Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Book of B&B (Basslines and Baseball) Chapter 27

Hello America,

How are you?

We are going to keep it simple today.

Everyday, I get new followers, a lot of people due to my assertions follow by email, send links to each other versus being new followers.

So despite the stats, this site is read in over 16 countries, by millions.  Not about bragging, there is a story here.

on 05/14/2008, I wrote my first post, it wasn't very deep, it took me two weeks to take the hindu translation off.... :)

If I were a democrat, I would have blown up by know on a larger scale, but I am not.  I am a life member of the GOP.  I didn't make that conviction because someone promised me a job, rather the opposite because this party promised the opportunity to earn it for myself.

It has been hard, having a voice, not being that tech savvy, not having an editor, trying to merge hip hop, urban issues, American culture, with conservatism in a way that folk of all races can understand.  It has been even harder to get folk like Rove, and Limbaugh even the President of The United States, Mr. Obama to say........privately........yeah, Mark Cuban, we all know who she is.

The challenges increase when I chose to enter professional sports in the mix.  So since this is the world series and unlike basketball or football, the rules change because of the leagues.  Let me just explain some things to you.

We won't be long today.

I use sports because sports provide opportunities for our youth, especially boys and men, and give us something in common because America is the definition of diversity.  I don't care what is going on at the #OWS protest, someone says rangers, someone says cardinals, you can get a lot more consensus than saying wall street or k street.

The Obama administration is determined to destroy our way of life, it is not of concern to me that he is married to Michelle or that they still mess around or whatever the case may be.  His personal is of no concern to me, his professional is.

Ratings matter and for the first time, the Rangers had a larger rating share than the Detroit tigers which is saying a lot considering this is the land of football, basketball, high school football ;) and then the Rangers.  From the moment I made a commitment to sign onto the NBA playoffs round 2 with the Mavericks last year, the ratings increased, same for the Boston Bruins, same for the super bowl with the packers, although they didn't need that much help.

From little wayne to the band perry to rihanna to david bowie to whomever I chose to use next, I utilize these things for one reason: ratings.  Nobody is really feeling some loud mouth, cute :), black woman from Texas of all places, who thinks hope and change is a hustle, like three card monty along with 999 calling games and winning..........

If I chose to focus on sports solely or choosing and writing songs, I would be rich by now, but my love for this country trumps any and all of that.  I use this blog, I use this schwagg to bring this country together and my sight is not only on the World Series, it is on the Oval Office, and the Hill.  I pray honestly and earnestly about every game, I don't read all the stats, let the experts do all that.  I put what is on my heart.

Ever since Obama came into office, I have had nothing but problems with my financial aid trying to complete my there are times where eviction notices and disconnect notices are in my back pocket when I write, but I don't complain because I know you all are hurting too and its just me, you all have children and families and things to take care of that I don't.

When you have the audacity to call the President a terrorist, McCain a traitor to your party and threaten Boehner from time to time (he knows I love him, that's my big brother), you are outcast, nobody wants to see you shine.  Nobody wants to see you succeed because you not playing party ball, you not playing race ball, you playing American ball.

I am used to it, being the youngest, being black being female to being counted out, to having folk say anybody but her, and in those times first and foremost, I pray. All glory to God.

And secondly, I manifest schwagg, schwagg is just the modern day term for confidence. I get a beat and I play it over and over again until I can look myself in the mirror and believe the words that are coming out of my mouth ;).  Seriously, I play it until no other opinion matters around me, I play it until no detractors hate will affect me.  I play it until my soul is ready to play my game regardless of whose field I am on, despite the odds, and ignoring the point spread.

When reviewing the debates last night, I thought about Tom Brady and Tony Romo.  For once, I forgot to add, I was proud to have Tony Romo as the quarterback of my team, and yes there is a political point, not because he lost.  But because after the game, he was humbled, he acknowledged that champs become pressure and chumps crack under it.  I use the chumps because it is what I could think of it with a c, but I don't think anyone is a chump, you have to start somewhere and God don't put us all on the same path.  Out of all the years, Romo has been the quarterback of this team, this is the first time, he wasn't defiant, he wasn't indignant, it wasn't everyone else's fault, although it was not solely his.  At this late point in his career, he is starting to learn what real leadership is about.

Tom Brady, got rings, got a million dollar straight from the bay smile, paid, really don't have no reason to keep playing, could have wrote a loss of as we fell to a desperate team, but he didn't did he.

You would have thought he was playing for the superbowl, or the NBA finals, he got his Kevin Garnett on, didn't he.  He was amped like he was in a Michigan uniform playing Ohio State.


Because Champs don't care if they in Paris, Texas, Paris, France, a club named Paris....... they dedicated to one thing winning.  They don't care about the stats about no defense (Ryan, dallas D, hold your head up loves, we feeling you......), they don't care about what used to be, what they already got.

Champs don't care what espn or fox or donna brazile say, they don't care who Obama's team is prepping for.

They don't give a ...............

They play their game and become pressure forcing all to adjust.

As I looked at Romney and Perry, it reminded me of my marriage, I am divorced.  They sound like a bitter couple waiting on the judge to determine who is going to get the dog.  And while one governor of a state that allows illegals to work, live, insure, go to college boldly with state supported benefits accusing another governor who wrote the blueprint for socialized health care that is Obamacare about hiring an illegal alien.............

I heard this snare and thought about the road it has taken to get here for me, for the Rangers.

The media and Obama want Romney, Perry, or they will tolerate Cain because it plays to the romney is just like me, perry just like bush (which he is not........) how can you call yourself a conservative just three election cycles supporting al gore in texas against bush?, and cain is angry and mean.  Those are the cards Obama needs to say I am younger, I am healthier, I am nicer, and the black version of Romney, keep the brother in, keep the "man" out and have his presidential legacy validated......

That is why Romney and Perry are angeled together so the camera shots can send a subliminal message that they are the only two.

The truth of the night came from Ron Paul, Santorum, and Bachmann.  The crisis with the euro hasn't even started yet, and the fiscal ramifications like that will make #OWS a powerful potentially terrorist force next year, we are talking about 15 to 20% instant unemployment because since Clinton every president has tried to make the us economy more and more globally dependent.

Santorum is right families are in crisis, but he will never be President because he can't grasp the concept that he doesn't have the right to tell any woman, much less one to be violated what she has to do with her body.

Newt is right to an extent about bickering, but in the race for the white house, ain't no secrets, just dedication and endurance will perserve.

Cain has to get a handler, because the field took it light on him, Obama won't and he is starting to look fatigued and it is not fair because Paul does too, you have one of the younger presidents as the incumbent and image matters.  not right but fair.

Bachmann spoke to the largest minority in this country, women.

And the crowd was quiet, Nevada is next to Utah, the center of the mormon base and want Romney to win to validate their religious struggles.

And that is what it is going to take to win,

Why do you think Michele Obama is throwing the first pitch?  She's not from St. Louis, she's not a vet, she didn't support them until coming into office?

Because women will determine the next President.

And it doesn't matter what stats, or how much money Romney got, or how much Perry calls someone brother, or what numbers Cain has.

women will determine the next President and every woman has a different innate survival skill not based on strength based on assessment.

When the #OWS becomes violent and messy next year, because europe will be greece, next year, a champ among women is going to have to step up.

That woman is going to have to have the ability like I do to walk out of her bathroom, already up in her zone.  That woman is going to have to have the ability to not worry about what so and so got, or has already done or what she will be called or the fact that the odds of Kayne declaring Obama don't like black people is higher ;)

That woman is going to have to learn from the Texas Rangers.

One team in the Carindals where red primarily, we on the other hand, rock red, white and blue because that's our state colors match our nation's color for a reason.

One team manager got a juris doctorate in law, one team manager got a phd in life and humility.

One team got so many rings only the yankees can really care less, the other team empty like my bank account.

One team got two players who think the Rangers wasn't the team to go to, One team got players like CJ, Josh and Adrian saying I ain't go nowhere.............

One team is has a long establishment management that has put in the work for decades, one team was built by a 70's baby, hey Mr. Daniels *waving* rocking Sesame Street and the doobie brothers with me.

One team is seen as supposed to be there, one team is viewed as a fluke that just happened to make it back.

One team is full of men who made all of the right choices all of their life, which there is nothing wrong with that, one team is full of men who didn't and use their valleys to climb mountains every day.

One team is wanted for ratings, for the image and I am not talking about race, talking about place, one team isn't.

But to a champ, be it for the oval office for the world series, don't care about how many illegals Obama deports when he brazenly tells good illegals your job is secure when the unemployment rate is 10% for legal citizens,

a champ don't care about last season.

a champ don't care if it is for the world series, or the right to say my team is better than yours.

a champ don't care if its cold outside, if the wind is coming.

a champ don't care about what the other team thinks of team or what the commissioner wants to see.

All a Champ cares about is winning. every game, putting it all on the line making the opponent play his way, all day until the goal is complete.

So to Edward Patrick "Tom" Brady Jr., for teaching Romo, Garrett and Jerry Jones something that Dallas couldn't.

To my Texas Rangers who are away from home in body, but never in spirit, brothers we there with you every play.

To my Big sister Michele Bachmann who fought and clawed for her mike time, I ain't mad at you ;) , your dress game is stepping up girl...... have at it.

This is for you.

Champs don't give a damn whether they in Paris, France or Paris, Texas.

They don't give up until the job is done, they don't care where they got to go or what they got to do to get it.

I have to chose songs that allow the ratings folk to market easier along with record execs, the only real factor I chose is beats.

I grew up in a black high school.  When we were bored, away, on the bus, we just need a beat to get us on the same page.

The only reason I don't get sued is because I am good at what I do.  I become pressure everyday because I am me, I can't be Michele B. Michele O. Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingrham, just me.

So when I turned in the song I wanted for today, two records executives were in the room,

the first said "the only reason we tolerating your bull is because you on a roll right now, but in my mind, you ain't no champ, you ain't got no rings on your finger, or your rangers..........If it was up to me you nor them would be here, y'all Texas folk greedy as hell, you bent on winning everything, having the audacity to play team ball, and share and s***."

I looked like "yo, for real........well, that's you, brother, what I am supposed to do quit, give up, fear because you don't want me here, because Obama don't want to run against a woman, because Wash, and Josh and Mike and the rest of my daddies average?  Yeah we back.  And?"

The younger executive runs in between because me and this other gentlemen getting ready to step into some other s........ (that means we are going to have a heated and passionate argument)

and he says

"(You can only jack one song, one song only)
(You will not disrespect MLB , t)"

 I just laugh........praying silently inside and say

You think we don't know you don't want us, duh
We already know you was looking forward to our absence, hoping for that long bye
Just so we clear, we here for the crown, aint a damn drop of fear here
We need it so

Don't care if you want it, we needing this, dont care really care how you spin the s***
We back cuz this time we gonna hit, we atf fast and furious
So (Yeah, we back), feelings hurt, gonna make Chris call us sir
We so gosh darn hot, we making Nelly and Ced say in its hot in herre
and (Yeah we back), Y'all hate the T, this baseball Texas symphony
You hate that (Yeah we back), we back to back like 43
We repping that Big A** Texas, so yeah we came to play
And (Yeah we back), we got the part. No casting couch we earned the part
We dmx get at your dawg, and take your ball in your back yard
We rep the T, We walk our scwhwag right down grand boulevard
So (Yeah we back), it don't matter if we play in East St. Louie
We here for one mission, we that g, going through Lo, best believe that we…

Yeah we back, you ain't gotta find T
We came back (What, ‘Ye?)
Here to jack (Haaaa)
We needing that

Yeah we back, you ain't gotta find T
We came back(Huh, what, ‘Ye?)
Here to jack (Yeah, yeah)
We needing that (Go, ay!)

Yeah we back you aint gotta find t, we the ranger nation G
We don't need a homestand to win, we so loud we'll wake up Joe B
Yeah we back, sho ain't lazy make Michele say me and Wash got plans B
Take our red, we'll wear the blue, we do the do, it don't phase T
Yeah we back, we shed the fear, we know y'all don't want us here
Yeah we back, and since we here, we needing that not feeling fair
On the road, we like libel Texas tribal, make your picks, winning addicts sho nuf we need a fix
Yeah we back, aint time to stop, we got champ bling to rock
This here our time, telling these cards red light time to stop
Yeah we back, Red white and blue, listening to lance ask what we goin do
We ball no need to fake, making Freese say damn who knew
Yeah we back, feeling jaded, kind of nasty yes R Rated
Full throttle, a carful, of brothers and different ways
Came right back, so we can say Jesus walked like Kayne
Right here in the lo, so we can show your state

Yeah we back ain't gotta find T
We came back

Here to jack

We needing that

Yeah, we back ain't gotta find T
We came back

 Here to jack
We needing that

[Kanye West]
You thought we wasn't playing for it all”
Like we was strolling through your mall
Them giants put our plans in the stall
Now we ain't leaving until we have it all”
(Yeah we back) So say ole(Yeah we back) This ain't the bay
(Yeah we back) So its colder? (Fearing colder?) Its our way
(Yeah we back) “Yall sound so so cold!” (Why so cold!) Cuz we brang
everything including the kitchen sink till we get them rangs
HBO my brothers band, dig a ditch to make our last stand
‘Timonthy Wright, no turning back, promised land’
LaRussa this is ball, baby, you going to need your jd
‘to document this armed robbery call Ranger ball, T)
We average you figure? It's Louie you figure?
We hinn your healer? Laying more than hands you feela?
Pundits say we the illest, ’gonna lose bc we realness
Drink your Bush in your face, let Albert be witness (Hunh?)

The execs said.........
(I don’t even know what that means!)
(No one knows what it means)
(But it’s provocative)
(No, it’s not)
(Gets the people goin’)

That's it for today.........

Everyone from Chris Brown to somebody's pastor has rewritten this song,

We'll continue tomorrow, and St. Louis, Obama, Romney, Cain, Perry, Paul, 

Yeah, we back, aint gotta find T or Michelle B.
We will come back
We here to jack
We needing that.

Play ball! it's far from over 

Support the World Series tonight at 5 my time, rangers I have class :(.

Support the right for the candidates to keep fighting until one emerges

Champs play anyone, anywhere, at any time, their game not worried about who is on the other side of the field.  Thanks Tom Brady, for reminding us of that.
take care.

Primetime........  I happen to like all of the lights on ;)  be back tomorrow
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