and public oversight have allowed the Obama admnistration to back door every industry from cement factories to selling your home and Mr. Romney hired a Obama's environmental guy during his tenure as Governor.

Perry is a Texan, he believes that endurance, saying that he is from Texas and keeping some money will be the way.  He doesn't defer or duck around pressure.  He just becomes pressure by saying yeah, this me so what.....

I can't do nothing but laugh and respect it, but what does he justify, not building a secure border, but willing to put our troops in harms way to defend it.  Denying legal american children of other states that all contribute to this nation as a hole to give educational opportunities to illegal children in his state coming in from a border he refuses to fence?

Who do we have left?  Bachmann who has called Obama for the liar that he is about folk not getting health care coverage without the passage of Obamacare because she is aware of HIPPA's mandate, and the options that congress put in place to handle the pre-existing condition problem when they developed HIPPA, who called out the funding the GOP house paid for Obamacare, who signed a pledge to build a fence, who has straight up told us,

we broke, embracing the pressure on another level and we gotta cut a lot of stuff.

Hope and change spent the money.

As OWS continues cypher and cypher and sooner or later, Obama shows up at a rally and the SEIU and black panthers start to volunteer security for these protests which will go to folk's homes and of course of the ballot box, it will become clearer that Cain and Romney, fit Obama's plan to a t.  Race, a stern old black man who is trying to take away refund checks, don't think civil rights helped him, part of the fed establishment anyway.  Romney a rich dude who only gets to be the nominee because he's the richest and most connected.

This is how it is going to be framed, this is the appearance.  This is why folk like Chris Matthews demand that Cain be the nominee because it is inherent racism if he doesn't knowing, he will accuse him of not being black enough as soon as he is the nominee and compare Romney to Obama which in reality is not that much of a difference.

It sucks.  It is not right, but people are tired of seeing rich white dudes and angry black dudes running the right.

2008 was a cultural mandate, and unless we on the right start appealing to the biggest minority, women not hispanic voters especially one that actually has conservative values, 2012 will be a cultural mandate again.

I am not worried about who has the best chance to win against Obama more than I know who can and will beat Obama.

That's it.

And that's why I will keep fighting..........for bachmann until it ends, I don't care how many primaries each state moves up making it easier for Romney, I don't not out of spite, I know he nor Cain can beat Obama or Perry.

Just like I knew this year is the Rangers time because they understood, that in order to win it all, it takes a dedication to being yourself and not sucumbing to the pressure of what sounds right, what polls right, what spends right.  It takes a team of brothers committed to one goal.  Winning it all.

What makes 2012 any different?  How do I know the Rangers are ready, How can I look at you Iowa, how can you all call yourselvest conservatives and willing to be one of the first voices of the gop elections when you let your votes be bought versus for a woman who was raised in your bosum?

I will tell you how, look at the tap and listen to Beltre's interview right after the series ended, if not I'll recap he told the reporter.

he said "

I signed with this team because  I didn’t know this last year
glad I made the call
I know my stats wasn't all that, damn broke my leg with a ball
what am I saying, what am I saying
Not worried because I rep the T, I rep the T
We got a master plan
We rock team work until its over,
til it’s over, it’s far from over "

[Verse 1]
Allright We the Big T
Y'all never thunk it
Just some "average" guys going to face Mr. Berkman ;)
We built on solid ground, ain't got no ship to be sinking
  Persevered in the in the midnight hour #wilson pickett
We headed to the Lu, gotta bring a win or two back home
Gotta do to the dirty bird, but not in the georgia dome
We a team of bad brothers, from spring training, saying yeah its on
We put in work, to make that AL trophy stay home
going through rays and triple crown tiggas
them damn he knocked that out named Cabrerra type figures ;)
We ain't through till we rock them we the champ pictures
We gotta house these birds to get those champange pitchers
We just "average", skeptics that so figures
  We just going to be edward olmos stand and deliver
We walk through any storm, ready to come overcometh
B/c we rock them T's not stopping until we done this,

Then Darren Oliver said"
I been hanging around DFW for a lot of years,
man, I've seem some ball
This year these cats just seem a little different, I just remember it all
What I am saying, What I am saying
Not worried, because I rep the T, rep the T
We got a master plan
We rock team works til its over
til is over, but it's far from over

[Verse 2]
This year elvis and nelly beyonce say my name
Both the Mikes, Josh and Big Murphy stock market #gain
CJ, Matt and that there Colby stroking like a beard #Feld man ;)
Ian and Napoli saying duck the fame
We Texas Rangers gonna claim
Fall Classics in our name, lifesize posters
damn a bullpen, we got a bulldozer
We four more games just a tad closer
because we ain't stopping till everything is over
so Obama and Joe Biden can get their Wash strut on
  And the nation can see us all of colors, we are T- shirts on
Red, white band blue take a picture
  singing we the champions
we ain't quitting for no reason color me badd dream on
dream away........,we just gonna find a way
It ain't being bold
We just a group of rangers, whose phrase we just sold
to the AL, that we champs and we want it
  but its far from over until we did it


From the world series to the GOP nomination, we going to work until its over, and its far from over.  

Our country's soul is at stake.  Champs conquer pressure becoming it.  

I grew up in Ranger nation

I don't know how to do anything else.
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